Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona tells Ishwari that they should take Dev under shower to lessen his fever. Ishwari scolds if she has gone mad, Dev will shiver more, she knows what to do and asks her to call doc and bring cold water for cold compresses. Sona goes out, calls doc, and returns back. Ishwari asks why did not she bring water. Sona goes to bring water. Dev holds Ishwari’s hand and says he is fine. Ishwari goes out, calls Mamaji and asks him to get car out, they need to take Dev to hospital. Radha yells someone’s bad eyes have fallen on their house, pointing at Sona.

Ishwari goes back to Dev’s room and sees Sona getting Dev out of bathroom after a cold shower. She yells at Sona that she wants to kill her son. Sona says it will lessen high temperature. Radha comes next and yells followed by Neha that Sona always tries to impose her superiority on everyone and risking Dev’s life. Nikki says even she read that cold shower is best for high fever. Radha continues yelling. Neha yells Sona is disobeying maa and always want to rule on bhai, even risking his life. Nikki says even she used to disobey maa. Neha says that is why she is suffering now. Mamaji says Sona is a doctor and Dev’s wife and knows what is best for Dev.

Doc comes and checks Dev and praises Sona for noting temeprature chart, Dev’s fever is normal now. Ishwari asks to check for pneumonia as Sona kept Dev under cold shower. Doc says it was the best remedy, else Dev’s condition should have worsened. GKB Radha loudly says if he heard that Sona kept Dev under cold shower. Doc says he told this is the best remedy and he is happy that someone is sensible among them. GKB fumes in jealousy. Mamaji says he told Sona is sensible and knows what is best for Dev.

GKB continues yelling that doctors talk rubbish. Mamaji says they study for 8 years and know their work. Ishwari says whatever it is, if Dev had listened to her and not Sona, he would not have fallen ill.

Sona takes care of Dev whole night. In the morning, Dev wakes up and asks where is mom. Sona says he made maa awake whole night, she went to take rest. He jokes that she forces her rules on him like kids. Their nok jhok continues. Dev says he wants to meet maa. Sona gets his slippers and he leaves. He goes to Ishwari’s room and sleeps on her lap. She asks why did he come here instead of resting. He says she finds peace in god and he finds peace. Mamaji comments that is what Ishwari is, she bought up 4 children and spend most part of her life between hospitals and temples for her children. Dev continues chatting and says he needs her prepared kachori. She says he is having fever. He insists. She says only one and goes to kitchen.

Ishwari goes to kitchen to prepare kachoris. Sona comes and insists to bandage her finger injury. Ishwari says she has to prepare kachori for Dev first. Sona insists and bandages her finger. Ishwari then prepares kachori. Sona says she does not have much work, so she will fry kachoris. Ishwari says just by thinking of frying, one cannot make tasty kachoris. Sona insists her to rest and fries kachoris.

Precap: Sona serves kachoris to Nikki and Dev. They say it is super duper tasty. Ishwari yells at Sona that she wants to snattch her rights on her children.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Asmita...

    Finally Ishu ko realize ho gya ki wo ek achi maa nahi hai… Har baar har baat pr sona ko torture krti hai na… Now she got a gud lesson…

  2. God this is hilarious achanak se ek normal sa viral ho gya n dev comma mein jata jata bach gya!!!r u serious?yeh writers ko kya hogya hai

  3. Asmita...

    Ishu to ese pagal ho rai thi jese is puri duniya me bs usi k laadle bete ko fever aata hai… agr wo itni jldbazi nai kregi, itna concern nai dikhayegi, had se zyada overreact nai kregi to jese Dev thik hi nahi hoga…

    1. Priya9876

      LAGTA HAI ISH K LIYE uska overreavtion hi uska MEDICINE h Dev k liye….

      FUDAK______Fudak k DAWA KA POWER badhana ??

