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HAMARI KAHANI โ€“ Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 10


HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 10

Hey guys! I am very disappointed right now because i have got less comments than the prev epi…i know many of u r having exams and i understand cuz i am having the same things…thats ok. The little comments that my sissies have given me are worth a million comments. U made me smile soo much! Muaahhโค๏ธ

If anyone missed the prev anyways, here is the link:
Part 9

Now bakbak after the epi…

โค๏ธ________ready set go_________โค๏ธ

‘Mr Sadu Sarna!!!’

Everyone in the hall looked back to find…

He said with a bright smile.

Everyone’s jaws dropped down to the floor. Karan was rubbing his eyes in disbelief when Pallavi tapped his shoulder from behind.
He questioned her from the eyes while she smirked at him.

Ka-mujhe aisa kyun lag rha hai ki tumhein aisa kuch pata hai jo mujhe nhin pata hai…bhabhi ki voiceless tuning aaj track pe kaise aa gyi??
(Why do i feel that you know something that i dont…how come bhabhi can talk today??)

Pallavi laughed at his confused face.

P-oye! Mr Flirt! Ladkiyon ke paas hamesha options hote hai…aur haan…munh khuli rakhoge…to makkhi ghuss aayegi…phir udte reh jaaoge…
(Oye! Mr Flirt! Girls always have multiple options…n ya…if you keep your mouth open…a fly will enter in it…)

Ka-kya matlab? mujhe nahin pta ki tum donon kaunsi khichdi paka rahi ho…aur ye aaj suprisingly jo supposed chamatkar hua hai…kahani mein koyi nayi twist to aani hi hai…bas daav ulta na pad jaaye…
(What do you mean? I dont know what both of you are up to…n today after this surprising supposed miracle…i am sure that there is going to be a new twist in the story…i just hope that the tables do not turn…)

Pallavi frowned.

Ka-matlab yeh ki hum jitna kunj ko pilana chahte the…usne to usse pta nahin kitni pee rakhi hai…do peg pilakar talli karne ka plan tha par ye to peeyakaron ka baap nikla! Pilane ki zaroorat hi nahin padi…
(Means that kunj has drunk more than what we expected…we wanted to make him have 2 pegs but he turned out to be the master of drunkards! I did not have to make him drink anything…)


Karan brought the spiked drink to Kunj.

Ka-mere bhai! Sookhe gale ki pyaas bujhana samajhdaari ka kaam hota hai…ye le…pee le…
( Bro! Relieving your thirsty throat is a sign of wisdom…here…drink it)

He said forwarding the drink.

Kunj turned at him and struggled to keep his half shut lids opened.

K-kaun kambaqt pyaase gale ko aaram dene ke liye pita hai? Hum to peeye hue hai taki yahan baith sake, chipku chudail ko bardaash kar sake aur teri bhabhi…sorry Twinkle ki raas….sorry! Uv leela ko dekh sake…cheers man!
(Who drinks to quench his thirst? I drink so as to be able to sit here, so as to bear the sticky witch n so as to tolerate your bhabhi…sorry Twinkle’s raas…sorry! Uv leela…cheers man!)

Ka-tune pee rakhi hai??
(R u drunk??)

He asked suspiciously…

K-nahin to…maine to bas jalte dil pe sone ka paani chidka hai…par kudrat ka khel dekho…sona battar se battar mushkilon ko chutkiyon mein suljha deti hai…par dil..zaalim dil…isse bhi nhin maanta…
(No…i have just sprinkled some golden water on my heart…but see the game of fate…gold improves the worst situations…but the heart…it does not heed to it…)

He opened another bottle of whiskey lying on the table.

Ka-dekh kunj..tujhe kuch zyada chadh gayi hai…chal…
(See Kunj…ur much inebriated…lets go…)

‘Mr Sadu Sarna’

โค๏ธEnd of Flashbackโค๏ธ

Karan was passing death glares to her while Pallavi was amused at the story.

