Ishqbaaz 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye fills sindoor and makes Anika wear mangalsutra. Anika cries, Pinky asks will our bride sit hiding face in ghunghat, we will see how our Tia looks. Sometime before, Shivaye comes to the marriage venue. Everyone see him and smile. Pinky asks Shivaye, you came alone again, where is your bride. Anika comes from behind. They all smile seeing the bride. Anika cries and stands with Shivaye. Media clicks their pics. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and cries. Shivaye holds her hand and walks ahead. He stops near Mrs. Kapoor. He says this of this as suggestion or warning, except both of us, none should know that Tia is not behind that ghunghat, you have to do all the rituals that you would do being Tia’s mum, if you don’t do this, I will ruin your family and family business, both. She gets shocked.

He walks ahead with Anika. Tia’s mum says Tia what have you done and worries.

Shivaye and Anika sit in mandap. She cries. Pinky asks will our bride sit hiding face in ghunghat, we will see how our Tia looks. She goes to lift her ghunghat. Tia’s mum stops her and says don’t lift Tia’s ghunghat, our family pandit said no one should see Tia’s face before the mu dikhai rasam, it will be abshagun. Pinky says abshagun should not happen, it does not matter, as Tia is behind the ghunghat. Rudra says firstly everything used to happen by universe’s wish and not by pandit’s wish. Om asks him to shut up. Anika thinks of her believe on marriage which she told Richa. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. Pandit says now groom and bride stand for the varmala and wedding rounds. Shivaye gets up. Anika sits crying. He sees her and holds her hand to make her stand. O jaana……plays…………Everyone smile.

Shivaye makes her wear the garlands. She cries holding the garlands. He holds her hand and makes her put garlands in his neck. Pinky ties the ghatbandhan. Shivaye walks ahead. Anika cries. He stops and holds her hand to take her. Mangalam…..plays………. Everyone smile and shower flowers on them. Shivaye and Anika sit back in mandap. Pandit says make her wear the mangalsutra. Shivaye sees the mangalsutra in hand and Anika. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays………. She cries. He takes sindoor in hand. O jaana……plays……..

Pinky says no, no one will see Tia’s face except Shivaye, all media people shut cameras, I don’t want any abshagun, Mrs. Kapoor can Shivaye see Tia’s face. Tia’s mum says yes, he can see. Pinky asks Shivaye to apply sindoor, they will see the other side. Shivaye fills sindoor in Anika’s hairline. They get up. Tej hugs Shivaye. Shivaye and Anika take blessings. Jhanvi hugs Anika and says welcome to the family Tia. Shakti and Pinky bless them. Pinky says congrats, our Tia has become Tia Oberoi now. Anika takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi looks at her and hugs. Dadi sees Shivaye and blesses both of them. Shivaye hugs Dadi. Shivaye and Anika walk away. She cries.

At home, Dadi stops them at the door. Dadi says you felt you will do anything and I will let you do. Shivaye says Dadi…. Dadi says shut up and laughs on him. Om clicks their pics. Dadi asks Pinky and Jhanvi where is puja plate, new bahu has come, no one knows anything. She calls out Anika to get puja plate. Jhanvi says Anika is not here. Dadi asks where is she. Pinky says I did not see her in marriage. Dadi says call Anika and ask where is she. She asks Jhanvi to get puja plate. Rudra asks Shivaye why does he look worried, is everything fine.

Soumya says Dadi, Priyanka and I got puja plate and arranged everything. Dadi says my granddaughters are smart. Anika says I can’t lie more, it will be good you tell them truth, else I will say. Shivaye says shut up Anika. Anika says it means you won’t say, fine I will say. He holds her hand and says Sahil…. you remember what I can do. She recalls car blast. He says I m sure you understood what to do now. Pinky sees him and says someone see Shivaye, he is not ready to leave Tia’s hand.

Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand quickly. Tej says you got scared Shivaye as if you did not hold Tia’s hand, but someone’s else. Dadi says we will joke later, we will do rasam first. She does the aarti. She says journey can be long, but beginning is by one step, you are going to start a new life by entering this house so this step should be auspicious, come, make this kalash fall by right leg and step ahead. Anika thinks I can’t cheat Dadi. Shivaye holds her hand. Shakti says Shivaye got another chance to hold her hand.

Rudra says maybe Tia does not know right and signs her. Om sees Shivaye and asks Rudra do you also think the same. Rudra says yes and shows loo sign. Om asks are you mad. Rudra asks not this, then how would I know what you feel. Om says no Rudra, I feel its strange. Rudra says it will look strange, its Shitia’s marriage, more strange will happen. Om asks will you always cry. Rudra says what to do. Shivaye pushes Anika. Anika hits the kalash and steps in red color water. She steps inside the house and leaves the footprints. She puts hand in haldi and leaves handprints on the wall structure. O jaana….plays……….

Shivaye says I don’t want anyone to know you are in this ghunghat. Anika asks how will I from this ghunghat. He holds her hand and takes her. The family stops them and shout surprise. Dadi says you are surprised, this was Om’s idea, he said we will do mu dikhai tonight.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god….I am so excited for this mu dikhayi thing…. every story will get unfold….wow….but I read a spoiler saying that daksh would come back to marry anika….but he gets to know the truth and since he is an obsessive lover he would kidnap anika due to which shivaay would get restless and shivika would come closer and daksh chapter would end…..