  4. kalyani nelluri

    dev once again proved he is mammas boy

  5. I guess supriya aunty ko ishwari se kuch zada hi irritation ho rhi hai coz itna out of the character gussa n chidi hui lag rhi thi

  6. Junee

    I wonder after seeing this episode whether Dev and Ishwari deserve Sonakshi at all?? Despite serving them so much and even forgoing many of her own pleasures and expectations, she fails to win Ishwari’s heart.
    Why?? Because Ishwari is Dev’s goddess who now faces the fear of slowly being competed out by a more sensible, competent and efficient girl called Sonakshi. She constantly tries to bully her by saying that she is too young to know or learn anything. But on a lighter note, Kachorishwari ( her new name) Kachori+ Ishwari, don’t calibrate your intelligence or ability with hers . You cannot compare Apples with Oranges as they are different fruits. Similarly you can never match Sonakshi’s intelligence and competence. Try to embrace her gracefully which would be a far more intelligent move! But your head is either full of halwa or kachori or fulka!!!
    Even our grandmothers knew how to bring down temp by giving a head bath with cold water or an ice pack as it would affect the brain otherwise. This is an age old practice and no new concept. Huhhhh! Too much! Kachorishwari,GKB and Neha just want to prove Sona incompetent becoz they are mean and jealous souls!
    Dev is a dual faced person who tries to temporarily fix things. He has taken Sonakshi for granted and is very sweet when alone in their room. He disregards her sentiments and has done it several times.
    Another surprising thing is Neha and GKB continue with their wickedness but they never suffer. Specially GKB. Neha is comfortably positioned herself in that house and will just traumatise Sonakshi with her jibes and tantrums. A frustrated Skunk!
    Makers have made no effort to show Ranveer or his family any further.
    I really feel bad for my Sona who is constantly being bullied by the trio (just like terrorists)! How long do we have to see these bullying episodes and Mr Dumb falling out of the blue as if nothing happened!!!

    1. Subhashini

      U r absolutely right junee iam also thinking the same ,and now i have a doubt also that this marriage is right for sona ????because she loss her self respect and dignity in dixit house day by day

    2. Priya9876

      Exactly I m also thinking the same Junee….
      Ur each n ever line is correct… specially. ‘ dev is a dual…….times ‘ hate this behavior ?

      M also tensed yaar how will sona survive with this Witchy Trio……

      Nd ur right Ranveer ne Mental harassment ka case file Kiya Tha ….Neha ne divorce file Kiya Tha …..unchizoooo ko solve Karne k bajaye ye kyaaaaa faltuuu ki chize dikha Rahe h pata nhi……

    3. Priya9876

      I guess mama Ji ne bilkul Sahi Naam rakhna hai kachori…..
      U know name of a animal in Hindi — khachaar ( I think Donkey ko khachaar kehte h..) Nd as a Gaali v KHACHHAR use karte h…..


    4. Junee

      Good one actually ??

    5. Erina

      Totally agree as our sona is suffering without doing anything…. Seriously totally disgusting but as we know kch to log jayenge logo ka kaam hai kehna inn bekar ki baato se kahi beet na jaate ..! I guess sona is following this nd now I’m also following this. As nowadays if it doesn’t happen I feel strange (talking about back beaching about my sona )??
      Coming to dev what else can he do as he is dumb . he is only lyk thaali ka bangan na iddar ka na udhar ka ??nd makers r now becoming expert in leaving thing unfold as I guess they themself don’t know what to show ??nd I don’t feel that khatri aayega aur khushiya layega ??

    6. sona should have married ritvik…dogs tail and ishwari GKB, will never straigten out!

  7. Subhashini

    Aaj ishwari nae prove kiya ho kabhi sudharthi wala nai,mae kya bolum unke baari mae patha nai
    Generally if we do any wrong,after realizing that we can feel sorry,but ishwari sorry chodo realize bhi nai kiya ulta ho tho aur saada over possessive hogaye,
    When sona speaking nicely to ishwari that time also kyu ishwari ka mann melt nai karta,ae tho bhuri saas maa ka bhi hadd baar kartiyae
    In this marriage who is happy sona is insulted day by day even sometimes dev bhi insult kartha ,dev behave like a formality ussko sona kiliyae kya parva hum nai jaanthi uske phele tho maa yae na,aur saasumaa matlab ishwari usko definitely iss shaadi pasant nai,kaisa shaadi one girl is facing all the problems
    I can really feel sad for sona itni achiyae ho phir bhi uska koi respect nai when i think about her i was crying ,shaadi ki phele ho itna khush uska ghar mae ho kabhi ukkilae nai lekin ab ho itna ukilae,ho itna achiyae kyu ishwari ussae samaj nai pariyae

  8. The story is OK. It brings out well the insecurities of a dependent mother. It is quite natural that mothers want their children praise their cooking and Ishwari no exception to this. Even the boys used to tell their wives that their mother cooks food very tasty. I am interested for the future episodes once Sona’s medical problem is out. Anyway, this is the only serial I am watching and am satisfied.

