u r the reason for my survival (swasan os)

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Hi guys. This is a new os on swasan , they r the main pair but raglak also play an imp part…


Swara gadodia: a beautiful and rich girl. she is a state rank holder. She is going to do b.e
Sanksar maheshwari: he belongs to a high class family.he is also going to do b.e
Shekar gadodia: swara’ papa. He lover her so much. owner of shekar gadodia.
Sumi gadodia: swara’ mama. She too loves swara a lot.
Ap: mother of sanskar.
Dp: father of sanskar.
Ragini: sister of swara from childhood and she is also going to study b.e . she knows everything about her.
Laksh: sanky’s bestfriend. Will always be with him and he is also going to do b.e

The rest of the characters will be informed as the story progress.

A villa is shown.
The name of the villa is shona villa.
It was of beautiful architecture.
Inside the home.
a girl In her room is sleeping beautifully.
The room was of pink colour and fully covered with teddy and toys. At one side of the wall all the picture of the girl was hanging.
A person comes and wakes her.
Shekar: princesses utho. Wake up.
Swara: 5 mins papa.
Ragini: papa. 5 mins.
Shekar: today u r having the first day of college.
Swara wakes up with a jerk.
Swara: u got seat?
Shekar: how can I denie my princess. I explained them about u..
Ragini: wow swara u r too coming with me to the college.
Swara: why papa. They will treat me weird.
Shekar:only teachers know.
Swara: ok fine.
Shekar: come down ur mom is waiting.
Both swaragini gets ready.
(actually guys ragini’s parents r dead when she was studying 10 th so shekar adopted her).
After breakfast.
Sumi(swara’ mom): take care. If anything call us.
Swara: mom nothing like this. if anything also na ragini is there.
Ragini: yeah mom I will take care of her
Sumi: ok fine. I am leaving u as ragini is there.
Shekar: come princesses I will drop u in the college.
Swara: no. u r the donater of the college. If my friends know then they will show partiality. No need anything like that.
Ragini: yes papa.
Sheka:ok fine I will ask driver to drop u.
Swara: no I will go by taxi . please. This is in my wish list. She pouts.
Ragini: papa please.
Shekar: ok shona.
Swara leaves in a taxi.

At the other side..
A man was getting ready with a casual jean and a tshirt.
He was none other than sanskar…
Ap: sanskar beta. Have this curd and sugar. u will have a great life in ur college. I want u be the topper of college as u got in ur board.
Sanskar:ok mom. Bye time to leave. He takes his bike and picks laksh and leaves.

Xyz university.
All enters the college..
Everyone get seated in the classroom.
Sanskar and laksh in the first bench meanwhile swara and ragini in the last bench.
Ragini: swara we can move front na.
Swara: I want to enjoy yaar. not sit in the front row and look at the teacher.
Ragini: ok fine.

In the otherside.
Laksh: please I beg u sanky. We will move back. I cant see the professor face.
Sanskar: studies is important(guys sanskar is somewhat reserved . he his proud of himself. He is good at heart. he was the state ranker and he have only one objective to get good marks).
Laksh: u and ur studies.

Professor comes in.
Professor name was reena.
Reena: hi students I amur professor. So I would like u all to introduce with ur name and 12 th std marks and tell me about u. start with u..she points laksh
Laksh: hi I am laksh gupta. Friends call me lucky. I am very happy about my life and I like cracking jokes.
Swara at back.
Swara: then tell us a joke na..
All of them turns back seeing swara.
Laksh: yeah sure. I will say u in free hours friend promise. Not in class.
Swara smiles.
Reena: leave all that. what is ur marks?
Laksh: I got 470 on 100.
Reena: ok fine. sit.
Next is sanskar.
Sanskar: hi I am sanskar maheshwari. I like only studies and u know I like to be in that world.
Swara to ragini.
Swara: then ask him to be in that itself na why to come to college.
Ragini: swara shut.
Sanskar: then I got staterank.
Reena: good. Sit.
Every students introduction.
Now our swara turn.
Swara: my name is swara. U know I like to be free. I like to move from place to place. I like to be friendly with all. I am also a state rank holder.
Reena: oh goof. Sit down.. next.
Ragini: I am ragini . I like my best friend swara very much.
She smiles saying swara.
Swara gets teary eyed.
Ragini: In my life no one is important to me than her. I got 482/100.
Reena: good. So ur introductory classes r over. I will come after a min..
Reena leaves.
Swara hugs raginni.
Swara: u love me this much?
Ragini: of course. But u r going to .
Swara keeps her hand on her mouth.
Swara: don’t speak that word. I am here only na.
Ragini:ok fine.
Laksh comes to their bench.
Laksh: so I am laksh.
Swara: I am swara.
They shake hands.
Swara: so crack a joke na.
Laksh tells her some jokes and she starts laughing.
Ragini smiles seeing her laughing meanwhile at sanskar’s bench he just sees his books.
At that time whole class get involved in his jokes.
Swara holds her stomach and laughs.
Swara: enough. Or I will cry for the whole day.
Laksh goes back to his place.
Sanskar: finished of cracking jokes?
Laksh: yeah.
Sanskar: don’t be friend with that swara.
Laksh: why she is very good yaar.
Sanskar: ur wish.
Laksh: oh common sankar come out of ur world yaar. ur possessive as someone came for a competetion. Really she is so nice.
Sanskar: whatever.

