Fell in LOVE by mistake!!

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Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 19)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Think before reading this one also as its romantic..uff every time m giving alert, now feeling lyk to replace this fiction’s name wid ‘warning : fell in love by mistake’


At morning.,

In Swara’s bedroom.,

Plausible yet admirable heavenly couple has been embosoming each other in tightly embrace with their deep and peaceful sleep..,

Just then Mishthi came up to Swara’s bedroom and started banging the door continuously in order of waking Swara up.,

Swara’s sleep gets disturbed due to Mishthi’s repeated heavy sound calling..,

So Swara responded Mishthi with closing eyes..,

Swara (aloud sleepy voice) : yes Mumma…!!

Mishthi (loudly from outside) : Get up beta..how much late it is..I’m going for school now, your dad is also left for office…you and Lucky don’t go college without breakfast..I have made it already for you both…!!

With giving orders Mishthi left from there without bothering to get Swara’s reply back as she was being very late for school.

Whereas after asking Mishthi, Swara again get dragged in sleeping mode without giving any heed to Mishthi’s further conversation.,

After about an hour Swara’s sleep again gets interrupted due to her mobzi’s unstoppable ringing sound.,

Then Swara with lazily closed eyes asked Sanky by shaking him up plenty of times…

Swara (slight high sounding) : Sanky my mobzi is ringing..Give it to me..It’s of at your near side table..!!

But deep sleep engulfing Sanky not at all became bothered about anything moreover turned his face opposite to Swara’s in response.

By noticing Sanky’s such a behavior Swara realized that it was no use of asking any help from him so she was struggling to take her mobzi by herself with trying to lying on him.,

But she was unable to get it as still her mobzi was little bit far away from her.,

Then by noticing mobzi’s repeatedly ringing sound with no option left Swara frustratingly screamed loudly near to Sanky’s ears.,

So in a try of saving himself from aloud voice torture Sanky asked Swara with pressing pillow on his ears..,

Sanky (irritatingly) : What Swara..??

Swara while contend to remove the pillow from Sanky’s ears..

Swara (heavy sounding) : arey just passed me my mobzi which is near to you..,

Sanky then unwillingly opened his eyes with force and was about to handing over Swara’s mobzi to her just then his half opened eyes caught caller id and by noticing it his eyes quickly gets opened with jerk and he takes his hand back with angrily disconnecting the call..,

Swara gets confused due to Sanky’s this kind of weird behavior..

Then she asked him with trying to snatch her mobzi from Sanky’s hand..,

Swara (distraught) : Why you cut the call..?? Must be was something important that’s why it was continuously ringing from long time..let me see it now who’s call was it…??

Sanky placed mobzi at near to his side’s table and furiously pushed Swara further into the bed and tightly locked her hands with his by lying on top of her..,

Swara became surprised yet shocked due to this..,

Swara (choked voice) : What..what..happ…happen..sooo…suddennn…??

Sanky with clearly reflecting pang of jealousy through his eyes..

Sanky (serious expressions) : Swara, are you and Kyle (x-bf of Swara’s) both still in relationship….??

He asked arrogantly and she urgently became breathy after hearing this, her facial expressions wasn’t prompting in such a way but it was sure that she was already on a stage of nervousness..

Overall she was became panicked after seeing him angry and gasps out of breath…but with collecting some strength she starts struggling within unwanted forceful grip in an order of saving herself from his rabidity..,

Swara (confused yet frightened voice) : why…..why…you…I…I mean…are you ask…asking this…??

Sanky gave dangerous look in return..,

Sanky (aggressive tone) : You first answer me damn it…!!

Swara gulped in deep fear with watching Sanky’s wild side..,

Swara (scaring) : uh…hunn…eh..woh…..

Sanky with pressing her soft yet delicate body frame mercilessly underneath his strong and hard physic form..

Sanky (impatient fierce voice) : speak up Swara I’m waiting…!!!

Swara’s eyes brimmed with tears due to painful hold…And she expressed her feelings in barely listened voice..

Swara : it’s…it’s hurting me…

Sanky’s rage replaced with guilt by noticing Swara’s tearful eyes..

And he immediately hugged her while lying on her..,

Sanky (said softly with still in hugging position) : So sorry JAAN….!!