  9. Yeh cvs ko ho kya gya hai phle pura episode jhoola drama thn ab kachoriko target bna re hai.mujhe toh kachori khane ka mann kar gya but agar us kachori ka naam ishwari hai then its a big no from my side

    1. Priya9876

      How funny????

  10. Priya9876

    hahah…kal jo lines likhi thi maine Dr. k liye..
    exactley Dr. ne waise hi kaha…

    Dr. ki baat sunkar kar to jaise lag raha tha ishwari ki saanse atak gayi ho…
    sakal dekhne layak thi..my god…!!!
    Aisa lag rha tha jaise wo soch rhi ho,, nhiiiii..sonakshi k wajh se mera Beta kaise thik ho sakta hai…Use thik karne ka hak/Power sirf mere pass h….
    Ar sonakshi ne mera haqq fir se le liya…..
    Pairo tale Jameen khisak gyi thi jab Dr. Sona ko praise kiya…..


    1. Erina

      Seriously I was also laughing lyk mad when that doc comed prii tmne kitte shows dekhe hai ??????tusi great ho pri ???exactly what u hve told me doc hve delivered d sme speech kahi tmne hi to doc ka dialogue to nhi likha tha na ???? ???????????

    2. Priya9876

      ?? samjh lo Maine hi likhi thi…
      BDW ye serial k Dr’s ka patient dialogue h..??

  11. Priya9876

    Mr. DEv DIxit U R The Difficult Man To deal with….Really….
    Nowadays seriously u r in another level………

    I mean Guyz fever sonakshi ki wajh se utra n iss bande(dev) ne sara credit Ma ko de diya jakar….
    ye double face character kyu dikha rahe hai makers??????

    1. Asmita...

      Dev ne to ye lene bhot pehle hi bol di thi… I think 23rd july k episode mein –
      ” I am a difficult pers to deal waih….”

      Ab samjh me aa rha h ki sona k ly deal krna kitna difficult hai ???

  12. Priya9876


    kya bolu mai……..
    Ab to lagta hai kuch aisa bacha hi nhi jo humne Pisswari k liye na kaha ho……..

    sachhi bata rahi hu, sakal v Bardast nhi hoti iss ISHWARI & NEHA ki………..
    Pura show in dono ki wajh se SADI SI SAKAL BANAKAR DEKHNA PADTA H….
    GkB too mujhe chalegi……….
    pata nhi uski baaton se to mujhe koi faark hi nhi padta…….wo isliye v sayad bcz uski baaton se DEVAKSHI ko v koi fark nhi padta…..

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Dev again become mamma boys after recovering from fever he went to visit his mom & put head on his mom lap?
    The trio evil hurt our sona lots
    The ongoing tract between elena ” vickey is disgusting?

  14. Priya9876

    serial ki Bahu ko v na directors itna Mahan bana dete h ki pucho mat….
    I mean aisa bilkul v nhi hota in reality…
    saas insult pe insult karti jaye….bina kisi reason k Taunt deti rahe ar BAhu bas CALMLY sunti rahe……. its totally UNDIGESTABLE~~~~~~~~

    kya jarurat h sona ko v Ishwari k aage piche karne ki…..
    bana rahi h Kachori to bananey dey na use….
    Ish jaise zabardasti ka aagey pichey karti rehti h na Dev ki HELP k liye…………. exactly sona v yahi karti hai,,,,,ISH k aage piche HELP k liye……………. Leave it na yaar sonaaa….. She is ” MAHABALI ” ( ishwari ) SHE CAN DO EVERYTHING………..Dont try to help her…………..
    consntrate in ur JOB YAAR……..