P-kehte hai a friend in need is a friend in deed par tere case mein a friend in need is Mr Walker in deed๐Ÿ˜‚
(We say that a friend in need is a friend in deed…but in your case a friend in need is Mr Walker in deed)

Ka-has le…abhi to bari hasi choot rhi hai…bhool gyi? Agar ek baarud hai to doosra aag hai…aaj to dhamaka pakka hai…
(Laugh…now you are making much fun of me…did you forget? If one is an explosive then the other is fire…today there is certainly going to be an explosion…)

P-haan yaar…mein kya kehti hun…yahan se kat lete hai..
(Yess…i suggest…let’s get out of here..)

She grabbed his arm and tried to flee but karan stopped her.

Ka-sochna bhi mat! Kaand kiya hai na? Ab bhugto.
(Dont even think about it! U’ve messed up right?? Now face it. )

He said looking towards Twinkle. Twinkle had a glass of wine in her hands and she started moving towards Kunj.

K-oho! Finally tumhe meri yaad aa gyi…
(Oho! You finally remembered me…)

T-excuse me! Mujhe tumhari fikar kyun hone lagi?? Tumhare paas to ye hai naa…raddi kapdon ki chalti phirti factory…
(Excuse me! Why would i be bothered about you?? You have her right…a mobile factory of dumped clothes…)

She said pointing at Alisha who was red in anger.
She gave Twinkle an angry stare and grabbed kunj’s arm.

A-chalo Lou. Faltu ke logon ke munh nahin lagna mujhe. Munh jab band tha tabhi theek thi…munh khola nahin ki asli aukaat bahar aa gayi.
(Let’s go Lou. I do not want to talk to useless persons. When she had her mouth shut, she was better…hardly has she opened her mouth and her real status has come out. )

Twinkle jerked her hand from Kunj’s arm and made Alisha to face her.

T-oh hello! Mere kunj se door reh! Varna ek ulte haath ki padegi na! Tera plastic surgeon bhi bhool jaayega ki chudail jaisi shakal pe kaunsa thobra chipkaya tha! Makeup ko bachana hai na…to apni safed poonch lekar dafa ho jaao…kyunki mere glass ki wine ko tumhare foundation ko choomne mein zyada der nahin lagegi!
(Hello! Stay away from my kunj! Otherwise i’ll slap you so hard that your plastic surgeon will forget which face he had ever given you! If you want to prevent ur makeup from getting spoilt then you better get lost…because it will not take long for my wine to touch your foundation.)

Alisha was going to say something when Rahul came from behind and placed his arm around her shoulder.

R(whispering in her ear)-dekho Alisha…pehle se hi tera itna popat ban gaya…to ab samajhdaari isi mein hai ki tum apni bachi kuchi izzat baandho aur nikal jaao…varna bhookhi sherni hamla kar degi…friendly advice hai…le lo…varna tum ye bhi lene ke layak na bacho….soch lo…
(Alisha…you have already been made a fool…so my intelligence says that you should save your remaining reputation left and get lost…otherwise this hungry lioness will attack you…it’s a friendly advice…take it…or you may not be worthy of it…think about it…)

She angrily broke her glass of wine and walked out of the party.

Karan looked at Pallavi.

Ka-shukar hai! Der se hi sahi…kaam to aaya…
(Thank god! Even late…atleast he came handy..)

P-dost hai na…kabhi dhokha nahin dega…chahe jo bhi reason kyun naa ho
(He is a friend right…he will never ditch you…be it in any circumstance)

They smiled at each other.

Kunj looked at Twinkle, being shocked. But then he tried to go behind Alisha. However, Twinkle pulled him out with her in the lawn. The party continued inside while karan and Pallavi stood behind the bushes so as not to lose control over the situation.

โค๏ธIn The Lawnโค๏ธ

Twinkle was now pacing left and right while Kunj was seated on the opposite bench. Both were angrily looking at each other.
(Both are drunk…kunj is like angry devdas avatar while Twinkle is angry bird)

Suddenly Kunj’s eyes widened.
He stood up in a jerk and went towards Twinkle and grabbed her by her arms while she screamed in pain.