In all his unknown feelings he didn’t even realize by what name he addressed her just now.,

Whereas Swara also was not in a condition to catch Sanky’s any kind of words..,

After sensing reason behind Swara’s uneven breath Sanky rolled over her with taking Swara on top of him without breaking the hug.,

He plants a kiss on top of her head..,

And asked forgiveness while caressing her hairs softly..,

Sanky : I’m really sorry babe for my behavior…but don’t know how I suddenly lost my all senses after noticing Kyle’s name as a caller id..,

While Swara tried of freeing herself from Sanky’s grip without giving any heed to his forgiveness asking words.,

By noticing Swara’s ignorance Sanky realized that he really hurted her..,

And with sensing her struggle he released her from tight hug.,

After getting liberation from hug Swara starts to go from bed with covering herself in sheets.,

And when she was about put her legs on floor then Sanky held her wrist gently.,

Swara slightly turns her annoyed face towards him with sitting on edge of the bed.,

Sanky (guilty) : I really did not mean to hurt you Swara…I know I’m a big stupid who always gave you pain…but please don’t kill me by your avoidance and silence… coz it’s hurting me like hell….if you want you can scold me, free to fight with me, allow to beat me also..but……

Continuing himself with turning his tone to emotional one.,

Sanky (painful voice) : please don’t turn your face from me as I always ignored by my loved ones and now requesting you not to add yourself in it as it will be very hard for me by seeing you in that list…So please don’t hurt me by this way…

After listening Sanky’s innocent pleading Swara forget all her hurtful feelings and unable to hold herself away from him…Quickly jumped on Sanky’s bare chest with hugging him.,

Sanky by pulling her towards him more with tightening hug.,

Sanky : I know you will not leave me like others right…???

Swara nods her head in affirmation while hiding her face into his chest.,

Sanky sighed and again asked her with caressing her hairs.,

Sanky : I know you will always care for me which I have crave from so many long years….right..???

Without lifting her head Swara again nods in positive from his chest.,

Sanky smiled on satisfied answers and gently placed Swara on bed at her side with holding by her delicate waist.,

And after turning his head towards her…he said with caressing her cheek softly..

Sanky : That’s why you are VERY SPECIAL to me as I know you are habitual of keeping your all promises..!!

With confessing this he plants a pleasing kiss on her both beautiful eyes one by one for being thankful of them who always captured real side of him which is too soft out of all his rudeness.,

And asked her with intensely staring at her fairy face through his hopeful eyes..,

Sanky (innocently) : Am I forgiven by you for my previous behavior..???

Swara with planting kiss on tip of his nose..,

Swara (smile) : yeah…!!!

Sanky gets overwhelmed on her act of very easily forgive him every time.,

And through all his feelings, he rubbed his nose against her naughtily with caressing her prettiest face sensuously by back of his hand.,

While continuing with his act something strike against his mind to force himself to stop his all actions and asked Swara about that which was making him felt restless from inside.,

So he parted his face fully from Swara’s with stopping his all movements and asked her with nervousness which was forcing him not to look at her eyes while speaking about it..,

Sanky (slight hesitantly) : Swara..I..mean..how should I ask now…I want to say that…you..hmm…u didn’t answer me back of my previous question that..hunn…YOU AND KYLE…uhh…don’t take me wrong..it’s just that..I know your answer but still wanted to listen by yourself…??

Sanky fully takes care while choosing specified words to convey his feelings to Swara so that she will not get felt that he doubted her..,

And indeed he was trusting her so much but still gets bothering by all around situations.,

So by more difficultly with completing himself of speaking out everything which he was actually feeling Sanky took a long deep breath and was looking here and there but not at her in a thought of in case she can get him wrong with his sentences but inside was impatiently waiting for her reply..,

First Swara gets confused yet surprised after noticing Sanky’s all weird movements, tones of his voices, expressions but after realizing everything correctly she smiled on his act of hiding his insecurities from himself also..,

Then she answered her with pulling his both cheeks softly..,

Swara : no..no..no…me and Kyle are just a classmates nothing more than that..!!

Sanky smiled in relief with rubbing his cheeks and was looking at Swara’s eyes with capturing trueness only..,

Then unable to hold his joy back after listening from Swara’s melodious voice what he waited for eagerly to hear…Sanky cupped her one cheek and locked her lips with his…Swara closed her eyes lost in the moment…He was kissing her gently for some time with a passion that made her absolutely breathless and then he parts his lips from her with looking at her closed eyes..,

Swara opened her eyes shyly while feeling his intense gaze on her..,

And she looks at him lovingly while he does the same..,

They both were staring each other while having a passionate eye lock..,

Then without breaking any trances Swara moved forward while leaning towards him and within some fraction of seconds she moulds her lips very smoothly against his..,

She was kissing his lips very lightly that he felt like so soft petals engulfing flower was touching his rough lips…While engrossing in kissing she came very closer with her closed eyes and hesitantly licked his lower lip.