    Leave this FILTHY maa — beti……

    1. Junee

      I agree with u ! Ek response hotee hey jaB apko koi constantly tane marte hey! Bardasht ki had hotee hey! Sona goes overboard to please despite being i sulted time and again! This is abnormal!

    2. Sravanthi

      I am seriously waiting for d day wen sona looses her patience & fires back at dev & ishwsri..she shud also leave the house… Dey shud understand how precious she is

    3. Priya9876

      @ Sravanthi
      I don’t think so aisa din kavi aayega…..
      Serial k Baguio k pass unnatural powers Hoti hai bardast Karne ki….

    4. Sravanthi

      Haha sahi kaha;-) but i really want her to question dev & just go to bose house fr atleast a week….

  15. Ngkrishnakumari

    Hi asmita long time not chat thank you so much for the sack of you now i am become register member
    Gud nyt dear asmita & all fans of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    Our show going to complete 200 episides this week

    1. Asmita...

      Gdmrng dear… First of all NO NEED to say sorry…

      Welcome to the registered fan group…

      R u using the ID which I made for you ?

      If yes, thn tell me whether you hav changed the password which I made or not?

    2. Asmita...

      And for not commenting here… The reason is I am very busy, not getting tym evn for reading comments too…

      As I get free I will be back to this precious page…

  16. Priya9876

    Good NIght KRPKABins……..

  17. This serial makes my blood boil, so much negativity, such a nightmare to be married into such a family, cant some good things happen once in a while

  18. Sonadi

    Like I said in my comments on yesterday’s episode creators have shown that Sona scores some points with the family. Iswari’s charecter is such that she can not accept Sona. They are showing this as insecurity. But entirely this does not have any connection to the relations. Iswari knows that Dev considers her as God then how can they show that she feels insecured.
    Creators them self does not know which way to go.
    As per pre cap again there is Kachori incident.
    As for Neha did she not wanted the same thing at Ranveer’s house. When Ranveer paid more attention to his mother ,how did she felt.She is selfish.
    GKB says Hama gear. Whose gear is this. She burns her husbands mehnat and comes here.
    Creators should do something about this They can not show that evil wins all the time .Aftre seeing this people will loose faith.
    When they are going to show that Sona solves Neha’s problem.I saw lot of promos on this.

    1. Junee

      Well, to answer your qyestion as to why should Ishwari feel insecure if Dev already considers her to be Godess?
      I have given the reason earlier! However i shall repeat it.
      Becoz she is considered as Goddess she now feels scared because Sona is slowly taking away a part of her glory becoz Sonakshi is competent and sensible! Look, what happened when he was down with fever. It is her treatment that worked despite the ruckus cteated by Ishwari.She wants to remain undefeated in all matters. Infact the Doctor said had it gone Ishwari’s way Dev would have gone into coma. Whenever Sona tries to help Ishwari in Kitchen she pulls her down. Y daying things like u cannot do it , it takes years to learn. In her heart of hearts she knows Sona will pick up things fast and Ishwari doesn’t want to loose her only space or rather her importance . Typical kitchen politics! On the contrary She should embrace her Bahu with grace and that would be an intelligent move but she is petty minded and enjoys attention from all. She does not wNt to loose the attention she enjoyed for so many years and that space is being encroached upon.bY Sonakshi and that scares Ishwari!

  19. Junee

    I Just fail to understand how can Sonakshi tolerate humiliation repeatedly by Ishwari, GKb and Neh. Despite all this she tries to please Ishwari and help Neha. Is this pissible really? Isnt it abnormal even for the sake of love? We all respond to good or bad by being happy or angry ! But repeated insults would upset any individual and often leads towards noncooperation or even showdowns! This is am abnormal trait which most serials try portray thru a bahu!
    I sincerely wish GKB and Neha should have upper respiratory tract infection ( urti) and lock jaw respectively becoz I can’t bear to listen to their foolish and unreasonable arguments! I want GKB to be punished Makers! Plz i troduce some natural behaviours and realistic moves!!??

    1. Pothik

      Yesss Junee u r right. Shonakshi is showing much tolerance towards Pisswari, GKB and Neha though still some girls are like her who never raise her voice and tolerate every misbehaviour of their in-law’s house.

