Ishq Subhan Allah 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir breaks Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Kabir that Reema just wants you to be part of her happiness like I have been since childhood. Kabir says but becoming part of someone’s religious festive is against islam, ask Irfan. Irfan says its right that we cant part of prayers of other religions but becoming part of their happiness is not wrong. Zara says to Reema that you asked Islam doesnt allow to mingle with other religions but its a liberal religion, we dont discriminate between people, Islam tell us to help our neighbors, if they are in pain and we are not helping then its on us, its not a condition that neighbor have to be muslim, their religion is not defined, if we can share their pain then why not celebrate their happiness? She says to Kabir that you must know a story, an old man kept a fast to

please God, one man brought juice for him and said that if you drink it then I will be happy, old man broke his fast and drank it, when people asked, old man said that its better to break fast rather than break someone’s heart, he can fast later but human’s happiness is more than that. She says to Kabir that you bringing religion inbetween Reema’s happiness. Kabir says no, I asked you to go, I never went to her house to celebrate diwali so I dont think that it will matter if I go or not. Zara says how can I be happy without you? all my happiness are related to you, I told you that I would go with you only otherwise no. Irfan says you both are half right, my decision is that Kabir should go to Reema’s house, it wont affect his religion, or relation with God. Kabir stares at Zara and silently leaves from there. Zara says to Reema that I am sorry that we couldnt celebrate small diwali function but I am sure that Kabir will come with me to big function, dont worry. Reema hugs her.

Doctor checks Ruksaar and asks nurse to take care of her.

Reema says to Zara that if Kabir is stubborn then dont come to function, I dont want it to be a trouble for your relation. Zara says he didnt say no, you havent loved so you dont know, I am sure, he will agree, he has to, he loves me. They come out of house and sees Kabir waiting there. Zara says to Reema that he couldnt leave me so how could he not agree with me, I will come to function, Reema hugs her and leaves. Zara sits in car and says you were waiting for me? Kabir says I brought you, so its my duty to take you back. They start driving. Zara says can I ask a thing? Kabir says wives keep asking, you will ask me where I am going, what should you wear and stuff like that. Zara says you didnt answer because you have agreed to come to diwali party? you cant see your wife in tears? you know that if you dont go then I will not go and then I will cry whole night and I will taunt you for life so you thought its better to go to party. Kabir says no, if I am saying no then it means I am not going, if you are thinking why I didnt say no infront of all then I did it to not break Reema’s heart. Zara says I am sure you would turn. He says what? She says leave it. Kabir stops car and asks her to get down. She asks why? Kabir says its my car and I am asking you to get down. She gets down. He says I am booking taxi for you, I am going to meet Ruksaar. Zara says I will go wtih you. Kabir gets down and says now you felt bad? when I didnt tell you whole thing? you were doing same for me. He says you think I would leave the person whom I love the most? Zara says I will tell you in evening.

Zara and Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s ward. Zara checks and says she has fever. Kashan says yes, Zeenat was tensed so I sent her home. Doctor comes there and says she is recovering, we recorded CCTV footage. Footage shows Ruksaar moving her hands and feet. Kabir and Zara smile seeing it. Doctor says there is nothing to worry, he leaves.

Kabir and Zara are in car, Kabir says soon I will be yours completely when Ruksaar wakes up. Zara smiles and says you know the meaning of becoming mine fully? Zara says you will have to fulfill my wishes. Kabir says like? Zara says like if you like tea and I like coffee then I will start drinking tea too, true love is to give yourself completely to someone, where our happiness become one, you get happy to see me happy and vice versa. Kabir says so I am fully yours? Zara says ask yourself, if you were mine then Ruksaar wouldnt be in your life, if you were fully mine then you wouldnt break my friend’s heart, we dont know when Ruksaar will wake up but you can come to Reema’s party and prove that you are fully mine. Kabir looks on. They stop at a signal, a kid comes to Kabir and asks him to buy firecrackers, he has to pay for school. Kabir is about to give him money but Zara says we dont buy diwali stuff. Kabir looks on and gives him money, he takes lanterns and firecrackers from him, kid wishes him diwali, Kabir says happy diwali, kid leaves. Zara says pinch me, you are wonderful. She smiles at him.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara comes home. Zara smiles and says we will go to diwali party. Kabir says I have some work and leaves. Zeenat thinks I thought they would be fighting but its something else here. Ayesha says I didnt know Kabir would agree. Alina and Ayesha says we will go. Zara asks Shahbaz if he will come? Shahbaz says some friends called me so I cant come, say sorry to Reema. Zara looks at Zeenat. Zeenat says dont even ask me, Ruksaar has fever. Zara says doctor said that fever is good, it shows she will come to consciousness soon.