K-mein kya hun tumhare liye? Koi khilauna hun? Ya tumhara kutta hun?? Jo subah shaam mein tumhare aage peeche ghoomounga?? Ye andar tune jo stunt kiya hai? Uska kya matlab hai?? Jab tum kisi aur ki baahon mein apna ghar bana sakti ho to mein kyun nahin???

(What am i for u? Am i a toy? Am i ur dog to roam around you day and night?? What does all of what you’ve done inside mean?? If you can find solace in somebody else’s arms…then why not me???)

He left her with a jerk.

Twinkle held his collar and brought him close to her.

T-haan! Tum ho mere khilaune..tum ho mera kutta…tum mere sab kuch ho…mera dil, meri jaan, meri dhadkan…mera PYAAR! Andhe ho? Dikhayi nahin deta? Behre ho? Sunai nahin deta? Bewakoof ho? Samajh nahin sakta? Mere saamne uss kamini chalu chudail ke saath dance kar rahe the? Kabhi socha hai ki mujhpe kya biti hai? Nahin! Tumhe bas apna ahem, apni takleef, apna dard dikhayi deta hai!

(Yes! You are my toy…you are my dog, you are my everything…my heart, my life, my heartbeat…my LOVE! R u blind? Cant you see?! R u deaf? Cant u hear?! R u an idiot? Cant u understand?! U were dancing with that idiotic sticky witch in front of me? Have u thought what i’ve gone through? No! You can only see your ego, your pain!)

She pushed him away. Kunj, angered, with blood shot eyes made her to face him again.

K-ek ghante mein itna apnapan kaise jaag gaya tum mein? Aur vaise…aawaz achchi paayi hai tumne! Kamaal hai na…mere saamne to kabhi kuch nahin kaha…let me sab tumhara hi khel tha na…pehle sympathy pao phir emotions ke saath khelo…phir unhi emotions ko kuchal do!
(How come you’ve started caring soo much about me in this one hour? N by the way…you’ve got a good voice! Its amazing right…you’ve never spoken to me before…let me guess…it was all you plan…first get my sympathy then awaken emotions for u then crush those emotions. )

Twinkle glared at him, teary eyed.

K-theek hai…main galat bhi ho sakta hun…to phir? Awaaz achanak aa gayi?? Ohhh!! Ab samjha…pyaar laaya na…uss UV ka! Usne ek din mein aisa kya kiya tumhare saath ki tumhein tumhari awaaz vapas mil gayi?
Ghooro mat! Kahan chooa? Haath kahan lagaya? Kiss kamre mein ye chamatkaar…

(Thats fine…i may also be wrong…then? You’ve got your voice all of a sudden?? Ohhh! Now i understand…love brought it back right…UV’s love! What has he done to you in one day that you’ve got your voice back?
Dont stare at me! Where did he touch you? In which room did thid miracle…)


Twinkle slapped Kunj.


She broke down on the floor.

T-mujhse tumhari berukhi bardash nahin hoti Kunj…dard hota hai…dil dukhta hai! Tumhein kisi aur ke kareeb nahin dekh sakti mein! Tumhare munh se aise shabt tezaab se lagte hai…mujhe tumpe nahin…khud pe gussa aa raha hai! Maine zindagi mein jisse itna pyaar kiya, jiske pyaar ke liye khud ko lootana bhi manzoor hua…usse mere baare mein aisa lagta hai…

(I cannot bear you indifference Kunj…it hurts…my heart bleeds! I cannot see you close to somebody else! Such words from your part seem like poison to me…i am not angry on you…rather i am angry with myself! The one whom i’ve loved so much in life…he thinks such things about me…)

She gets up and holds Kunj by his shoulders.

