Ishqbaaz 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Tia to check Sahil. Anika cries and asks if there were Omru in Sahil’s place, would you do this, you proved just family is important to you, you don’t see anything else. Some time before, Anika asks Shivaye to tell them that Sahil can never do this. Shivaye asks Sahil did you steal necklace. Sahil cries. Anika says Shivaye… Shivaye says Anika, let me handle this, Sahil if you did this to joke, tell it. Sahil says I did not steal. Tia says he will never accept, I want to check him. Anika says if he did not do anything, he will not be checked. Mrs. Kapoor shows phone to Shivaye. He thinks of her threatening words.

Anika says Shivaye, why are you not saying anything, you know Sahil is not thief. Pinky asks why is he afraid then. Jhanvi says Sahil is guest here, guest is not

insulted. Pinky says he is a kid, he is poor, poverty makes person do anything, maybe Anika told him to do this. Anika cries and says we are poor, but we are not thieves. Shivaye sees Mrs. Kapoor. He asks Tia to check Sahil. Anika gets shocked. She says what are you saying. Shivaye says if Sahil did not steal, what’s the problem, Tia’s doubt will clear. She says its not about doubt, its about your trust. He says no, its about solution. Tia checks Sahil. Sahil says stop them, I did not do anything. Anika asks how can you let this happen, leave Sahil, Shivaye say something.

Shwetlana looks on and smiles. Tia says necklace is not there. Anika hugs Sahil and asks is it done, did you get satisfied, like you trust Omkara, I trust Sahil, aunty ji I respect you a lot, but whatever happened today, should have not happened, where there is trust, there is no place for doubt, where there is doubt, trust can’t stay.

Mrs. Kapoor signs Shwetlana. Shwetlana drives her wheelchair ahead. Sahil falls down. Anika shouts Sahil and holds him. Everyone get shocked seeing the necklace falling from his crutch. Tia picks her necklace and says I said it, he did theft, like sister, like brother. He recalls keeping the necklace inside the crutch gripper.

Pinky starts scolding Anika. She says its good we got the necklace, I think we should check their rooms. Sahil says no, I did not steal anything. Pinky asks him to say this to police. Sahil tells Anika that he did not do theft. Pinky asks Shivaye to call police. Anika says no, Shivaye you know Sahil can’t do this. Pinky says these crocodile tears can melt him, not me, I will call police, if he doesn’t. Anika asks Shivaye to stop Pinky. Mrs. Kapoor signs no to Shivaye. Shivaye goes and stops Pinky. Mrs. Kapoor signs no and shows phone. Pinky asks Shivaye not to get in this matter. Shivaye says do what you find right. Anika gets shocked.

Tia says leave it Pinky mom, we got our thing, if we call police, it will defame this house, which I don’t wish, I will be okay if Sahil apologizes. Pinky says see this is my bahu, she is forgiving you after all this, she worries for this house respect, this is difference between good family people and thieves, apologize. Anika says Sahil won’t apologize, he did not do mistake. Pinky says he has to apologize, else police will come. Anika says I will apologize on his behalf, sorry Tia. Tia asks her to say it well, say ….Tia whatever happened till now, I m really very sorry, for misbehaving with you and plotting against you, I will not interfere in your matters. Anika cries and says I m sorry Tia, for all my mistakes, this will never happen again. Shivaye looks on. Anika and Sahil cry. Shwetlana, Tia and Mrs. Kapoor smile. Anika looks at Shivaye and asks Sahil to come. They go.

Pinky tells servants to do work perfect, its Lohri in evening. She asks Shakti did I say right. He says when do you say wrong, Chaddas are coming in evening. Tej says I don’t want him to misbehave in front of Chaddas, explain him. Jhanvi asks why don’t you tell him. Tej says I know truth, there is no justification of what he did, just explain him not to do any drama. Pinky says I m scared that Anika can do any drama, its Shitia’s first Lohri. Shakti asks are you mad, Shivaye and Anika got married, its their first Lohri. She says I won’t accept Anika as bahu. He says fine, Maa will not accept Tia as bahu. She says it does not matter, Tia is his wife in front of everyone, so Shitia will celebrate Lohri.

