Hey people…..

Thank you for all the love and support till now…

Moving on to the 24th part of the story….

The episode begins with Viplav Dhaani driving back to their home… The ride is silent as Dhaani is looking outside from the car window and Viplav is stealing glances of Dhaani while smiling…. When Dhaani looks at him,he straightens his neck and focuses on driving… Dhaani looks on… She then looks outside the car and looks back at Viplav…Soon,they are outside their home….She clears her throat…and says “Viplav…” Viplav looks at her…and says “Bolo Dhaani…” Dhaani says “Viplav,I am sorry…..” and starts sobbing .. Viplav suddenly applies brakes and looks at Dhaani… He then cups Dhaani’s face…and asks “Why are you sorry Dhaani? I should be the one saying sorry”… He says “Dhaani,it is me who should be sorry…  I should be saying sorry because I was the one who snapped at you….  I was the one who accused you of something you never did… I was the one who doubted you and your intentions… I am the one who should be saying sorry Dhaani…why are you sorry?” Dhaani keeps on sobbing….holding the hand of Viplav that was cupping her face…. Dhaani says “I accept your words had hurt me…But what about my behavior with you…. It must have hurt you a lot right?? You wanted me to talk to you…to listen to you…but I was too busy weeping and ranting that you belittled me…I am sorry, Viplav…”

Viplav looks at Dhaani… He then brings her face closer to him and Dhaani stops ranting sorry…Viplav cups her face….Ishq ka rang safed song….plays in the background… He says “Dhaani…Enough of this sorry saga…You know what… I am so happy that you are finally talking to me…” Dhaani smiles…and holds his hand which is cupping her face… Viplav too looks at it…and tries to take it back…But Dhaani keeps hold of it …Viplav raises his eyebrows…Dhaani says “Please…” Viplav smiles… Dhaani too smiles back….Viplav then looks around…and says “Dhaani …we should go home….” Dhaani nods… Viplav resumes driving while Dhaani looks at him… Viplav says “Dhaani,I know I am handsome…you don’t need to checkout Wifey….” and smirks playfully…. Dhaani looks at him shocked….and says “Viplav…you are so bad…” and looks out from the car window…. Viplav smiles…stealing her glances…He continues driving…..

Soon they reach home…Shaalu tells them that kids already slept…and goes wishing them good night… Dhaani smiles and thanks her for taking care of kids..Shaalu smiles and says “Come on Bhaabhi…. You are being formal now….” Viplav says “Wohi toh…Right fatty?” Shaalu rolls her eyes at this…but then smiles…and goes saying “She is feeling sleepy…” Viplav pats her head…and says “Good night..”

Moments later,Dhaani is seen coming out of washroom…She looks at Viplav who is leaning his head on the chair and holding something…. She comes near him…Viplav looks at her…. and then the paper he was holding… Then says “Woh…I ….” Dhaani then looks around and finds the same drawer open… She holds Viplav’s shoulder and gives and assuring smile…. He then holds her hand… Dhaani looks on… Viplav says “Dhaani… I want to say something to you…” Dhaani’s heart skips a beat when Viplav says this… Dhaani looks on too numb to say something…. Viplav then stands up…and comes towards bed still holding Dhaani’s hand…. He makes Dhaani sit on the edge of the bed…and himself sits down near Dhaani… He holds the paper… Dhaani gets nervous seeing the paper… A mere whisper escapes her mouth… She says “Viplav…. You… are you sure??” Viplav says “Dhaani… I am sure about this… but I won’t force you to do the same just because I did it…I know  I have made mistakes…and now I am trying to rectify it… So…starting with this…” Dhaani smiles weakly… Viplav looks at her when she holds his hand assuring him that she will listen to him for sure…. Viplav smiles…..

Hey guys…I am so sorry that I could not post the story for so long… Actually I was in hospital and after getting back from hospital,I had to manage my time between coping up with my college assignments and then my health that could betray me anytime… So guys…This is what I could manage to write… I  know this one is incomplete…and I apologize from my heart for this one…Also my internal exams are nearing. Immediately after those internal exams,I would be taking board exams…. Probably,I would  be free after that…So, guys I was hoping if I could take a break till my exams are over…. I know it is so unfair to you people who wait for the story to  proceed…But what to do????

