ignored reason part -2

Hii friends this is diksha with second part of “ignored reason.” thanx a lot  for your precious comment. Hope you all gonna like this part as well. So, let’s start.

@ satya place
Dp was worried for satya.
Dp : i can’t see u like this satya neither you are sharing your problem with us nor u are moving out of it. Almost every night you wake up like this and atart sweating. I should do something about it. I’ll talk to a psychiatrist about it maybe i will get any help. But the problem is he will not gonna come with me to psychiatrist.

Next day
Satya get ready and went to his office and as usual was doing his work. When his phone rings he attended the call.
Satya : hii idiot, so u remember ur frend.
Ayush : sorry yr.  U know i was busy in my medical internship and than went to a local area for my ngo.
Satya : it’s ok. No need of your excuses. Now tell me how are you? And when r u coming here to meet me.

Ayush : i m fine and I’ll come as soon as possible to meet you.
Satya : ok, and i think you know what will i do if you don’t come.
Ayush : ya i know. Ok bye take care i have to go.
Satya got busy in his work

@ diya place.
Diya was in her cabin. And was scrolling down her fb newsfeed as her next appointment was after 10 minutes. She saw a post stating a boy ask her sister what present you want for your birthday. Girl replied that she want a promise that if he will see any girl in danger insted of ignoring her he will help her because if someday she will get in any danger than someone like him can help her too. Diya placed a comment stating than admin no doubt it is a gud thinking but you should one line too that her brother ask her to promise her back that she will too not ignore anyone in danger and help me. As you know people say u should start the change from your own house. When a girl will help another than maybe we will no longer in a need of a boy help. Than she she logged out and start studying the case file of her patients.

After 10 minute
Their was a knock on diya cabin.
Diya : come in.
Dp enter inside.
Dp : hello dr.
Diya : hii sir please take a sit.
Dp sitting on chair.
Diya : tell me sir what happened ?
Dp : dr. I m here for my son.
Diya : ok but y he himself don’t come here?

Dp : dr. actually the main problem is this that he is not telling us his problem from last some month almost every night he wake up suddenly sweating and murmuring something. I m not able to understand what should i do.
Diya : sir i understand ur problem but how can i be able to treat him without knowing his problem and meeting him.  He has to come here.
Dp : i can understand dr. No problem I’ll try to talk to him about it.
Dp was going outside just than someone enter inside

Person : diya ur sis was asking about  u she wanted to talk to you.
Just than he notice dp.
Person : dp uncle u here? how? What happened?
Dp : ayush. Calm down son nthng is their to worry.
Ayush : tell me what happened?

Dp : ayush i came here for satya.
He tell him everything.
Ayush : uncle this much happened.

He move toward diya.
Ayush : is their any way by which we can help him.
Diya : jiju. As far as i understand you are his friend than why don’t you try to get to know his problem. Talk to him. Maybe he will talk to you.
Ayush : ok let’s do one thing uncle tommorow is a party at our house so pls u come with him and diya will be their too. Maybe we will get to know anything or atleast we can make him agree to come here for his treatment.

Dp : this is a good idea. Ok dr. See you tomorrow. And thanx for your help ayush.
Dp left the place. Ayush call satya and ask him to come to his house for party. And he agreed too.

@ satya place
Satya was working late in office almost everyone has left the office. He was lost in his work when light went off he went out to check but he didn’t find anyone. For some reason he didn’t went out. He went back to his cabin but was not able to concentrate. Suddenly he start getting some flashes like he was in a dark room and someone was coming near him injecting him and was about to touch him their was an evil smile on that person face. He start murmuring something and sweating badly. Just than light come. He drink water calm down himself went to washroom and washed his face calm down and went back to his home.

So friends this is diksha ending this part of ss called “ignored reason.” hope u all will like it. Thanx a lot for your precious comment and appreciation. I know i m late but i was busy in my work. Their were some person asking why satya and diya why i didn’t use raglak. It’s just that for us they are the best on screen pair no matter how many shows they do or character they play.

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