The day ends like this.
Outside the college sanskar takes his bike from the parking slot.
That time he sees swara and ragini catching taxi and leaving.
He sighs and leaves with laksh.

Swara: today is my best day in my life ragu. Its awesome.
Ragini: I know. u r laughing swara.
Swara: I don’t believe what creature this laksh is.
Ragini: yeah. Very humourous. His friend.
Swara: sanskar in his own world. Why cant he mingle with others?
Ragini: leave. Can we have pani puri.
Swara: wow. Bhaiya stop the car near chat shop.
They both have pani puri chatting.

They both go to swaragini villa.
Ragini: mumma . we came.
Sumi comes and hugs ragu. Shekar hugs swara.
Swara: mumma ki bhachi.
Ragini: tu papa ki bhachi.
Sumi: ok enough. Come we will have the tiffin and I prepared both of ur fav.
Swaragini together: paneer tikka?
Sumi: yes.
They both goes and sits in the dinning table and starts fighting.
Sumi: u both r grown up and fighting like this.
Swara: who told we r fighting .see .
Swara feeds ragini.
Swara: I love u my sister.
Ragini feeds swara.
Ragini: I love u my shona.
Shekar and sumi sees theirbonding smiling. Unknown tears come In the eyes.
Swara goes to them and wipes their tears.
Swara: don’t worry. See na I am happy.
Shekar and sumi both hugs swara tightly. Ragini too joins them..
Swara: hey why r u being this much sentimental. Come on be happy.
Shekar: ok fine ..
They all have a happy time and they all go to sleep.

The next day during the lunch time.
Ragini was being alone as swara went to buy something for her .
Laksh comes and sits.
Laksh: hi ragu.
Ragini: hi laksh.
Laksh: where is swara.
Ragini: went to buy for me.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh: u got a very good friend.
Ragini: no I got a good friend.
Laksh: u know each and everything and even she knows everything about u.
Ragini: because she is my sister lucky. U know I am her sister. their family adodpted me. our family is gadodia’s the owner of gadodia companies
Laksh: what this much shocks at a time. I cant tolerate.
Ragini: but don’t tell to anyone. She need everyone to see us both as friends only.
Laksh: why?
Ragini: her wish list.
Laksh: what wish list?
Ragini: leave that. will u help me.
Laksh: what.
Ragini: she have an wish to go in a speed boat in the sea. Can u arrange?
Laksh: sure but …
Ragini: she will live in this world for only few days laksh.
Laksh gets shocked.
Ragini: she is suffering from cancer.
Laksh: what?
Ragini: yeah. She is under treatment and we will leave in a month to US for her treatments.She asked my papa a one month time as she knows she is going to die but she wants to live her life in her wish. If she gets saved its ok if not atleast she shouldnot be sad that she couldn’t do anything. that is why. She wants me to be her friend in college. She wants to crack jokes in college. She wants to fail in all the exams. Her wishes r really crazy but as a sister. I have the responsibility.
Laksh: I don’t know what to say.
Ragini: yeah. U cant. She is really very good from heart. u know she has been laughing very well in ur presence.
Laksh: then I will keep her happy. its my promise.
Ragini: don’t tell to anyone.
Laksh: ok fine promise.

