Kasam 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi runs upwards towards the road, calling Tanuja from behind and was worried that he might not even get a lift here. She looks in the back view mirror, and feels the strange looks of the drunk driver. She knocks at the mirror, and asks him to stop the car as she wants to get down. He tries to flirt, she knocks at the mirror behind but Rishi doesn’t reply. The driver wasn’t ready to stop the car, and holds her hand to prevent her from jumping down. Tanuja attacks his steering, the truck loses its balance. She finally hits the man with a rod and runs downwards. The driver comes to stop her, Tanuja begins to cry. Soon, Rishi comes as her savior, and wrestles the driver, beating him badly for hitting his Tanuja. Tanuja was in disbelief hearing this concern from Rishi. She comes to stop Rishi from killing the man to death. Rishi finally lowers his fist, Tanuja takes him aside.
On the road side, Tanuja gets Rishi a water bottle that she found from truck. She thanks him for saving her from the driver. Rishi asks if he told her to stop a truck. Tanuja explains she looked for him behind, but he wasn’t there; Rishi explains he slipped. Tanuja holds her ear in apology. Rishi forbids her to take truck’s lift again. She wonders how he reached here. Rishi points towards a cycle, and laughs that he stole it? Tanuja asks if he didn’t catch him even. Rishi boasts about training Manpreet about stealing as well. He tells Tanuja if it caused someone’s wellbeing, this stealing isn’t bad. He gets nostalgic at once, about his stealing and Tannu who used to scold him. He recalling stealing a bike with Tannu. Tanuja says for the first time, he is smiling while speaking about Tannu else he always scolds her. She asks to know about her more, Rishi tells her that Tannu always scolded him. She always wanted people to stay happy, Raaj wanted him to marry… someone else (after a pause); but he realized he can’t marry someone else. Tannu thought about compromising, but he ran away with her and married her. In short, Tannu always wanted everyone happy. Tanuja asks if she also loved him. Rishi agrees, but her love was visible from her eyes. Tanuja asks what was there in her eyes, Rishi only stares towards her saying love can be seen. She notices his hand was injured, and binds a band over it. Rishi turns to leave. Tanuja smiles while saying she likes his Tannu and wish to be like her; she wants to live for others as well. Rishi forbids her, as she would only get pain this way. Tanuja replies at least she would be special for someone, and someone would love her too. They walk together.
At home, Malaika tells Rano she is going towards Mount Tabu, as she has to come between Rishi and Tanuja. Rishi and Tanuja were walking together, Tanuja gets tired. Rishi spots a huge house there, Tanuja begins to walk but Rishi was afraid to go inside the dark house. Tanuja drags him towards the dark house. They open the doors to a seemingly haunted house, Rishi grabs Tanuja’s hand explaining it’s because she might be afraid. Tanuja thanks him for being considerate; then withdraws as she will manage without holding his hands. Rishi insists. Tanuja wonders where she should turn the lights on, Rishi calls it as ruins. Tanuja hushes him up, whispering those who live here might not like him calling it ruins. He gulps asking who lives here. Tanuja replies ghosts! Rishi now speaks to ghosts that this is a nice house. Tanuja spots the switches, Rishi follows her. She was afraid after switching the lights on, and tells him not to worry now; all at once the lights begin to blink. She confirms Rishi if he is afraid of ghosts and calls him a coward. Rishi says he is afraid of bats, and snakes and witches as well. They argue. Rishi asks if he ever mocked her for being afraid of lizard and cockroaches. Tanuja was offensive as she never told him. Rishi was sure, as everyone girl is afraid of these things. Rishi at once looks around, then comes to hold Tanuja and fell over the couch with her. They share an eye lock. Rishi holds Tanuja’s hand, and asks her not to leave.

PRECAP: A masked man with blood stained clothes and over grown nails come to frighten Tanuja, she stammers while trying to call Rishi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nyc epi……njoyed….a…lot….lub..u …rishi..and …tanshi..pairz….keep going kasam……

  2. nice episode .I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode.

