Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhanvi asks why this press conference suddenly why. Pinky says I m also surprised. Reporter asks Shivaye any special reason for press conference. Shivaye says I have to make an imp announcement. Pinky and Om think what is the announcement. Anika comes there. Shivaye looks at her. Sometime before, Shivaye asks Anika to stop being adamant. He drags her and makes her sit in the car. He sends her home. Anika gets thinking. She gets a call and answers.

Its morning, Shivaye goes to kitchen. Maid asks will you take breakfast. He asks her if she has seen Daksh. She says don’t know, I haven’t seen him. He asks did Anika come. She says I haven’t seen even her. Soumya thanks Anika for coming at night, it really means a lot. Anika asks what happened, how did you get scared. Soumya says I felt there

is someone in room, I was scared and did not wish to disturb Dadi, luckily Daksh was awake and called you, I really feel there was someone in my room. Daksh looks on and smiles.

Anika says when we are worried, we think anything, I know you are worried for marriage with Reyaan. Soumya thinks of Rudra. She says its strange thing, we have less senses and know what we want and what we don’t, we get sensible when we grow up and don’t know what we want. Anika says you would know what you don’t want, decide by it. Soumya says its confusion, I will send tea for you. She goes and greets Shivaye. He asks are you fine. She says yes. She asks maid to send Anika’s tea to Daksh’s room. Shivaye thinks of Daksh’s room and says Anika’s tea in Daksh’s room…… Daksh looks on and smiles.

Daksh runs to his room. He greets Anika and says sorry I came without knocking. She says its your room. He says I just have to take my clothes. He pours tea on himself. He says I have to change now. She changes pillow covers. He removes his tee and throws on the ground. Shivaye comes there and sees Daksh wearing the shirt. He sees Daksh and Anika together. Daksh sees Shivaye in the mirror and smiles. He says I hope you had good sleep in my room yesterday night. Anika nods. Shivaye recalls Daksh’s words. Daksh holds Anika. Shivaye gets sad. O jaana……plays……….. He leaves and recalls them. He hits on the wall and shouts why….. He thinks of Daksh’s words and throws a vase.

Jhanvi asks why this press conference suddenly why. Pinky says I m also surprised. Dadi says I was busy in arrangements, I don’t know either. She asks Om. Om says there is something that has shaken up Shivaye, I need t talk to you Shivaye. Shivaye says after this press conference Om. Reporter asks Shivaye any special reason for press conference. Shivaye says I have to make an imp announcement. Pinky and Om think what is the announcement. Anika comes there. She sees media. She asks Jhanvi is everything fine, why did press come here. Jhanvi says we are also trying to understand it. Shivaye says I m marrying Tia next week as you all know, but now my marriage won’t happen next week, it will happen tomorrow. They all get shocked. He says I m getting married tomorrow. Pinky says what is he doing, my clothes are not ready. Dadi asks why tomorrow. Reporter asks the same. Shivaye says its my personal matter, I don’t need to explain anyone, this press conference is now over. Anika looks on.

Tia talks to someone and says its all going as per our plan, why are you upset, you know this marriage is formality, I got married to you, after marrying Shivaye, his half property will be ours, I m doing this for us. She sees news on tv about Shivaye’s announcement and gets shocked. She says marriage, tomorrow…. The guy throws the remote and breaks the tv screen. He leaves angrily.

Shivaye says so what if I preponed, the marriage will happen tomorrow, what’s there to worry. Om says you look more worried. Pinky says you ruined our plans, you should have asked us, arrangements are left. Shivaye asks what was your super visioned wedding planner doing till now. Jhanvi says we called guests, will they be able to come on short notice. Pinky says yes, if my aunty knows we preponed everything, she will get sad. Shivaye says I don’t care if guests don’t come or arrangements are not done, I m marrying tomorrow. He leaves.