Shivaye comes to room. He sees Anika crying. He says Anika… She gets up seeing him. She says when I feel I understand you, you do something that breaks my heart, my trust, sometimes you fight for me in front of the world, and sometimes you ruin my respect, if Omru were there in Sahil’s place, would you silently see all that, never…. you knew Sahil is innocent, you did not listen to him and me, a small kid was crying and scared, he requested you and you did not care, we got insulted, why, you can’t see wrong happening with anyone, why did you let wrong happen with us, there would be some reason behind your silence, tell me why were you silent, tell me. He says I don’t think its necessary to give any explanation. She says you proved for you, just your family, blood, family is everything, you don’t see anything except this. She cries and turns away. He gets away and cries holding the curtains. He goes out of the room.

Mrs. Kapoor says well done, I m happy, you took right decision by choosing own brother instead Anika’s brother. He says its too much, I did wrong with an innocent kid, don’t you test my patience, I m not scared of you, I m bearing you, when my tolerance ends, it won’t be good for you. She says if you don’t listen to me, I will tell the world that Omkara is Tej’s illegitimate son, it would be better for your family that you listen to me. She goes.

Sahil hears them. Shivaye angrily throws his phone and breaks. Sahil comes in his way. Shivaye says I know you are annoyed with me, you kept some conditions t stay here, I could not fulfill that, you took my promise that I will take care of you…. Sahil hugs him and says you did not break your promise, you are not bad, I m not angry with you, you are very nice. Shivaye sits and says no Sahil, I m not good, see what I did, I have hurt your heart, Anika’s heart. Sahil says but you did this being helpless, not purposely, I know everything. Shivaye asks what do you know. Sahil says what Tia’s mom said, I heard everything, you did not take my side, as you were thinking about Omkara, I understand and even Anika will understand if you explain him. Shivaye says listen, don’t tell this to anyone, even to Anika. Sahil says fine. Shivaye asks pinky promise. Sahil promises. They smile.

Pinky tells Shivaye that Lohri function is starting, Tia is ready, you both have to do puja together. Shivaye walks downstairs. Pinky tells Tia that I told you he won’t get Anika along. Anika comes downstairs and stands with Shivaye. Pinky and Tia get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was emotional…full on rona dhona???????…
    Loved jija-sala bonding..nd that hugg…
    This Mrs kapoor is so irritating…hate the way she talk…

    13 Feb.. .my dil bole oberio starting….yeah..exited for it…guys I liked promo so much dat I hv watched it many times??????…

    HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY…to all of u!!

    1. Yes i m exited too but we have 2 wait for 2 weeks

      1. Yaa dear…yeh 2 weeks is like 200 years for me..dont hw I m gonna wait..

  2. Wish u happyyy REPUBLIC day tooo all of u guyz…..ofocurse im proud to be an indian….i love my india….
    And about episode….i too cried when anika is crying….plsss sso make everything fine….dnt bear that chudail mrs.kapoors blackmail….
    My poor cutipie sahil….today we can get too see jeeju sala masthi in kitchen….
    Anyways i cnt comment for two three days….tc guyz and enjoy ib
    RENiMA ishqee.. U are back missed u comments badly buddy. ..try to comment if u gets time and tc…
    Byyy my sweet ishqees

    1. Teacher is not allowed to go for a holiday??…now I will punish u when I will come back…
      I will miss u..started now only…bye..come back soon..luv uhh..


    1. Sumi.SS

      Happy Republic day lax

  4. Sab log iss main anika ki dress and style change karne bolo tho gul khan nahi dekhe ga uski Instagram main jaake boliye.nahi tho wo aage be aise kuch dresses aur hair style dengi anika ko.anika main lead hai tho uski look tia se better hona chaahiye.aur ye samjhavo ki viewers sirf storys nahi unki dresses aur look bhi dekh thi hai.aur jab koi function hothi hai like Diwali,Holi etc etc..thab sab log ye sochthi hai ki anika ki look kaise hogi soumya kaise guys baaki saari baathe chod kar anika look aur hairstyle and jewellery ye sab best karne ko bolo.anika ki maang tikka is good but usko match nahi ho rahi hai guys abi se request karna start karo warna aage Jo bhi function hogi tho wo phirse galthi hurry up guys.