T-haan! Chamatkaar hua hai! Aur pyaar ke vajah se hi hua! Par tumhara pyaar hai ye Kunj!!! Maine zindagi bhar shidat se sirf apni maa se pyaar kiya hai! Aaj tumhare kaaran maine unka vada toda hai! Maine aaj tak kisi ko apne aap ko chune nahin diya hai kunj! Aaj tumhare liye mein uss ghatiye aadmi ke saath aayi..taaki tumhein ehsaas ho ki tumhein kisi aur ke saath dekhkar mujhpe kya bitti hai…par tumhein ye sab nahin dikhega.

(Yes! There has indeed been a miracle! N it has been caused by love only! But this is your love kunj!!! In my whole life…i’ve only loved my mother with all loyalty! Today i’ve broken her promise only for you! Till date i’ve never allowed anyone to touch me…but today just for u i have with that cheap person…so as u realise how i feel when i see you with somebody else…but you won’t understand this…)

She wiped her tears and turned her back to Kunj.

T-faayda hi nahin hai…naa tumse baat karne ka na tumhein samjhaane ka…kyunki shaayad mere pyaar se bada tumhara ego hai…
(There is no point in neither talking to you nor trying to explain myself…because maybe your ego is bigger than my love…)

She was about to go when Kunj held her hand.

K-Twinkle! I love you too!

She froze.

T-kunj mujhe gande mazaak pasand nahin hai! Mujh mein ab aur himmat nahin bachi!
Achcha agar mujhse pyaar karte ho to uss Alisha ke gale lagne ki….

(Kunj i hate such kind of a joke! I do not have that much courage left in me!
If you loved me then what was the need to…)

She was interrupted by a sudden jerk and then…a pair of soft lips on her lips.

โค๏ธOn the other sideโค๏ธ

‘Wowwww!! Congrats partner! Plan kaam kar gaya!

(Wowwww!! Congrats partner! Our plan worked!

Pallavi shouted in excitement and kissed Karan’s cheek.

Ka-not fair partner! Itna bada plan kaamyaab hua hai aur ek hi kiss..vo bhi sirf gaal pe??
(Not fair partner! Such a big plan has been successful and only one kiss…that too on the cheek??)

He said naughtily.

P-Oh! Zyada phoogo mat! Vo to bas excitement mein beh gayi…
(Oh! Dont fly too high! It was just that i got carried away by excitement…)

She stammered.

Ka-jo bhi ho…faydaa to mera hi hua hai….
(Whatever…i have benefitted anyways….)

He winked at her while she blushed.

โค๏ธback to the lawnโค๏ธ

Twinj were still enjoying their liplock when Kunj said in between the kiss.

K-say it!

Twinkle had her eyes closed and tears of joys were highlighting her beautiful eyes.

They broke the kiss and shared an eyelock…both were drunk and were kind of struggling to keep their eyes opened but managed to do so…as they loved each other.

T-i…i love…

K-kya Twinkle?? Pehli baar tumhari awaaz suni hai…mein chahta hun ki mein tumhare munh se vo teen shabd sunoon jiske liye hum donnon ne itni bewakoofi ka kaam kiya hai…

(What Twinkle?? I have heard your voice for the first time…i want to hear those three words from your mouth…)

Twinkle looked at him and cupped his face.

T-i love u my bandar! More than anything…more than ever!

She pulled him into yet another passionate kiss.

Precap: surprise!!!

Who said people act childishly when drunk?? This is the time when all emotions come out in the open…yaa some people become kids when they are drunk but….thats only in serials….i amy be wrong…share your experiences in the comments and let me know…there is much more in store for u girls….trust me…๐Ÿ™ˆ


โค๏ธ_______to be continued_______โค๏ธ

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TEI Competition: Will You Marry Me? (One Shot)

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  18. SidMin

    Loved it too good and Twinj fight was so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Post soon can’t wait it is getting so interesting day by day ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ayu

      Thank u sooo much Shrutiโค๏ธ

  19. Ayu api sorryyyyy for late cmnt and epi was dhamakedar waooooo kya likha tha really luvd it and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to post nxt asap

    1. Ayu

      Its perfectly fine dear! I dont mind! Thank u soo much for the love! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
      I will try to post soon

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