  2. AthiraAppu


    |Registered Member

    Thnx for this super fast update Amena dii
    Hoo at last mrg ho gayii. I think om see anikas bracelet that’s why vo muh dikayiii prepone kiyaa haii

  3. anah

    shaadi hogayi…… I’m very happy…….
    if any one notice one thing….
    gul mam:shivika shaadi Nov main hoga………
    first week :kuch nahi hua….
    2nd week :same…..
    3rd week:nothing…….
    4th week :high voltage….
    aaj 30th Nov ,last day of Nov….…..
    2khande main Nov finish…..
    shivika shaadi……
    audience:arre whah!!!! gul man apna wada poora kardiya….
    hats of u mam…….

    • Uf

      Anah,gul Khan ko ek aur vaada poora karna baaki hai.omkara ki love lady ki entry ko december main entry karaane ka vaada, I hope vo zyaada time na le.i just hope ki. shivika,rumya ki tharah omkara aur uski love lady ka Jodi bhi best ho jaaye.what say guys iam right na.

  4. Aarosh

    I think tomorrow episode will be completely run around om and dadi’s reaction interested to see Pinky and Tej reaction as remaining all may accept her as oberios daughter in law even Tej may not show that much objection as he himself once said that she is a part of Oberoi family

    • shekhar

      TEJ may opt for ANIKA, but reason us jealous for SSO . ANIKA is poor, and TIA is from rich family with 1500 crore!

      • Mona146


        |Registered Member

        true and also for prestige in front of media. He became so happy when malika eloped as that caused their rival shares to drop. Aaaj inke saat vahin hua.

    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      tej and shivay are very typical rich people. They say you are part of family when you help them but they dont really mean it. They can throw you like a shit the moment they feel you went against them or problem in their way.

  5. aahana

    Lol om is a savage😂😎!!! Shivaye s smartness is 0 in front of om as he always sense wt sso is upto. He understand soo damn well!! Sometimes i feel om is better dn shivaye in business as well kz sso has proved to b a total fool or acted dumb in many situations n om has caught his uneasiness or strange behavior n acted smartly n taken good decisions.I hope after d mu dikhai om make shivaye realise wt he s done!!!
    Oms lady love will b d luckiest among all d 3😂😂

      • Sophie

        i agree with u @aahana and @Mukta, but both om and shivaay r smart in their own ways (i hope i didnt break hearts 🙂

    • Shiv

      Yes yaar among the three bros om’s lady will be the luckiest !!he s the one who s sensible rationale non egoistic kind hearted and sane enough!!

  6. Aarosh

    Interested to see Pinky reaction and remaining all may accept her as oberios daughter in law asap even Tej may not show any objections as he himself once said that she is a part of the family

  7. Ash

    They destroyed Shivay’s character. This is disappointing. I feel so bad for Anika. The guy she loves turned so horrible.

  8. yakshi

    Tody episode kaga tan ivlo days uh wait pantu irunthen BT ivlo sad uh shivika marriage nadakum nu expect panla…shivaye ne feel pandrapa unta Anika iruka mata….apa tan unaku purium real love oda pain…un family membersum una hate panvanga indha marriage epdi nadanthadhu unmai terinja…

    • Shiv

      Shivaay will be a shameless fellow if he accepts tia after wedding ‘!!see she is the one who put him in diff scenario! How could he face anika being with tia n too after all misunderstandings got cleared!!!!

  9. Dia

    Hi, I’m new here… I read on updates dadi will know everything shivaay said to do Anika & accepts her as bahu but pinky will be very angry to know Anika was in the place of Tia.. Where has gone that Dakhsh!! I think he will come later to create some dirty drama..

  10. anu

    hey i m new here……hope i will be also a part of this….about episode,it was seriously killing….
    thanks 4 the update amena di

  11. fathima

    hi ishqbaazians. how r u everyone. so happy that finally shivika got married bt so sad for the way they got married. bt in today’s episode many things aren’t logical.
    the gunghat wear by anika is net type even in tv we can recognize that its anika bt no one in mandap recognized her.
    she always wearing a ring with white stone (pearl or ruby or anything) even with that ring no one recognized her.

    no one thought abt anika while the mrg happens.

    finally while blessing all were blessed shivika with th name of tia except dhadhi so I guess dhadhi already knew it.
    anyways waiting for tomorrow episode

  12. shekhar

    I raise a question,
    Suppose, no one from family, INCLUDIND OMRUPRIDA, ready to accept ANIKA, what then SSO may do?

    • sara

      even SSO isn’t accepting anika as his wife right..
      he is just doing a ONE DAY MARRIAGE nd he has intension of divorcing anika the next day..
      so i don’t think in this situation (i mean at that tym shivay’s hate for anika is above his love) it will bother shivay at all that family member are accepting anika or not..
      that is just my point of view..
      bt i will really like to know ur perspective also..

    • DaSha

      Hello Shekhar,
      It depends of 1 thing: Does Shivay wants to take Anika as his wife? And if it is:


      1) None of OF including Shivay want this marriage + Anika does not want this marriage and leave.
      Shivay helps her to make her dream come true as a compensation (Sahil education or smth else she could ask for, but we know she would not. Maybe try to find her parents/sister?.. anyway something not material). They get divorce, perhaps, she will move to another city.

