TEI Competition: Will You Marry Me? (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq: The Author Recognition Competition

Hello sweethearts! I am back to bore u a little bit…not too much?

This competition sounds amazing !!!!!!!!! Let’s see how many of my lovelies recognise my writing??

So this a short story…straight from the heart…hope u’ll enjoy it?


Twinkle and kunj were best friends since high school…it might be a coincidence or fate…but they always landed up being together ever since the tender age of 15. 

Twinkle, being a traditional yet bold typical punjabi girl, moved to Amritsar with her family due to some work issues associated with her family business. 

Kunj, handsome yet smart, perfect example of beauty with brains, had immigrated in India, specifically Amritsar. Bound by some promise made to bebe, the head of the family, even the famous business tycoon Mr Manohar Sarna had to give in…. Consequently the Sarna Family moved from America to Amritsar. 

Admitted in the same school, they both were in the same class. However, they did not consider any need for friendship at first. They talked, for the very first time, while being ragged. They were shy, and serious but the degree of craziness they both had impressed everybody. 

Twinj was chosen by the senior students to copy a scene from the movie ‘One Night Stand’. Formerly, they were uncomfortable but then they had to do it, but in their own way… A little bit of Tashan, some spice, some ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahs’ and the scene was done. While everyone’s jaws dropped down, they both burst at laughing. That particular incident marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

It was a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ relationship at first. A greeting, a smile…and thats it…but fate had it all…or was it just a mere coincidence?? 

It did not take them long to understand that they were not only classmates but also neighbours. A few lunch, dinners and The Tanejas and Sarnas became very close…soon their friendship turned to being business partners…

Usha and Leela started nurturing the dream of marrying their children to each other. But they were only 15, maybe too young….

They used to force Twinj to come back home together…a habit…which turned to a need, a duty….these meetings bloomed into a strong friendship…..

They were very close….or shall i say they are still very close??? Lets see….


Twinj were now in college…obviously the same one….but out of Amritsar. Kunj had finished his classes earlier while Twinkle was stii having classes. After the lectures, Twinkle was thinking about Kunj….there had not been a single day where she walked back home alone….

She arrived at the gate and was going to call a taxi. She saw someone, facing his back to her, leant on a tree by the shoulder. Her dull face instantly brightened up. She smiled widely and ran towards the person and back-hugged him. She literally jumped on his back causing him to be slightly propelled forward. 

T-thank u thank u thank u soo much!!!! I missed u soo much!!!

She kissed his cheek, still on his back. 

K-siyappa queen…what did u eat?? U’ve put on weight!!!

Twinkle slapped him slightly…

T-shut up! 




Ohh god! U were waiting for me all that time???

Kunj took her on his back and started heading towards Twinkle’s hostel…this was a regular practice…

K-no i was waiting for that hot chick ….ur new teacher…mah god! She’s s*xy…

T-hmm…very funny…

Achcha may i ask u something?

K-as if u will not talk of i said no…carry on…

T-ur right my sweetie! 

She said kissing his cheek…

Kunj smiled. 

T-will u marry me??

Kunj stopped and looked at her. 

T-hmm…marry me na…i will keep u happy…i am not that bad…

She winked at him…

Kunj looked forward and continued his way…

K-dont worry…ur a siyappa queen…nobody will marry u because of your siyappas….only i am able to put up with ur tantrums….leela aunty ne tujhe mere hi mathe marni hai….

Twinkle smiled and hugged his back and rested her head and closed her eyes. 

Twinkle used to ask him that question every single day…for Kunj it was a joke…but for Twinkle…was it the same??


3 years of college flew in the blink of an eye…the graduation day came…Twinj graduated with all their families hooting for them. The same day, Twinkle had to catch train to Mumbai where she had to take a flight to london. 

Both the families came to bid her good bye. Teary eyed, she met everyone. It was Kunj’s turn. She came to him. All the family members dispersed as the final announcement was made. 

Kunj looked away from Twinkle, controlling his tears. She made him face her. 

T-hey! My Chikni chameli! Say ‘bye’ properly! 

K-i am not talking to u! U could have told me naa! I would have applied too! 

T-no…i would have been stuck with u for my whole life then…everyday i ask u if u’ll marry me…n i would have continued to do so…what if u had agreed? I would have been stuck with u naa…

She said trying to fake a smile. 

T-come on! Smile now…i dont wanna lust a sad looking sunny leona at night! My chikni chameli!!

She said pulling her nose. 

Kunj slightly smiled. 

She pecked her cheek and started moving towards the train. 

Kunj held her hand.

K-please dont go. 


He let go of her. Kunj hugged her. 

K-i’ll miss u! 

T-i’ll not! U’ll come in my dreams everyday…to get raped

She said with a grin..

K-naughty head! Go…

Twinkle was getting on the train but stopped. She turned…

T-hey kunj! 