Janice,Lalitha,Reni…You have been there always since the start of the story… I would really be happy if you show your love and support for me… Keep the love coming dear…. If possible do remember me in your prayers…and yes…I would try to come back…The only thing is that…it would take time…

I hope to get back here asap….

Love you my dearies…. J

  1. Dear Sujie,

    First of all thanks so much for the update.. Even though it is so short, yet it is enough to keep us going. It is well written full of emotions… though eager to know what lies in that piece of paper..

    Sujie dear, yes we wait patiently for your update daily. It was with immense joy to see the update just now.

    I am getting worried now since I keep reading about your frequent trips to the hospital. I do not know whether I can ask you freely what ails you.
    One thing for sure I can say that daily you are a part of my prayers. Not because I need you for the updates, but genuinely since we have shared this close bond since I began writing to you in the month of October (for this lovely story- In Love again)

    Yes, I will continue to pray for your good health and total recovery, I also pray that you do well in your exams both internal and board level.

    We will wait patiently for you to return back to this page. Do not worry. I know you will be back once you are done with everything.

    Only take extreme care of your health… Please do not stress too much because you are unable to come to this page..

    Love you always..

    Will wait for you… Keep smiling…

  2. Renimarenju

    My patakhagudi, First of all pls pls pls pls take enough care of your health and you don’t need to appologize each and every time as we all knows you have a valid reason and what we need is your good health , so pls don’t feel sad for not giving updates in time, in fact I am also damn late when I comes with updates and so don’t bother about it come back at your convenience and at good heath, as that is really important…..Articles can be update at any time and doesn’t matter even it take much days or much months, there was a time when this page was almost inactive and we all waited so long and finally when u showered this “love again” 2 us, it brought back at least few again…… We will wait for your arrival patiently and definitely will pray for your speedy recovery….And pls don’t feel sad for giving a short update…..Even if it was short also, this really had the beautiful bond of vidha which was well portrayed by you like always……I liked the car scene where viplav and dhaani looked each other and share their feelings…..And that ending part was full of suspense and we will definitely wait for the update , even if it comes after 1month, 2month or 1 year also, we will wait for you dear…And to manage examz and health are difficult, may god will give all blessings to u so that u can go ahead always…..And dear all the best for ur examz and get well soon dear……..Come back here only when you become fully fit and fine……And I know that time undoubtedly you are going to magic and magic only….Love you deeply yaar and keep smiling always, bad things happens in life, all we need is to face them as every thing happens for a reason……And thank u so much for giving this update in your ill-health …Love u dear….and we are always here 2 support you dear…..May god bless you….Take care….Pls….

    1. Dear Reni,

      Glad to read your reply. I am so glad that the 3 of us are here regularly commenting on this story.
      I have commented earlier on your stories, so we both have been sharing a close bond.
      I am still awaiting the updates for your stories, though I do know that you are too tied up with your work. NO issues, do come at your convenience.
      Now, it is the 3 of us sharing our comments on this lovely story. We are the moral support and strength that Sujie needs at this hour.
      I too believe that Sujie will get well soon and return to this forum once again to give us the most OUSTANDING, MARVELLOUS and PRICELESS story.

      Take care dear… Love to you too..

    2. Dear Reni,
      Glad to read your reply. I am so glad that the 3 of us are here regularly commenting on this story.
      I have commented earlier on your stories, so we both have been sharing a close bond.
      I am still awaiting the updates for your stories, though I do know that you are too tied up with your work. NO issues, do come at your convenience.
      Take care dear.. Love always