Dadi asks why is he so angry. Pinky says Anika, you start, you have to do arrangements of one week in one day, I have to inform Tia. Anika thinks it means he is marrying Tia tomorrow. Pinky says I will help you, we will call guests first, come. Servant gives courier to Dadi. Dadi checks and says Anika’s loan passed. Daksh greets her. She asks did you see Anika. He says no, why.

She says its good news, Anika applied for loan for her brother Sahil’s boarding school, 15 lakhs loan got passed. He says wow, Anika will be glad knowing this. She says yes, she works hard. He says you helped right. She says I told Shakti, he spoke to bank manager. He hugs her and says now Anika and I are same, you helped her, it means you helped me, thanks. Dadi laughs. He asks shall I give the papers to Anika. She says fine, its same to give you or Anika. He thanks her.

Shivaye talks to Tia on call and says sorry Tia, I did not ask you and took decision, I just hope you are not much upset, and happy that we are getting married. Daksh says you are no less in giving surprises, why did you prepone marriage. Shivaye says nothing. Daksh says leave it, I understand, you can’t wait, even me and Anika could not wait yesterday night. Shivaye says just stop it, I don’t want to know. Daksh says angry young man, why this anger, that I won the bet, I hope you know Anika has spent the night with me.

Shivaye recalls Daksh and Anika. Daksh talks cheap. Shivaye gets angry. Daksh says unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend your marriage, mom met with an accident, her knee surgery is tomorrow, I have to be there, did you see Anika, I had to give these papers. Shivaye asks whats this. Daksh says her price, she has spent the night and asked for 15 lakhs, the deal got costly for me, what to do, I have to pay her to get rid of her. He goes. Shivaye thinks can Anika do this……

Anika says Pinky has sent this, choose from this. Shivaye says keep it, I will see. She asks him to say, I have much work. He angrily hits the glass tray on the wall and injures his hand. She gets shocked seeing the blood.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tahima

    honestly i dont understand why gul khan is trying to take stories from other shows and smush it into ishqbaaz. ive always loved the show becuz of how unique and differnt it is but this is but this is not like ishqbaaz. idk whats going on and whats gonna happen for the future of shivika and show but i will always continue to watch

  2. Richu

    Guyzz raise hands if hating this cheap tracks……. .
    I just lived the first ishqbaaz…..
    Plzzz don’t spread negativity in this show yaar….

    Friends how r u all??

    1. Well said richu… I agree guys we are ishqbaazians or ishqies plz don’t be like other fans its a request if u feel the track is negative plz stay calm

      1. Yup…i also agree..
        I m fine di…nd where were u ???..yy not commented..??.

      2. Umm saku I am busy nowadays like hell I see the original telecast so I come here just read all comments and sign off sorry by the way I never expected that in so much big gang anyone would remember ur the second the first was Veda di thanks for remembering……

      3. @shama di
        No need to say thanks
        Not only me nd veda di but ….All remember u!!…
        Aakhir cutiee ko bhala kon bhul sakta hai???

      4. Veda

        Shama dr..Saku is need to say thanks…we r a ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE… ??

    2. Renimarenju

      Richu ishqie….am cool yaar….how r u dear

  3. Hey guys how are you? It’s been quite sometime since i’ve commented on this page. But after seeing the latest promo I couldn’t help myself. God what an explosive promo!!! I love it.
    Coming to today’s episode, I’m kinda disappointed with everyones comments bashing SSO online. Guys i don’t think he’s concerned about whether or not Anika is a virgin anymore. I think it’s the very thought that the girl he loves is involved with another guy. Unlike in ipkknd here Shivaay is already in love with Anika(even if he refuses to believe that). Logically anybody’s ability to think will be fried if (s)he realises their beloved is in love with someone else and believes she’s about to be cheated on. Cuz a girl like Anika will only be intimate with a guy if she’s in love with him. He hasn’t yet seen incriminating evidence to believe that Anika would do it for money.