Meanwhile in the canteen .
Swara is buying the food at that time sanky also comes and they both dash and the plate in swara’s hand falls down and she to slips.
Sanskar holds her in her waist.
Both have an eyelock.
Swara: cant u see and walk.
Sanskar: u only don’t have eyes. Go and check a doctor. He leaves.
Swara: rude. Stubborn.
She goes and buys the food again and comes to the bench of raglak.
Swara: does ur friend is always like this lucky?
Laksh: y?
Swara:stubborn. Rude. Mr khadoos. Don’t know to laugh also. I think he have come from some other planet.
Laksh: cool down. He is really good but his world is in book. He sometimes forget that I am also there also.
Swara: oh. Really. Ragu have it.
Ragini and both have their lunch.
Laksh was mingling with the both well.

In the class.
Sanskar: u r not even talking to me always with them.
Laksh: nothing .
Sanskar: there is something different.
Laksh: in 2 days I wont change. We both r going out today.
Sanskar: where?
Laksh: surprise..
Sanskar: don’t know. what is cooking in ur mind.
Laksh: tomorrow. U r putting leave.
Sanskar: what .
Laksh: yeah. Don’t speak a word. It is ur lucky order.
Laksh goes out.
Laksh messages ragini about details of what is their plan.
Ragini: ok fine. thank u so much lucky. She messages him.

They all finishes the class
Ragini informs this to shekar by phone.
Ragini and swara both going through the taxi.
Ragini: swara. We r putting tomorrow leave.
Swara: why?
Ragini: surprise. Ur and my bags r packed and after reaching home change the dress and we both will begin our journey.
Swara: u r giving suprises yaar.
Ragini and swara reaches home and gets ready.
Ragini and swara reach airport meanwhile laksh and sanskar also comes to the airport.
Laksh sees ragini and sighs..
Sanskar pulls lucky.
Sanskar: we r going with them. Why didn’t u say me before?
Laksh: chup. Hi swaragini.
Sanskar: hi.
Swaragini together hi.
Swara: where r we going?
Ragini: goa.
Swara: what? But for what?
Ragini: u will learn.
Swara: ok fine.
Swasan were sitting together and raglak were sitting together.
Sanskar: do u take everything in life like easy?
Swara: yeah of course. In life everything should be taken spotive and I love my life. u too should see the outside world instead of ur own world than books.
Sanskar: I don’t know , I am used to it. my world is books and I read a lot of story books.
Swara: wow great.
Sanskar: what is ur ambition.
Swara: to live my life how much ever I want happily such that death should come only when I ask .
Sanskar: is this an ambition?
Swara: why? For u.
Sanskar: going to look after my father’s company. We r the owner of maheswari company.
Swara: wow great..
Sanskar: what about u?
Swara: nothing much.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: I am not interested to show what my parents are. I love them first as a parent and not like the company blah blah etc.
Sanskar: u r interesting.
Swara: thank u.
Sanskar: ur full name?
Swara: swara gadodia.
Sanskar: ur father is the gadodia’s company’s owner.
Swara: in world only one gadodia family will be there ah?
Sanskar: u r right..
Swara: by the way why r u always speaking like this. speak some other things na. there is lot to speak rather than these formal talks like what ur father do.
Sanskar: so how did u get state rank.
Swara: u r really irritating. Don’t speak about studies or any thing. Speak something different. Can I ask u some question. Why r u this much rude?
Sanskar: what rude?
Swara: like I will speak to her only. I will do that only.
Sanskar: I am not rude ok.
Swara: no.
Sanskar: I am not.
Swara: u r . change ur attitude mr sanskar maheswari. U will feel better really.
Sanskar: no one have ever dared to say to me like u.
Swara: let me be the first person. U need a little better character mr. achieving exam is not only a victory. U should win in the real life also.
Sanskar: finished ur lecture class. If u don’t mind can u send ragini here.
Swara: who will speak to u. khadoos.
Sanskar: what?
Swara: u r bitter guard. U r name should be monkey or donkey instead of sanky. She gets up and goes to ragini’s seat and ragini comes near sanky.

Swara: khadoos, bitter guard, monkey , donkey..
Laksh: cool cool.
Swara: how u r his friend?
Laksh: I itself don’t know.
They both laughs.

In the other side.
Sanskar: ask ur sister to shut ur mouth. She is speaking beyond limits.
Ragini: sanky. I don’t know what is bothering u both. From starting itself u both r fighting.
Sanskar: I don’t know.
Ragini: ok fine leave it.