  3. i know this is rishi.

  4. still i m waiting for some intense love story of kasam

    keep it up………writers..

    kasam is rocking………

  5. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    U know guyz Barack Obama is not president of US and he want job and he fought on the set of kasam with director that he should be rishi in the show and should replace sharad malhotra by him . and Sandy go to Siberia cause he is afraid from barack obama

    1. good for you friend and thank you to put smile on our face

      1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

        your welcome katerine and guyz do u know that Barack Obama gets role in kasam tere pyaar ki and he will replace by raaz bedi and he will be rishi’s dad after hearing that tannu dies once again and rishi will do lungi dance.

  6. Today was full of tanshi cute scenes I just love them……awesome episode

  7. oh we are really tired, can they have a few hours peaceful and full of love and emotion , as a honeymoon is expected, then again create those childish danger and seperat them ,specially , you are going to bring that ugly ,nasty malaika there

  8. awesome episode.
    but Malaika will spoil tanshi honeymoon.

  9. What was the name of the song that played at the end of the episode?

    1. Song was har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyaar zindagi me(film:boss)

  10. nice epi …..thnx for written update!!

  11. Nice episode….I just want to kick this malaika out from tanshi lyf….as she is always coming in btwn tanshi lyk kabab mein haddi….

  12. anyone noticed , there was no bag with rishi or tanuja after that drama with the driver and rishi showed the cycle to tanuja, and they started waking ,BUT as they come very close to that empty house all of the sudden the bag was on shoulder of rishi.
    obviously the disgusting malaika is coming to make problems and seprate them , but ekta when you are going act as a normal human???, you never got peace and prosper marriage life to rishi and tanu EVEN for one hour, now giving the same treatment to rishi and tanuja ; GIVE US A BRAKE ,we are fed up of dragging and nonsense story line, and tired of 9.5 times out of 10 times the culprits wins, but even that very very very trivial nice time would be spoiled ;like a few minutes after they started the journey their car stopped, short time after, drama of drank driver, following by that monster come to scare tanuja in that empty house , and now
    you are sending malaika wow,at least let them to have an innocent romance for one day.

    1. yeah I,ve actualy also noticed that bag scene clearly…….lol

  13. Elena the song was HAR KISI KOfrom the movie boss

  14. I hate this nonsense show kya bakwas kar diya hai

  15. Nice episode, I really enjoyed it. Waiting for next episode, love you tanshi

  16. Kasam serial I love u very lovely & Romantic serial but I LoVe Tannu vs Tanuja.

  17. This is not fair that mallika is coming to spoil rishi and tanuja honeymoon.
    But no problem no one can stop them coming near not even mallika

  18. May their previous birth is included in that house

  19. How long is the honeymoon for ?
    Will they actually get there ?
    Yes I noticed the bag thing as well Katerine.
    Happiness does not seem to last very long in Kasam.
    Especially for Rishi and Tanu
    The one saving grace at the moment is,I only see Malaika and crazy Mam every so often.lol

  20. oh GOD kasam trp is 1.9…..

    i think veiwers r extremely fed up with this little closeness and much seperations or “JUDAAI”and want kasam seriously romantic…………please writers proceed the story towards tanshi actual romantic marraige without any hesitation………really we all waited too long for tanshi real romantic story,,,,,

    1. oh no that was fake trp… kasam trp increases i think………its 2.2………

  21. The episode was fabulous fantastic and awesome. I don’t have words to say. Cute tanshi moments. I love them. Although malaika is coming but rishi will insult her. I m waiting for that.

  22. Siddhi

    Guys i am really sorry for late and the episode is awesome.Actually i fell from scooty and hurt my leg.I got sprain in my hand and minor fracture in leg.

    1. Ohh God…Take care of ur self Siddhi….

  23. Urgh draagging n draagging….why the writers can’t give peace to tanshi….I think before the episode telecast I can guess it that what’s gonna happen further….n mostly all my guesses r gonna correct….same old things n na thing new….I hope atleast for increasing the trp rate, they show something interesting….

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