HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 11

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HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 11

Hey girls! The comments have improved!! I am so happy! U value my words…thank u soo much!

If anyone has missed the previous part, here is the link:
tiktik 10

So…let’s get on with this epi

❤️________ready set go_________❤️

Recap:Twinj confess their love.

Twinj were having a passionate liplock. They parted and looked into each other’s eyes.
Twinkle smiled.

T-sadu sarna! Itnaaa time laga diya kehne mein! Mein UV ke saath bhaag jaati to??
(Sadu Sarnan u took so much time to confess! What if i had run away with UV?)

She said in a childish tone.

Kunj tightened his grip over her hips and acted to think.
K-toh kya? Hum silly silly plans hi banate…jaise mein Alisha ke saath bhaag jaata!
(So what? We would have made more silly plans…as in i would have run away with Alisha!)

He smiled victoriously while Twinkle gave him a death glare.

Twinkle removed her hands from his neck and held him by the collar.

T-uss chudail ka naam mat lena! Jaan pyaari hai to usse door rehna…kyunki tum mere ho! Sirf mere! Uska jahaaz maine doobaya hai to khabardaar usse bachaya to! Varna…
(Dont take that witch’s name! If you want to remain alive then u better stay away from her…because you are only mine! I have pulled her down so dont u dare bring her up otherwise…)

K-varna kya??

T-varna mein UV ke paaschali jaaoungi aur tumse itni door jaaoungi ki tum mujhe vapas bhi bulana chaho to bhi nahin bula paaoge.
(Otherwise i will go to Uv and i will go so far from u that u will not be able to call me back.)

She said in a serious tone.

Kunj, angered, grabbed her by the shoulders and said:
‘Ab tum sirf meri ho! Aayinda uske baare mein socha bhi to dekh lena! Iss kiss ke saath tum officially and unofficially meri ho chuki ho! Aur agar vo cheapster tumhare ird gird bhatakte dikha to mein usse aisa dhounga ki vo apni biwi ko bhi behen ki nazar se dekhega!’

(Now you are only mine! If you ever think about him then watch out! You have become mine, both officially and unofficially, after this kiss! If he hovers around you then i will beat him up so much that he will be unrecognisable!)

Twinkle was guilty for having teased him.

T-hey! I love you!

Kunj smiled at her with halfclosed eyes and pulled her by the waist.

K-kahin aur chale??
(Shall we go somewhere else??)

T-haye babaji! Thank you! Iss bandar ki khopri mein kuch dhang ki cheez daali! Pta hai? Ye jagah mujhe kaatne ko daur rha hai…mujhe laga tha mera prince charming bada romantic…shah Rukh Types hoga par bhool gyi thi…bandar to bandaron wali harkat hi karega…
(Oh Babaji! Thank u! U put something nice in his head! U know? I want to get out of this place…i thought my prince charming would be somewhat like Shah Rukh khan…romantic but i had forgotten that monkeys will do stuff that are monkey-like)

K-achcha! To tumhara vo second hand majnu Shah Rukh ka bhanja lagta hai kya? Aur maine vaise kaunsi harkat kar di? Jo bandaron jaisi hai?? Batao to??
(Really! So was your second hand Romeo related to Shah Rukh? N what sort of monkey-like stuff have i done? Tell me??)

He shut his eyes.

T(acting to think)-ummm vo…vo…vo….

She started chewing her nails and frowned.

K-kya?? Bolo bolo…
(What?? Say…)

T-haan! Hai to!! Usne na…usne…
(Yes! He is!! He has…he…)

She smiled, and acted to blush.

K-siyappa queen!

T(acting to cry)-phir se mujhe siyappa queen bulaya! Sadu sarna! Tumse achcha to vohi tha! Usne mujhe princess bulaya, mujhe ice cream khilayi, mujhe phoolon ka bouquet diya…aur pta hai? Ye jo dress hai na…ussi ne mujhe di hai…

(You called me siyappa queen again! Sadu Sarna! He was better than u! He called me princess, he made me eat ice-cream, he gave me a flower bouquet…n u know what? This dress…he has given it to me…)

She twirled in the air.

Kunj was already angered by now.

K-ye dress usne tumhein di hai haan??
(He has given you this dress right??)

Twinkle nodded childishly with a bright smile.

T-Kitna beautiful hai na?? He is so sweet! Par tum! Tum uss makeup ki dukaan se leech ki tarah chipke hue the!
(It is soo beautiful right?? He is so sweet! But u! U were glued to that Alisha like a Leech!)

She faked crying again.

K-h..han to?? Vo..tu…tujhe p..pta hai..vo d..dress bhi m..maine hi…usse di hai…
(S..so what?? D..do u ..k..know i..had given her her dress…)

He slightly stammered.

Twinkle widened her gaze.

T(placing her hand over her mouth)-hawww! Vo dress tumne di hai usse?! Itna jach rha tha uspe ki ek pal laga ki newborn baby ke liye bhi shayad chota pad jaata..ni??
(Hawww! U gave her that dress?! It was suiting her to such an extent that for a while, i thought that it would be short for even a baby…what say??)

She sat on the floor with a jerk and cried:
‘Iska matlab hai…tumne uss fevicol ki bottle ke saath…aaaaaaaa!’
(This means…that u and that glue bottle….aaaaaaa!)

Kunj went on his knees to face her.

K-siyapp…i mean ni Twinkle…maine…

T(cryingly)-noooo! Tumne uske saath hanky panky ki hai! Mujhe pta hai!!! Aahhhhhhh!!!
(Noooo! You did hanky panky with her! I know it! Ahhhhhhh!!)