    Dil bole oberoi ki promo dekha suuuuuuuuuuuuuperb.shrenu looking iss beautiful.i think kunal agar bina wig ki act karengi tho wo shrenu ki saath aur bhi acha lagega what say guys.
    Aap logo ko shrenal (shrenu parikh,kunal jaisingh)kaisa laga I like very much.but mujhe lagtha hai kunal wig ki bina dil bole oberoi karengi tho aur acha sirf mera soch hai.agar wo apna long hair kolengi tho acha hai.ab three o bros ki life main beautiful girls hoga woooow yaar iam so excited.

    Sorry guys agar main zyaada bola tho.spelling mistake hongi tho iam SORRY.agar main kisi fans ko hurt kiya tho REALY VERY SORRY.
    Please please reply my comments
    Shahabana ente per ummul fida yaan nee enod chodichileno.nee eviduna.

    1. umma njanum malayalee anuu kerelatil evede anu … and i lik kunal shrenu pair shrenal

      1. Just chill uff…u hdn’t anyone’s feeling…nd I agree dat anika look is yackk…these days I m not liking costumes which r being given to her…i liked TIA’s outfit nd hairstyle more than anika…
        Coming to omkaras look…i think his long hair is the identity of his look…nd already in many serials he had so.ple cut..nd he look awesome in long hair..
        Shreenal chemistry is just sizzling???
        #ishqbaaz rocks***## Dil bole oberio rocks too###

      2. Ros please inne umma vilikale.please call uf .njaan calicutil too like shrenal.

  5. Renimarenju

    Ishqies… missing so many beautiful moments from Ishaqbaaz….now a days…..
    1. Shivaay- Omkara……..emotional cum practical point of views and sso’s concern for om as great wall…..for omkara……
    2. Rumya…..making fun of each other and their cute lovely moments and concern to each other ……when they see each other in tension…..
    3. Pinky….Jhanvi…..bonding……pinky’s care 2 jhanvi and jhanvi’s advice 2 piece which really makes sense and offers a different experience of watching…..
    4. Shivomru…..Bromance……missing it a lot…… 4 all and all for one….
    5. Dadi’s lectures on ishqbaaz…….shivomru’s perspectives…..before dadi……which we enjoyed a lot…[email protected] beginning of ib …….
    6. Priveer…track….what cv’s have planned 4 them……..
    7. Rudy’s Mr. Cool….andaz……
    8. Signature step of SSO…..
    9. Omkara’s Shayari……
    10. Shivaay’s special concern for prinku…….
    11. Sowmya= Omakra….bro-sis bond…..the way she addresses om as “bade baal waale bhaiya”

    So ishqies…….just share ur views and tell me……what all things ….u are missing from ib… a days……..and let me know…….whether i have 2 make this list long or not ?

    And saku, shahabana……glad that…..u all remeber me……by the way… are u ishqies……sekhar, saku, shahabana, priya29, aqua, mouni, richu, piyali, mishri, kikki, nithu, shaza, haya, uf, lijince, lax, archiya, jaya, diyaa, divya, liya, luna,lijitha, mukta, mukthi, aqua……..and……the list is long….our 200 + members…..all my sweet ishqies……….wish u all a gud day……

    1. Di..i agree to all ur above pts…
      I m also missing…omkaras shayaris nd rudras funny reaction on it… even soumya anika scenes are not shown from many days….omprinku bonding also missing…
      Nd wht abt prinku MMS..mystery again….
      I hope everything will b ok after DOB launch..we will b able to watch shivika,rumya,shreenal,priveer,bromance,dadipota bonding,devrani jethani bonding everything…

      1. Renimarenju

        Yeah…prinku mms …..mystery….which is not solved…..and guys where is roop ? gayatri’s murder case……i think from that time onwards she has vanished….where she has gone ? Rudy’s casanova style…..the way he mimics lady baaba……and somu-anika bonding…… bonding are missing also……and……why lady baaba is not mentioning anything about reikis……can’t believe it guys…..universe and reikis are the two words in her dictionary……only…..naa……missing reikis……also…..

