Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 52

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


‘’Shivaay did you find any interesting movie?’’

‘’Stupid wait…I am searchuing’’ ‘’ok fine’’ ‘’how about Dennis the menace…I guess this suits you perfect isn’t it?’’ he spoke supressing his smile

‘’It’s super awesome…’’ ‘’wait…why did you say it suits me perfect?’’

‘’because…you know…you know right?’’

‘’you mean to say I am a menace …like really…you will pay for this Shivaay ‘’ she held a pillow while he started running…

‘’Shivaay don’t you make me run and come right here’’

‘’Never…do you think I am mad Stupid?’’

’don’t call me Stupid…you are Khadoos’’

Shivaay stopped listening to her calling him Khadoos.

She came near him and hit him with Pillows while he stood still….

‘’Shivaay…why are you so still and silent? I ..i am sorry…did …did I hurt you’’ she spoke innocently

He pulled her and gave her a hug ‘’I missed you…I missed you calling me KHADOOS so much…I missed ‘’ was all he could say

She reciprocated the hug and after a while broke and said ‘’What’s so special if I call you Khadoos…come on I every now and then call you Khadoos Singh Oberoi’’

His reverie broke and his face went pale

Shivaay TAM ‘’How I wish she knows what her calling me KHADOOS , means to me..but never mind, I will make her get back every memory of us…’’

‘’Shivaay…shivaay’’ she snapped

‘’hmm…come we will watch the movie…’’

‘’no…I don’t want to watch it now.’’


‘’yes, I want to ice cream now…’’

‘’you have gone mad….’’

‘’when was I sane according to you’’

‘’Annika listen…it is heavily snowing outside and in this negative degrees you want to eat ice cream…this is …this is insane to heights and for your kind information I am not allowing to eat ..’’

‘’Please na’’


‘’Pretty please’’


‘’please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please..’’

‘’ok stop it…this time I cannot and am not going to agree’’

‘’fine…then …good night’’

She left angrily towards his room

Shivaay TAM ‘’someone said truth…the most difficult part of being man is to handle his woman..huhh..chalo let me make her mood normal…’’

He sighed and left towards Anika’s room and spoke ‘’Stupid listen’’ he spoke soft

‘’I am sleepy now’’ she pouted

He laid beside and ruffling her hair spoke ‘’Stupid’’

‘’I am not stupid..i am Annika’’

‘’ohh…so angry…my baby’’

Annika’s eyes opened wide listening to the word Baby…she blushed and quickly regained her fake anger

‘’’’turn towards me stupid…atleast listen to me’’ he said trying to make her turn towards him

‘’no..i don’t want to listen’’

He overlapped over her and faced her with his body lying still behind her but bringing his face infront of hers, She looked on trying to control the butterflies in her stomach and made a cute pout

‘’wouldn’t you try to listen what I am trying to say?’’

‘’okk fine…but only if you promise me to let me eat ice cream’’

‘’Stupid please na…listen to me without any terms and conditions’’


He pulled her towards him and she hit his chest while he wrapped his arms around her…

‘’Shi..vaa..ay’’ she murmured

‘’Stupid’’ he placed his finger on her lips….and continued ‘’you have just recovered and I can’t let you fall sick, that’s why I said no ice cream, but I promise tomorrow morning when we go out to roam around, I will make you eat whatever you want. But definitely not at this time of night. Wouldn’t you agree?’’

She nodded still lost in him and butterflies still creating an overwhelming sensation in her tummy’’

He looked at her lovingly while she tried to get herself out of his hold…he pulled her much closer while she tried hard

‘’I am not gonna leave so easily Stupid’’

‘’Shivaay…leave me..i am..i am…’’

‘’you are ?’’



She made her leave his grip against her and settled down on the bed looking straight at the ceiling and then looked at him , who was staring her without blinking…she blushed and patted his cheeks making his face turn away….turning to the other side, she again blushed

‘’Don’t blush so much Stupid, I will not be able to control and will….’’

She closed his mouth with her palms while he kissed her palms making her blush fiercely. This time without any inhibitions he made her palms away and started a perfect French Kiss which was being given back with interest by her.

