Ishqbaaz 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika gets heartbroken

Ishqbaaz 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om asks Dadi not to worry. Shivaye gets Rudra home. Bhavya cries and hugs Rudra. She says we were so worried, I won’t talk to you. She hits him. He says I m hurt. She says sorry. He jokes. Om asks did you learn a lesson now. Rudra says yes. Dadi hugs Rudra. He says sorry, if Shivaye hadn’t come to save me, I wouldn’t have come back today. Nani says I told you Shivaye will make everything fine. Dadi asks Bhavya to get aarti plate. Shivaye and Anika go aside. He says I saved Rudra’s life, but do you know who has saved my life. He gives the idol to her and says you did. They hold hands. Dadi calls him. They go to everyone. Dadi says you fulfilled one promise, its time for another one, you had said that all three of you will together do the Diwali puja. Shivaye says I will fulfill my promise, this

Diwali there will be just happiness here. Priyanka gets aarti plate. Anika gets the idols.

Bhavya asks at which temple will the puja happen. Shivaye says puja will happen at one place, only at one temple, neither the rituals, not the house or our happiness will be divided, from now, we shall have just one temple in Oberoi mansion, is that right? Anika says you three brothers do this auspicious thing. They see the partition. Om asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye, Omru take the idols to the temple. They pray. Anika goes for fixing the Toran. She gets tangled in the garlands. Shivaye thinks she always ends up in troubles. He asks may I? He helps her. Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan…plays…. They smile and get close. Twinkle coughs. Shivaye gets away. He thinks what’s wrong with me, I have to get away from Anika and I m going close to her. He says you, we were decorating the door, Toran are so big these days, you got laddoo for me, stop blinking and feed me, don’t shy. He eats the laddoo and says its delicious, I could spend the rest of my life for you just for this reason. Anika says I made the laddoo, isn’t it delicious, I know it. Shivaye asks Twinkle to have it.

Everyone gathers. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya compliment each other. Om says we don’t mind any praise coming our way. They joke. Shivaye comes and looks at them. Rudra goes to him. Dadi asks the three jodis to sit in puja. Shivaye forwards hand. Anika goes to give her hand. Nani stops Anika. She says this time, Twinkle will sit with Shivaye in Diwali puja. Dadi says but Aruna… Nani says this is my and Shivaye’s wish as well. She recalls… Shivaye coming to talk to her. He says Anika isn’t taking Shivaye seriously, she thinks this is a drama. She says she is right. He says our plan will flop this way, I want to do something that would shock her, you should do it. She asks what. He says you have to tell her that Twinkle will sit in Diwali puja with me. She says I understand the drama, but you should it with Anika in puja. He says you have to do it for my sake. She says fine, who am I to stop you, I m with you. FB ends.

Anika cries and removes her bangles. Shivaye worries and says its bleeding, what are you doing. She says you are hurting my heart every day, I know you are doing this for my betterment, but there is a limit to tolerate, its my right to sit in Diwali puja with you, if you do puja with someone else, you are insulting me and our relation, today you broke my heart. She goes. He says I m hurting myself as well. His hand bleeds because of broken bangles.

Nani asks Twinkle and Shivaye to light diya together. Shivaye sees Anika crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I m emotional.

  2. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Ok now PLZZ put a missing complain..
    3 Imane
    4 Shamrin…..
    5 Riana…..
    These are missing girl…find them please.

    @Sindhu Di…I am really missing you..can’t get time to talk with you ..belated happy Diwali..
    @Medhaangel dear belated happy Diwali
    Come to episode.
    1 Finally obros came together
    I think there will be more emotinal union of these three bcoz omru still don’t know the truth……..
    2.seeing three Obros doing pooja is so good to watch dream came true… ANKHON KI GUSTAKHIYAN….I so wanted this song played on Shivika
    But idiot Shasank Put his kanchi and cut that Pull..I was waiting for it..😭😭😭
    Sso if you don’t know acting then PLZ don’t do….
    4.seriously can’t able to understand Sso..
    Like ok in RU Annika had leave to Shivaay bcoz of blackmail
    But here Sso has no reason to leave her.
    Like now he us fine and came out from her trauma..
    Then why He is Pushing Annika
    Did he even realise what he will do if Annika leave him???????
    5.Finally Annika said her feeling
    She clearly said you that She can’t live without you.
    But you are hell bent to push her
    You really need a reality check……
    6.Sorry Sso..I know you are also feeling hurt but you are sololy responsible for that….
    7.Precap- Diwali celebration..
    Ok byy
    But one request
    PLZ be active guys..

