Qayamat Ki Raat 30th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vadahi hires Raghav

Qayamat Ki Raat 30th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadahi shoves Raghav and leaves in anger.
Akash says I am here to inspect the haveli. This will be auctioned. Vadahi and Raghav sit in auction.
Akash asks the witch do you live here alone? She says yes. Tell me about yourself. He says why would you ask about me. Aren’t you scared about this place? Everything was weird. Where would you go when this place auctions. She shows him her real face. He screams. She says I wont leave this place. I am life of this place. No one can kick me out of this place. She kills him.

The auction is going on. She says this haveli is the one I saw in my dreams. What happened to me inside my dreams. Raghav stops her. He says i see this haveli in dreams too. Se says what.. Are you making fun of me? He says no I just wanted to share

that we have same problems. She says our ways are different.
Gaur comes home. She says this guy is following me. She says that haveli is mine. I used to see this in my dreams. Dadi says maybe this was your haveli is past life.

Scene 2
Raghav comes home to his family. His mother asks what happened? His father says he can’t do anything. MA says first he needs to do some job. Ma says let his chase his dreams. Raghav leaves.
Raghav says I see that haveli in my dreams. This haveli is my jackpot. His friend says this I would have been angry at you too if I was vadahi. He says I wanna go to that haveli with her. i see the same dreams.

Scene 2
Akash’s body is found. Police asks station master. He comes and says there is a witch in this village. That witch killed him. I asked him not to leave station.
Vadahi walks n her office. Raghav colldes with her. She says you ruined my dress. He says the cup was in yor hand. She says why are you here? He says I have an appointment with you. Vadahi asks her secretary to cancel all her appointments. He says to his fried I will do this meeting anyway.

Raghav waits outside. Vadahi calls him in. He shows his CV to Vadahi. She says your profile is big but experience is small. What do you want? You have a hidden agenda. He says I really want to work with you. Se says my competitor is paying you right? He says people like you think everyone is a fraud. Vadahi says who sent you here? He says my trust. I can do a lot if you give me one chance. She says you wont get this job. She asks his to leave.

Scene 3
Vadahi comes home. raghav is at her place. SHe says what are you doing here? You cheap disgusting man. Dadi says you know him? She says yes he keeps following men. Dadi says some thugs stopped us at market and took everything. they were threatening to kill us this guy came and saved us. vadahi says what.. She says thank you to Vadahi. Shekhar says what can we do for you? He says I am an architect. Please recommend me somewhere. Shekahr says we have a vacancy. Vadahi says but.. She says okay fine. I will hire him. Dadi says welcome to the company.

Vadahi is at station. She goes to the train. Raghav is already inside. They are going for a project. Dad calls. Raghav says uncle don’t worry I am here for her. He helps vadahi with her luggage. She throws the bag on his foot. He screams. Karan comes too.

A guy comes to the witch in haveli. He says government has auctioned this haveli. It is auctioned to Vadahi Khanna. He says I can do anything for you if you want me to kill her. She says the girl has already purchased death. This haveli is under me. This haveli wont be given to anyone until Raj and Gauri come back. Viraj says you have been waiting for 25 years. What makes you think they would come back… She says I know they will come back. e says if you say so. She says I feel like something big is gonna happen.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Cute, train car moment. The writers should have an interesting train entrance like Raj’s and Gauri’s last time. Love the background music. It makes you feel that you are in the serial watching there cute moment. The funniest scene was just after the “moment”. This is literally the best serial on Star Plus’s “Nahi Soch”.

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