Gustakh Dil 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 11th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with barkha thinking about Shaila’s words. Shaila told her that Nikhil was very angry and he loves only Ishaana, not Lajjo. Inder asks Barkha what are you thinking and smiling. He jokes. Barkha says I m happy not about the stock market. He looks on. Nikhil does not talk to Lajjo and she feels bad. Ayesha comes to talk to Inder. Inder asks her did you think about that course. Ayesha says dad. I did not decide anything. He says its fine, take your time. Barkha asks where is Nani. Ayesha says she slept. Lajjo was massaging her knee and she slept. Barkha says maybe it will work.

Inder says can we go for knee replacement surgery as nothing is working on her. Barkha says I will talk to Ravi. Inder asks Ayesha to come to her. Barkha talks to Ayesha and says Neelam

aunty brought a proposal for you, it’s a good family and its their only son with good property. Ayesha says I request you I don’t want to marry, I m not yet ready. She says I will take the decision after much thinking, not like this. Inder says its ok with us. She should decide it.

Inder says we should not hurry about her marriage. See Nikhil for example, take your time Ayesha. Ayesha leaves from their room. Its morning, Nani gets up and smells bad. Barkha comes to her and asks about the foul smell. Nani says maybe some rat died in this room. Shaila also come holding her nose. All of them look around to find the rat. Lajjo also come to them and covers her nose. Lajjo comes and asks did any rat die. Nani says we want to ask you what was in the oil that’s smelling like this. Lajjo asks her about the pain. Barkha scolds Lajjo and says this smell has to go else we won’t leave you.

Samrat comes to Aparna and talks to her. He says Lajjo brought an oil and applied to Nani, and it smells hell. Aparna laughs. He says I brought lunch for you. They have a light talk and Aparna says after my mum died, I became very lonely, I miss her a lot, so I thought to paint the house to pass time. Samrat says I can understand whats loneliness. He gets upset. Aparna looks at him. He says so you stay alone, I m sorry I was not with you that time.

He says you always helped me and supported me, and I was not with you. She says its ok. Gunjan calls Samrat and asks him to come home. Samrat says I need to go but will come again. Barkha asks Lajjo to call her home and ask her mum about the oil. Lajjo says we can find out about the smell. Everyone are irritated by the bad smell. Lajjo calls someone and asks about her mum, but her mum is not at home.

Barkha says so we need to smell this till evening. Everyone are worried and try to find some solution to get rid of the smell. Nikhil meets Ishaana and says I got angry on Lajjo as she has thrown the souvenirs. She did not know about it and I scolded her badly. Ishaana thinks Nikhil is upset with Lajjo and she do not need to do anything with Lajjo now. She says I m not angry on you and Lajjo, I m still with you, you should not have been angry on her.

Nikhil says so you did not feel bad right. Ishaana says yes, she did not do this purposely, it was a mistake so forget it. Nikhil says I can’t believe you are saying this, I was upset to lose those things. I was tensed thinking what would you react when I tell you, but you are understanding, caring and mature. I love you. She wears a broken bracelet which he gave her. She says its priceless for me as you gave me this, I fixed it as you gave it. He says you value it right. She says yes, more than before.

Ravi’s wife Meera comes and gives some solution. Barkha says mum you are stinking. Nani shouts on Lajjo and says I m smelling like a dead rat because of Lajjo, now she won’t stay here, I will kick her out of the house and will listen to Nikhil too. She asks Lajjo to get out of the house. Meera says did you notice, you are walking fine. Nani is happy and says I can jump, it’s a miracle. Meera says it happened because of Lajjo’s oil. Nani says Lajjo will be punished for this and leaves with Meera.

Lajjo comes to Nikhil’s room and thinks how Nikhil scolded her. Nikhil comes to his room and asks what are you doing here, I told you not to come here. She says I came to apologize, I did not know those things were valuable to you, I m sorry, I won’t do this again. Nikhil looks at Lajjo and asks whats in this packet. He sees that she brought those souvenirs back and asks where did you get this, you had thrown it, then how did you get it back. Lajjo looks on.

Lajjo is afraid of the lightning. Ishaana tells Nikhil that some people are afraid of lightning. Nikhil thinks of Lajjo’s mum words that Lajjo is afraid of lightning.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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