    3. Renimarenju

      Yeah janice, we will definitely wait for sujiee and regarding my ff’s update, I am so much messed up with work and hanged in some issues, so not able to write and submit any of my articles here and last few days were really hectic for me and yesterday only I got time to come in Tu and the first thing which I done in Tu was to open this page to see my patakhagudi’s article and when i saw it I was so excited , of course because of her I got confidence to write for vidha as i didn’t followed whole serial after eisha’s exit and was confused to write or not for vidha….With sujiee, lalitha, mahaa, shanitics ,ananya commented when i first time write in this page…..Later also i came up with my article and gradually I find very less and once i said i can’t write for vidha, but sujiee supported me and liked my work, then according with her articles i also started posting here and then u came and we sujiee, lalitha and janice became one and again this page become active…….When sujiee posts something on this page, it motivates me also to write here and that’s the truth….That much she has inspired me to write for vidha and i wrote for them with some guts as mahaa and sujiee are extremely good in vidha and i am not that much talented and always i feels confused to write for vidha….But sujiee never made me to feel so and always she encouraged and almost our updates come in same time and u guys commented on both of them which made happy 2 me and sujiee also…… And once i finds time, will come in this page with my ff’s update and we need to keep this page active as when sujiee returns she should feel this page is showered with the colors of love…..And of course in this tough phase we are with her and always we will support her and will pray for her speedy recovery…. I will msg sujiee through private message section once i finds time and convey our regards, support and also ask abt her health once i gets time……Hope she will get time to open it once and once i gets any reply will convey her message in this page…..Will pray for her dear…..And thanks a lot janice for waiting….Will try to update next one by this sunday…. Love you 2 dear and love u lalitha and patakhagudi….

    4. Dear Reni,

      Thank you so much for the reply.. Yes I will wait for your update.
      Please try to message Sujie on private messaging.. Tell her we will wait and support her always.
      Do let me know once you receive a reply from her. I too am worried about her health issues.
      You and Lalitha are here giving your love and support as always.
      Thanks for your support… Love to you.

    5. Renimarenju

      Dear Janice, I am facing some personal issues and my workload is also at the peak level and now it’s bit hard for me to sort out things and I am keeping trying to make everything okay….I am sorry, but I need bit time to give the update, hope you will understand my view and yesterday was sunday and as that day is holiday from office and all, though I got some time, my presence of mind was almost complicated because of the personal issues which I am facing in life……So sorry, I tried to think abt update , but nothing worked out and now as today is monday I am back to my hectic schedule of work and this will continue upto weekend, so probably I will be free by saturday evening only……I will try my level best to give the update as soon as possible as I know this page really need to be active…… And yeah, i have messaged sujiee through private msg section, but she didn’t replied, just keep wait few more days and I hope she will open and reply our msg…..And pls wait for my update also…..
      @ Lalitha, @ Sujiee, @ Jancie…..Sorry, but i couldn’t keep the promise of updating my ff in sunday….But once I gets time and finds peace of mind definitely I will give the update….. So guys pls keep waiting for us……And pray for our darling patakhagudi, once i gets any single reply from her, I will surely inform you guys……So pls keep waiting and pray for sujiee….Love u guys and belated friendship day wishes to all….

  3. Ofcource sujie i will always support you… I know if u have free time u will post for surely… I can understand… Take care of ur health dear…
    Coming to the episode u need not be sorry because u have reveald the imp scene.. That is when dhani saying sory nd they again patch up… Thats all for me in ur ff dear… I can wait till ur next update… Ofcource not only me janice nd reni will also wait for u…
    Atlast they became one…. Hurrahh…
    U have made my day… Sorry dear for late comment…
    Byee sujie..
    Take care…
    Keep smiling like always…
    Nd all the best for ur exams…. ??

    1. Dear Lalitha,

      First time that I am writing to you directly. We both are also sharing this close bond ever since I started reading & commenting on this beautiful story written by Sujie.
      I was so glad to read your comments. IN fact, I was waiting since yesterday..since there was no comment either from you nor Reni.
      Today saw both the comments and was overjoyed. Now, it is the 3 of us sharing our comments on this lovely story. We are the moral support and strength that Sujie needs at this hour.
      I too believe that Sujie will get well soon and return to this forum once again to give us the most OUSTANDING, MARVELLOUS and PRICELESS story.
      Take care dear … Love to you always…

  4. Thanq very much for ur beautiful words janice, i am glad that today u read my comments…nd ha i also read ur nd renis comment… Aftrall comments are the strength to sujjie nd her story….
    Love to u too always….

    1. Dear Lalitha,
      Thank you so much for your message. I always read each and every comment which is posted on the page after every update of Sujie.
      So dear, I am reading yours and Reni’s comment right from the 1st episode of the story. You both are commenting on Sujie’s story so well with wonderful and heart felt words.
      Question: Are you based in Mumbai?…….Are you studying or working…
      I just wanted to get to know you better since we are so closely bound in this page (story IN ..Again)
      I have asked Reni to message Sujie on private messaging. Hope she replies soon.
      Take care …Love to you

    2. Hi janice… Sry for late reply…
      I m not from mumbai.. I m from AP…
      Nd i m not working.. I m studying bsc final year…
      And wat about u janice?