He turned with hopeful eyes…

T-will u marry me?

Kunj smiled..

K-go…u’ll miss ur train…

Twinkle smiled and got in the train. N it took her away from there. 


Twinj were rarely in contact with each other…they got busy in their own lives…however, they resided in the hearts of each other…Kunj was somewhere angry with Twinkle for having left him alone…he could never figure out why…he should be happy for his bestie…but he felt betrayed. He never shared these feelings with Twinkle though….

Kunj became a successful businessman, following his father’s footsteps…Twinkle became a famous writer…she gave many wonderful piece of writings for which she was rewarded internationally…


2 years had passed…Twinkle had launched many books before…but there was never so much buzz about any book before as this one entitled…

‘Coincidence or Fate?- My Story’

It was indeed special…Twinkle had offered a part of herself…

The book was sold out as soon as it hit the market. Kunj read all of her books. He tried hard to hunt for one, in vain. He had never been soo interested in the stories before…but the fact that Twinkle had written it made it close to his heart. Also, this one shared something that no other did…everyone was talking about the mystery man who was mentioned…it awoke our hero’s curiosity…he desperately wanted to know everything about him…but it was simply wasted time…as the books had been sold out…

One day, he received a parcel in the mail. It was a book, that same book… He was thrilled as Twinkle had personally sent it to him. 

It contained a note…

‘Dedicated to my chikni chameli…love u and miss u…

Read it all!!!

Ur siyappa queen’

He dug into it straight away….

He spent the whole night leafing the 273 pages….it contained all their moments…their families, their friendship..their bonding. A smile had automatically made its place on his face. 

On the 274th page, he read…

‘That day, i did not want to go…i wanted my chikni chameli to stop me…he undeniably did…we had a rather emotional good bye…my heart cried…but i remained strong, for my sunny leone, my love…

(Kunj’s eyes popped)

When i called out for him, i could see his hopeful eyes, screaming, telling me to stop, stay with him…but he is a good actor…he managed to hide it. He had forgotten that i knew him better than himself…i saw his pain…..

I did ask him, like every single day…

‘Will u marry me?’

‘Go…u’ll miss ur train….’

My heart cried hard…

I knew he wanted me to stop…but i did not…the train took me away from him. It has been 3 years…i still miss my sweetie and love….

I guess i still do…i would have stopped, had he accepted my proposal…

In the train, i took my diary out and wrote what i will always ask him…until he agrees to it…


The story ended.

Kunj was still shocked. All his anger vanished into thin air. He looked at their picture, on his desk. 

K-why did u take so long? Siyappa queen! U always have to beat around the bush right? Let me get my hands on u! U’ll pay for it! 

He said, teary eyed, hugging the picture smilingly. 


Twinkle was, on the other side, rejoicing her fame. A special media interaction session was organised with her to talk about her book which had been in the limelight for quite some time. 


R-Miss Taneja, firstly i would like to congratulate u on ur 5th back-to-back successful venture. 

T-thank u

R-This story depicts your life, as you have said earlier, but your fans would like to know who is the Chakni Chameli of your life…you have kept it a mystery till now…

T-hmmm…he held and holds an important place in my life, even today…the fact is that he is too handsome…sharing about him would be equal to sharing him with my female fans, and you see, i cannot take such a risk…

She winked and smiled. 

R-i must say you have an interesting personality…

Twinkle nodded as in ‘thank you’

R-the epic line of this story cum saga is undeniably ‘will you marry me?’

This has created a new sensation in the city…its the new way of confessing love…would you like to say something to your chikni chameli? 

Twinkle looked up and smiled. 


‘Will you marry me?’

A familiar voice projected itself in the entire room, grabbing the attention of everyone. Each and every person present turned towards that voice. But Twinkle, she was only looking down, teary eyed, smiling faintly. 

‘I asked…will you marry me?’

She lifted her gaze and a tear escaped her eyes. She got up and motioned towards him while the room started to fill with murmurs. She finally reached that figure. 

‘hmm…marry me na…i will keep u happy…i am not that bad…’

He said with a wink. 

T-dont worry…ur a Sadu Sarna…nobody will marry u because of your rudeness..only i am able to put up with ur mood swings…usha aunty ne tujhe mere hi mathe marni hai….

She said crying and smiling at the same time…

Both of them shared an intense eyelock❤️

‘Thats not the answer to my question siyappa queen….’

T-it was not the answer to mine either Mr Sariyal Sarna….



Both together:NO…

They let out a smooth laugh and they hugged each other. 


‘The most sizzling news…The Great Business Tycoon MR KUNJ SARNA and The excellent novelist MISS TWINKLE TANEJA are soon to tie the knot. Watch their exclusive yet epic proposal only on our channel, TELLYUPDATES on Saturday.

Jerry with Cameraman Tom

Telly Times



Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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