Dekha Hazzaron Daffa Aapko… Phir Bekarari Kesi Hai? (5)

Chapter- 5

Hello all again! I’m back with the next part and I’m so glad that I have such beautiful friends and readers. Let’s start!

Swara is looking out of the window while Sanskaar stares the wound. Swara’s touch is continuously playing in mind of his which he is trying to avoid. He turns his face other side and Swara notices this and turns her eyesight to him. She is surely very angry from him but she is touched as he saves her. She is confused, maybe yes!

Her mind surely is telling to stay away from him but her heart only belongs to him. Both are lost in their deep thoughts. Finally, after the long journey, all reaches the resort. Swara stands up but due to the jerk of bus, she falls on Sanskaar with bag. She moans and Sanskaar stares her with wide open eyes.

All turns back and smiles slightly to see them. Laksh winks at Uttara and she laughs keeping hand on her mouth. Swara looks up in Sanskaar’s eyes and goes lost in them as well in her dreamland. Sanskaar moves his eyeballs and lowers his gaze. Swara comes out of her dreamworld and moves back.

Sanskaar picks her bag and keeps on his seat as he stands. Swara stares at him innocently but Sanskaar does not look at her and quickly moves out with his bags. “How rude!” Swara exclaimed in low tone and starts to take out her luggage. All comes out except Swara whose bag isn’t coming out.

Uttara calls Sanskaar and says, “Bhai, my bag is inside. I tried to pull it but it is struck there. Please help me.” Sasnkaar nods and enters inside but he sees Swara.  He turns back to leave but stops with Swara’s voice. She says, “Excuse me! Can you please help me? My bag…” He turns his face and Swara stops to see him. She turns her face but Sanskaar feels bad and come near her.

He pulls the bag with force and the bag moves a little. He pulls the bag again and Swara too joins but Sanskaar quickly takes his hand back. As a result, the bag comes out and Swara falls back on Sanskaar and both lands on the seat at back. Uttara runs into bus with the noise and is dumbfound with the view.

She clears her throat and SwaSan are embarrass again. Uttara laughs and Swara glares at her which scares Sanskaar too. She says to her, “Better than laughing, help me!” She pulls Swara and the trio comes out with the bag. Swara and Uttara takes the key of their room while Laksh is waiting for Sanskaar with keys.

Laksh and Uttara takes Swara and Sanskaar from different ways, as expected the rooms are opposite to each other. Uttara quickly takes her in while Laksh is lagging till his mobile beeps. The sky has become dark with stars shining like pearls. Everyone after resting come down for the dinner together.

Swara, Uttara, Laksh and Sanskaar are sitting together on one table. The soft music is playing in background which makes Swara remember her performance. Sanskaar is completely trying to avoid her and both left soon after the supper. “That was not at all good.” Uttara says sadly to Laksh who replies, “I know but don’t worry. Tomorrow, it’ll be great!”

“I believe you Bhai but just don’t forget that it’s Swara’s very special day, day after tomorrow. We can’t spoil it and can’t let any of us do it!” Uttara says to Laksh with concern and both of them departs too. Uttara finds Swara sleeping and she lies beside her thinking about her as her Bhabhi. Soon she too sleeps but Swara opens her eyes and sits on the bed.

She remembers all her moments with Sanskaar today. How he was not ready to sit with her and later how she slept with her head resting on him. The way she woke up and found herself in his arms; the way he saved her and hurt himself. Then, she wounded him and he was shivering. Tears rolls out from her eyes, she only knows how she continued her journey sitting beside the person who is her whole world but the destroyer of her dreams too.

She remembers both of her falls on him and their intense eye-locks. Though, he doesn’t talk with her too and avoids her maybe because of his ego, his eyes speak something else. She stands up and silently opens the gate and comes out. But, she is stunned to see Sanskaar in front of her. He closes the door of room and turns toward her.

His expressions changes and steps back in utter shock. Swara feels an alien due to Sanskaar and his strange actions which are making her angry. She wipes her tear and looks back, he has vanished. She looks here and there with wide open eyes but he isn’t there. She holds her head and says, “What was this? Where he went? He was just standing in front of me! Wait, was it a dream?”

Swara takes a deep breath and goes back inside. As she disappears, the door of Laksh’s room opens and Sanskaar shows up. He mummers, “That was too quick Sanskaar! It has to or else what would be the next situation. Why? Why I’ve to face her again and again? And now, opposite rooms too! Save me God!” And, he closes the door.

The darkness is overcome by the Sunlight, the new day arrives. Swara’s mood is quite good as they will be going out to explore the beauty of the nature hugging place. All students descend from their rooms and are ready for venturing out.