They devoured and devoured and none wanted to end it, but Oxygen was needed too, lazily they broke apart.

‘’I can’t get enough of you Stupid…I feel like ..’’

‘’I never knew , you were so expressive Shiv’’

‘’Shiv…sounds good…none called me so before’’

‘’none can dare to call you so after and ever…it’s my patent’’

‘’possessive ? but why?’’

She smiled making her eyes down …

‘’Stupid…tell me ? why are you so possessive?’’

‘’aren’t you so , when it’s about me? and by the way, why do you call me Stupid’’

He smiled this time being sad

‘’Shiv…I have seen you or to say observed you…you have something that you are hiding…I still remember the day when I asked you to be my friend and share and you …you’’

‘’I reacted very rude and angry…’’

‘’yes…will you not tell me what’s it all about…something which you have been hiding ever since… I donno how long’’

‘’I will have to tell you Stupid…i mean Annika…’’

‘’it’s okay, you can call me Stupid…because I get a warm feeling when you call me So, as if that name is mine…’’

He smiled ….

‘’So tell me’’

‘’about what?’’

‘’about your hidden secret. I want to know you Shiv…everything about you…what makes you happy, what makes you sad..your childhood, your struggle, your passion, your love , every minute thing I want to know about you..’’

She saw Shivaay who dozed off to sleep by then, still holding her possessively …smiling she caressed his face and let her head rest on his arm and closed her eyes thinking to take this conversation the next day.

Next morning arrived and amid the snow the sun shone bright, though it was too cold it was bright …Annika saw Shivaay still sleeping and got up without disturbing him and got freshened up…

Smiling she left to kitchen and tried making some fried eggs and was miserably failed, decided she now tried to make French toast and again failed miserably…half dozen eggs all into dustbin with an addition of that burnt smell covering the entire apartment….. she held his head and took out the wheat flour thinking of making poori dough…

All this Shivaay was observing and was controlling his laugh…when she was about to pour water into Dough, he coughed to make her feel his presence….

‘’Shiv..you woke up…get freshened up, by then I will prepare breakfast..’’

‘’aloo –poori isn’t it…and then lunch again aloo-poori, well dinner should even be Aloo-poori isn’t it?’’

‘’mmm…mmm…but  that’s the only thing I can prepare without burning’’

‘’Stupid…let it be…you wait here while I come back in 5 minutes….okay…and please for God sake don’t prepare Aloo-Poori’’

She smiled….and started to boil Milk…….Shivaay joined in 5 minutes

‘’So what do you want to have for breakfast’’ he said pulling her towards him

‘’something out of eggs…’’

‘’Fine sit on this slab and let me make it for you’’

‘’Shiv…I am sorry…I wasted 6 eggs..’’

‘’Ssshhh…it’s okay…you atleast tried ….’’ He said holding her hands

‘’but I want to learn Shiv…so that in future I can make it for you and our family’’ she spoke making Shivaay stunned

Looking at him she realised what she spoke…and looked here and there with a huge blush on her cheeks

‘’Someone is desperate to start a family’’

‘’Chepade you are’’ she said getting off the kitchen slab

‘’come on I didn’t say anything’’

‘’I know what you said and what you meant’’

‘’What I meant?’’ he pulled her making her hit his chest

‘’Shiv…I am hungry’’

‘’I too am’’ he said winking at her

‘’cheapde ..’’

‘’okk fine…let’s make an omelette then with some onions, tomatoes, coriander, green chillies and ‘’


‘’eggs- off course stupid’’

(Sorry Guys, I am a vegetarian and donno how to make omelettes, so ignore the ingredients if it’s wrong. )

‘’okay and how to make it?’’

He back hugged her and chopped the veggies while resting his head on her nape making her feel ecstatic …kissing her nape he broke the eggs …she closed her eyes…

‘’open you eyes stupid’’ he spoke huskily in her ears

She looked at him……

‘’Not me…towards the slab as to how I am preparing’’

He mixed everything and poured the mixture on a medium heated pan …topping it with spices …


She didn’t respond as his hands were holding her tight against her waist

‘’Stupid’’ he again called

Yet no response…he planted a kiss on her cheek and she immediately turned towards him….