Laksh: swara. U seriously don’t like sanskar.
Swara: what?
Laksh: no I have seen in class that most of the time u see sanskar.
Swara : nothing like that.
Laksh: tell em. Is he handsome?
Swara: yes but god has given him such an backwas brain with no smile. A rock will also melt but him never.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh: he is not like that. seriously.
Swara: whatever..

The flight lands.
Ragini and swara stays in a room meanwhile sanky and laksh in a room.

Next day.
Ragini: swara utho.
Swara: what yaar ragini.
Swara gets up .
Swara: its 5.30 only na.
Ragini: get ready fast.
The 4 get ready and come out.
A car comes and picks them and takes them to the sun rise point.
It was beautiful as the sun came from the mountains.
Swara: wow this is very great. I like it so much.
Laksh: how is it?
Swara: superb..
Ragini: come on time for the next thing. They all go to a boating place on the backwater.
They get seated in the boat with life jackets.
They go deep into the sea to a dolphin point. There the dolphins were jumping.
Ragini puts the hand on swara’s shoulders.
Swara shouts.
Swara: wow.

Sanskar sees swara. He gets mesmerized to see this type of swara. He sees her and not the purpose why they have come.
Swara: oh my god . see how is it jumping. She jumps.
After they finished they both come to the shore.
Laksh helps ragini get down. Laksh was about to give hand to swara. Sanskar gives his hand and swara gets down..

They all go to the beach..
Laksh: so u and sanskar r going in a boat and me and ragini is going in another boat.
Sanskar: but lucky.
Laksh: please I want to eb with rag.
Sanskar: k fine.
Sanskar and swara sits on the motor boat. The motor boat starts and they drive into the sea.
Swara stands.
Sanskar: ehy careful u r going to fall.
Swara shouts wow.. this is incredible.
Sanskar stands beside swara at the edge of the boat. The person gives a protective rope to hold so that they wont fall down.
Swara: this isso beautiful. Take an picure na sanky.
Sanky takes the picture.
The boat leads to the other boat where raglak r waiting.
Ragini: enjoyed.
Swara: yeah..
Ragini: close ur eyes.
Swara closes her eyes.
Ragini: keep ur hands stretched and move ur legs ..
Swara does it.
Ragini attaches something .
Ragini: sit in the rope.
Swara sits in that.
Ragini: bhaiya… do it.
Swara starts going into the sky..
She feels immense happiness.
She was at the sky.
She sees a note from another boat.

Swara gets teary eyed. She comes down…
They cut the cake.
She feeds everyone.
Swara hugs laksh making sanskar a little jealous.
Swara: thank u lucky.
Ragini: I only told the idea.
Swara: sorry meri dosth.
Swara hugs ragini.
Laksh:so how was ur day.
Swara: very beautiful. I wish I could celebrate every birthday like this
Ragini and laksh smile fade away.
Swara: what happened.. swara signs ragini.
Laksh: ok come we will move to hotel and check out and leave goa.
Swara: ok done.
They reach the shore.
Sanskar: I have a job here. I will come directly to the hotel.
Laksh: ok fine. raglak and swara leaves.
Sanskar goes to the bazaar and buys an hand bag which is a traditional one with lots of designs on it. he gift wraps it.
Sanskar comes to the hotel and presents it to swara
Swara: wow. For me. thank u so much snky, she hugs him.
Swara unwraps it and finds a beautiful bag.
Swara: wow I will keep it with me forever. Thank u.
Sanskar: u r welcome(guys they both were alone only). I am thinking to change myself.
Swara: wow very good idea. I will help u…
Sanskar: thanks and keep smiling like this always. it suits u more than ur angriness.
Swara: and be like this . this suites u more than ur rudeness.
They both smiles.
In the flight swalak and ragsan were sittign together.
Swara: laksh u wont say that I have cancer to sanskar na. promise.
Laksh: u know that I know.
Swara: yeah I know. please.
Laksh: promise.
Swara: u r my good friend laksh . really. U r not friend with em for sympathy na.
Lakhs: no swara. i will be ur friend not becaue of this stupid reasons.
Swara smiles.
The 4 leaves and comes to the Kolkata.

