Ishqbaaz FF: Found My Solace… Chap 6

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Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The Monday

Next Morning

The family sat together for an early breakfast.This Monday was important to all the young Oberois coz everyone had skipped their jobs during the weekend for the family reunion.

Wrapping up quickly, Shivaay decided to drop off Anika as usual to her restaurant,
The Aliments House
(name suggested by her daarling ‘french obsessed’ hubby?…but the tagline was definitely her’s,
Khaao Khidkitodd Khaana!” )
and left for office.

Omkara left to his art gallery after dropping Gauri at their music studio
“Omri Music Productions”
(Gauri is a professional playback singer and also owns her own music production house).

Rudra left for his gym after dropping Dr.Soumya at the hospital.(Rudra owns
” The Oberois Gym and Bodybuilding Center”  and Soumya is a paediatrician).

Ranveer and Bhavya left for work after dropping Priyanka at her fashion boutique
“Beyond ’em Dreams”
(Priyanka is a world famous fashion designer).

Abhay and Mahi also left to their respective workplaces.

At Mahi’s workplace

“VroomCar Taxi Services”

“Are the new applicants ready for the interview?”, Mahi asked his assistant on entering his room.

“Yes sir,shall we start?”


“And oh sir!, there are a few women among the applicants too!”,the assistant informed.

“So what Birju?,these applicants were shortlisted after their driving tests right?And if they have passed,it means they drive well.What did you expect?No women at all huh?,Mahi questioned him.

“No sir..I mean women aren’t that efficient at driving sir..They are kinda slow and..”

“Cut the crap Mr.”, Mahi shouted. ” We live in the 21st century. There’s nothing a woman can’t do,do you get that!

And look,I do not believe in a male-dominated society and I treat women equally as men.So if you can’t change your views,you better start looking for a new job. Now get out”.

“Sorry sir”, Birju said and left.

Meanwhole at the office waiting area…

“I really hope I get this job. Dad’s operation cannot wait any longer and I can’t be weak. I’m his only hope.Please god please.. please make this happen”, a girl whispered.

“Miss Tanya Sharma, you’re up next”.

Gathering all her confidence,Tanya got up and left to meet Mahi.

“May I come in Sir?”,she asked,trying her best to hide her fears from voicing out.

“Yes”,and he turned to face her.

But the second she entered the office she lost her breath…She was shocked to find HIM of all people and that too at the INTERVIEW OFFICE of all places…

“Shivaay?”,she whispered…

“Please enter Miss…Hello..are you there..Miss Tanya Sharma will you please come in?”,he repeated.

“Miss Tanya Sharma I don’t have all the time in the world for you so will you COME IN?”, he now shouted.

Those last two words were loud enough to bring her back to the world. His tone terrified her and her immediate thought was to leave. So, she turned away.

“Hello..I asked you to come in..not go you think this behaviour of yours will get you the job?”,he asked,annoyed at this girl’s behavior.

“Who does this at an interview?”,he thought.

Tanya stopped on her tracks. “Tanya you know you have to apologize to him. His life went through hell because of you,her conscience said… it’s not because of me..i did not seperate him from his was all Abhay’s plan, the same conscience fought back.

Abhay…”,she murmured…

It had been some time since they broke up and now she wasn’t even thinking about him so much..but when she saw Shivaay out of the blue, the memories of Abhay hit her hard. Tears filled her eyes.

The love she had for this man..she never loved anyone else so much…But he?..he was simply using her to get back at his family..and she being blinded by her OWN love, followed each amd everything he said.. She had lost herself in him…but she never got back what she deserved..the day she had left him,he hadn’t shed a single tear..

“I never wished to hurt you Tanya but even if I get my revenge,I don’t think I can love you genuinely,..with all my heart”, Abhay had said…

“But why…am I not good enough for you..”

“No Tanya it’s not that.. it’s just that we don’t connect with each other…I mean you deserve someone much better…I can never understand you the way you would want me to and..and viceversa… I’m sorry but that would only break  both of us”,he had replied.

“I don’t ‘understand’ you”…what ARE you saying Abhay..right now I don’t get you but I’ve ALWAYS understood you..”

” Tanya…how do I put this… you have understood me,but never understood me the way I’ve wanted someone to understand me…and No.. it’s not your fault.. it’s because we are not meant to be lovers…and I too can never understand you the way you would want your love to…and I don’t want us to change for each other because then we would be killing ourselves in the process.. and we would never ever be happy again…Trust me Tanya,I’m doing this for both of us..We breaking up will only do good for us..You might not understand me right now,but the day you find your soulmate you will..That is one thing I can’t stop myself from admitting and I hate myself for it but…you know how much we tried to seperate Shivika right, but did it happen?..No.

That’s the power of True Love..
It DOES exist…
And WE are not true lovers for each other  Tanya..we are not…I’m sorry for torturting you and putting you through all of this but..please forgive me Tanya..We can never be happy with each other…please don’t curse me…”

“To hell with your ‘True love’ Mr.Abhay!! took me for granted and now YOU are teaching me about True love..
Do not teach me about the love I for you okay!!..
What do you know about ‘Love’?
You might have started believing in it but you just broke MY belief in true love..oh sorry I MYSELF broke my belief in love coz never loved me right?..So how can I blame you… it’s all my fault right?…yes.. mine…

And about forgiving you…I am not a saint or something Abhay..I too have feelings..but then again,who am I to blame you?… You aren’t at fault Abhay… it’s me.. I’m the reason for my don’t you worry about cursing amd forgiving and all… it’s all on my head…
And I realize that I never understood you coz I NEVER knew you NEVER loved me…And do you know you didn’t ever understand me or why you never will be able to? That’s because you don’t know who I am.. That’s because you never loved me back..
And about True Love… Mr.Abhay.. you’ll only get your soulmate if YOU teach yourself to appreciate the love you get…do that first!!!

Wow Abhay, WOOOW!!!…

(She slow claps)
you make me feel so miserable you miserable…I never thought love would make me so weak…but.. you know what.. I’m not gonna cry for you anymore..I might not get the love I wished and hoped for coz love just DOES NOT EXIST for me forget about my soulmate. But who told you I need a man’s support to move on?…I brought this upon myself right?..And so, I know how to get out of this don’t have to ‘fake’ care anymore..”

“Tanya..please don’t harm yourself..”,a worried Abhay had said.

“Oh please…do you think I will end my life for someone like YOU?..No Mr.Abhay..I have a father back home whose only support system in this world is I’ll live for him..and yes love did make me weak..but not weak enough to kill myself…
So goodbye Abhay…I hope we NEVER meet each other again!”

And she had walked off.

“Tanya..promise me you’ll move on…”,he had shouted out to her.

“I no longer have to promise you anything, but just to answer that, I told you I’m not so weak to sit and cry about you and my fate..I know what I should do with my STOP caring for me..and Goodbye forever Mr.Abhay.


…she had replied without turning back coz she hadn’t wanted him to see her tears.

And even now tears were  dropping out from her eyes and that brought her back to reality..

Abhay is at fault but you have to apologize to Shivaay for YOUR inner peace.. come on Tanya..just do it and put this whole thing behind you”,her conscience again pushed her.

Yes Tanya,DO IT”,she prompted herself.

Now she was ready to face him. She wiped her face with her kerchief and walked back into the room.

“May I come in Sir?”,she asked again.

….What happened next..did he let her in?…

Precap: Shocks!…(but for who!)

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