Swasan dillagi epi 8

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Thanks guys for your lovely coments and for liking my story ☺
Sooo guys lets start….

It was New morning for our lovely couple swara and sanskar or say New start of their life toghter….

The first Sun Ray felt on sanskar because of that his sleep Got disturb He opened his eyes first thing He saw his Angle his wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwari sleeping peacefully but still He can see that she cried whole night….

Sanskar stand up He went towards Window pulled curtain so that she can sleep well He turned and saw her once again After that He collects his cloths and went to washroom…..

Hearing shower sounds swara Got up  she looked at Couch n understood that sanskar is wake now..she was thinking something when there is a knock on door swara went towards door n opened the door She Saw uttra smiling at her..

Utt : smiling bhabi sorry for disturbing but maa has Sent sari for you

Sw: smiled no uttra its okey but why sari ?

Utt: bhabi today is your First ritual as Dil of this house thats why

Sw: hmm ok uttra

Swara took sari from uttra, uttra left the place then she closed door when she turned she saw sanskar getting ready for his office she looked at him and then at sari..Sanskar felt gaze on him so He turned n saw they share sweet eyelock which was Broken by sanskar

San: swara is everything okey

Swara looked at him dont know what to say but she have to sanskar understood that

Sans: look swara we are friends na then you can Share anything plzzz tell i will try my best to solve

Sw: smiled thanks sanskar but the Problem is that I dont know how to wear a sari bec. I never wore sari

Sans: so what you dont have wear sari swara you can wear anything what you want there is no Rule that you have to wear a sari

Sw: I know sanskar but ma said na

San: dont worry I will Talk to ma you dont worry

Sw: no sanskar I wana wear plzz she Sent me this sari with lots of love plzzz

Sans: smile okey but how will you wear this sari han ? You dont know how to wear ?

Sw: looking down can you help me ?

Sanskar was shocked hearing

Sans: shocked WHAT..

Sw: try to avoid eye contect plzzz

San: understood her situation dont wanted to drag so He said okey but how

Sw: still looking we can watch on youtube how to wear a sari okey

Sans: hmmm

Sw: okey I will go change then

After a while swara came out of Washroom in her sari blouse and skirt sanskar looked at her and was admiring her beuty swara felt his gaze on her she started to looking here there sanskar soon relize what He was doing n looked other side

Sw: so can you help me looking here and there

Sand: hmm yeah

Swara stood steadily in front of him… He turned her towards the mirror… He tucked the corner making Swara gasp by his touch on her stomach. He spread both his arms through her  armpit which were touching her swells while he started pleating the  sari.  Swara was all lost in his touch. she didn’t concentrate at all..  He completed the pleats.. And asked her to tuck them… she looked at him through mirror and They share a sweet passionate eyelock which was Broken by a door knock they both relize there Position swara took pleats from him and tuck them……

Sanskar went outside to avoid the eye contact uttra came him and took swara with her….

Swara came downstairs she looked at sanskar they shared again eyelock for while which was broken by ap

Ap: swara beta today is your first DIL of this house but you are like our uttra feel free ask whatever want dont hasitate beta
(Swara nodded her head in yes )
So beta lets start arti first….

They want towards Temple and did arti After arti swasan took blessing of Elders ap took swara with her to Kichten for her First rosoi….
Swara was shocked to listen that its her First rosoi and she have to make something she gulped in fear which was noticed by everyone…

Suju: beta what happend

Sw: in fear nothing mom

Ap: beta plzzz tell US we are like your ma na

Sw: with fear wo wo ma mom actually I I dont know Cooking (with that she closed her eyes duet to fear but open After hearing Suju and ap loughing…)
Ma mom what happend

Ap: beta you saying like that we will eat you han and dont worry you dont know coocking so what but you can learn na

Sw: happy yes ma mom i will try my best to learn

Suju: smiled at her okey then from next we will give classes okey

Sw: confuse but why from next week

Ap: bec..you are New wedded Girl na

Swara smiled at them After that they start preparing breakfast and swara help them little Bit after having breakfast sanskar went to office and uttra to collage swara was left with ap n Suju they started showing her family picture to swara….Swara smiled seeing sanskar childhood pic and all but soon her smile faded by seeing someone pic…..

I hope you guys liked this epi…

I know guys you know whom pic swara Show but Still you should guess…

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    awesome part Rab….

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    Is it laksh

  3. obviously laksh.

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  5. Awesome

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    Awesome di…

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    Omg i guess its luckyz pic

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