      2) None of OF including Shivay want this marriage + Anika wants this marriage.
      Anika will not give divorce to Shivay, she can leak their marriage news to media (I doubt it) and he would have to accept her in his house to save OF reputation, she could try to persuade Shivay he needs her etc. Little by little he will melt.


      1) None of OF want this marriage + Anika does not want this marriage and leaves
      ASR told to his family if they don’t respect his choice he will go to live with Lavania. This could be an option for Shivay. I don’t think his character might leave his brothers, but he could say so to his family to make them accept Anika. Anika respects marriage relations and even if she wants to stay away from him they might stay together as a strangers under the same roof. Little by little she will melt.

      2) None of OF want this marriage + Anika wants this marriage.
      That’s easy, she wants this marriage, he wants this marriage = nothing to speak about. Anika saved all of them so many times they will appreciate all she did and she just have to keep on saving them 🙂 Little by little they will melt.


      My answer is,

      he is, from the core of his heart, badly enough to die for ,wishing her to stay with or around him with out confessing his own FEELINGS called LOVE and there by confessing her LOVE for him!!!!

      See, how he made her impossible to confess her love!


      Looking at his such ideology, she just can not do what he is expecting from her till her last breath. She was , recalling their beautiful moments during punch part and medicinal intoxication, got shattered finding him at top of his ideology after stepping back from his own feelings. She , killing her all such feelings rose again and being normal, keep continue her normal life. Her such valid non confession becomes her stubornness for him.

      This is not a fight between SSO and ANIKA!

      This is the fight between his own EGO and his own complex EXPECTATION from ANIKA, which he himself made impossible.


      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        hi shekhar , l agree with you on this one , deeply he wants anika to be around him like he used to during preparation of the wedding but he is not ready to accept her as a wife or even as the woman he loves because his beliefs are stronger than his feelings witch will be his biggest mistake when the time comes and his feelings wins the battle he will face a wall from anika that will be very hard to break as we saw in the promo where she trows the flowers after seeing him , her eyes showed nothing but anger
        sso has to overcome his selfishness with anika ” he wants her but does not want her ” type of mentality will make him pay the price

      • SHEKHAR

        Yes MOUNI MAM,

        you are absolutely right!

        ANIKA may be proved a STONE falling on the already vortexing water only to make it intense. He wants her virtual possession atleast, which has been told you by as “he wants her but does not wants her”!

        OM knows his elder brother, his mentality, his expectation, but never came to know how his brother can keep change his shades so quickly, so intensley, and so marvellously He never cames to know, how SSO can treat a deal when it comes to a business , as he treated his MIL wedding ! I wrote in one of TU, he has no feeling either for TIA or her family, and if TIA left him, he will treat her as a failed deal, and will just move to make a another deal, that we already seen in the matter of while fixing another girl of his business partner MR.AGRAVAL for wedding.He never can hate TIA, because he never love her!!!But he can hate ANIKA, that is only the truth which you can believe proudly!!!!

        And what he did with ANIKA, was certainly not a deal. It was all due to aftermath process of battle between his HEART feelings and MIND THOUGHTS after getting slapped by ANIKA. By pretending to show off it as a DEAL, is only the escape from being SHIVAAY. He just do not want to step out of the self laid imaginary boundary line of SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY !!!!

        He was brutally hurted after having a convo with ANIKA while giving her the salary cheque, and from that very second , he lost , rathar he was feeling like that, capability to see over the other side of the matter. THat convo make his jealous, his inferiarity complex more strong, more intense and more killing!

  13. anu

    saache aaj to maja hee aa always shivika were superbe….by the way i am anu and i am new here.pls guys make me a part of ishiqies….thanks 4 the update amena di

  14. anu

    saache aaj to maja hee aa always shivika were superbe….by the way i am anu and i am new here…..thanks 4 the update amena di

  15. Lax

    On cloud nine.. My favorite small screen Jodi (till date) Shivika gets hitched. Finally that episode I was waiting for days, months..!! Wohoooo..!!
    Still I ll say instead of a forced marriage, confession of love from Shivay would ve made me much more happier, but I understand that, then the track won’t be this thrilling and won’t garner the Trp it is supposed to. Hope this time at least they get ahead in the TRP race.
    Now all set for love- hate story of the couple. !! Hopefully CVs wont make Shivikas track too serious n deprive us of fun nok jhoks. No more of jwalamukhi SSO n cry baby Annika.
    Coming to the episode, Om n Rudy are back in form. Was missing Rudys jokes. And Om sensed some gadbad. Not bad. Dekhthe hain kal hotha hain. Annika ll definitely be cornered am sure.
    P.S – Atleast when the handprints were taken I thot Annika’s bracelet would give away the secret. Par nahi…Haan serial hain Bai..samjha karo.!!