    1. Hello Appy dear I am coming on and off to leave comments but just so busy and then this week being Diwali week it is also so busy here in Singapore. Hopefully next week would be better and yes I have been reading your comments but no time to leave any comment.after that.

  3. epi was okay.liked the shivomru scns .allthe oberoi ladies were luking beautiful but i found annika’s nose ring weird.when they showed shivika scn i thought that there’s gonna be a rikara scn too but is was not there so i m really vry vry disappointed.i don’t understand dat why makers are creating shivikas separation drama again.rikara n ruvya’s were never shown so i was really hoping for a rikara track bit it didn’t happen .also most probablyIB is ending this yr so i m sure rikara’s tracks n how they got married will never be shown .thay are just gonna show shivika tracks n their marriage.i m really vry vry angry n upset.

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Fully enjoyed today’s epi…
    First Obros part was Suberbb!!
    Shivika romantic scene.…
    “Aankho ki”…. Felt like it ended very soon…
    Laddu wala part was hilarious……
    All ladish looks nycc….
    Cold war between Shivru… Hope it will end very soon…
    Shivay bhaiya nd his Mussion khudko buddu manao again start… Hope Anika banda ki iss khurapathi dimag ko thik kr degi…
    Precap –
    Don’t want say…
    GN PKJ…

  5. Luthfa

    So Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi,aapki “Shahan Shakti” khatam ho hi gayi finally right?Or is there left anything?Glad that you have admitted in front of your so Concerned,only for you,Husband.By the way,why did you give up?You knew na that Shivaay would pull out any Stunt to Stun you?Were not you prepared like Karwa Chauth?Seems like you did not that’s why those tears drops were seen at the corner of your eyes.You got hurt watching Shivaay’s “Niece” taking your place in Diwali special Puja!Should have expected it earlier so that you could have avoided the “Dil Todna” by Shivaay.The limit of your tolerance that has broken today(thank God)should have been broken long ago.You saw your husband’s “Valai”,he was showering on you in the name of your happiness and you went all gaga.The very day you got married,from that day you were running behind your husband to accept the marriage which now looks like one-time agreement between you and your husband with terms and conditions as follow-
    “Shivaay Singh Oberoi would accept Anika Trivedi as his wife whenever he feels like according to the situation,what people around him would tell,what his heart would tell and you(Anika Trivedi)have to oblige those no matter what at any circumstances,by any means.Otherwise,this deal of marriage would be cancelled for Shivaay Singh Oberoi whether Anika Trivedi agrees or not”
    Every time your husband abides by the rules those mentioned in Invisible marriage agreement and every time you have left with two options-either accept or reject.This is happening from the beginning of your marriage with Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Then why are you so hurt if Shivaay has refused to do Puja with you?You should rather appreciate all the efforts of your husband and his integrity,honesty on following the rules of accepting and rejecting that marriage which is so valuable for you in wholesale rate.Stand by your husband’s decision if you truly and really consider yourself as the Wife of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
    And Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,You are “Hurt” hurting Anika?I could not believe my ears while hearing what you said actually.Can you repeat plz?Anyway,what’s so new in it?Is not it the same which you are doing since the day you have met Anika?Difference is when Anika was a stranger to you,you felt hurt hurting her in your mind but now being her husband,you are vocalizing,saying in soliloquy,in interior monologues-all those “Hurting Anika” talks.Anika rightly said that You are Shivaay Singh Oberoi so you should maintain Class and Standards.Why to repeat one monotonous thing of “Hurting Anika” every time?Think something different,unique,out of the box which would please Anika and everyone.And what you said that Anika was taking off her bangles mercilessly?Is it so Shivaay?What’s in it if Anika is taking off her bangles like that?She was not Twinkle that you had to show so much Concern.You are inflicting pain in Anika’s heart more mercilessly,in self-obsession than Anika’s self-hurt while taking off bangles.Dare You Compare Both The Hurt?If you have guts then go ahead and measure.Truth will be in front of you.You know Shivaay,you can’t have and enjoy the luxury of being both Selfish and Self-less at the same time.One hand you are doing every possible thing to push her away,making her cry,hurt her beyond the limit of tolerance being all time Self-less,for Anika’s happiness on the other hand you are saying you can’t see Anika getting hurt,crying as Anika is your Aan,Baan and Shan.You have to choose one way to get rid of Anika,permanently.Just show your bleeding hand to Anika and tell her if she won’t leave you then your heart would bleed like your hand and its already in bleeding mode.This will work like magic you know.Because Anika does not nurture Double Standards like you do.But who knows she won’t?After all,she is your wife,no?Okay,I rest my case Me Lord!