Whereas he was not in a state of responding her back as he didn’t believed that she was actually kissing him back after how heartlessly he treat her before some half an hour ago..,

He was in a shocked dream. He closed his eyes in case the dream shouldn’t break.

She was sucking his lower lip very and so gently.,

He felt like this was a sheer torture to him.

After finding herself out of breath she broke the kiss and moved back with looking at him confusedly.

While he frowned a little bit more as he still couldn’t believe what she was doing.

Swara : Sanky…??

She asked while still staring at him thinking that why he didn’t replied back in kissing but still she was too innocent to understand his real situation.

He opened his eyes to see her beautiful face but he found himself lost in her innocence while thinking of.,

“She was beyond innocent for him and he really doesn’t deserve this fairy angel…!!!”

But when his gaze gets dragged into her questioning elegant eyes..He couldn’t able to hold it anymore and he grabbed her from her nape and started kissing her back.

This time they both kissed each other with equal passionately…While Swara felt herself wet and he was also aroused by her innocence too much as well.

Sanky without breaking the kiss started exploring her very young expose petite body.

His hands moved around all over her naked upper portion of body and while kissing when he started pressing her curves then she flinched with moaning into his mouth.

Her s*xy sounds were driving him more crazy.

After breaking the long lasting kiss he hugged her tighter into him, crushing her bones until she let out a suffocated yelling and he released her.

But after she felt relaxed he again hugged her with kissing her earlobe…while she instantly reacted to him.

Then he began roaming his lips on all over her exposed body until he came to her feet then he started kissing her tinny toes…her toes shrink inward on his kiss…he kissed her toes..feet and her legs all the way till he reach slight above then he slid his hands on her whitish thighs.

He noticed her very carefully with a lusty gaze in a light of day…when she breathed in then her tummy go down, and her belly was super flat and her hips bone visible fully from the sides of her abdomens.

Even after been so skinny her skin and body was so smooth and soft that he always felt like touching a bunny.

He was caressing her br*asts area sensuously…With engrossing in his act he gently hovered over her and kissed her nape then kissed along her spinal cord and when he reached near her hips kissing all the way, he leaned and kissed her lower abdominal area besides her spine..He kissed her back bones.

Then he make her face him by turning her on her back and started kissing her lips, she was closing her eyes shut unable to bear the nakedness around herself.,

After he kissed her on her lips he paused for a second, caressed her cheek with the back of his hand with staring her face which was always very pleasurable act for him.

He then kissed her cheek and rubbed her hard stubble with her cheek and again caressed the other cheek with the back of his hand.

He came very close to her while hovering over her and kissed her passionately on her lips before sliding his hand for touching her neck, br*asts and belly in his way till he reached down to her core and entered his fingers inside of her with rubbing that place gently while she twisted and turned crossing her legs to make his fingers out of that sensitive spot of hers….Due to his this act she always felt weird and strange but hell erotic at the same time as well….she discontinued moving as she gave up when he didn’t stopped at all with doing that thing very passionately and she was unable to fight with him any further…When she stopped her protest and let him do pushing and pulling his fingers inside of her with his own fantasies of catching some more speed while doing it..she felt the pleasure as she was feeling coolness of his fingers inside of her all hotness…He was engrossing in his act of moving his fingers in and out of her furiously with making her moan, gasp and cry all together…And while doing such movements by his fingers in and out of her with more faster then it became impossible for him to hold his all raw desires so he held her hand and guided it to his manhood rubbing it up and down his length. She flinched a little and tried hard to snatch back her hand but he griped her hand tighter so that she can’t remove her hand all the time kissing her neck, lips, earlobes and face to relax her. After some time when she felt a little bit into the moment she acted as she was guided…to give him what he wanted…he was in heaven when he felt her rub his long length with her cold tiny so soft velvety hands, and while doing this she felt herself wet feeling the warmth of it…and her heart was started beating with such a speed that can may be cause her heart attack, the pleasure she felt by doing this was weird but she was in her own world while doing this thing with him by closing her eyes.

Then he surprised her by suddenly hovering over her and sucking, kissing and biting her br*asts mercilessly and she arched gasping, dropping her head back and closing her eyes again….whereas her loud moans was always forcing him to go more mad with forgetting everything and with such a craze he make her body lye on her left side, parting her legs so that her core was obvious and he entered her fully without giving any warning and she hugged his right arm that she was facing to ease the sudden pain caused by that push letting out a painful cry…and he came back to his senses hearing her voice when she was gasping hard and gulping trying to get accustomed to him inside her…,

Sanky (panicked) : Swara…are you OK..??

