Pavitra Rishta 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana telling Purvi to convince Arjun and she will convince Pari. Purvi gets a call from the hospital saying her friend Sheetal had an accident. Purvi tells Archana about Sheetal’s accident and goes for the hospital. Rushaali calls Ankita and asks about Naren. Ankita says he is fine and have taken the medicines. Rushaali asks her to take care of Naren. Ankita gives the call to Naren. Naren tells Ankita that he will talk later. Naren is telling stories to Pranav and Sonu.

Purvi comes to the hospital and enquires about Room no. 101. She asks for the directions and goes towards the room. Ovi sees her and wonders what is Purvi doing in the hospital. She thinks to inform Arjun. Purvi comes to meet Sheetal. Doctor says she is under treatment. Sheetal says

sorry for calling her and says her son is away. Purvi says she will be at her side. Doctor asks her to get the medicine. Ovi enquires about Arjun and she is told that he went to have the MRI done. Ovi looks at Purvi and hides.

Ankita is arranging bedding for night. Naren comes and says he will sleep with her. Ankita and Naren sleeps with the kids. Soham comes and thinks his children are sleeping. He is shocked to see Naren sleeping on the floor. He slowly proceeds and thinks to have dinner silently. He goes to the kitchen and starts eating. Naren wakes up with the utensil’s voice and caught him. He beats him. Ankita, Mansi and kids comes. Naren thinks he came to steal the things and says he will take it to the police station. Ankita tells him that it is late at night and asks him to let him go.

Mansi and Pranav takes Soham outside. Naren asks Ankita whether the sugar level was same or it is less. Ankita says it was same. Mansi asks Soham not to come to the house until they are there. Soham says he won’t as he cares for his daughter. Arjun comes out of the MRI room and gets shocked to see Purvi. He wonders whether she gets to know about him. Ovi comes and asks Purvi whether she followed Arjun. Arjun tells Ovi that your reports have come and everything is normal. Ovi says lets go.

Next morning Ankita wakes up and finds Naren missing. She calls for him and wonders where he is? She goes out to see Naren getting beaten by the chawl ladies. Ankita comes to his rescue. Naren says he came to fetch the water. One lady says you have to be in the line to get water. Naren being genius suggest them to get water pump and says 8 people can fetch water at a time. He tells Ankita that he will take the pot. Ankita smiles.

Archana tells Pari that Arjun was lonely since 20 years. Pari says he is lying and says no one can live alone for 20 years. Archana explains that Purvi saw her with her own eyes. Pari asks, then why he didn’t call us. She says she won’t accept her sayings. Archana asks her to understand and says don’t come in between them. Pari calls Arjun. Arjun gets happy and tells Ovi. He picks the call. Pari tells him that she is not his daughter and she hates him from the bottom of the heart. Arjun replies saying he loves her from the bottom of his heart. Pari tells him that she can never accept his lie that he lived lonely for 20 years. She continues if this is true and if you hurt my aayi once again then no one is bad than me. She disconnects the call. Arjun is sad. He tells Ovi that he got a chance to clear the misunderstandings but it slips away.

Sheetal thanks Purvi for helping. Purvi tells Sheetal that she saw Arjun in the hospital and wonders why he came here. Sheetal suggest her to ask the doctor. Purvi comes and enquires about them. Doctor lies saying they came for regular check up and everything is fine. Purvi leaves. Doctor calls Arjun and informs him that Purvi came to enquire about him. Purvi thinks to meet Arjun and thinks she has to meet him somehow. She calls his company and asks them to arrange the meeting for the evening with Arjun. She prays to Bappa to let her know about Arjun’s truth.

Purvi cries and hugs Arjun’s chair while Tere liye hum hain jiye plays….Arjun looks at her helplessly and cries too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wonder why all these serials like doing this; if a person is sick they tend to make the person hate everybody instead of showing luv in hard times.Its high time pavitra rishta ends because they have nothing to offer, the story is getting *SMH*

    1. karmina Heeralall

      This so true show needs to end the character of Arrchana looks older than her mother and mother in law so stupid

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