K-maine aisa kuch ni kiya baby! Mela bachcha! Suno toh pleash…
(I have not done anything as such! My baby! Pls listen to me…)

He cupped her face.

T-saabit kro! Abhi!
(Prove it! Now!)

K-achcha! Mein abhi karan ko lekar aata hun! Vo puri raat mere saath tha…
(Okay! I will bring Karan right away! He was with me the whole night…)

Twinkle cried harder.

T-tumhara…tumhara tumhare friend ke saath gay encounter…babaji!!!!
(U…u had a gay encounter with ur friend….babaji!!!!)

She stumped her feet and hands like a child would do if he did not obtain something.

K-oye! Chup kar please naa! Aise conclusions pe jump na maar…izzat ka faluda ho jaana hai! Tu yahin baithi rehiyo!
(Oye! Please stay mum! Dont jump to such conclusions…please! Just stay here!)

He went away from there.

T-gaya…mujhe akele chod gaya…
(He left me alone…)

She cried.

❤️on the other side❤️

Y-Twinkle Twinkle little Star how much you are twinkling hot! May i find my Twinki babe…so that i can find my mate…tu tu du…

A glass of wine in his hands, UV was roaming around with his shirt half tucked in his pants and his hair was all messy and untidy. He spotted Twinkle in the lawn.

Y-Thank u thank u twinkling star…i will not forget who u are….
He smiled widely.

He went and tapped Twinkle’s shoulder.
She looked up and glazed at him. To her, the image was all blurred but she managed to recognise him.

She moved her face away.

Yuvi frowned.
Y-jaan! Hum kahan the??
(Jaan! Where were we??)

He made a pout.

She just made some weird signs and pushed him away.

Y- ehhh! Ye nakhre se mein tang aa gya! I love you yaar…ur curves..tumhare hont…ye nasheeli aankhein…ye milky twacha…ye silky baal…
(Ehhh! I am fed up of these tantrums! I love u…ur curves…ur intoxicating eyes…ur milky complexion…ur silky hair….)

He smelled her near the shoulders.


Yuvi fell on the floor with a thud.

He cleared his ears and looked at her.

(U..ur v…voice??)

He stammered.

T(laughing)-tumhein bhi 440 volt ka jhatka mila na?? Twinki is the best! Usne ek minute mein sabke hosh uda diye! Chakka! Yay!!!
(Even u r shocked right?? Twinkle is the best! She stunned everyone! A six! Yay!!!)

She jumped happily.

Y-wow! Matlab…matlab…tum barbie doll ki tarah baby doll gaa sakti ho!
(Wow! It means that u can sing baby doll like a baby doll!)


She smiled brightly.
But after sometime she went away from him and sat on the bench,sulking.

Y-baby doll! Kya hua?
(Baby doll! What happened?)

T-maina…maina…gaaoungi par sirf apne BANDAR ke liye! Usne mujhe tumse door rehne ko kaha hai! Bahut door! Tumhein twinkling star dikhayi de rha hai na? Vo mein hun…yaani Twinkle…aur tum…tum yuvraj ho…yaani prince…n princes taaron par nhin jeete…yahan zameen par rehte hai…so common sense! U and me are xxxxxxx km away from each other.
Shhh! Par kisi ko secret mat batana!

(I will sing…but only for my MONKEY! He has told me to stay away from u! Can u see that twinkling star? Thats me…Twinkle…n u…u r Yuvraaj…means Prince…n princes do not live on stars…they stay on land…so common sense! U and me are xxxxxxx km from each other.
Shhh! But do not share this secret with anyone)

Yuvi thought for a while.
Y-par uska naam to Kunj hai…uska taaron se kya lena dena?
(But his name is Kunj right? What does he have to do with stars?)

He asked suspiciously.

Twinkle came close to his ears and glanced around and when she found no one present there, said:
‘Vo zameen par rehta tha…par ab…ab mere dil mein rehta hai buddhu! Tumhein itna bhi ni pta!’

(He used to stay on land…but now…now he lives in my heart, idiot! You dont know that much!)

She giggled while Yuvi got angry but then smirked.

Y-par vo kahan hai?
(Where is he?)
He faked concern.

T(crying)-vo…vo chala gya…mujhse thoda door…
(He went away…a little away from me…)

She tried to show him an estimate of the ‘doori’ with her fingers.

Y-duffer! Usne tereko ullu banaya! Vo to karan ke saath room mein gya hai…maine khud apne 2 eyes se dekha…chalo…
(Duffer! He fooled you! He went in the room with Karan…i have seen them myself…let’s go…)

T(crying hard)-mujhe pta tha! Unka affair chal rha hai! Mera ladla bigad gya!
(I knew it! They are having an affair! My beloved got spoilt!)

Y-aree baby ro mat! Chalo naa!!! Hum unhe range haathon pakdenge!
(Baby dont cry! Let’s go! We’ll catch them red handed!)


She gets up but immediately sits back.

T-agar…agar kuch aisa vaisa dekh liya to???
(What if…what if we saw something bad???)

She faked crying.

Y(to himself)-aisa vaisa to hoga…par usse sirf mera faayda hoga…tum seedhe tareh meri nahin hogi…ab mujhe tedha raasta hi apnana hoga…
(There will be something bad…but it will benefit me…u will not be mine easily…i will have to use the crooked path…)

He smirked looking at her.

Precap: face-off

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

I know this was my most boring epi ever! And i am sorry about it…but this epi had to go up…this was so requested…i am so sorry as i have not lived up to your expectations in this one and it is slightly short but please bear with me…

N pls do comment…it gives me immense support and encourages me to write…for you! Please do leave your love in the comments section…even a word means the world to me.

Love u all❤️

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