‘’Bread…we need some bread too’’

‘’hmm’’ ‘’I mean yeah..i will get it ‘’ she made him leave her and walked blushing heavily…

He prepared the omelettes and toasted the bread, while she mentally noted what he did and how he did…but she was Annika and when it comes to preparing food she was extraordinarily amazing isn’t it.

They both munched onto the breakfast after licking every bite of the book they settled down on the couch with their coffee cups and looked through the window which provided beautiful view of Paris.

‘’So what’s plan for today? Shivaay asked

‘’hmm…I think I should meet  Nikkuuu’’ she said sipping coffee and supressing her smile

He choked at the sip of his coffee and looked at her…

‘’not again Stupid’’

She laughed

‘’ok fine..i was kidding…but keeping fun aside I remember what you said Yesterday night’’

Taking a cue ‘’what I said or what I did…which one do you remember more?’’

‘’Haww…haw…you are such a cheapda’’

‘’one …one second…don’t forget you too responded equally and..’’

‘’Okay stop it ..stop it now…I don’t want to listen’’

‘’fine…you were saying something’’

‘’yeah I was saying that yesterday night you said , we would roam around the city today ..that means Hop and shop …and Shiv please it’s been quite a number of days we are here and we really didn’t go anywhere….so ‘’


‘’don’t you think we should actually roam around and I am looking forward to go to Eiffel tower ever since we came here …..’’

‘’How can I deny you baby…fine …it’s 9 now, we will start by 11 and by then I will complete my works and get ready’’

‘’Uff Workaholic businessman you are ‘’ she made faces

‘’Shops open here at 10 or 10:30 . what will we do starting now…’’

‘’ok fine…do your work , while I will speak to Rudra and Sumo also Sahil, Gauri and Om’’

‘’Okay…ask them if everything is fine…I am sure everything should be fine else you know Rudra will make a big issue’’

‘’hey don’t speak a word against Rudra…he is a baby, like Sahil’’

‘’really , you are taking his side when it’s about work and business, you gotta be kidding’’

‘’Come on, I am sure you too would have made mistakes and learnt from it..he is young, give him time and I am sure he will be much more successful than you are…and by the way Saumya is with him so…’’

‘’ok fine..i know I cannot win arguments with you’’

‘’I know because I am Annika ..one of it’s kind….absolutely Khidkitodh’’

This statement took him back to his childhood …while she left to get ready


‘’BODMAS rule…Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction …’’ Annika was looking at her maths book and then continued

‘’God knows who created this Mathametics subject and now this problem…what’s it

(19+16)/5 *13 + 18 – 10 =?

(99-48) * 5 -11 + 15 / 5 = ?

48 + 59 – 23 * 2 + (11-7) / 2 = ?

……. ‘’

‘’How can any sane insaan solve these riddle like puzzle like problems? Aren’t my maths teachers till now inhuman…and then I have to learn the rules of division for 3,4, 5,6, 7,8, 9 , 10 and 11…so much of burden on a cute little kid like me’’

‘’Come on Stupid…this is such easy thing which can be done in Jiffy’’ spoke Shivaay nearing her

‘’Shut up Calculator Singh Oberoi…not everyone can solve these problems…I already have science, social, Hindi and English to cover and exams are starting’’

‘’that’s why I say, start reading it from the beginning…you wouldn’t have so much of burden at the last moment’’

‘’Studies and Me …naaahhhhh’’

‘’Shut up….how will you be successful if you don’t study’’

‘’I will be because I am Khidkitodh Ann…’’

‘’Stupid…you are Khidkitodh Stupid…I know that…’’

‘’Khadoos…shall we make a deal?’’

‘’And what is that deal?’’

‘’Simple..you will write exam on behalf of me’’


‘’what what…I said you write exam on behalf of me….you know it is simple…just wear my clothes and for hair..mmmm..mmmm…yeah we will search for a wig and then you will look like me…you write the exam and trust me I Will Pass’’

‘’Wait what do you mean by you will pass if I write your exam…you will get distinction…’’ he didn’t leave his attitude

‘’ok fine…then you accepted the deal of writing my exam….good ….infact very good…come with me now..…’’


‘’we have to find the wig now….i mean clothes I already have’’

‘’Stupid….shut up…God….what are you ?’’

