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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


OmRu were discussing something when the girls reached. Rudra looked away in disgust after seeing Soumya. Soumya felt bad and guilty and Ishana patted her back. “Go and apologise” Ishana said pushing Soumya a little. She looked back at Ishana and nodded her head. She took small steps forward and reached towards Rudra. “I… I am sorry Rudra” she said bowing her head down. Rudra stood silent when she went more close and apologised again and again till he hummed and looked at her. “Listen Sumo…” the Rudra speaking now was extremely serious, no one had ever seen this Rudra and it came as shock to everyone. Soumya looked up to meet his gaze and as her eye balls collided, pain reflected from both sides.

“I know through what phase you, your family and bhabhi went at that time and your reaction over my phone was maybe justified but I was hurt thinking that you never believed me and our family but listen our condition wasn’t fine also, moreover it got difficult to handle Tianshi” he explained. “I am sorry, please for the first and the last time forgive me… please” Soumya folded her hands mumbling sorries after sorries. At last the stone inside Rudra’s heart melted. He hugged her and composed her.

“Om I am sorry too, I was not in condition to receive your calls or reply your messages, I am extremely sorry” Ishana apologised nearing Om. Om being a matured one accepted her sorries soon and the quadro started to discuss how to bring Shivay-Anika close. Ishana and Soumya together disclosed the message matter towards OmRu leaving them in shock.

Here back in their house another storm was going to hit hard. ‘TING TONG’ the bell rang and Anika’s father opened the door to see the person they are not hoping to see anytime again in their life. “What the hell you want now?” Anika’s father’s tone stated that how much irritation it caused to see Shivay in front of his eye again. “Uncle… I just” he started to say something when Anika’s mother interrupted in between “listen Mr. Oberoi, we know that you owe us a lot of money still and we promise to return you that but from next time don’t come to our house like this.” “Can I come inside?” Shivay asked calmly without replying to what Anika’s mother said. Be it whatever but Anika’s mother and father cannot deny to allow him inside. He went in and looked around to see the face of Anika atleast once but she was nowhere.

He sat on the sofa and asked for a glass of water. Anika came out then taking her bag “maa I am going in search for job…” she uttered the words and her eyes fell on the person sitting over sofa. Her legs glued to the ground as her eyes fell on the person. “What is he doing here Baba?” Anika asked turning towards her father as her tears betrayed her and her voice choked. “Ohh so here are you” his voice still unaffected and straight. “Listen, I came here to take your signs on divorce papers, just sign the papers so that I can go and appeal for divorce soon” he said and got up.

“I don’t believe Mr. Shivay that in just some days a person can change this drastically” she said eyeing the papers and then him. “Listen Anika I am here for an important work, please keep your stupid assumptions to you and sign the papers soon” he walked to her and extended the papers. “Are you sure Shivay that you want divorce from me?” Anika asked, her tears flowing down continuously and her voice soft and wet. He turned facing his back towards her and waited for a few moments and then again turned back “I said sign them and leave me.” “Why are you doing this? What about Tianshi? Think about her at least once, please don’t separate a daughter from her mother. I will die without Tianshi, please try and understand” she folded her hands in front of him. “I asked you to sign the papers, I have seen enough of your drama” he retorted back in a high tone. This was enough to make Anika believe that their relation was for just some days. Nothing existed between them ever, not even understanding.

“Okay then, you want me to sign the papers I will but I have a condition” she said wiping away her tears, looking directly into Shivay’s eyes. “Ohhh so here you ask for alimony, go ahead. I was actually waiting for you to show your middle class mentality. Say what price will you take to leave me?” his words ended and her reply shot out of her mouth “your daughter, I want Tianshi to be with me if we get divorced.” As soon Anika completed Shivay’s world shook. This was a major shock and a decision of his life. He knew he can’t say anything now but still he fought back. “Ohhh so you want to buy my daughter? That’s not going to happen, but yeah if you can snatch away her custody from my hand legally then we will see, now stop wasting time and sign the papers” he roared out the last words. “I promise you Mr. Oberoi, Tianshi’s custody will be mine. She will be my daughter, only mine” she completed and snatched away the papers from his hands and placed it over the table.

She looked at the papers and held the pen tight. She again looked up at Shivay’s eyes which was as if instructing her not to sign the papers but he looked away as her eyes collided his. She closed her eyes , took a deep breath and signed in one go , as a drop descended down her eyes over the sign. She wiped away her tears and got up from her position. “Here are your papers Mr. Oberoi, now you sign” she said handing him the papers. He without uttering a single word took the papers in his hand and glanced at her sign. He gulped his saliva, to be true his pain. He signed the papers in front of her and looked at her eyes. He was controlling the water in his eyes and it forced to come out then. He ran out of the house clutching the papers in his hand and went in the direction of court.


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