  16. nithu

    Oh no… I can’t accept it. The day we waited since long has come yet I can’t felt happy…Yeah I too waited for our Shivika’s marriage since long but I don’t liked this forced marriage. Yes I know Shivaye is so rude but it is too much.. The episode was so emotional, both the leads are chanceless they nailed it asusal, this was the reason why I liked them so much… Don’t know what’s going to happen next, will wait and watch…

    And hi hello my fellow ishquies h r u all guys… I really want to apologize for being not part of our ishquies family for last two weeks, sry guys I really got stuck in some work yet I mostly not missed to watch any episodes. And I back to my fav family..

    Today episode made me feel happy and sad both, and I know almost all the shivika fans will have the feeling after watching today’s episode…
    Whatever it is shivika’s marriage is done, where that idiot Tia and her husband ran. Pls cvs focus on others too especially our sweet Om, when the new lead will introduce for him, and also I want to tell my happiness which I didn’t shared with u bcz I wasn’t commented for last two weeks, yes I felt so happiee for om and riddima’s breakup yes this was the first time I felt so happiee for someone’s breakup and I know all ishquies also had the same feeling… K shivika’s marriage is finished, plz reveal rumya’s marriage they look cute than Shivika, plz get rid this couple from that reyan and witch rumi.. And also concentrate on priveer, afterall prinku is back to her house..

    Thanks Amena sis for superfast update..

  17. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    l dont think l have the courage to watch tomorrow’s ep , am sure too much drama will happend as l read that pinky will refuse anika and accuse her of trapping shivaye but dadi and the bros will be against shivaye
    in the new videos it shows that dadi came with shivaye to bring gifts to anika and to make her come back with them but shivaye looks like a statue and even tried to take mangalsutra from her neck so am more waiting for friday and saturday’s ep as they show us the scenes from those videos
    am really hoping anika will refuse to get back to the OM , its the logical thing to refuse dadi proposition because right now even shivaye is not ready to accept her as his wife especially that the guests and the press thinks its tia the bride
    anika needs to put her dignity together and heal her moral wounds aay from shivaye and OM and am sure she will urge him to give her a divorce ASAP
    and maybe thats the explanation of the promo where she trow roses in front of shivaye and goes away , maybe he will discover the truth about tia and after a big shock to his ego he will wake up and admit his love for anika but am hoping she will torture him mentally like he did to her
    tbh l dont want to see a second version of ISPKKND where anika says yes to dadi request and goes to live in the OM where she will be under fire and the target of daily humiliation from some members of OF and shivaye himself , for me its a bad scenario and l hope the writers will be clever enough to avoid it
    and am not sure that tia will go soon , maybe after a month or two but am guessing she will be around for some time , am saying this because all the spoilers says that pinky refuse anika and only wants tia as bahu so it could be that pinky will try to make shivaye and tia together again using the fact that the world already thinks its her bahu and tia is too greedy to let shivaye go easly as the note she left did not say that she is breaking up with him but rather not ready for marriage yet and its a big diffrence and the only thing that will make tia go aay is the exposure of her secret witch only anika is aware of and even anika dont know who is the guy , its just a guess but a logical one because shivaye will do anything to save his family’s name even if he has to go back to tia and that will make anika more angry and determend witch is good we dont want a fragile crying anika for the next weeks l believe daksh too will return to creat a mess
    l hope my guess will come true because it will make the show more spicy


      Good that you commented keeping that promo in front of your eyes, ANIKA THROWING FLOWERS PRESENTED BY CHILDREN ON SEEING SHIVAAY THERE!

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        hi shekhar dont you think that the children in the promo could mean that sahil will be helping shivaye to get back to anika ?? this is my interpretation of the promo

      • SHEKHAR

        I don’t know exact scenerio, but only I can imagine is, what I predicted before in TU too, ANIKA will leave OM and SSO for ever only to get her self rose again from the ASH like phoenix, and while SSO in attepmt to regret her via, via, she would have been thrown those rose after seeing SSO behind those rose

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      You are right. Pinky will probably support Tia and humiliate Anika. it may bring ShivIka closer. about the flowers promo, it is possible that OmRuPrinkuand Soumya try to do patch up between ShivIka by secretly sending flowers and making it look like Shivaay sent it. Shivaay may have nothing to do with those flowers. By now I know that promos can lead us to a story that is very different from what actually happens.

  18. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies….. howz everyone out there??? Hope u all r doing good😊😊

    @AQUA DI I’m fine & sorry for not replying in last page😊 Anyways how are u??

    @AAHANA DI Yes we’ll comment😊 at least we’ll enjoy each other’s company & Rhoda bahut comment no. bhi bada denge😜😜

    @MISHRI DI It’s been long I’ve registered😊 anyways howz u???

    @TIA and KHUSHI sorry for not replying in last page. I, whole heartedly welcome u both to our Ishqbaaz family, on behalf of all the members😊😊 many r not commenting here. They might be busy somewhere but I hope u guys will enjoy our company😊😊♥

    @SAMYUKTA I’m absolutely fit & FINA & what about u dear???