He said while continuously kissing her right temple that was facing him.

Swara (painful voice) : hmm…but please go slow…plzz…It’s hurting me with such a speed…!!

She said this with out of breath and gasping as well,

He nodded back kissing all over her face with trying to keeping her so soft and very delicate self in his mind and again started thrusting into her but with some gentleness..,

He was slowly pushing all the way inside of her…She moaned quite loudly when he did this coz he was so big against her very small and tight. He was pulling himself in and out of her and then he repeatedly started stroking into her without stopping.

He felt his tool hit the back walls of her warm yet wet core. He continuously was pushing himself deep inside of her and pulling out of her again and again. With continuing his thrusting into her he started kissing her on all over her face, lips, br*asts and shoulders. He used his three fingers to gently and slowly stroke her core, and she started moaning, but nothing came out because he kept kissing her on her lips to shut her. He continued to move his giant tool in and out of her core with moving his fingers in and out of her as well, after sometime he takes his hand back and made himself busy in stroking into her with placing his hands on her abdomen with pressing it a little to sooth the pain she’ll feel suddenly due to some increased speed and she opened her eyes on this sudden pushes as she felt pain as still she was very delicate enough to adjust against his hard body easily and so soon. He swallowed all of her moans of pleasure into his kisses.

He stopped kissing her and she gasped for air and soon she engulfed in pleasure.

And he smiled with realization of vanishes her pains slowly and again started to pump in and out of her with much faster speed. Then she felt that she was on the brink of orgasm which was making her to scream even loudly.

She was crying more while he was pounding faster. He again started rubbing his fingers around her core with more speed than previous. He somehow hit her core with his fingers at the exact same time as he stroke her at right spot with his rock-hard arousal, and she exploded into orgasm. He stopped thrusting into her and let her vagina pulses expands around his tool…He was feeling so good due to this. Her orgasm ended and he began to pump inside her again with increasing his speed more faster than previous. This time he lifted her one leg onto his shoulder and let his tool go even more deeper inside of her. After some more time of stroking into her with capturing high depth inside of her…Tension started building up in between both of them and she hugged him tightly with breathing more heavily while moaning loud as she again felt a strange gust of pleasure ran through her whole body and within some 25 minutes they both reached to their climax at the same time. While he groaned with the pleasure and dropped his all joy inside her womb, then she let out a high pitched scream with shivering body as she felt warm feeling of his Cumming emptied inside of her fully. After completing himself to spurted out into her thoroughly he request her to keep himself inside of her for rest of the time, on which she unknowingly made bare nod as don’t know for what she actually said ‘yes’ while totally engrossed in between her all uneven breaths and tiredness. Then he kissed her on her lips hungrily yet passionately with letting himself inside of her all the time.

Then he slowly lied beside her with taking care of she’ll not felt jolt of pain due to his sudden move as he was still inside her fully….then after settling himself so close beside of her with more gentleness he was facing the ceiling with making himself calm.

On other side she was still struggling in between her all uneven breaths with trembling body.

Then by sensing her all bad condition he pulled her against him with taking her shivering body within protection of his strong arms. After feeling somewhat relaxation she sighed and struggled within hug with settling herself onto his body while resting her head on his bare hard-tone chest.

While he turned her more on top of him…Relaxing for some time feeling her a little breathy as he felt her br*asts heaving on his hard chest.

Then he pulled the quilt above them till their necks.

After that all the time he was staring her face with intense gaze while she was trying to became calm out of all her breathy situation.

He smiled at her and made her closing her eyes by his hands for forcing her with asking to take rest for some time as she does the same out of all her tiredness.

She turned towards him with the same closed eyes and entangled her legs into his and slept while lying onto his body.

After Swara went into fast asleep due to all of her tiredness…Sanky with admiring her peaceful sleeping face slid the all of his fingers of his one hand sensuously from the neck, on her br*asts, while pinching her nip*les repeatedly in between his index finger and thumb forcing her to let out faint moans from her mouth with closed eyes, then with continuing his all actions he was sliding fingers of his hand in between area of her curves, to her stomach, then to her belly’s pit and then slightly above her core for some time, back and forth gently.

After some more time of completing himself with all his actions he looked at her flushed face and her closed eyes and smiled at her all innocence on which he always felt like go crazy even more madly.

He then kissed her forehead before pecking her lips passionately.

After that he pulled her more close towards him within hug in such a way that even breeze won’t able to pass in between both.

And while caressing her hairs he also fell into sleep with catching smile on his face.


Precap : Sanky burning in jealousy by seeing Swara and Kyle with sitting very near to each other..!!

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