  4. I don’t think Shivay is going to marry Anika as a revenge against her sleeping with Daksh. That makes no sense whatsoever. The only reason I can think of him forcing her has to do with Tia. I dont think Shivay would just abandon Tia on wedding day and marry Anika. I think like some of you said Tia might elope or back out of the wedding at the last minute and this is going to force Shivay to marry Anika instead to save his reputation or something like that. Thus, he can also save her from Daksh. So that is what I think. Also, I don’t get how you all are so mad at Shivay after today’s episode. He just seemed really sad since all his trust for Anika was broken due to the misunderstanding. In real world, this is how most guys are going to react when they feel like somebody cheated on them. Men just sometimes let the emotions get the best of them and dont really think before they act and what Shivay did is a classic example of this. But the only irony in that is that he still cannot acknowledge how much he loves Anika which should be obvious to him at this point.

    1. Diyaa

      I completely understand where you are coming from and what you mean to say aboutShivaay’s state of mind. But even if Anika had slept with Daksh thinking him to be her fiance, how would that have been cheating on Shivaay who is getting married to someone else? Just for discussion sake.

      1. He is mad thinking that she slept with him before marriage. According to him, she is not that type of girl. Also he has so many feelings for her. Probably after his marriage, he will probably ok for her to get married but not before. He is very possessive about her and knows she also likes him. That is what making him mad about her. He is in a big dilemma and not able to digest if she can really do that.

        And regarding forced marriage, I don’t think Shivaay wants to marry Anika just to save their family reputation. He is not that kind of person to do something like that to a girl for his family reputation. There is some big reason behind it. Either to protect Anika or some other big reason.

    2. Akann 100% agreed dear for shivaay reaction and I guess ur POV on Ishqbaaz is having logic

    3. Looking at the anger expressed by TIA’s BF, you may be right! TWO BIRDS IN ONE SHOT! SAVING ANIKA FROM DAKSH AND SAVING FAMILY FROM BEING DEFAME by a single act, MARRY WITH ANIKA!

  5. Lots of love to everyone, dear friends, I’m done with comments, I’ve really enjoyed being with all of you.

    1. Why??? …what happened suddenly??
      Dont leave yaar…plzzz..

      1. Yaa plz

  6. cant wait for the wedding …..i have a feeling we will get stuck again n will have to wait till next week Monday to see the whole drama after wedding as there will be no episode on Sunday..
    OMG…the one day wait is so diffcult..

    Hope Shivika’s MU gets cleared as the show progresses n not be stuck in the same page
    Dying to see their nok jhok again, love, chemistry, trust btw the two and Shivay being possessive n protective of Anika no matter what.

  7. I think tia’s boy friend is dev . By looking at his figure he is not look like daksh /robin. Very slim guy. May be both of them tried to cheat the obroys but since dev failed he may want to spoil obroys reputation. I too think if this marrage happening it might be a blackmail drama. After all tia will act like very innocent and she will continue her evil role against anika and shivay. Omru are not around in promo. So i have 2 doubts
    1. Om went to save rudra and meanwhile shivay had to get this dissions.
    2. Shivay doing this to save omru.

    This daksh is a pcyco like romi. Now so many villains. Daksh,tia,romi,roop,swetlana. Atleast they should finsh one by one otherthan just vanishing them. Drama is so interesting but they have put soo many secrets together so it is like a mix salad now.

    1. Veda

      Carefully notice da promo again…omru is prsnt there..near da MANDAP ?

    2. Even for me he looked like Dev as this person is slim. But if it is Dev, then Shivaay’s belief would come true about the blood and lineage. So I feel he may not be Dev.