    NOW COMING TO THE EPISODE…… I don’t have words for today’s episode….. it was nice but since only marriage was there & nothing much so I think the episode was quite good👌👌 but one thing which cannot go unnoticed was Shivay holding Anika’s hand…… first of all during entry, then to make her stand for varmala, then for putting varmala, then for pheras and twice during grah pravesh…. and Pinky & Shakti teasing her….. mind blowing yar😍😍😍 Nakuul u rocked man👍👍👍 and precap was dhamakedar👌👌 Om nhi hota toh sabko pta hi nhi chalta ki ghunghat k peeche Tia nhi, Anika hai😕 awesome episode, as a whole😊😍😍😍 finally shaadi ho hi gayi…. the most awaited moment had taken place at last😜😜😍😍 loved it yar…..👌👌👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

    • Aqua

      Hi mukta. . Let’s celebrate Shvika’s wedding with some sweet laddoos 🍥🍥🍥 (pretend they are orange color laddpos) 😆😃

      • Mukta


        |Registered Member

        Yeah….. ssly ladoos r very tasty😋😋😋 and Sophie ur cake is also delicious😋😋😋 but what about water!!!!! I think water is the best way to celebrate the wedding of the couple who has water as the main cupid😜😜😜

      • Samyukta

        Hi mukta I’m also fine and wow shivika marriage super………and @aqua 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭and some junk food also🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍕🍕🍕🍕🍟🍟🍟🍟🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥

  19. shekhar

    At last two persons having intense feelings for each other are got marked, let it be a forced marriage.

    They hated , they fought, they cared, they saved, they feeled each other! , even after each having contrasting charectarstics to each other! Both have strong chemical bonding. What ANIKA can do easily, SHIVAAY find it next to impossible. SHIVAAY find challange to him in her each act, talks, and he gets mesmaised with her ability to make people totally unknown person close one. Who ever coming in contact with her, leave her with a pleasant impression, which SSO just can’t do, and never can be. A person has to face SSO’s ego first before making any convo with him. His ideoligy, his pecular good charestersics are limited to few persons, while what ever ANIKA has charecterstics is general to all. It never happen, she is good for one, and bad for one. She is neither rigid nor extrimist, and there for we found her apolizing against her mistake, and can forgive any one. Finding herself wrong, she can step back from anything. She do her profession with honesty, deal her customer with Mind adding feelings to it. She never used to grow any thought in her Mind over which her heart do not get agree upon, so why we never found her confused

  20. Kiki

    Hi friends…. Finally SHIVIKA’s wedding happened. I’m happy.. But I don’t know how the track is going to be hereafter. I never thought that I wait for Daksh’s re-entry . His entry will surely spice up the track. I really loved yesterday episode. But due to my slow network I couldn’t comment yesterday. I feel very proud to tell that I’m a Narbhi fan. Hats off to them.

  21. Tahima


    |Registered Member

    OMG FINALLY SHIVIKA MARRIAGE. HONESTLY TOMMOROW’S EPI IS GONNA BE SOMEWHAT EMOTIONAL BUT RELIEVING. OMRU AND DADI WILL YELL AT SHIVAAY WHICH IS MUCH NEEDED ( lol srry writing in capitals) but also anika will get humilated. i cant wait for anika to gain her self respect and old funny character back…

  22. sara

    finally they got married.😊
    i m soo happy..
    poor anika was crying during whole shaadi that made me sad bt at the end of the day we know all is going to be well.. 😉
    bt hw come no oberoi member noticed Anika’s bracelet..i mean she used to wear it daily na…
    tomorrow is going to be another awesome episode. om is such a genious.. 😂😉

  23. Sophie

    Hey guys,
    i am very energetic today because Annika has finally become Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberio.
    i cant wait for the mu dikhaai. sso ki to band baje gi. LOL
    anyway how r u all.

  24. Tara

    OMG- Awesome…SHIVIKA finally married. Gorgeous couple they make…just hope their MU gets cleared quickly..n their romance n nok jhok starts again..

    My pov- shivay didnt chase after Tia when he found the note but chased after Anika when she ran away…yes he was angry but if anything he should’ve been 10x angrier with Kapoors and Tia, however he felt betrayed when Anika ran away from him…amazing he found ANika and brought her back for marriage but didnt think about Tia for a second..YEAH thats LOVE , only he hasn’t accepted it yet cos again he thinks Anika betrayed him with DAksh……so hopefully the MU is cleared to wake him n OF up.

    I especially loved it when at each and every opportunity he got, he held her hand during the ceremony…yes we can see it him being forceful but to look deeply into SSO feelings, he ONLY wanted Anika and took every opportunity to remind her she is marrying him. He looked towards her few times cos he could feel her pain n then supported her through it by holding her hand. I especially Loved it when putting Sindoor, Shivay was the only one who could see her face>>>>OMG Anika lifted her eyes n they looked deeply into each others eyes>>> AWESOME.

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CVs get rid of Tia…we all know that Pinki wants Tia as bahu, will probably be MIL from hell but in the end, they should all find out Tias truth n apologise to Anika and beg for her to come back in Shivays life……

    PLZZZZZZZZZ dont make Anika’s character weak, I feel shes cried enough, all throughout the wedding n before. Give her self respect back….for the sake of all females in the world.

    Awaiting tomorrows episode….I think dadi n Om knows its not Tia but Anika…lets see what Dhamaka happens tomorrow.

    In a spoiler it shows tej is ok with Anika as bahu, is he glad cos he thinks shivay married a poor, uneducated, no class girl or is geniunely happy for them.
    If he is being selfish n discriminatory, I hope future episode comes out that Anika turns out to be from a super rich, high class family n is highly educated then any of them….shes so down to earth despite having everything at her feet n was living like she was for protection from people after her money/ family.
    WANT SHIVIKA TO BE their Love as strong that can overcome any obstacles together.
    Hope OmRu support Anika all the way..

