Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Shivay smiled within himself thinking his series of actions some moments ago but soon came back to real world due to OmRu “ahem ahem”. He looked at them “I have to make an important call… am I allowed to go?” Shivay asked showing his phone. “Yeah… yeah call the doctors for our pyaari Anika bhabhi… right?” Rudra teased. “I should go” Shivay escaped. OmRu laughed their heart out and then decided to go to Daadi. They walked to Daadi’s room. She was present there, so was Jhanvi and Pinky beside her. They went close to her and held her both hands. “Daadi… we want our Anika bhabhi to feel very special” Rudra said smiling. “Yes daadi… she should feel special and we should do something to make her feel special.” Om said looking at Rudra and then at Daadi. “Puttar… I was also thinking of something and was discussing the same with Jhanvi and Pinky. OmRu smiled looking at each other thinking that their Daadi is always a step ahead to them.

“Say it then Daadi… whom are you waiting for?” Rudra exclaimed excitedly. “What about godh bharai function?” Daadi said smiling cheekily. OmRu looked at each other with dull face. “Is it not good?” Daadi asked looking sadly at them. “It’s amazing se bhi zyada awesome Daadi” Om said aloud , while Rudra gave a confused look. Om looked at Rudra and spoke ” why are giving dumb look?” Rudra narrowed his eyes and said ” why will we fill bhabhi’s godh…and by the way how will we fill bhabhi’s godh and with what will we fill bhabhi’s godh? I don’t think she will be able to walk if we fill her godh” he poured out his questions. Jhanvi looked at him irritatingly and spoke “what are you saying Rudra? Just shut up” Rudra looked at his mom with a sad face and said ” Mom , you too asking me to shut up, but…” Om cut him off in middle ” Shut up Rudra, Godh bharai is a function celebrated during the 7 th month or 9 th month pregnancy of the lady…it’s not about literally filling up with something.” Rudra looked at them, smiled foolishly and spoke “oooo…like that..i knew ..i was just testing you.” Daadi hit Rudra’s head lightly and spoke ” chup kar khoteya…it is done to bless the mother and the child in womb…but but but no males are allowed in the function…so you three brothers, Tej and Shakthi will not be there” OmRu looked at each other and said in unison ” no way dadi…function idea is ours, so we will stay…” “We can discuss all this later, but will Shivaay and Pinky agree for this?” Jhanvi said looking at Pinky. Rudra spoke in middle “maa..first solve our problem…then we will solve your problem ” Jhanvi looked at him and said ” if you want to come in the function, come but like a girl, if you can do so you will be most welcome” Rudra smiled listening to it and said “okay” Om immediately corrected him ” what ok..not ok” Rudra then understood what his mother meant” ohh yaa not ok” Dadi smiled and said “no function will ever happen in this house without ShivOmRu …so you three will be there” Rudra kissed Daadi’s cheeks and said “I love you Daadi… the best daadi ever” he said. “We should go and say this good news to everyone” Om said while turning around. “No waits…. I did not says to go and tells… Shivay is my son… so my opinion is much more importants” Pinky said looking at them. OmRu’s excitement died within. “But Pinky… Anika is your daughter-in-law… she deserves the happiness… please now you don’t create any trouble Pinky” Jhanvi said. “Jethani ji… she is my daughter-in-law… so I will take the decisions. Just a minute” Pinky said and walked out of the room. Daadi, Jhanvi, Om and Rudra waited for her return.

“Anika” Shivay called. She opened her eyes and smiled looking him. He too smiled back. He went close to her and sat beside her. “You are feeling okay now?” he asked. “Yeah… and thank you” she said holding his hand. “Tha… thank you… for what?” he asked narrowing his eyes. “For all your concern that time” she replied. He again smiled and looked here and there to hide his embarrassed face. “Woo… actually I was not aware of all these so just over reacted” he answer keeping his hand over her hold. “Hmmm… well you looked cute when you were worried… and now also” she said. “If you say should I call the doctor?” he asked putting his hand over her tummy. Her stare followed his hand. He was staring her tummy too. She blushed looking this. “You fine baby?” he muttered brushing his hand over her tummy. “Yes” Anika answered in baby voice. Shivay looked up to her and smiled while she also reciprocated his looks smilingly. “Ahhh” she said and he too felt. “Hey baby kicked” he said elatedly. “Yes” she replied. She could visualize the happiness in his eyes and her eyes became moist. “Thank You” he replied.

Pinky came back. “Puttar this?” Daadi asked. “Yes mummy ji… and now don’t think much everything will get clear on the day of god bharai” Pinky said. “Does that mean you are permitting us to perform that ritual?” Jhanvi asked. “Choti maa ab naa mat bolna” Rudra said excitedly and looked at Om. “When did I says no? She is bahu of this house… this function would be theres” she said. “Yaayyyyy” Rudra jumped in excitement and hugged Om tightly. “Rudra… I am your brother” Om said trying to get freed from Rudra’s hold.”I know that is why I am hugging you” Rudra said and hugged him tight. “Jethani ji… Rudra should visits a doctor” Pinky said looking at Jhanvi. “Rudra… leave Om” Jhanvi instructed. Rudra left him but stared at everyone gradually with a confused look. “Yes Jhanvi puttar… take him to doctor” Daadi to said. “Ohhh hello… why doctor?” Rudra asked and signed Om. “Rudra… your actions are not seemings fine beta… I means… like this huggings your brothers anytimes… not goods na” Pinky explained ruffling Rudra’s hair. Rudra was shocked to the core and immediately answered “Ohhh hello… nothing like that… I am fine.” Everyone else burst into fits of laughter.


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  1. Soft n sweet moves in the story. Liked very very much. Awaits for what the shivaays reaction. How shivaayanikas life turns. Authors are brilliant n perfect. Plz I request vhm just give continuation n conclusion of flashback story too. It’s very rememberable n excellent of my favourites too.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Raji. Next episode is posted, do check.
      About Harika di/ VHM she is very busy as she has come to India for some important work. So I will ask her but it seems that she would not get to continue it soon.

  2. Rudy is so cute.
    Awww that baby part.
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Yes he is really cute
      Love you too and thank you

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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