    2. Hi renimarenju
      I miss 1.shivkara and the great wall of shivaay
      3.pinky jhanvi bonding
      4.shiomru bromance and one 4 all all 4 one
      5.dadi’s lectures on ishqbaaz.
      7.signature step of Sso
      8.omkara’s shayari
      9.anika song bilu ki shaadi
      Aur bahuth kuch may be miss kartha hu ib mein.
      Aur kuch secret baaki hai ib main anika sister,Gayatri murder
      Ab shrenu anika ki sister ka character bhi karega I don’t know.aur Gayatri ko kissne maara ye ab thak dikaaya hai ya nahi I don’t know.ishqbaaz end honese pehle ye saari secret reveal hogi tho acha hai.

      THANK YOU.

      1. Renimarenju

        See uff….ishqie….nothing is revealed…..about shrenu’s character…..certain spoilers are coming……but don’t trust anything until and unless……officially star plus declares any statement or telecasting any new promo……..we have to wait and watch…..well…..we can guess a lot…….as imagination’s train can run anywhere……so just imagine……omkara’s lead……in our mind….and develop our own way……their track…….hahaha,,,,,,,,,by the way are u a malayali……am kannadiga + malayali…..i mean am kannadiga…..but my mom is a malayali….so half malayali….and shahabana is also a kannadiga cum malayali……we are from mangalore…..which is my home town…..but right now am not in mangalore… working in kalburgi……north karnataka…… and don’t feel sorry 4 spelling mistake……actually when we will type in phone….it will happen……and these are happening with each ishqie…….and why are u saying please reply…….arrey…..just tell that……reply me…..only…..that’s enough……we are here 2 share our views……yaar……

    3. Mouni

      hi renima dear , thanks sweetie , have a good day

  6. guys is there anywhere l can watch ishqbaaz with english subtitles

  7. Hello Guys, I’m from Mauritius and i really like watching Ishqbaaz especially Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I want to say that the repeat telecast of 5 P.M is now being replaced by Suhani Si Ek Ladki. I am making a request to the channel to return the show to its normal repeat telecast time slot or a bit earlier so that we can follow the sequence of the show elses I’ll miss SSO and Anika cute scenes.

  8. Hey Hi,
    Anika’s dress is okay but her hair style z just HORRIBLE….Few days ago watched one of Surbhi’s interview where she said that she luv the way they r experimenting with her looks, and nt using typical Sarees n Anarkalis for their leads. So experimenting is gud but this look …eywwwwwwwwwww…..

    @Rupessh: Me tooooooooo……….. used to luv Dehleez alotttttt…..Content wise, story line characters ki acting , sab sahi tha…Finite serial tha but middle mai (during Swadheenta-Suhasini’s face off for Asad) end kuch zyada he abruptly kar diya tha my POV.

    I liked the promo so much but 10:30 ..seriously ..yaar ye Ye Rishta aur kitna chalega..its been 8 years, ban kyu nhi karte isey n saathiya ko 🙁 Sorry guys jo inn dono shows ko like karte hain…Don’t tk it personal.

    @Richu: So todays breaking news is that ki Sandhir are dating…Like really????? Just read in TOI.. . Waoww…..So I guess tum bahut khush hogi 🙂 By d way hz Ghulam??

    @Shahabana: Granted .. 2 days leave 🙂 … u knw naa bunking z nt allowed here.