Zara comes in room and sees Kabir packing, she asks where are you going? Kabir says a client called and said that you must not be celebrating diwali so come to Dubai for a meeting. Zara is stunned and says you are not going to Reema’s house? Kabir says why are you stubborn? when did I say I will go? I am not going very far, I will come tomorrow. Zara says I thought you would come to Reema’s house with me, you ate that ghujia too. Kabir says I ate them because you made them, I helped that kid as he needed school fees, it has nothing to do with diwali party. He calls and says you are outside to take me to airport? I am coming, he ends call and says to Zara that I know I might hurt you, I am sorry, she looks away. Kabir takes his bag and says goodbye. Zara doesnt even look at him as he leaves. Zara says he really broke my heart today.

PRECAP- Irfan says to Kabir that your project to teach kids has been sanctioned by All India board and you will be given financial aid, you will have to go abroad to present it in conference. Zara and Kabir are elated to hear that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    so tell me this … as a Muslim man, doesn’t the husband discuss work with his wife before going off on a business trip??? or anywhere for that matter??? Kabeer seems to still be living a bachelor life in that he makes decisions alone without consulting his wife but wants to know her whereabouts … I don’t understand… is this how the Muslim men live??? 😐

    1. Correction.. Its how ever men lives.. Nothing matters more to them than their ego… They don’t mind l loosing the love of their life over an ego problem

  2. So this is Kabir. He knows his decision will hurt Zara but he hurts her anyway. For Kabir religion and his project will always come first and Zara will always be second……always ……always, in spite of all his grand protestations of love.

  3. What nonsense…as a Hindu I gi to my Muslim friends’ houses to participate in Iftar parties and other celebrations…the same with them …they enjoy Diwali with us….Irfan is absolutely right ….Participating in religious ceremonies may be against Islam but sharing a friend’s happiness can not be against the rules of any religion…Does that mean that you can not even be friends with people of other religions ….at the end of the day ,it is the human relations that matter ,not any rigid religious rules that create barriers and turn man against man….and Kabir is really disappointing ….With such a sea of difference in their attitudes,,Zara can not stay with ths guy even if she loves him….

    1. So true Lakshmi, when people get sick do they ask whether the doctor is Hindu or Muslim or Christian in the hospital? Of course not, religion is forgotten at that any sphere of life we enter, we don’t ask if what religion someone belongs to before being served.. I understand that nobody partake in religious ceremonies but that doesn’t mean that you can’t attend or share in the others happiness and be served a meal etc… Hogwash thinking Kabir has, I can’t even say his thinking is antiquated, his is plain religiously prejudiced… In my country when my ancestors came from India and settled here, they lived like one big happy family irregardless of religious beliefs and practices, it’s only after two decades or so I started seeing people with thinking like Kabir’s and that’s after they came back from sojourns or visits or having lived for sometime or even went to school in the Middle East…we all know that there’s a hotbed of radicals there and religious tolerance are not acceptable because some people feel that they are religiously supreme over others… That’s what causes so much friction and unacceptance of others beliefs.. My goodness, I just hate where this world is heading in… You know my position on this topic Lakshmi, I’m accepting of all of humanity regardless of all the prejudices afflicted by us I know exactly how Reema feels…

  4. 1234

    yeah..truly religion should not matter…it’s not mattered in Nepal and as I have heard and seen in other indian films and teleseries it’s not mattered there too and what kind of stuff is this???? being annoyed and asking to improve it…

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