10 days passes where all of them become very close to each other cracking jokes enjoying the fullest.
Sanskar started loving swara in this 10 days. her childish behavior and everything. he falled for her fully.
Sanskar tells this to laksh
Sanskar: laksh. I love swara laksh. She changed me just in 10 days. I love her laksh.
Laksh: wow sanky. Really I am happy for u.
Laksh gets into the thinking. u don’t know her sanskar. she hides her real face infront of u.
Laksh get little teary eyed ..
Sanskar: I am going to propose her saying that he leaves.
Laksh: sanky stop..
Sanky leaves.
Sanskar goes to swara.
Sanskar: I love u swara. I don’t know how I changed, u became my change of my life. without u I would have not been this much happy this much changed. U r my life swara. I want u to be with u always.
Swara to herself.
Swara: I cant love u sanky. I am sorry. I don’t deserve anyone.
Swara slaps sanky.
Sanskar gets shocked.
Swara: I don’t love u mr sanskar maheshwari. How can anyone love such a weird person. I just consider u as a friend nothing more than that. I love my nephew viren. Not u. get it. after graduation we r going to marry. By the way who will marry u? the person will get hell.
She leaves with teary eyes.
Sanskar was broken.
Swara runs .
Ragini follows her seeing like that..

Laksh holds sanskar for support.
Sanskar: why did she do like this laksh. I loved her. I loved her truly. She showed me her real face. swara one day I will take revenge from u that is for sure.
Laksh: sanskar.
He hugs him.

In the other side.
Swara hugs ragini and cries.
Swara: I love him ragu but having this disease. I was happy before that I am going to die. I feel now why god has given me this.
Ragini: it ok swarra.
Shekar and sumi comes and ragini explains anything.
Shekar: its ok shona. U will win ur love. I promise u. u will survive.
Swara: I don’t have that confidence papa. Papa I pray to god that sanky should get a good life and a good partner and not like me.
All the four hugs. Sumi cries.
Shekar: we will leave abroad tomorrow.
Swara: I want to go tomorrow to college. This will be my last day. I assure u. then I will surely do as u say.
Shekar: ok tomorrow night flight.ok.
They all sleep but sleep was far away from swara as she was weeping silently.

The next day at college.
Swara was sitting near ragini as she feels sad as it is the last day of her college. Sanskar was absent that day
She gets teary eyes.
That time blood started whoozing from her nose. Ragini notices this. swara keeps kerchief and reena sees this.
Swara cts like sneezing and asks permission and goes out.
Reena: ragini u to go.
Laksh gets little hyper as he too saw the bleeding nose of swara.
Laksh: maam can I use the rest room please.
Reena permits and laksh too comes out and sees swara suffering.
Laksh: shona.
Ragini informs shekar and shekar and sumi come to college and pick swara and admits her in hospital.
Doctor checks her.
Doctor: I told u na her condition is getting worsen each day.
Shekar: can I take her to US for treatment?
Doctor: yeah but she needs support. I will assist u in flight.
Shekar: thank u doctor.
Ragini: laksh we r leaving to US.
Laksh: take care of shona and u to be safe.
Ragini: thank u laksh. Don’t inform about this to sanskar. leave it how is it.
Laksh: I love u ragini and I will wait for u.
Ragini smiles.
Shekar,sumi,swara and ragini leaves to US.

After 5 years.
Sanskar is the owner of kharma industries. He become more arrogant but he changed of being weird. His mind was full of revenge. Swara’s words was echoing In his mind.
Laksh is also the co partner of kharma industries. Both the friends rock .. meanwhile laksh was waiting for ragini..

Meanwhile at US.
Swara was lying on the bed..
She wakes up.
Swara:papa,mumma , ragu.
Shekar sits beside her.
Shekar: u have ur life shona. U will live. U have ur life now shona. Results are negative. U r cured. After a 5 years of struggle.
Swara smiles and hugs shekar.
All of them hugs swara.
Shekar: u r physically fit. U can do anything now. ur life is in ur hand.
Swara: thank u papa. Thank u so much. we will go to india na.
Shekar: of course.
Swara: ragini. He will be angry at me na.
Ragini: yeah but everything will eb fine. u will get ur love swara and I will get my love.
Swara hugs ragini.

They all leave to india.
In delhi..
They came back to shona villa.
Shekar:ok fine. we will be there …
He cuts the call.
Shekar: an company kharma industries is interested in working a project with us.
Swara: kharma industries?
Shekar: yeah. Their pa informed that they r coming to meet us in our company and it seems he have inspiration of beign like me.
Ragini smiles..
Ragini: me and swara will also join in the meeting.
Shekar: haan sure. Swaragini its time for u to take over this company.
Swaragini smiles.
Sumi: yeah. We both will rest now.
Swara: yeah its time.