    1. Richu di has gone crazy after learning this news….
      Nd ghulam it’s rocking…y don’t u join us their???…

      1. Hey Sakshii,
        Actually I do not watch Ghulam becuase of its inaccessibility ;-( actually Im staying with my masi and mausa g and my mausa g z a hugeeeeeeee fan of Arnav Goswami…. Thankfully he left Times Now last to last month 🙂 but mere mausa g ne Times Now nhi chhoda 🙁 so 9 to 10 remote k liye fight nhi hoti 🙂 10 o clock fight karti hun.for Ishqbaaz Arnav hota to 10 oclock ki bhi debate dekhne padhti 🙂

  9. Archu, Liji
    National Holiday means no comments. Not done..!!

    1. Correct di…
      Hw can she take leave wdout giving us a leave application…she must take our permission?????…we will make her stand outside when she will come back???

      1. Wahi tho…!!

  10. Mouni

    there is a new pic of shivika in star plus where they look really gorgeous together but there is some detail bothering me , anika looked so pretty in red but there was no mangalsutra and no sindoor ?? is it a hint ?? l can’t believe they forgot it right ??

    1. Sumi.SS

      Right can they forgot..nvr..good observatn..may be lot of chances fr chngng stry lne..anthng psble..but surely it’s a hint for smthng..

    2. Mouni, Sumi
      I noticed it but I thot it has nothing to do with the story line. It’s just a photo right. Now you guys are scaring me.

      1. Mouni

        sumi , lax , l was thinking that maybe after the shooting pinky will ask her to leave or maybe she will leave by herself or maybe we are overthinking

  11. May be bcoz anika realize that for sso only blood and family matters and he is not going to accept her as wiff that y she had choose western outfit.

  12. Mouni

    guys its confirmed , SSO SHOT , there are pics of him in the hospital and the OF with him but they didn’t show anika , is she staying away from them or pinky refused to let her come ??

    1. Mouni
      No Annika is there. Check this link

      1. Mouni

        thanks lax , she was behind , she seemed shocked poor thing but am hoping for romantic scenes now that sso is injured and she will help him lol

    2. Safa

      may i know where it is posted ?

      1. Mouni

        instagram ; #ishqbaaz

  13. Hello everyone..
    Got late today, was busy with a party prep
    Reading the written update itself I had tears,good I did not watch the episode n won’t watch also,its too emotional
    No comments today,dil bhar says hai

    1. Read says as aaya

    2. Sumi.SS

      Yeah dr too emotional ???????

    3. Arey, then we ll not disturb. Have Fun..!! Enjoy..!!??

  14. Hii all of my dear firstly WISH YOU HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY
    Hann yarro ye ANNIKA ki outfit thoda chalega par uski baal noooòo yarr itni syndar silky baal ko chudail jaise kyun kar rahi ho ???? Usse to woh chhipdi tia beautiful lag rahi he
    And one more thing koi mujhe batayega ki serial main hospital scene hoga ki nahi,main woh entertainment tadka ke spoiler main sunatha ki asse koi scene hone wali he
    Aur CVs ko mera pyara sa request he ki plz agar shivay ko goli lage to woh pinky ANNIKA kuch na kahe ????warna mera dil toot jayega.plz plz plz

  15. Thats why I hate hindi serials.. For trp they will ruin the story.. Story short hogi chalegi.. Serial may end early but atleast it should make sense.. Every serial is getting worst .. There is nothing like entertaining on tv nowadays.. N Shivays focus will shift to OMkara.. And after some months Omkaras focus will change to Rudras story line.. Just to raise trp… Great!!

  16. Safa
    guys the link for dil bole oberoi promo
    worth a treat……

  17. Guys, in the video where they shown all OF member are in hospital, i m thinking why anika is not crying for shivaay at the time everyone is paniced. i thinknk anika also hurt by that bullet in her neck & it crossed through shivaay as he is a little bit high than anika it injured deep to shivaay. cz the new promo shows its anika who got bullet shot.or its just to divert our mind.don’t know.i hhave a ques about omkaras FL in the promo, y she is wearing a bridal dress,is she the daughter of chaddas..?

  18. i completely agree with you Vinni. Shivaay’s scenes were superb and these makers can do anything for raising their TRP. I just want the show to return to its time slot. It’s just so annoying. Why do they change the time slot everytime. Same happened to Badtameez dil and now Ishqbaaz.

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