Swara is wearing a blue dress which is defining her and Sanskaar is looking super dashing in white tee with yellow blazer and blue jeans. All might have got that the clothes are of their ring date in show. Oh God! They complimented each other so beautifully like always.

SwaSan Ring Date Image

All gather in groups and starts walking while chatting and having fun. Obviously, Swara and Sanskaar are together because of Uttara and Laksh. “I thought we would have fun throughout the trip but I wasn’t right.” Uttara says as she is fed up of the silence of Swara and Sanskaar. Swara understands and Sanskaar looks on.

Laksh speaks up, “Come on guys! Do you even know that there will be groups formed by teachers afterwards for the camp? There is no guarantee that we will be in one group. So, for God’s sake, open your mouths and enjoy!” Sanskaar speaks in mind, “No Sanskaar! You can’t destroy this trip! You are here to apologise from Swara. But, you ‘re spoiling   the plan. Poor Uttara and Laksh, they are helping you like a mad and you yourself is destroying everything. Now, just smile and change the mood.”

He takes a deep breath and then with a slight smile speaks up dragging their attention and shocking them to the core. He says, “Hmm… Guys! We are here to enjoy then why are we wasting our time here? Let’s go towards that famous street market. What say?” Laksh and Uttara looks at each other with wide eyes and Laksh comments, “Are you alright Bhai? I mean…”

Uttara cuts him and says, “Wow Bhai! Nice idea! Even Swara was thinking to go there. Right Swara?” Swara nods realising the casual behaviour of all. She finally smiles and ignores all her anger and sadness as she too doesn’t want to spoil the mood. The four moves towards the market and amazes to see the beautiful handmade things.

Swara as expected has gone mad between her surroundings. She forgets all issues and starts clicking pictures with all. Shy Sanskaar too joined her and they had a lot of group selfies. Swara’s eyes falls on a pretty pair of earrings and she picks them up and says, “How’s this?” She thought she is talking to Uttara but it is Sanskaar behind who doesn’t know how to react but as she turns, his eyes stick to her beauty.

“Wow! Beautiful!” He says staring her while Swara has realised it was him and her smile fades. However, his reply stuns her. Uttara and Laksh shares a hi-fi and smiles widely looking at them. Swara shies with his reply and smiles slightly. He comes out of his thoughts and is afraid of her reaction.

He is going to apologise but Uttara comes and says, “Swara! I have to say that Bhai never complimented a girl, not even me ever! But, now! What magic huh?” Swara’s cheeks are heating but not more than Sanskaar. Uttara suppress her laughter and says, “Arey Bhai, if you are done with staring her then, click a photo too. Your phone’s camera is good!”

Sanskaar slowly takes out his phone and clicks her photo. He nods his head and Uttara snatches his phone saying, “I also want to see! Oh wow! Wait, you too stand with Swara. I need everyone’s single, couple… I mean in pair, photos.” Sanskaar tries to refuse by saying, “No Uttara! My photos never come good.”

However, Swara says, “It isn’t true! I… I mean, it’s ok.” Swara secretly bits her tongue while he stands beside her. Uttara says, “Bhai! Your phone isn’t too wide to capture you at that distance. Come close to Swara a bit.” He moves near but Uttar again speaks, “All day you both keep falling in each other’s arms and now acting this much.”

Both are embarrassed while Sanskaar gives glares to Uttara who is enjoying. Swara too moves near but her heels don’t help her and she falls again, of course in arms of his. And, here comes a perfect click of our SwaSan. He holds her again but this time, the grip is tight and his eyes lack that awkwardness. Swara’s eyes are moist but she is not sad or hurt.

Sanskaar notices this and helps her stand. He with concern asks her, “Are you alright? Is it hurting? I should check or call someone.” Swara holds his hand and speaks, “No! No need. I’m fine.” Sanskaar nods and looks at her hand’s hold; she removes her hand and Uttara says, “Look! God heard me!”

Uttara starts laughing while Swara smiles followed by Sanskaar. Laksh comes and says, “Ok, I found a small hotel for Bhai and dhaba for us! Let’s go!” Swara suppress her laughter but not Uttara which makes Sanskaar angry and he holds Laksh’s shoulder speaking, “I must say Lucky your tongue is being used a lot nowadays. Should I cut it?”

Swara starts to laugh and looking at her, Sanskaar leaves Laksh and grins. They move towards the dhaba and sits on the beds while Laksh and Sanskaar are ordering the food. Swara is looking at the pictures and her smile is increasing with each passing group selfie having Sanskaar. Uttara says, “Shona, you don’t have those pics! I’ll forget to give. Just take Bhai’s number, he’ll give pics.”

To Be Continue…

I thinking to start writing on watty too! Will tell if I do and my username there is VaHemi_SwaSanian. Hope you all are enjoying it! Thank you so much for the support! Love you all! Take care!
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