Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 3]

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so here I go with the 3rd part. Sorry Iskara and Rumya fans, there won’t be any Ishkara or Rumuya scene today and in part 4, it’s all Shivika today and in part 4, but yeah part5 will have fully Ishkara and Rumya scene, so wait for it.

Scene 1 (OM)
Annika was working and Pinky came there…..
Pinky: OMM (Oh My Mata), Annika tune kitni acchi sajawat ki hai (Annika, u have done such a wonderful decoration)
Annika: thank u, Aunty.
Pinky: tu ye sab thank u, shank u chor, tujhe na mere Billu k sath shopping jna hai (u forget about thank u, shank u, u have to go shopping with my Shivaay)
Ani: par Pinky Aunty, unke sath kiu? (bt Pinky Aunty, why with him?)

Pink: o kya hai na, Tia to apne mothers k sath London gayi hai kisi meetings k liye, aur mai preparations mai busy hu, aur Jethani ji to hmesahi ghumti rhti hai, ab sirf bachi Mummy ji, lkn unki v tabiyat kharab hai, to isliye tu Shivaay k sath ja, uski hi to shaadi hai na (actually na, Tia has gone with her mother to London for some meeting, nd I am busy with preparation, nd my sister-in-law always roams around, now only Mummy ji is left, but she is not well, so u go with Shivaay, it’s his wedding na)
Ani: Aunty, tofir mai Omru k sth chali jati hu (Aunty, I will will go with Omru then)
Pink: arey Om gya hai apne kisi frnd se milne, aur Rudra Soumya k sath ghumne gya hai, aur tujhe mere hire bete k sth jne me prob kya hai? (ohho, Om has gone to meet some friend, and Rudra has gone Soumya, and what problem do u have to go with my son?)
Ani: thik hai Aunty ji, mai jayungi…..(ok Aunty ji, l will go…..)

Annika’s POV:
uhhhh!!!!! now I have to go with that arrogant, first I have to request him to go with me, then at the time of shopping he will start his Tadi (show off). I have to bear him again. My bad luck.
POV ends….

Scene 2 (Shivaay’s room)
Annika enters the room without knocking….
Shiv: maine tumhe kitni bar kha hai ki knock kar ke aya karo, Annika!?? (how many times did I tell u to knock and then come inside, Annika!??)
Annika: “in mind” hahhh…. How did he come to know it’s me? he didn’t even saw me.
Shiv: “turns” ab mujhe batao gi v kis kam k liye tum knock kiye bina mere kamre mai a gyi??? (now will u tell me why did u come to my room without knocking???)
Ani: wo Pinky Aunty ne kaha mujhe shopping jana hai….. (actually, Pinky Aunty asked me to go to shopping…..)
Shiv: ha to jao….. (so, go…..)
Ani: apke sath! (with u!)

Shiv: kyaaa!!!!! (whaattttt!!!!!)
Ani: ha quiki sab busy hai, aur Tia v aha nhi hai, isliye apke sath jane kaha. (yes, because everybody is busy, and even Tia is not here. so she asked me to go with u)
Shiv: look, mai bht busy hu, mai tumhare sath nhi ja skta! (look, I am very busy, I can’t go with u!)
Ani: “in mind” he is sitting at home and lying that he is busy. does he think I don’t have eyes???!!!!!
Ani: accha to mai Dadi ko bulati hu…
she starts leaving…..
Shiv: ok… ok… just wait!!! I am coming….. tum jake driver ko gari nikalne bolo….
Ani: ok… “she laughs in her mind”

Scene 3 (outside OM)
Shivaay comes….. Annika was standing there….
Shiv: driver kha hai? (where is driver?)
Ani: wo Chandu Ram uncle to bimar hai, to wo chutti pe hai, aur baki cars to ghar wale le gye (???, Oberois ke pas cars and drivers ki kami???) ( Chandu Ram uncle is ill, so he is on holiday, and other family members took the cars)
Shiv: Oh God! ab mujhe driving karni padegi (Oh God! now I have to drive)
Ani: chinta mat kijiye mai apke sath samne baithungi, taki ap driver na lage??? (don’t worry I will sit in front with u, so that u don’t look like driver)
Shivaay angrily glares at her?… Annika hurriedly sits in the car looking at his angry face…..

Scene 4 (OTW in the car)
there was silence for a few minute, Shivaay made an angry face and was driving. Annika didn’t say anything because Shivaay was angry but she didn’t like the silence…..
Ani: Billuji, ap itni chup chap kiu hai? (Billuji, why are u so quiet?)
Shiv: to tum kya chahti ho ki mai gaana gayu, idhar udhar ki gossip kru? (so, do u want me to sing, gossip about here and there?)
Ani: are wah ye to bht accha hga agr ap gaana gayenge, gaiye na (wow it will b grt if u sing a song, plz sing)
Shiv: what the wuck!!!!! tumhe lagta hai mai drive krte krte tumhare liye gaana gayunga, tumne aisa socha v kaise!!??? (u think I will sing for u while driving, how could u even think of that!!???)

Ani: ap hi ne to kha, mai kya karu? (u only said that, what could I do?)
Shiv: Oh God, ye ladki!!! (this girl!!!)
Ani: Plz Billu ji!
Shiv: just…just don’t call me that, ok!!!!!……
Ani: plz plz plz plz!!!
Shiv: get down!
Ani: kya?? (what??)
Shiv: geett down!!!
Ani: accha mai nhi bolungi apko Billu ji….. (ok I will not call u Billu ji)
Shiv: Get down, I said!!!!!!
Ani: accha ap gaana mat gaiye, bas! (ok don’t sing)
Shiv: Mall agaya, car se utro!!! (Mall arrived, get down from the car!!!)
Annika sees the mall…

Ani: “while getting down” to ye boliye na….. kya get down get down ki pipuri baha k rakkhi hai (so speak straightly na….. why are u chanting get down)
Shiv: what… what’s pipuri!!!
screen freezes on Shivaay’s “what the wuck” type face nd Annika’s cute face……

Precap:Shivika’s masti (I mean their jhagra and our masti) in the mall……

guys, I realised I am moving very slow, so from part 8 it will be on fast forward mode, but not too fast also, because it can become few shots then…..
something to note:
*only Shivika part is after the misunderstanding got cleared
*Soumya already saved Rudra from Romi
*Ishana is not a fraud here
*someone wrote that it is little confusing in a cmnt, u can tell me what is confusing…
*I am getting very low response, so I think u all don’t want me to continue, clr this confusion of mine

*I saw many cmnts on my poll, all of them poured their heart there, so what is the problem to tell me ur oppinion here? jst tell me what is in ur heart… think it to be the update of real show, like u all cmnt there, cmnt here as well
*many told me to increase the length, but I have very less time to wr8, so if u want me to wr8 lengthy then I will continue frm nxt year, nd that too once in a week, so tell me what to do?

Love u all, bye- Neeti/ Leeti (late+Neeti) /Sadti [(sad+Neeti) because of ur low response]

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