Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [New intro+promo] [Swaragini and IPKKND special]


hey, guys! I am really very sorry for this much late update. First of all a request to you all, please read the full note. today there is a twist. it’s an intro of Maheshwaris and Raizadas, till now u all might have understood that I am including Swaragini and IPKKND… well I am not a Swaragini fan but I really like Swasan nd Raglak pairing nd Arshi was my fav at a time. I am not really in mood to write this now. I am not getting good response. even if I am new I can at least expect 20 cmnts, can’t I? guys it’s upto you all now, do you really want me to continue? see write everything what’s in your heart, no need to hesitate. if you find anything boring, you can tell me. you can wri8 “No yaar today’s episode was not that good. thora accha likh, tujhe agar avi nahi likhna bad me likh lena” or “maja nahi aya. dekh tu pehle likhna sikhke a. tu meri madat le sakti hai, you can surely come to me anytime” or anything that’s in your heart. I won’t ever mind. I would really have done it but all writers are amazing so I don’t have to. please guys, support me, with both negative nd positive cmnt. I hope you all will, at least after this laaaaammmmmmmbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaa………………………………………. bhashan…..

ok now I will not bore you all more, heading to the intro.before that link for those who didn’t read it.
Prologue: Click here
Intro parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Main parts {epi 3-6}
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Laksh Maheshwari- the rich business man. richest after Oberois. cousin brother of Sanskar Maheshwari and brother of Annika (440V laga na????)….. business minded for world but very talkative and sweet with his family.
Sanskar Maheshwari- Laksh and Annika’s younger cousin brother. not really interested in business. live life to to the fullest.
Raizadas- they are also rich as Maheshwaris.
Ragini Singh Raizada- cousin of Obros. very sweet and cute girl. sister of Arnav Singh Raizada.
Swara Singh Raizada- another distance cousin sis of Obros. beauty with brains. cutipie, bubbly girl. Sanskar’s gf. Arnav’s sister.
Arnav Singh Raizada- business tycoon. too much arrogant! What the and Dammit is his fav words (???). loves his family.
Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada- Arnav’s wife. jalebi queen. uses weird languages like Annika (mele me bichre hua the kya???). loves his husband and family.
Aurav Singh Raizada- ArShi’s son. too much attitude. breaks bluetooths like Arnav (?). 7 years old only but talks like adults.
Arshi Singh Raizada- ArShi’s daughter. Xerox copy of Khushi. keeps remembering Devi Maiya all the time just like Khushi (?). jalebi is her fav desert. Aurav’s twin sis.
accha now have to clear few things. ArShi nd their family live in Pune in a bungalow (as Oberois took their home so they shifted from there, I think (?????????)
Meheshwaris live in the same house. Swara, Sanskar met at an event. Ragini and Laksh are engaged. Annika knows it all.

A girl is crying in a room. her eyes her wet, tears are flowing from her eyes. she is crying uncontrollably. her beautiful face became totally dull. sadness and pain was clear on her face. the pain was not usual. she seemed lifeless.
a boy comes.
“Annika…” boy says. (the girl is Annika)
Annika looks a him with pain.
“I am sorry, because of me you got so much pain”
“you can’t even imagine what pain you have gave me, Shivaay” she thought (yes, he is Shivaay)
“it’s okay, I am used of it.”, she says with a very weak tone. “I have got many pains, which is more than this pain”
“Annika, let me dress this wound” Shivaay says
“no need Shivaay. this wound will be healed with time” she said. “but what about the wound I get in my heart everyday” she thought.

“no, Annika. let me. I already gave you many wound, which can’t be healed.”
Shivaay takes her hand gently in his hands. he washed the wound with medicine and cotton. he applied some other medicines on her wound.
“ouucchh” she shouted.
“I am… I am very sorry, I didn’t wanted to hurt you”
“you don’t even know how much pain you gave me unknowingly”
Shivaay leaves after dressing her wound
Ani: Shivaay, you can never feel my pain.
thick drop of tear escape from her eye.

uh!!! finally!!! I wanted to write this from many days, finally it got completed. sorry for the grammatical and typing mistake.

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