      1. Yes vijji even i tooo thought that the person is dev beacuse his personality looked like dev

    3. Guys I am only in the same boat

      1. But I don’t think he is Dev
        If he is Then who’s that intruder
        Who’s the guy in the car
        Dev enters in the drama after this things know

  8. 2odayz episode was tooo bad.draging……..draging……………

  9. Guys i read somewhere that robin is tia’s husband…. Sounds funny…….

  10. Plz whoever knows me kindly read my telly updates wall and the important news by me for my readers …..

  11. Good morning guyz have a nc day.
    Ohhhh daksh plssss kill him he is cheap manuplative cunning im feeling like hit his head
    And sso whats wrong with this man he announced that he will marry tia in one day then what is the reason behind marrying anika im so comfused
    Anyways i love ishqbaaz
    Ishqbaaz rockz

  12. Disha

    Good Morning ishqies
    How are you all
    Sorry for not commenting
    But very busy this days as my exams near
    I’m stuck with studies
    Missing u all
    I’ll be there after my exams
    Welcome all new members
    Please come back missing ishqies

    1. Renimarenju

      All the best disha ishqie…..and am going for field visits @ mysore….by tmrw itself……so i will be back by next week …..i mean dec 2 …friday……write well……best of luck…..dear…….
      And i have seen ur msgs in private messages….but am busy with work and i have to make reports for field visits… will chat with u @ next week ishqie….bye….

    2. Hii disha di..
      Gud to see u back yaar…
      I’m sooò happyy…nd bst luck for ur exams nd come back soon..ok!!?

  13. Pragya

    Hello everyone….its after a long-time I could se tu ishqbaazian s in their charm…..thank u all…..
    And yesterday s episode…..
    Shivay could not accept the fact which was shown to him by daksh……
    And she who came much early to upset face clearly shows that he wants to know about Anika ……y cant he call……and his reaction after maid saying about coffee to daksh room……is blunder…..daksh reaching his room before Shivay… is it possible….
    Seeing Anika in daksh room….his reaction…..
    Ya the fact potrayal was good…but how can one accept this just like that….shivay believing in daksh is one way it is correct as e is much possessive about her….and he knows Anika innocence..but on the other way knowing that she is strong how can he accept……..and even Anika needed money before when shivay wanted her break her confidence…….so shivay accepting this truth will prove him that neither relationship nor business he is good at……

  14. You can hate one only on TRUSTED and LOVED one.
    Some one believe, it is his HATE, some one say it his anger, but it was neither anger nor anger of SSO, it all was his frustration for what she can do so easily , he just can not do the same in reverse.
    What she did?
    She was crying and crying hearing his opinion for her, some one say it was TIA words which she over heard by ANIKA during CONVO of SSO and OM, but they forget he stamped TIA’s words by adding his words, MIDDLLE CLASS GIRLS USED TO TRAP RICH PERSON AND THEN MARRY WITH. THEY CAN GO UPTO ANY EXTENT FOR MONEY AND POWER. She just got shattered, and crashed down. She recalls many things, and just could not satisfy with her this state of mind and heart, she was not just like that much weak and helpless, and just can not be, she stood stand straight with determined state of his mind and heart, and what she did then?
    She throw all her feelings aside, and get her self busy in wedding arrangements and he jumped straight to the level of NEUTRAL STATE, and instead of walking on HATE and ANGER on SSO, she just started to behave with SSO as NOTHING HAPPENED state.

    This her state of NOTHING HAPPENED is that her act which SSO could not do, and that his frustration he expressed in last two epis.

    In my POV it was not either his hate or anger, just his frustration which he reacted to, expressed in many ways.

    It is not a fight of LOVE and HATE , not a fight between SHIVAAY and ANIKA, but a fight between SIMPLE STATE OF MIND and COMPLEX STATE OF MIND.

  15. Just a small twist I feel…what if shivaay comes to know abt tia n Daksh at last moment n instead of bride swap it becomes groom swap. Anika gets angry as Daksh manipulate that shivaay did this for proving his ego. Anika gets aloof n starts her own life

  16. Shivaay will definitely not marry Anika just because he thinks she slept with Daksh. There is definitely big reason behind it. But I am so happy they are getting married. Love Shivaay to the core the way he protects Anika and feels for her in spite of talking about blood and lineage. They both know that they like each other but just not accepting their feelings. Anika almost accepted she likes Shivaay when she hugs news paper that has Shivaay’s picture.

