A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Season 2 Part: 22

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Thanks Jasminerahul, sarvesh and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 22. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Shagun is Tanvi, Tanvi to be destroyer, Rainaa becomes Naagin, Rainaa losses to expose Tanvi to Aangad.

The Episode starts with Rainaa saying to Shagun/Tanvi that whatever you can do, do , but Remember one thing, Shagun, Oh sorry Tanvi, I, why only me, all will stop you. I promise, Tomorrow, After sangeet, your true identity will be in front of all. We’ll expose you. Shagun says In dreams..!! She leaves. Rainaa also leaves.

Screen shifts to Raheja House. Yamini tells that Relationship has happened and tomorrow, tomorrow will be sangeet. All cheers up. Rithik gets a call. He goes to attend it. Shivanya says I come. She leaves.

Yamini takes out toy gun from plastic bag and calls Sahir. Sahir comes. Yamini says Sahir Beta! Its for you. Sahir says How to use it..?? Yamini says I’ll show you..!! She points toy gun at Rithik. Shivanya crimes and is shocked to see gun in Yamini’s hand. Shivanya shouts Yamini..!! Shivanya comes to Yamini. She says How dare you to kill Rithik, Yamini, Oh Sorry, Saudamini. Right..?? All gathers.

Rithik shakes Shivanya. Rithik says are you in senses, Shivanya..?? You know what are you saying..?? Yamini says Beta! What happened..?? Its only toy gun. But why you say that I’m Saudamini..?? Shivanya is shocked hearing word;toy.

Screen shifts to outside of Raheja House. Car comes. Shangad(SHAgun-aaNGAD) comes out and Rainaa also. Rainaa comes to Shangad and says Aangad, I’m really sorry, Actually, I got misunderstanding. She hugs Shagun/Tanvi and says Shagun, will you not forgive your sister..?? Shagun says Of course..!! Aangad says Rainaa, Actually, I want to tell you something, You know why, I agree for this relationship and why I don’t trust you, because Shagun and Me are college friends. Rainaa is surprised. Rainaa says let’s go inside. They leave.

Shivanya says Actually, I tell you. She tells all about her morning dream. All are shocked. Shangad and Rainaa who has just entered in house, are also shocked. Rainaa says really..?? Shivanya nods. Shagun greets all. Yamini says how time passed in discotheque..?? Aangad says Good.

Rainaa thinks If Saudamini is also alive..?? No No..!! The one who is killed by Goddess Kali, can’t be alive.

Shagun thinks Wow Shivanya..!! What a luck you have got, before I arrive, you get news of my coming. But sad, some of yours dream’s part was wrong. Saudamini is not alive..!!

Sometime later….
Rainaa is sitting in her room, She thinks What I do..?? Aangad will not believe me. She pats on her head. She says How can I be so stupid..?? She thinks Tanvi, your game will end soon.

Shesa is with Shivanya. Shesa recalls her moments with Rocky. She thinks, Rocky, I’m fallen in love with you in just 2 days. But your feelings…. Your feelings are also important. Don’t know you also love someone..?? One-side love can’t be successful.

Rishabh is in his room. He thinks Rainaa, is it called love, when you find your happiness in someone else..?? If yes, then I’m in love with you, Rainaa.

Rocky is seen with Rithik. Rithik says Hey Rocky! You do not tell me about your personal life, tell me a little, If you wish..!! Have you any girlfriend, if yes, then have you propose her..?? Rocky looks on.

Screen shifts to a building. A Goon opens door. A woman is seen been bounded with ropes. Goon says Hey, eat it. Mam has asked us to serve you food. Girl do not response. Goon leaves. He closes door and calls someone.

Screen shifts to Raheja House, Shagun/Tanvi comes to a room. Shagun/Tanvi turns into her real form/Tanvi. Tanvi thinks what the hell it is..?? I’ve to do so much drama..!! She sees her phone ringing. She picks and says Hello….What….Say to her, that day after tomorrow, she will be freed….Hmm. She ends call.

Screen shifts to Building. Goon comes to his other two/2 friends and says Mam has said that we’ve to keep that girl with us for more 2/two days. They drink wine.

Screen shifts to Raheja House. Rocky says Too much questions at same time, Have patience..!! I’ll tell you. I’ve no girlfriend and secondly, yeah! I’m in love, I can’t say surely, but has feelings for someone.!! Rithik says For whom..?? Rocky says Promise, you’ll not be angry. Rithik says okay..!!

Shesa says Shivanya..!! Shivanya says Hmm..?? Shesa says I’m in love. Shivanya gives her questionable expression. Shivanya says who is the luckiest guy..??

Rocky says Shesa. Rithik is surprised. Shesa says Rocky. Shivanya is also surprised. Screen freezes on Rocky and Shesa.

Precap: Rainaa says Shivanya, I want to talk with you something important..!! Shivanya says about which..?? Rainaa says Tanvi.

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  1. Sarveshjoshi42

    Awesome part shakaib really loved it plzzz update it soon .

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sarvesh.

  2. Awesome…

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Geeta.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Oh..when yamini held the toy gun shivanya misunderstood that her dream came true.she got embarrassed. So it’s confirmed that saudamini is not alive.Surprised that angad shagun were college mates.so was that the real shagun or was it tanvi disguised as shagun?is that girl who tanvi kidnapped the real shagun?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di. Yeah, its confirmed that Saudamini isn’t alive. No, Shagun(real) was Aangad college fellow at college time. Because of your wish, I’m going to introduce Aangad’s love interest as Shagun. The girl Tanvi kidnapped is Shagun. Tanvi knows about Shagun. So she make Shagun kidnap.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Wow. .thank you very much

    2. Shakaib

      You’re welcome di.

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