Kaleerein 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: New Entry In Meera and Vivan’s Life

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Silky with Laali returns to Meer’a house. Dolly angrily asks what are they doing here. Silky apologizes for their mistakes and says she dreamt of marrying NRI boy since childhood and did mistake in lieu of that. Dolly says if they had troubled her, she would have forgiven them, but they troubled her daughter. Meera requests Dolly to forgive them on diwali’s eve. Dolly agrees. Women call them for diwali celebrations. Laali asks Meera to take Silky along and find an NRI boy for her, then says even local boy is fine. Vivan says he will get car out.

Vivan with family reaches celebration venue. Host greets him as celebrity guest and invites him for a dance competition. Vivan says how can he. Meera taunts him he is not so strong eating olive oil and cannot dance. He accepts challenge and dances with Meera. A girl clicks their pics. Vivan scolds her. Girl asks if this is the way he behaves with kids. He says he does not like anyone clicking her pics. Host announces running competetion lifting wife (dum lagake haisha). Sunny enters disguised as NRI punjabi boy Parminder. Silky hears women talking about him that he is very rich. She asks him to join her for competition, he happily agrees. Competition starts. Vivan runs lifting Meera, slips and fall, and says he cannot lift her now. Meera sees Sunny running lifting Silky towards finish line, lifts Vivan and wins competition. Girl clicks their pics again. Vivan shoos her again.

Vivan and Meera return home in their car. Meera opens car’s dickie and sees girl sleeping inside, she informs Vivan. Vivan takes girl inside home. Girl wakes up and afraidly asks where is she. Meera asks what is her name and where does she stay. Girl says she is Mahi and lives in orphanage. Dolly says let her sleep now,tomorrow they will get her to some orphanage. Meera makes her sleep on their bed and walks away. Girl wakes up hearing mobile ring from her pocket, picks it and says she is afraid. A woman from opposite side says she has to stay there to execute their plan. Meera returns and sees girl sleeping again.

Meera and Vivan sleep on floor while Mahi sleeps on bed. They both get romantic and discuss about going to honeymoon. Meera asks what they do in honeymoon, if they will do head massage. Vivan says she spoils his mood always. She asks what else they do. He says they get wet in rain, then get into bed under blanket.. Mahi wakes up and says she is not getting sleep.

Precap: Mahi gets her hand burnt while playing with cracker. Meera runs to her rescue worried.

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