  17. Renimarenju

    Hello Ishqies……..Mukta[ ishqie….any idea about nadiya and dil ????],aqua, nadiya, dil,sat, ooshi, kat,jazz,nelka,navi,priya,disha,shaza,kikki,nikki,nithu,shahabana,niharika,nivedha,shivani,luna,
    enasanjida,nazneen,mukthi,haya,aarya,akshaya,aiswarya,pradishma,pragya,piyali, mishri, mary,meena,zuha,sunehri,fatarajo,sujina,sunanda,sumi,abiha,aahana,rose,rosu,roz,chithra, razna,richu,samyuktha,saku,senu,lijince,dasha,liya,diyaa,divya,lijitha,aliya,devga,sekhar,lijince,
    varshu,maanik,krits,jarra,bshama,aditya,nazneen,monique,admin,meena,anu,yazhu,dhruvv, shakaib,kushagra,veda,athiraappu, tharu, himagiri, vinnu, sreeranjini, archiya, trishana, tridha,
    maahiswit, asmitha………and other ishqies………how are u guys ???????

    Am Going For Field Visits Tomorrow – Mysore….will be back @ next week….friday…….

    Sorry i didn’t watch yesterday’s episode…….

    Didn’t read updates also…but my friend said me that wedding bells for shivika is gonna rang…… not for shitiya ????????? Really ??????????
    So what about Tia ?????? And the mystery of “d” is still not revealed ??????

    SHIVIKA = Stereotyped Hearts Incredible Variants Killing Adorable love

    I guess this is enough to describe shivika @ present…..
    Please…..shivika…….can’t tolerate T & D ……on screen….want to see ur lovely nok-jhoks,………eyelock …..which expressed ur concern to each other……and much awaited……expressing ur ishqbaaz on ishqbaaz…..

    So @ wedding day i guess tia’s true colors will be out …….i hope it will be a treat 4 shivika fans

    Any way watch ishqbaaz…..enjoy it and keep ishq @ hearts……have a gud day…..ishqies….bye….

    1. Hey Reni di…
      I m not so fine yaar…having fever nd cold..
      This closed nostrils r just irritating me…
      Come back soon….bye take care di??

      1. I am not having fever but all the rest ….
        Take care dear

    2. Hi di I am still suffering from cold but yaa I am OK thanks

    3. Helloo renima
      U are visiting mysore its soo coolyar i like mysore its beautiful city
      Enjoy ir trip and tc

    4. Veda

      Hey…can u tell me ur age plz…?..actually most of ISHQIES use to call u DI so I hv startd to call u so bt I think Im elder dan many other I hv to decide if I should call u DI or by name…??

    5. Razna

      hii renimaa diiiii…how r u….iam fine…..
      and yss dii..its wedding time for shivika….but its a forced one….till now the mystries were not solved…..and thanku renima di for joining us even u were busyyyy…..and love u very much….

  18. Uff.. .this daksh is so irritating like rumi..
    He is also a pshyco…one pshyco was enough to irritate is they served two two
    One more misunderstanding..nooo yaar why so many misunderstandings…nd y shivaye is trusting daksh words doesn’t he hv lil faith on anika???…
    He is jealous from core of his heart still instead of talking to her clearing his doubt or accepting his feeling what he is doing marriage preponed nd that to [email protected][email protected]!..
    Yaar show ka naam ISHQBAAZ hai kuch toh acchi ishq baazi dekho not this cheap thing…
    But now eagerly waiting for shivika wedding…so many questions like why he is forcing her to marry???….just want wedding soon…
    Nd as usual last question WHEN WILL OM LEAD ENTER IN SHOW??,…

    hello ishqieess…
    Hw r u all…??..hv a nice day??

