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Salim and Akbar have a battle for the justice. Akbar feels Salim isn’t doing right by rebelling against his father and the country for the love of Anarkali. On the contrary, Salim feels Akbar isn’t kind and humane to understand the purity of love. He wants his love for Anarkali to get accepted by one and all. Akbar doesn’t want to make Anarkali the next queen of Moghal empire. Akbar makes sure that Salim gets separated from Anarkali. When Anarkali gets kidnapped, Salim loses his temper and declares an open war with Akbar. Maanbai and Maan Singh get on Akbar’s side, while Jodha Bai tends to support her son Salim.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni learns the threat on Suyash’s life. She feels restless and prays for Suyash. Suyash returns home and informs the family about the attack on him. Falguni shares her dilemma with Niyati. She has to go to court to give the statement against the gangsters. She gets a morning dream that she has lost her family. She is terrified and wants to know what’s the indication of the dream. Niyati asks her to rest assured that everything will be fine. Falguni is much upset over the new problems coming in her life. She wants Suyash to support her.

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Aapke Aa Jane Se



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