Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 22)

Episode starts with All the youngsters  having a group hug and dancing. Rudra says finally, I have a bhabi. Soumya says I have a jiju.Both Shivaay and Anika are blushing.Om says that they should celebrate it.Prinku says definitly.Shivaay agrees and says that tomorrow we will go for a restaurant. Om says ok then I will call Ishaana and Randhwana for it. Prinku smiles hearing Randhwana.
Rudra teases Om saying that now a days Om bhaiyya is so much intrested in someone. Om shouts Shut up Rudra.
Dadi comes there. Shivaay tries to manage but dadi says that she already know about it, Rudra told it. Shivaay gives Rudra a serious look.
Dadi then comes to Anika and says that she is so happy for them and asks them when will they talk about it with the family. Shivaay says it may take some time to talk with family but says dadi to not say anything to anyone. Dadi agrees and everyone leave from there except Shivaay and Anika.
Both are feeling akward to talk and are silent. Shivaay finally speaks to Anika that so much happend in a single day. Anika blushes and says yes. Shivaay asks y is she not talking much. Anika is still feeling shy says she is actually tierd and runs from there.
   On the other side Om is talking on phone with Ishaana about how Shivaay proposed and how Anika accepted it. Ishaana is so happy hearing it. Om says that Shivaay is throwing a party to all youngsters and asks Ishaana to come along with her brother.

Ishaana thinks for some time and says she will come and will ask her brother too. After the call Ishaana says  Randhwana and ask him will he come to the party. Randhwana is thinking and suddenly Ishaana says Prinku is also coming. Randhwana feels embaresed and says he didnot ask about Priyanka. Ishaana says she is just saying. Randhwana first says No  and then says yes.Ishaana smiles. He asks her y is she smiling. Ishaana says nothing and goes.
  Next Morning, Shivaay and Anika face each other. Shivaay asks shall I drop u? Anika says ok. Rudra comes shouting Bhabhi. Pinky hears and ask who is bhabi? Both Anika and Shivaay think they are gone and hold their heads. Om comes there and handles the situation saying it’s not bhabi its Bhaagi .Its a movie name and says that Rudra has become a fan for that. Pinky leaves. Om holds rudra ears and scold him. Om prays to god saying that he did very bad with Rudra as he didn’t provide Rudra with brain.
Shivaay and Anika leave from there smiling. In the car Annika says that she didn’t thaught billu can propose. Shivaay says he is not what he looks and praises himself . Anika asks him to stop his SSO giri. She then says that she is so much worried that will all the family members agree for their marriage or not. Shivaay asks her not to worry and says that their is no reason to not accept their pair. Anika looks convinced. Shivaay drops her at the college. Anika  is abou to get down. She then asks Shivaay that can she invite Daksh. Shivaay says she dont need to ask him and says she can invite who ever she wants. Anika hugs him and thanks him . She goes.

      Anika is so happy and is going into college. Daksh comes their and asks y is she so happy. Anika hugs Daksh and says that she want to speak to him something important. Daksh says even he has to say something (propose her). Anika asks him to say . Daksh asks her to say it first. Anika says that
she is in love. Daksh thinks it is him. Anika says him that she  accepted Shivaay’s proposal  and says him all the story. Daksh gets a shock for his life. He froze for a moment. She asks him if he is not happy for her . Daksh hides his tears and say that he is very very happy for her and hugs her. He cries by hugging her but Anika does not notice it. She aks Daksh what was he saying. Daksh thinks and says that he is going back to London. Anika is shocked and asks him Y suddenly. Daksh says he came suddenly ,so he is going back suddenly. Anika asks for the reason. He says that his father is not well so he has to go. Anika asks what happend ,is he fine now. Daksh asks her not to worry and says that he is going for tomorrows flight. Anika gets little sad. She then asks will he come to the party in the evening. Daksh asks what party. She says Shivaay is throwing a party for all on this occasion and insists him to come. Daksh agrees. Anika leaves and says that she should invite ishaana. Daksh is shatterd and sits on a bench and cries. He then thinks that he want happiness of Anika but he cant stay here anymore and thinks that it will be good  for both of them if he goes away from her.

Precap : party. Daksh talks about Anika with Shivaay

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  1. Sairan

    Lovely update…Plz now don’t make daksh negative..Would like to c his positive side ?

  2. Aam2000

    It’s not Randhwana…it’s Randhawa. But Ranveer sounds good. Priyanka nd Ranveer……
    The decision is up to you…..
    Anyway u have great writing skills.

    1. M.Harshitha

      Thanks for the suggestion and for the compliments

    2. Yes ranveer sounds good than randhawa….

  3. awesome…

  4. Shivika

    Wowww…osum…..i just wish that daksh don’t come between shivika

  5. Lovely..

  6. Its superbbbbb…… Loved it….?

  7. Lovely epi…

  8. Fantastic

  9. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear

  10. Ruksy

    Loved the update ??????????

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  12. Razna

    Hii harshitha…..its first time iam commenting in your ff….bco i just read all parts now….its reallyy intresting and suupprr…and i lovved the way how shivay confeses his feeling…..and i also wish that dont make dakdh as a negative bcoz there is already 3 villans…..and iam eagerly waiting for next part

  13. Gangu

    Cute one daksh is positive one know

  14. M.Harshitha

    Thanks to everyone

  15. Superb episode..

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent episode…. Yes, finally Daksh is positive…I am happy withit.

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