‘’I am Annika’’

‘’no you are impossible’’

‘’ I know because I am Annika ..one of it’s kind….absolutely Khidkitodh’’

‘’Shut up….now sit down …and prepare for exams’’

‘’Khadoos please na…can’t you do this much for me?’’ she made an absolute puppy face

‘’Don’t try to butter me with that puppy face of yours and forget the fact that I am gonna write your exam. By the way how do you get such thoughts’’

‘’what thoughts?’’

‘’of me writing your exam’’

‘’ohh that..i saw in a serial by name ’’Jaddu aur padhayi badi mushkil hain bhai’’ ‘’

‘’What’s the name with the serial’’

‘’Aree I said na ‘’jaddu aur padhayi..’’’’

‘’I heard already and now no more stupidity , come on get your books while I will teach you how to solve’’

‘’huhhh…Khadoos Singh Oberoi’’


A smile adorned his lips when he heard Annika murmuring from the room quite loudly

‘’gaawwddd….i have nothing good to wear and I have to go for shopping…’’

‘’Annika…’’ shivaay knocked the door of Annika’s room

‘’haan…wait…don’t …don’t come in…don’t ‘’

‘’What happened ? are you alright?’’

Annika TAM ‘’I am in my bathrobe..first let me pick up something and wear else…chi chi…what stupid thoughts…he is right in calling me stupid…uff….pick up something Stupid…ohh wait why am i calling myself Stupid…Gosshhhhhh….where is my jeans…jeans jeans jeans….’’

‘’Annika…open the door now…what happened ? I am tensed are you alright’’

‘’I …I am perfectly alright…’’

‘’then open the door’’

‘’what’s with you Shiv…I cannot open the door’’

‘’but why?’’

Anika TAM ‘’he is impossible…’’

‘’Annika will you care to answer?’’

‘’Shiv I am in my Bathrobe, my room is complete mess, I am not finding my jeans and in short I am not finding anything good to wear….’’

‘’Hey by the way I can help you..i mean..i mean’’ he smirked staying on the other side of the room

‘’Hawww…cheapde….cheapda singh Oberoi….no thank you….i will wear something till then do your work…’’ she screamed and then blushed looking at herself in the mirror

Shivaay scratched his forehead and was smiling….

‘’ok fine…but still my offer is open…you know I can for sure help you’’

‘’shut up and leave Shiv…’’

He hit hand on the locked door and smiled and left from there to take his shower after all he felt he needed a shower at that moment.

Annika on the other hand dressed up in a denim winter trousers, winter shoes and a matching top…she walked out of her room and peeped into Shivaay’s room, thankfully to her the room wasn’t locked….she placed a gift box and started setting her room.

Few minutes later, Shivaay who came from the shower saw the Gift box and eagerly opened it , found a casual shirt and trouser perfect for the winters…a smile adorned his lips and he changed into them and walked out.

Annika’s breathe hitched seeing Shivaay in casual wear , which was rare sight to almost everyone including Om and Rudra.

‘’Thank you’’ he smiled after saying

‘’you look ..’’ she smiled bending her head down

‘’come on stupid complete the sentence…I mean you can and you should’’

‘’handsome’’ she said

‘’naah..i am sure this wasn’t what you wanted to say…I know you’’

She looked at him

Annika TAM ‘’how does he know this is what I didn’t want to say. He knows so much about me , as if he has grown with me’’

‘’Come on Stupid…I am still waiting to listen ‘’

‘’Woh..woh…nothing…shall we leave now, I can’t wait to shop and hop’’

‘’you sure you don’t want to say anything?’’

‘’let’s lock the door’’

‘’ahem ahem…we should lock the door for some other reason…’’ he winked

‘’Cheapda singh Oberoi’’

She pulled him by his hands and walked out of the door……Entwining her hands he walked as if he is under some spell.


Precap : Shopping Hopping Visiting and some serious Confessions ….<- This is what i am planning to write don’t know how it will turn though ….To know more stay tuned !!!!



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