    1. 100% agreed dear saku yaar main khud pareshaan hu om ke liye SHIVIKA marriage hone wali hai ab toh om pe dhayan doo na plz…..
      Sometimes I feel ki question paper ya koi aur serial easy hai kam se kam aakhir me solve toh hota hai u know agar Ishqbaaz ko apni trp badni hai toh jese Ishana ko out kiya tha wese hi iss universal irritating machines ko bhi karo humesha ke liye

      1. Seriously telling di..the reason I m losing interest from the show is not track but is om..bcoz everyone is having pair except om…nd how much to wait yaar…right from starting wht at all om fans r doing is just wait for his pair nd story…no doubt shivika is lead pair but I also want some rumya scenes yaar..they r also cute..or om k liye jaldi ek ladki bhej khatam home k bad bheji h kya.???
        But still I will keep patience…lets hope gk will end our patience soon…
        Fingers crossed..

    2. Veda

      Ya SAKU nd SHAMA…had hoti hey yaaarrr…!!…3 mnths se OM ko side charectr ki tarah trt kar rhe hey ye log…yahaan RUMI k liye scrn space hey,TIA ,RHEYAAN sab k liye waqt hey,ek ke bad ek cameo ate jate rehte hey,sab k difrnt storyline hey par wats about OM..???..he has nothing to do except throwing some SHAYRIS now nd then…..pathetic yaa…????????…a unique nd intense charecter like this isnt getting scopes…??
      Well said khatam hone se pahle vej de OM k love intrst ko to mein prasad chadaungi…..??

  19. so many whats n ifs…..i just want Shivika is there, just needs nourishing
    Hope they will clear MU btw Shivika then they can move forward with other mysteries n priyanka and Ranveer RL hopefully

    I didnt see Rudras presence in wedding…so no one misses him? while the psycho had him kidnapped.

    cant wait for the wedding n Tias truth to come out….hmmmmm how will Oberois react to Tias lies…hopefully Shivay will start believing Anika about what she has been saying all along

    Daksh–get lost..obsessive lover ? more like psycho–no female should have to put up with that kind of RL or behaviour.
    Cant wait for dadi to confirm that the money was for Anikas loan given by her, and then soumya to confirm that she called Anika late night/ early morning to OM…….
    Shivay can then sweat n work hard to win Anikas love back

  20. Ab hum kya kahe itne comments aane ke baad ….
    Intazar me hai USS ghari ke jab milte GI saare gile shikawe do dilo ke darmiyaan …
    Hum ab bhi intazar me hai jab shuru hogi mohabbat ki daastan ( especially om )…
    Paata Nahi yeh intazar hai bada mushkil ? please koi pinky ko yeh promo dikhao unke dil ki oh my mata ho jaayegi.

    1. HehehHehehe??? shama di well said…
      Nd I would also like to dedicate a song for oms lead???..

      1. Wese toh oberois ki saari khabre hoti hai per iss mamaleme mere yaar khabare bhi hai bekar kyu ki aaye ga toh wahi toh Hume karye intzar….

      2. ???

      3. * aayega toh wahi jo karaye Hume intazar aur kare Hume bekarar……

      4. Few more song for om in waiting for his partner
        1. Kaha ho tum…kaha ho tum…
        2. Gumshuda hoooo..gumshuda…
        3. Kunwara hoon kunwara…kunwara hooo..
        4. Tadap tadap k iss dil se aah nikalti rahi aisa kya gunaha kiya jo tum nahi aaye nahi aaye (my creation)
        5.kon mujhe u pyaar karega(my creation)..maine those lyrics badal diye..
        So kaise lage kuch aap add kr dena di..
        Let’s play this game…do bimar ab gane banayenge..??