Meanwhile at kharma industries.
Sanskar and laksh’s pa informs the news.
Laksh gets shocked
Laksh thinks
So shekar uncle have came here. he knows the truth about swara and ragini na. ok we will wait till the meeting. We will see.

The next day .
At the gadodia office.
Swara and ragini both were sitting..
Sanskar and laksh came over there.
Sanlak first shook hands with shekar.
They both didn’t see swara and ragini.
Shekar and laksh both were shocked to see each other.
Shekar: so meet this is my daughter swara and ragini.
Sanlak sees them and gets shocked.
Laksh: shona.
Swara: lucky.
Laksh hugs swara .
Laksh: where u went. I didn’t get any information about u.
Ragini: lucky.
Laksh: sorry ladoo.
He hugs ragini.
Shekar realizes that he is sanskar.
Laksh: u get well swara? u r alright.
Swara: haan laksh. I got well. see I am fine.
Ragini: yes laksh she got fine. free from that cancer. She took these muchdays to recover but.
Sanskar gets shocked hearing the word cancer . he gets teareyed.
Shekar signs raglak to leave them both alone.
The closes the door and leaves.
Sanskar was standing numb there.
Swara: angry on me?
Sanskar didn’t reply.
Swara: please sanskar speak.
Sanskar hugs swara and cries.
Sanskar: why did u hide.
Swara: because I don’t want u to feel pity for me. I don’t want to spoil ur studies. I don’t want u to be affected because of me. How can u love a person like me. before she finishes sanskar kisses her.
She gets shocked
Sanskar: not a word . u punished me for these 5 years.
Swara smiles.
Swara: I am sorry.
Sanskar: u could have shared with me. u have made me to be angry person.
Swara: sorry.
Sanskar hugs swara.
swara: u know u r the major reason of my survival. i wanted to live for u. u know i didnt get this much worried at first.
seeing ur love i felt that what if i be alive and get all the happiness. i love all of u. my parents ragu , and laksh as my best friend. sanskar. i love u a lot. i love u
sanskar hugs swara tightly
sanskar: even i love u
The next day
Shekar and sumi went with ap and dp to speak about their rishthey. Their marriage was fixed.. along with them raglak marriage was also fixed..

The both pairs got married on the same day and they led a happy life.

After a small 10 year of leap.
A boy was chasing a girl.
Boy: bubbly stop or else.
That girl was running.
Girl makes faces..
Girl: chotu u cant catch me ..but the boy makes and idea and catches her.
Girl: sorry, I beat u for fun. Sorry.
Boy: u will get my forgiveness only if u give me chocolate radhika.
Radhika: of course Arjun I will give u. they both got compromised and both hold their hands and walks.

4 people was watching it with smile.
It was none other than swasan and raglak..
They 4 joined hands and see their kids bond.
Arjun was raglak son meanwhile radhika was swasan’s daughter.

The story ends with a short provervb.

The one who have friends will get everything in his or her life. the friends will be a guide and will be with u when tough times. So I dedicate this to all my friends………..

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  1. Praju


  2. Aashi

    Beautiful.. I mean wow…and that quote…that was awesome ?

  3. V.nice..

  4. Abirsha

    Awesome dr…

  5. Fabulous……very emotional

  6. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…..

  7. Mica

    oh goodddd.. the quote is soo beautiful….my SWASAN and ARDHIKA..uugghh love it Akshuu

  8. Very nice. I like ur os thanks to entertain us such a nice story

  9. Rabia

    Awesomee dear ?

    1. Rabia

      but dear something is missing in this story i dont know but i just felt

  10. Anniya

    Awsm ….

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  13. Interesting

  14. G.Chandu

    awesome!!! loved it!!

  15. It was beautiful…. Loved it… ????????❤❤❤

  16. Wow awesome dear… really liked it a lot…. Superb

  17. SNY

    Awesome dr….

  18. Simin

    Its really beautiful dear

  19. Alku

    Nyc and amazing

  20. SaNaYa

    Wow!!! Actually oshmm yarr

  21. beautiful story
    touched me
    the quote was awesome

  22. awesome

  23. Soujanya


  24. Simi

    Awesome os?

  25. Beautiful

  26. It’s mind blowing yaar such cute friendship, and love the end…. I totally agree with the Proverb…. But don’t know why I felt something is missing???

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  29. Awesome . & superb lines in end. Really friends r like diamonds.

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