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      This is one concept I am not understanding. I get that he was hurt subconsciously when he thought that Anika slept with Daksh. But where is the betrayal?

  25. Raj

    Hi all!! Donno why but dey seem to follow d track of “Ipkknd”…..that would only rob ishqbaaz of its glamour….as i personally hatred n love was best portrayed by Arnav singh Raizada…comparing Shivaye with him wudnt b gud for d show…but seems like Gul ji wants to recreate d magic of”Ipkknd”

  26. Kiki

    Good morning friends. .. In Sangeet function Oberoi family danced for a song. Something like hello… Can anybody tell the movie name? Pls…

  27. Meenu

    The background score (fast music track of ishq hai masoom ishq hai nagma) made me feel excited even though it’s a compelled varmala exchange between Shivika…
    It disappeared all the anger on Shivaye at that moment…
    Kudos to the creators…
    Great job!!!
    It’s an out and out entertainer😊😊😇

  28. Meenu

    The background score (fast music track of ishq hai masoom ishq hai nagma) made me feel excited even though it’s a compelled varmala exchange between Shivika…
    It disappeared all the anger on Shivaye at that moment…
    Kudos to the creators…
    Great job!!!
    It’s an out and out entertainer😊😊😇

  29. Aqua

    Finally the wedding took place!😃
    It was an emotional episode. My heart went for Anika. Both Anika n Shivay loves their respective families, in Anika’s case her only family being Sahil; that they r both willing to go high n deep or above n beyond and against their heart’s will.

    Despite having feelings for each other, which they yet to give it the name-love, their love for each other is not greater than their love for their respective families.

    Today’s episode didn’t need much words everything was said in Anika’s tears n Shivay’s intense jesters.

    I really want to see Shivay’s post marriage struggle to overcome all the mess he had created to win his lady love. … I hope the writers keeps Anika strong n does not forgive Shivay so easily. I want Anika to accept Shivay as a human, who is imperfect n to teach him, and each other along the way to makeup for each other’s deficiencies. 😊

  30. shivani

    I just love the episode,though it is forced marriage but I am waiting for their love story to is clear that shivay loves anika to the core ,he was jealous when daksh was getting close to anika .as per spoiler daksh came back to marry anika but he got shocked to know shivay married
    anika instead of shivay .he is furious over shivay for snatching anika in his absence.I am excited to know what would be his next step?????
    anyone rememeber me???
    I just deleted my account due to personal reasons

  31. shahabana

    Dear sso if u are smart then ur brother also not less he knows something is fishy….guyz today there will be anikaki muh dikhai + shivayeki band baaj by omkara

  32. pragya

    Hi ….hope like me u guys are enjoying the love. With mild pain…….
    Yes shivika got married 💑…..😍 💐 💕 💐😍…..yes the eternity of the love as started is journey with a bag 🎒 full of hatred….and when the bag gets emptied ,vaccum will be rejoiced by the love again……
    And Tia and daksh will do the job perfectly……..
    And shivay holding anikas hands was so so so lovable….even though it was for something else….but it was adorable……and Om didn’t fail to notices these things which pushed him to plan a surprise muhdikai……..and truth will come today……..
    And as far as the future story…if Shivay accept Tia as for him Society is more important than his own feelings…then Anika plz do give tho time a much more hard slap and Sa bye to bagad billa……
    Eagerly waiting for the today episode 😍😍😍….
    Bye 🙋 guys….

  33. Archiya

    I wonder how cme noticed it durin the wedding.. tat something was wrong.. anika was halting continously n shivay was just pulling her everytime forcefully.Shivay holded the mangalsutra in his palm fr a sec.. he knws its importance bt nthin matters infrnt of his family
    I loved the wedding set.. so beautifully decorated.
    I m eagerly waitin to hear anika being called as ANIKA SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI

  34. Archiya

    The poster of IB these days shows onky Anika.. initially it used be shivomru… which is actually the base if IB… anyone knws why they changed?

    • shahabana

      Yes Archiya dr ibs poster changed bcz of starplus naee soch in which they are showing only leading ladies of the show not only ib but all starplus tv sereals poster changed
      But im not understanding what is the need to change ibs poster

      • Archiya

        Agreed shahabana.. why to change the poster.. does nayi soch only mean women.. I dnt understand. . Infact I felt IB is nayi soch as it shows a beautiful bond between 3 bros.. nt lik othet serials where sisters r ready to kill each othet

      • Archiya

        Hey Sofie
        Its understood fr other serials.. bt IB is abt 3 bros.. so why change poster fr tat.. n God only knws whts nayi soch.. everything seems the same… only diff was the cricketers wearing their mom name on t shirt

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Relax ARCHIYA..they hv changed it again..😊😊😊..Nd I was also not happy with ANIKA’s single pic as da title theme…it doesn’t suit IB…evry other serial of star plus is female lead oriented bt in case of IB ,it’s not ANIKA’s story,its SHIVOMRU’s story….. nd ANIKA is an important nd inseparable part of it…


    Though it was wedding, but for me it’s a COVENIENT DRAMA for a particular situation, and how awkardly ANIKA got set in that DRAMA is not going on in the way we are thinking. It is his cowardness and it is a gal hesitation to committ for a life long decission which make it more complex. What OMRUPRIDA may do, and surely will do, all may be prove to cool it from the surface leaving intense fire fumes at depth. It’s a very simple logic, as simple as a simple mathematical equation like 1+1=2, that SIMPLE can not walk along with a COMPLEX ONE for a long, and for a long drive either simple has to transform to COMPLEX, or COMPLEX has to transform to SIMPLE, which seems impossible.