    2. Saanso ki Teri zarurat hai ,
      Dil ko Teri chahat hai,
      Khawaish jo adhuri rehagai usse puri karne ki hasrat hai,
      Jaane kab iss rahi ko milegi manzil

  21. Looking at the promo published in spt/oct, ANIKA, AFTER SEEING SSO THROWING FLOWER PRESENTED BY CHILDREN, and also AT CLIP OF SHIVIKA WEDDING PUBLISHED FEW DAYS BACK, I assume that, ANIKA will leave OM for ever as she just can’t find the LOVE the base of wedding and as she find her self respect and individuality at loss. She simply want to LOVE & TO BE LOVED, and nothing else. She just can not find herself comfortable with complex nature of SSO, and leaving back all in shock and equally in amazement, simply leave OM and they will then realise, what they had and what then they lost.

  22. Ok so here is a list for missing ishqies..
    I know all r busy but plz guys come back soon..
    Following r the names..
    @abiha di,mukti di,mishri di;chetna di,Roz di,Rosu di,sahana di,aahana di,shaza,Sat,haya,nithu di,Nikki,chithra di,sunheri,samyukta,priya15..etc..nd all other members..u all were regular commenters nd some of them comments here now also but frequently….so plz guys come back..
    Agar upar do he gaye naam k prani kahi bhi paaye gaye toh unhe turant telly updates page pr bhej do..
    @MUKTA where r u??..

    1. ??? haha good one

    2. Hi saku dear because of my exams and projects I was not able to comment and may. Be comment regularly after a week .hii all how r u ???? Hi Renima di miss u and bshama,ahiba,saku,sat,mukta,ishqkum and all and sorry I forgot any one and hatao is idiot daksh and tia ko?? I think tia’s husband is robin.but really waiting for shivika wedding and hope next day I don’t have any exam??????

  23. hyy guys . yesterday episode was OK . about daksh…… sooo . there is lot of confusion , lot of questions I’m our mind . eagerly wait for mrg . …n guys I also think that robin is tia s husband. I saw one pic of tia n her husband. jesme D ke kaan me ek black earrings hai vahi same robin k kaan me bhi hai .

    1. Oh ur a keen observer if it is so its another suspense but I am in confusion…. Daksh or Dev or Robin becoz till now they have not shown everyone why Robin is behaving like that… Where did dev vanished…. Daksh kese anika ke pyaar me pagal hua?? So many more

      1. Shama someone posted the pics of tias d and robins pic on insta where the due are whereing same type of ear sted and i have mentionde it on prevoius episode pages
        And i tooo have comfused btwn robin and dev becz of this steds are same and the person look like dev which we saw in yesterdays episode
        And getwell soon shama and saku u guyz are sufering from cold so
        MP i just told what i saw in insta dnt be sad

      2. Thanks dear really need get well soon wishes…

      3. Thanks shabu di…
        Sacchi iss ki bahot zarurat hai..i mean wishes ki…

  24. I think Daksh is not creating misunderstanding between anika and shivay .he wanted to just realising so that anika and shivay can confess that’s the daksh role in ishqbaaz.

    1. Yes dear I understand ki hero ko ehsaas dilane ke liye villain zaruri hai but we are having issues with his character like we only know that daksh and anika met once and now they are showing daksh as obsessed lover how come without revealing he will be out

  25. Mouni

    l just watched bts from their wedding day and it seemed both of them were helpless , shivay looked like he is in a nightmare and anika was crying and helpless also l think she throw a glass of water at him and he let her , he didn’t react
    the point is for me its confirmed its not anger but it seemed both are forced to do it
    and in the promo the only one who looked really happy is dadi so am guessing she maybe behind the idea of marrying them to save the obroy name and reputation

  26. guys, there’s a shocking news. shivaay is marring anika forcbly.

  27. Mukti

    Hii guys how are you all???
    Actually I was busy with stds…
    N nowdays ib is getting bored all psychos are here…good abt shivika marriage though.

