Do you find Kundali Bhagya better than Kumkum Bhagya?

Zee’s Kumkum Bhagya has been the most loved fiction show for the channel. The show got its spin-off Kundali Bhagya, with a similar story of two sisters. Kundali Bhagya is a tale of Pragya’s sisters Preeta and Shrishti. The show had a good start. As promised, the show and actors have won many hearts in less time. Kumkum Bhagya has been immensely popular till now. Even Kundali Bhagya is going ahead in the path of success. The show managed to score more number in TRPS than Kumkum Bhagya. Having gained a good viewership, the show is sustaining at its place.

Kundali Bhagya also has the presence of Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia. There is much family drama when the sisters unite with their mother Sarla. The strong cast works as an added advantage. Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Anjum Fakih and Manit Joura are appreciated for their portrayals. Preeta and Karan’s love story started. Shraddha and Dheeraj showcase a good chemistry. Viewers are liking the characterizations and chemistry between the leads. Kundali Bhagya’s story moves on a faster pace than Kumkum Bhagya. The twists are also fresh and interesting. Do you find Kundali Bhagya better than Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

  1. I never watched kumkum
    but I love kundali
    as I like all four preeta , karan , rishabh n shrishti

    Any jodi will work for me as all 4 are doing fab job
    defo its better than kumkum

  2. I really don’t find kundali bhagya better than kkb … Sometime its seem just like as old kkb.. And it following the same plot some time… Preeta just as pragya n srishti as bulbul. Now kundali bhagya gets more trp than kkb bez the absence of good story line in kkb n absence of abhigya its really affecting kkb.. Otherwise kkb rockzzzz

  3. hey frnds…. i m really feeling vry bad, frustrated………… all mixed feelings… becoz i thought, in kkb definitely they ll bring bulbul… but they didn’t. its bad yaar. actually i really like bulbul nd purab. its making me like mad???

    1. NerdyBirdie

      But isn’t her character dead? I don’t think Bulbul is coming back to the show. I’m sad because Mrunal really did great acting as Bulbul. And I liked Bulbul-Purab more than Abhigya in the beginning. I don’t even watch Kumkum Bhagya anymore.

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Kundali Bhagya is much better than Kumkum Bhagya for now. But at the same time I don’t think the story is fast paced (one entire week for the engagement) but compared to kumkum bhagya yes it is. What I like about Kundali Bhagya the most is Preeta-Karan’s fight and scenes ??as for Kumkum bhagya I don’t even watch that show

    1. Nivika

      Joye..akku kis naam se register hai tu pr…??

  5. I really like Kumkum Bhagya. . . BUT I am really tired of the excruciatingly long story lines. Same thing each time – if the writers don’t find some way to bring Abhi and Pragya together (for more than a day while they are being held hostage or facing some kind of certain death scenario) then I will likely just stop watching. It is just too frustrating to ride out all the crap they have to go through when you know it won’t end up good for very long anyways! It’s too bad.

  6. Nivika

    Kundali bhagya is much much better than kkb….hope they dont drag one day for one month….ek hi dress hume one month ke liye dekhne padte hai….hope it doesnt happen in kundali bhagya……kundali bhagya is also not going soo fast two weeks engagement drama……but one week is okkk…not one whole week….
    Love preetan…??????

    1. Shivampahar

      hi snehal read my ff mahaepisode .

  7. For me both r same I’m not seeing both kdb and kkb

  8. I Explain In Detail…
    The Story Of Kumkum Bhagya in beginning is very very Excellent And When Pragya Marry Abhi The Plot is very good but suddenly writer anil anagpal stretching the plot in mms case . After A Long Wait Pragya And Abhi FALL in Love But The Writer Pull The Lag of audience and tanu pregnancy begin . This Plot is good by the twist but the writer stretching it a whole year And After Pragya hard work and attempt he explain abhi all the facts but one or two episode the abhi memory loss drama start. The Abhigya Not together And The Fact is after a long time of memory loss drama, abhi memory back and the viewer happy but writer cant see viewers happy. In one or two episode later the pragya death drama start. The Fact is abhigya fans never happy in all time. In two episode of happiness a long crying scenes of pragya start..Overall The Jodi of abhi and pragya is rock but the writer testing the patience of viewer and abhigya lovers.
    Now Kundali Bhagya…
    Kundali Bhagya story (in these days) is very very good then Kumkum bhagya . The Karan And preeta scenes are extremely fabulous. Rishab and preeta is also a good and happening couple But In one weak of engagement is also a stretching drama and in yesterday episode preeta ex-fiancee is start the irritating (for me) because rishab and karan is also for preeta . There is no option to twist and turn the drama for ex-fiancee Deepak …
    Now Enough A Long Detail is mansion . After the detail i answer the question of better …
    In My Opinion The Couple Of Abhi (Sabbir) And Pragya (Sriti) is more and more better the the couples of Kundali Bhagya But The Story Of Kundali Bhagya is much better than Kumkum Bhagya… Thats The Fact…

  9. Kittykrishlife

    Both are same. But noone can beat Kumkum bhagya in dragging part (which is most horrible thing). And Kumkum bhagya is crap. Whatever aliya and tanu does they wont be punished. No law for for them. Kundali bhagya is just now started. Vamps and dragging part is yet to come. In future Kundali bhagya becomes another KKb. But Pragya is the best.

  10. Sowji

    To be frank…I can’t see difference…both are boring…both serial are not unique…same old concept and same old crap…I never feel interesting….it’s Really boring…I should never blame actor and actress here…I blame only director and script writter of this serial….this concept is really boring…both short form is KB(kundali and kumkum bhagya)…..lots of viewers lost interest on this serial…main reason is this concept is not unique and new.I lost my hope on this director and script writter…frankly say, just end this drama…atleast kumkum bhagya they copied scene from korean serial and movie….Don’t copy the script…..kb should never respect their fans compare to other serial…they doing script whatever they wish…it’s really boring and disgusting to watch this serial…I already stopped to watch this serial…whenever I read written update of this serial…I feel still they never change their concept….same crap and same story…new spin off story is also boring….only it get vote because of money…lots of viewers are not interested in this serial…online vote…high trp deserved IPKND and IB…that team are really deserved this award…because that concept is not like you….they should never repeat same crap again and again like you…just learn from them…they should never hurt their fans…this is difference between u and them….

  11. At present kundali Bhagya is interesting with hate fights of Karan-preeta…. still love didn’t develop btw them… it’s a long way to go… don’t find any similarities between kkb and kdb…but it’s true can’t believe Ekta…R8 now it’s interesting with good pace

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