    BY ALL MEANS , what I expect is a LONG RECESSION in the thought process of SSO’s MIND , and let his heart to work then!

  36. shahabana

    I agree sso smart but omkara also not less…today there will be anika ki muh dikhai plus shivaye ki baand baajha by omkara

  37. Sodo

    In which marriage does the groom come in with the bride????

    A forced marriage? Car blowing up? And no one realises anything? Cant be more unrealistic!!

    • Sophie

      ShivIka’s marriage, ahahah, jokes
      traditionally in the punjabi culture the bride and the groom come together
      and shivaay is punjabi so i am guessing thats why they came together

  38. Luna


    |Registered Member

    Honestly…I’m not happy with Shivika marriage so early….it’s now the same stereotyped track of hate marriage….Gul should have sticked to the original decision of getting Shivika married in January…It’s great that Om’s love interest will enter in December….but I hope Gul fulfills her promise as she has a history of trolling and fooling the fans…btw if Om’s ladylove will enter so early then I guess she’ll be the sister of ACP who died in the accident….does that mean Om’s girl will be the mother of a child???? OMG

    • Lax

      Luna, Om’s girl can be ACP’s sister. But I think that kids’s pic was just ACP’s plan to emotionally blackmail Om to make him confess n don’t think that the girl has a kid. Just a possibility, not sure though. Also I vaguely remember reading Guls reply as No to somebody who asked her if Om’s girl ll ve a kid. Again I can be wrong here. CVs can do anything, anytime.

  39. shahabana

    Hellooo guyz
    I know many are not happy with this shivika marriage track and many are bashing ishqbaaz

  40. shahabana

    Many are bashing ishqbaaz and gk mam in social sites for them gk wrote a msg plsss read this
    Gk said dnt judge or bash a show for a perticular episode bcz show is not ended everything will be fine in some days.its not easy for sso to accept anika si easily leaving all his idiology behind it will take some time bcz he is like that from before….and if u dnt like show plsss dnt watch bcz no one is forcing u too watching the show but dnt post any abusing msgs plssss
    And guyz its gk mams words not mine now plssss dnt bash me bcz i wrote this msg for u guyz with love

    • Archiya

      Hi Shahabana
      Thks fr sharing the info.. n GK iz rite. . No one has any riteto abuse anyone.. u dnt lik u dnt watch
      N ya she is rite abt sso also.. he is lik tat frm beginning. . It will tak time fr him to change

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      hi shahabana
      am sorry tht many bashing the show but l think fans are angry the way anika is treated in the last 3 episodes that’s why they are overreacting
      am confident that GK will make things right for the show and am hoping we will not have to watch another drama where the girl is the one suffring and sacrificing all alone
      am hoping to see the strong self confident anika from before not a married anika suffring daily humiliation from shivaye and others in OM

      • shahabana

        S mauni fans are sad they have right to share their veiwes but that doesnt mean abuse someone publically not only this show some fans bashing actors in other shows thats tooo immature and mean

  41. shahabana

    IN the upcoming episode there will be lots of drama in the show.
    Everyone gets to know about anikas is shivayes wife and omru daadi are happy with this news but i watched a vedio in which om is clapping and taunting shivaye i think he will take ssos class in todays episode.
    But anika leaves oberoi mansion and daadi is forcing shivaye that bring back anika but shivaye is not ready to bring her back and says that she leaved om so its means she also doesnt want this marriage and sso says that this marriage is not marriage .this sso is really a baagad billa what he thinks for him marriage also different like other things.
    Dadi and sso goes to anikas house to bring her back but she is not ready to go back to oberoi mansion and daadi gets to know that sso forcefully married anika knowing this daadi supports anika and asks shivika that marriage happend with all ritual so u have to keep this marriage.
    Anika is wearing her mangalsuthra so daadi says this means this marriage is important for her and daadi asks shivaye to convince anika and take her back to om.


      I saw the same video, but while interpreting that video segment while he was saying DADI

      Alongwith his face reading, and his tone, just think otherwise!!


      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        also there is a segment where it seems they are alone in her house and shivaye give her a gift ? and their hands touch but she let go
        hope anika wont fall for dadi tears and comes to OM , l will hate that scenario
        she must throw him out of her house with his “gift” its the 1st step to regain her dignity and become strong again

      • shahabana

        S SHEKHAR i tooo saw that diologue in that vedio that Reallyyyy what this sso thinks of himself baagad billa
        And u know what guyz there us a news that shivaye tries to take anikas mangalsoothra back when he goes to take her but daadi stops him scolds

      • SHEKHAR

        I show, that scene too, it was a TASHAN between SHIVIKA, it was act of SSO, thinking that, before she do it, let me do it first, only to hide his INTENSE feelings for ANIKA from both ANIKA and DADI!, it was like a naughty chit-chat like we use many times’
        ‘I AM ALSO DON”T CARE: He feared, and thats why , to keep his hand upper side , he did that act, which he actually did not wanted to do!