    1. Hellooo mukthi
      How z u?
      Commenting after so long time
      Hey saku look at dr finally one ishquee is back

      1. Yes shabu di…my missing report is working??..
        And mukti di Hiii…hw r u???
        And from when u gonna comment regularly di…not for track atleast comment for us…

  28. it’ s okk shabana . isme naraj hone vaali konsi baat hai

  29. It will get more iteresting wen all the universe truth will come out shivikafeelings will cm out and romance romance romance thug life and Anika will start her daily life Tashan she does always at the first and shivay will love it more not hate it and he will pull Anika without no reason and get romantic it happens rye wen one lover comes and pull the another lover in side and gets romantic and it will suit at shivay most as his ego his face ooooooh I m waiting for that moment wen it will happen who agrees with me

  30. In press conference , SSO declare his marriage got preponed tomorrow itself now, and then after he talked with TIA, apolizing for one side decission and told, I M happy , we are going to marry tomorrow.

    So what surfaced is simply he preponed his marriage with TIA.
    Upto that point, ANIKA was no where in WEDDING DRAMA, but ANIKA might be the reason
    of preponning the marriage with TIA

    Then after, talking with DAKSH, he got distress , but soon after giving a second thought to DAKSH sayings, he determined, ANIKA JUST CAN’T DO THAT WHAT DAKSH SAID.

    Now big question, when SSO determined to marry TIA very next day, then what could have been lead him to marry with ANIKA?

    There are, many possibilities are there

    (1) TIA forcebly stopped by her BF to reach for WEDDING

    (2)After meeting with DAKSH, he might have came to know few truth for both TIA ,ANIKA and DAKSH in anyway that lead him to marry with ANIKA

    (3) Third possibility is there, but looking at the frame of charector SSO, it seems to me least to happen, that is ANIKA IS THERE ONLY FOR RITUAL instead of TIA, then after TIA will REPLACE ANIKA. This option is the least to happen, even though it is on the board.

    In my POV, I see mixture of both point one and two in next two epis.


    Eventhough having all types of NOK_JHOK with ANIKA, he never UNDER VALUED her , and never can be. He know, SHE IS ONLY ONE GIRL IN HER OWN CLASS, and get himself sure, HE WILL NEVER BE SO CLOSE TO ANYONE AS HE IS CLOSE TO ANIKA! SHE IS NOT ONLY FAMILY FOR HIM, SHE IS ALL AROUND IN HIS DREAM WORLD! So , in my POV, he just can not allow himself to use ANIKA as the REPLICA of TIA, and if it is happen, then i would like to say, she had used illicit power she had, to DEFORM SSO CHARECTOR first ever to gain something against !

    1. Mouni

      hi shekhar , for me l think is a mixture between 1and 3 options , the fact that tia will not be able to come to her wedding is probably the strongest reason why he will turn to anika in less than 24h after the press meeting
      and the fact that he orders her to cover her face in the promo is probably due to the press presence in the wedding
      its just a guess but anything could happen in the next 2 or 3 episodes and l think by monday they will be married “yaaaaaaaaay”

  31. Guys remember in starting episode where sso offered a blank check for anika to accept her defeat but she doesnt accepted it
    Then how this shivaye can think anika slept with daksh for afterall a 15 lacks rs
    Really silly

    1. Seriously sick person sometimes he gives good advice’s to his brothers like life is mixture of black and white ( sach aur jhooth) its grey so y can’t he understand it that anika is hurt and confused…

      1. S sometimes sso talks like really mature and very understanding
        But when something about anika he really behaves like immature and his iq becomes zero

  32. I hope next week will increase trp???

  33. Guyz ishqbaaz trp is 1.4 this weak also.
    Im really fedup of this stupid trp
    No good shows comes top in trp
    Sas bahu dramaz and supernatural stupid shows comes rules indian trp chart
    Im not understanding how peaple can tolerate those stupid shows
    Kkb its 3 yrs then also no improvement in story stupid show
    Sns ssk very dumb shows
    How peaple can watch this kind of shows

    1. Sumi.SS

      Dnt wry Dr..I thnk most of people r studyng fr their exams…this show is vry popular amng youngsters..once they wl cme back trp wl rise..

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