  20. Junee

    How can Dev remain so indifferent and passive outside his bedroom?? Thats the “Take “u are giving us Makers! How can u depict a man in love to. E so indifferent towards his wife and surrounding? Why can’t he deal with GKB and Neha??
    What are u trying to show a Dumb businessman! Illogical plot i am sorry to say!!!

  21. It’s too much torture on Sona by Ishwari, Neha and Gkb Radha. Doctors are big fool. They study so much. And they only know how to torture and demean Sona..

    1. Junee

      I couldn’t understand what u meant. by saying Doctors are fools ! They study so much.
      which Doctor tortured Sona? Its only Ishwari gkb and neha who torture Sona

    2. Isn’t Sonakshi a type of Doctor. So she has knowledge of what to do in situations like fever etc. But Ishwari was just torturing her and not understanding that she has knowledge about it.
      Story –

    3. Junee

      @ smile ?

  22. Sravanthi

    I wish vickey sach mein badal jaye aur elena se shaadi kare….&whenever gkb taunts elena he will defntly say ki main dev bhai nahin hoon ki koi mere wife ko kuch bhi kahe aur main dekta rahoon…he shud make dev realise ki he is nt a gud husband outside his rm

    1. Asmita...

      Point to be noted makers… Plz follw this…

    2. Pothik

      Yessss….i also think so and the last episode when GKB was talking with Vicky abt this, he did not support his mother on this. That’s why i have a gut that Vickey might have been changed. But yehhh serial hain aur sob kuch itni ahssanise nehin hogi……kuch to twist honi hein.

    3. Priya9876

      Waooo….u raised a really good point….
      Hope for the best

  23. Pothik

    Now-a-days the most irritating person in the show is Neha as her love wasn’t successful that’s why she cann’t bear anyone’s love. I am eagerly waiting for Riya’s marriage to see what Neha will do to see Raiya happy in her married life.

  24. Swathi21

    May i join u

    1. Erina

      Y bhi koi puchne ki baat h of course u can join dear nd ur name awesome… ??krpkab

    2. Priya9876

      Off course…

    3. Subhashini

      Off course u can join here welcome to our team

  25. Erina

    @pri @pothik @ junee nd all who is thinking sona is tolerating to much but I feel it happen I dont know whether u all agree with me aur not but I feel ki” we always find one reason to stay with them whom we truely love nd for their one smile they never bother about their sadness” what sona is doing rytnow . its vry easily to make relation but its vry difficult to accept d difficulties in relation.
    I’m waiting for d day when that medical report will be out thn I must say sona will definitely loose her patience bcse a grl can accept all misbehavior, cruelty nd ol but can’t allow people to ulter a single word against her nd I’m sure that trio will definitely tell something which not even our sona can ignore. I’m just waiting for that moment till then I think it will go lyk this only ……

    1. Junee

      Well Eri dear, I beg to differ!
      lets keep in mind that when we are saying that Sonakshi is tolerating a bit too much then we mean “Sonakshi like women” wouldn’t do so! Sonakshi like women meaning who are professionals, have an identity of their own, financially independent and the strongest point is parental support!! These women will not gobble the way she is doing . I am pretty close to being in Sonakshi’s shoes ( not the same ofcourse) , I wouldn’t take such nonsense and nor would many of my friends who are in a similar situation.

  26. Hiii guys….. Anyone saw d promo of “BEYHADH”…… 6 Dec iski MAHAEPISODE………..

    Iska Matlab our show not telecasted in dat day…. ????

  27. Junee

    Pagla gaya Dev Dixit!???

  28. Hey guys!
    Long time no see, huh? Yes indeed!
    Well, I’ve been terribly missing you guys over here. Although I haven’t been commenting since quite some time, I make sure to follow up with most of your comments, and trust me, you all seem to be echoing my thoughts as well. Actually, I’d been down with viral fever lately and have gotten terrible cold now. But now that I’m slightly getting better, I’ll try to comment whenever I can!

    1. Junee

      I did enquire about you a couple of times as you are very prompt and not finding your comments was a cause of concern

    2. Hmmm…but now, I’ll make sure to keep up with you all?

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