        It is my perception , may be wrong, but looking at back , it perfectly get suited with his such TASHAN!

        Just recall few SHIVIKA moments, alongwith last one while he rushed to save ANIKA from hurting due to blasted car, and you will also get believe what I said!

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      l dont think shivaye will let go his rudness with her at this point , even if dadi asks him to convince her he will probably say something she hates like proposing money to her or buying her a new house and that will make her angry
      l hope she will be determend to stay in her house and not follow them

  42. Samyukta

    Hey guys really happy shivika wedding and today’s episode will be superband emotional and shivika rocks ………. And how are all ishqies ?????

  43. Uf

    please guys koi gul Khan ko bathaa dho om ki love lady ki entry shivika ki wedding ki tharah december last na kare.
    Mujhe patha hai aap log shivika ki wedding discuss kar rahi hai.ab shaadi ho bhi gayi hai,aur uski baath Kya ho up coming episodes main milengi.aur rumya ki story bhi dekhne ko milengi. lekin om ki love lady ki entry karvaane ke liye bolna hum sab ko hai. gul Khan sirf shivika rumya story ko imp diya hai.I hope,om ki love lady ki entry ki baath om ko bhi imp mille. aur usne Jo jooti vaada ishkara fans ki saath Kiya hai aise omkara ki fans ki saath bhi na kare.agar om ki love lady ki entry karane ka promisse joot Nikala na, tho main ye show kabhi nahi dekhunga.
    Iam sorry guys main hummesha om ki love lady ki baare main baath kar kai sab ko boring kar rahi hum.mujhe tho darr hai om ki fans ki wait waste na ho jaaye.gul ne ye baathaya hai december main entry hongi ab tho december bhi start ho gaya hai.i don’t know wo om ki love lady ki entry kaarane ka thayari kar rahi hai ya nahi.aap log gul se pyaar se request karna.
    First twinkle Patel and after vrushika Mehta.but twinkle show main enter hone se pehle exit ho gayi.after vrushika come.Kunal,vrushika ki bond sab ko pasand bhi aa gayi thi.
    waise zulfi sing oberoi ko kon match ho ga,kya hum log kisi actress ki name gul Khan ko suggest nahi kar sakthi.aap log bathavo kon si actress perfect hai zulfi singh oberoi ki love lady ka character ke liye please tell.
    SORRY agar main kisi fans ko hurt kiya hai.
    PLEASE REPLY MY COMMENTS.and SORRY for the boring comments.
    Suggest any actress name for zulfi(omkara)singh oberoi love lady ke character ke liye

    • shahabana

      Uf i want to say one thing reading ir comment reallyyy uffffffffffffff…..
      Dnt be sad dr gk said oms lead will enter in december then plssss understand dr its just december1 30 days are left…so plsss wait dr..sabar ka fal meeta hothahe…dntworry oms lead will be best bcz he is best….

      • Uf

        Shahabana dear,tum Sahi hu mujhe wait karna chahiye.agar tumhe omkara ki heroin ke baare main gul Khan se inform mila na tho zaroor bathana okay.
        THANK YOU😊

    • Sophie

      Hi Uf,
      i really want Nia Sharma or Jennifer Winget. Not because they are my favourite but because i feel like they would look really good with Om.
      How about you.

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Hi UF…u r nt alone dr….many of us hv been waiting fr OM’s lead fr 3months..Nd now a days its getting difficult to keep patience ny more…let’s c..GK has confirmed dat the grl vl enter in DECEMBER…Nd I think a bubbly ISHANA like grl vl ft opposite him…like ANOKHI frm HTHGPKK..(I don’t know her actual name)….bt v have no idea how the charectr is gonna b….so just want a talented actress who can do justice to da charectr….

      • Uf

        Dear Veda and Sophie
        thank you reply my comment. and I think anokhi and nia Sharma and Jennifer Winget gud and beautiful actress.I think anokhi and nia Sharma is good with om.patha nahi gul Khan ka select kaisa ho ga.i think kumkum bhagya ki bulbul aka mrunal thakur good look with om.what say guys
        THANK YOU😊

  44. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Good evng guyzzzz..fnaly shivika mrge done..Mrs.Anika Shivay Singh’s sounds good..Amazing set..each and evry shoot was superbbb..bgm music woow..
    Only misng is thr’s k..starting of their wedlock may be’s only starting..not the end..
    Vry excited fr upcmng upcmng shivika reception ohhh my God..they r lookng fab..not only them..entire family mambers r lookng super cool in grn and gold design look..OM also resplendent in its ful light wrks..ishqbaaz is always unique..

    • shahabana

      No anikas bridal dress is very beautiful iknow its simple but its beautiful its mixture of sauth and north indian like two in one i liked it a lotz

  45. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz whats this in todays episode precap it is showing that shivay Gives a suitcase of money to some kidnappers and they leave it means Tia is kidnapped ???????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.