  6. Hi… hello appy, sindhu n all my dearies…. Tqvm dear appy for ur wishes…. 😍😍
    2day epi… Hmmm gd gd gd… But SSO u r bad bad bad… Y u r hurting urself n also anika.. B bold SSO…
    Shivimru moment was great…. Happy to see them bc…Eagerly waiting for 2moro epi…
    Gd nite…. Guys 💕💕

  7. Shivay wants Anika to get separated from him but how come he wants to stay with his Dadi,sister and brothers won’t he harm them. So sad of Anika she waited 5yrs for him and got him out of jail and supported him when he was low.

    For once I want Anika to leave shivay and go away from him to make him realize that he can’t leave without her.

    Give some dialogues to other couples too makers have made them dumb.
    The first version of IB was awesome everyone got equal roles.there was lot of fun, obros moments and couples romance and emotions and revenge. Now in this new version nothing except emotions.
    I feel IB will go off air soon.
    I don’t want that to happen. I do watch only IB

  8. Hello everyone seriously i am missing all of you. How are you all hoping you all are going good.
    Episode was ok ok type finally anika’s limit got over and she confessed to her husband but by shivay’s word i am not convinced he is only hurting anika not himself. The man who can hurt his wife by someone else anger and words and gets easily infuensed i think he is the most foolish man in the world. Cant he see his wife is only one who was there on his side during stormy days and she alone faught with everyone. He should express his love and concern rather than pushing her far away.
    Shivru cold war ru is trying his best to except his bhaiya. He has proved by breaking the line and on coming days shivomru will be back together as they used to be.
    Lets see what is in store in next episode as precap is heartbraking.
    Bye love you all keep smiling and take care

  9. Hello everyone, today’s episode was so emotional. Shivaay I am not sure whether you will be happy by letting Anika go. Anika you should just pack your bags and leave. Absence makes the heart grow founder. When Anika is not there then Shivaay will realise how important anika is in his life. I want Shivaay to go after Anika and let out his feelings for her that without her he has no life.

    Anika fulfill your wife’s duty by listening to him and leave him. Then let’s see what happens. Don’t cry and say your heart is broken. SSO has already broken your heart but not intentionally though but for your betterment.

    Perhaps Omru will stop and only want Anika to do the rituals with his Wife.

    But my heart did go out for Anika very much. Poor Nani she doesn’t want to do it it she has no choice.

  10. Hello to banita Arpu Luthfa NSK Agga jeevi dear Shiny pushpa kadhambari Rithu shivya and many more. Have a good week ahead.

    1. Banita

      Hlooo diiii…
      I missed U…!!!

  11. Vidyakrish

    Shivomru reunion was so cute to see after long time. Shivika romance was so cute. I hate shivaay in last part.

  12. Nikita_jai29

    The flower Romance is lovely

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