    3. Dear Lalitha,

      So nice to read your reply. I am from Mumbai.. I am working presently. I came to this page due to my great love for the serial IKRS.. this brought me closer to your team of readers and commenters.
      It took me time to comment, but am glad I have done so… I made friends with you, Reni and Sujie.

      So dear, I am married and have 2 boys who attend college. Age does not matter. Friendship can last forever…

      We continue to be friends and our love for Sujie and her beautiful story will hold us 4

      Take care… Love to you ..

    4. Yes sure jenice… After all we 4 have became frnds on this lovely page…. We all 4 will be frnds forever…
      Bye janice..
      Take care…

  5. Sujie

    Hey lovelies???
    Thank you for all the good words dear….
    Reni,Lalitha,Janice? love you all yaar
    I am glad that I landed here some 2 years back….I managed to make many friends….You three have been there lately…but constantly…..
    I am glad to get all the love dear????
    Janice,to your question about my ill health…I am being troubled by Thyroid as well as PCOS …so kinda feeling messed up… I know people are living with it…but all this mess is completely weird for me…and I am badly in a need of a bit of gap…. I know you guys love me…Thank you for all the love again…
    I will try to come back soon…
    And yes….love you???? dearies

    1. Renimarenju

      Sujiee, thanks a lot for replying us dear……Just now I opened tu and find ur reply msg to my msg….. I was ready to convey it here for janice and lalitha now only …..Patakhagudi, thanks for your wishes and again we wish u the same ….Friendship is the lovely bond and i just wish we three could keep it like these forever …….And dear,sujiee don’t worry yaar, everything will be fine ……This kind of things happens and it affects us, we need to fight with them and definitely this will become fine dear……So just keep the hope and by god’s grace you will become alright , we three will pray for you dear…….And take your own time and we are always here to support you dear……We will wait for you and may god bless you…..Love u lotsssss patakhagudi……Take care as your health is really important……

    2. Dear Sujie,

      So glad to hear read your reply.. Yes, we continue to pray for you daily. Get well soon.

      Don’t worry we are always here to support you.

      We will wait for your return.

      Take care… Lots of love.

  6. Renimarenju

    @ Lalitha, @ Janice……Sujiee has conveyed her regards to you guys and she has wished us “Happy Friendship Day ” to us and she is in tough phase regarding her health, yet we are here to stand with her is making her to feel glad , so we need to shower more love towards her which will make her to feel more happy…….Keep supporting her guys and we need to wait for her…….Love u all…..

  7. Sujie

    Hey dearies…
    Hope all of you are doing well..
    Just came here because of something really really special….
    10TH AUGUST… The day when journey of Viplav and Dhaani began….
    The day when naughtiness of Viplav came across naivety of Dhaani to create magic afterwards…….
    I had plans of writing a special episode of IN LOVE ..AGAIN….But…here I am doing nothing…but yet restless to write something….
    Janice,Lalitha,Reni…Thank you for all the love and prayers dear….
    I am hopeful that I would be back soon…
    Exams are about to begin…
    So…I thought before I get caught up in that.. I should tell you something…
    I am really blessed to have you guys in my life…We haven’t met yet…and can’t say if we would meet or not…But this thing is sure that the love and admiration for you guys would be growing with each year that passes…
    Keep the love and support coming my lovelies….
    Will hopefully be back soon…with something to make your faces brighten in happiness again…..

    1. Renimarenju

      That’s really great , patakhagudi, you share this with us……I will try my level best to write some thing for vidha dear …..and i am not that much good in writing, still i will try dear…And pls dear, take enough care of health, writings can be came later also, now you needs rest and also you’re tied up with examz and all… so just take a break from here and come back when u gets well…..Pls yaar…. And our love and prayers are always with u dear….. ALL THE BEST FOR EXAMZ…… And I am also feeling much lucky to have you all as friends in life…… Yeah miles apart we are commenting and sharing and writing… that’s our love for vidha as well as our love to each other…… Yeah we will wait for you dear… love u lots dear….

  8. thank youyou foryour lveodear friends

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