Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu being serious and thinking about Antara. He says Miss Kaul while being in pain. He thinks about his and Antara’s romantic moments and then how Antara married Satya. His hand drops. Antara is worried about him and says Raghu…….. Satya and everyone looks at her. Antara is restless. She sees a dead body coming on stretcher and gets worried. Satya looks on. They ask her are you his wife. Antara is stunned. The doctor comes to Antara and asks who is Miss Kaul, Raghu is taking her name again and again. Antara says can I meet him. he says yes, we have shifted him to the special ward.

Antara comes to Raghu and hears him saying Miss Kaul. She cries seeing him and says Raghu, why did you drink that milk, I told you not to drink it. Satya is watching

them. She holds his hand and talks to him. Satya feels bad. Raghu says whats the difference. Satya gets angry watching them together. Maai sees Satya. Antara asks Raghu to stop talking. Maai fills Satya’s ears against Antara. She says she is your wife and she is with him. Satya warns her saying I m telling for the last time, respect Antara else….. Maai smiles.

Antara asks Raghu to take breath, as its necessary for his normal breathing. He says what will I get living like this. He says I need a reason to live life, but I can’t. Antara says even I wanted to die but you became my reason to live and now…. He coughs and she gets worried and gives him water. Antara says hate me but be alive. She says you have to live, you have to breath. Raghu says hatred and leaves her hand. Raghu gets unwell and Antara calls the doctor and panics.

The doctor checks Raghu and says so you are his Miss Kaul, he became normal seeing you. Raghu looks at Antara. The doctor asks her to be with Raghu as he needs her a lot. Antara looks at Raghu and cries. She goes to call the sister and sees Satya and Maai standing outside. Antara looks at Maai angrily and leaves. Maai comes to Raghu and asks how is he now. The doctor says Antara has become a medicine for him, he is out of danger now. Raghu looks at Maai and thinks about Antara’s words.

The doctor leaves. Antara comes back with the sister. Maai leaves. Satya says why are you sad now. He says your son is safe now. He says so you are sad that Antara did not die. He says its great that Antara saved your son. Manohar asks Maai how is Raghu now. Maai says the time is changing. The next morning, Antara is praying to the Lord. Satya comes to her and she is shocked to see him. he also talks to the Lord and says you might be happy, the girl who did not hold her husband’s hand till now, has hold her lover’s hand all night. He says I saw in childhood in films, he says the night was long right.

He taunts Antara saying its morning now, the separated lovers can get a gift. Antara says yes, I m very happy, that someone got saved. Antara says tell me what you want to. Satya says where did you anger and hatred go. She says so what, what do you want, I should have left him to die, Satya says he killed your dad. Satya tells Antara that you have spent the night with the enemy, did you forget what he did, the truth is you got weak and still loves him, till you get rid of the love, you can’t hate him.

He says I m with you in this war, I married you so don’t take any decision alone. He says if I do any decision then………. He sees police coming and asks who called the police. Antara says I had, for Maai. She says your mum tried to kill me, if this time we don’t stop her, she will be successful next time, I will get her punished. The inspector comes and Satya talks to him. Antara says raghu will give you his statement. The inspector says he has already given his statement, here it is. Antara is shocked to read it. She says what, did Raghu say this. She goes to Raghu to ask him.

She asks Raghu what is this, why did you say this. Maai is there with Raghu. She says what are you doing Antara, this is a hospital, don’t speak loudly and Raghu did not become well yet. She says come with me, I will tell you. She reads the statement of Raghu that no one tried to kill him, I did not commit suicide, I had food poisoning, no one is to be blamed for this. Antara looks at Raghu.

Maai says Antara you loved him but how did you think Raghu will go against me. He will always agree with me..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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