Ghulaam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela with Rajan enter goons’ den and trashes goons. He frees Rajan’s girlfriend Roshni. Rajan emotionally hugs Roshni and thanks Rangeela. Rangeela says he wants to get them married today itself.

Minister calls Bhisma and says he heard about Veer and is sending a doc for his treatment. Bhisma says thank you. Minister says how can a woman dare to hit a man in Berahampur. Bhisma angrily breaks mobile.

Rangeela returns home and gives sweet box to his amma and says he did a good deed today and got a couple married. He gets Balam’s call who tells that Shivani broke Veer’s head. Rangeela fumes how dare malkin is to break maalik’s head.

Maldawali drags Shivani to wrestling ground. Gulguli yells she hit body builder Veer, now she should show her strength on her. Rashmi

pleads to spare Shivani. Gulguli pushes her away and Maldawali drags her aside. Gulguli starts trashing Shivani and challenges to show her strength on her. Shivani pleads to leave her. Gulguli throws her in air repeatedly. Shivani falls down and collapses.

Rangeela reaches hospital to see Veer, but Jageer stops him and yells once he is kicked out of Berahampur, he cannot enter again and continues yelling. Rangeela says he wants to see Veer once. Manmeet sees him and takes him in. He cries seeing Veer’s condition and Bhisma’s helplessness. Jageer drags him away again and says he is responsible for Veer’s condition. If he had not brought Shivani, this would not have happened. Now, he should kill Shivani. Rangeela angrily leaves.

Gulguli yells that Ardh nareshwar maharaj told Shivani is her family’s protective cover, but she tried to kill Veer, so she has to die. She orders Maldawali to check if she is alive. Maldawali checks and says she is almost died and only a few breaths are remaining. Gulguli orders to throw her away and wait until she dies. Guard throws her in market. Balam brings doctor, but guards don’t let doc to check Shivani and shoo him away. Balam runs to get help and clashes with Rangeela. He says god send him on right time to save Shivani. Rangeela walks towards Shivani. Shivani wakes up and emotionally tells she knew he would come to save her. Rangeela says he came to kill her and warns guards not to stop him, else nobody will be alive. He lifts Shivani. Balam warns him not to do anything wrong. Rangeela says today Shivani will die.

Precap: Veer wakes up and tells Manmeet that nobody dared to touch him in wrestling ground and Shivani hit him from behind. He looks himself in mirror and shouts Shivani spoilt his face, now he will ruin Shivani’s life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hello, everyone can I join you guys??
    I do watch Ghulaam whenever I get time but I’m not that regular, so I don’t comment as most of d time I watch it in htstr.

    1. Karina

      Hello DK…welcome…do join us in commenting when u can…

    2. Welcome DK .. .no need to ask..just jump in nd start commenting..

  2. Hello friends…Im Anu..
    Karina..hope u remember me (Richu’ friend)
    I guess she wouldnt be coming to TU for sometime…actually her father had an operation of Alsar..hes fighting cancer..
    Operation was successful and he is In ICU now.hope he get fine soon.
    But shell have to take care of her so.She was very sad and couldn’t comment!Even after discharging shell have a tight schedule.
    Pray for uncle
    TC guyzz

    1. Karina

      Hey Anu..thank u for letting me know about Richu…i was beginning to worry about her…i really hope uncle gets well soon….pls send my love to Richu and tell her i ll be thinking about her and her father…and thank you once again for informing me…

    2. Hey anu di…thanks for letting us knw abt richu di…..tell her dat take care of uncle as well as herself also…give her our love nd plz convey her dat we r missing her…i will pray for uncles good health…everything will b fine..

    3. Hii anu or whatever richu u only said to me tht ur only anu n u faked it and ur name is yashsasvi..btw i m dhruv

  3. And yaa…I have seen there are so many Sadda Haq fans in this them I have something
    Pritha writes this ff and it is soooo good that I thought to upload its address..
    I am sorry Ghulaam fans…I know I shouldn’t upload it here…but I know there are many Sadda Haq fans are here who misses the show like I thought to do this for them.
    I am really sorry if anyone is hurt.

  4. Hi guys poomalayye korangu kaile kodutha mari ..shivani is a beautiful young lady .stupid kodumirandi rangeela married her now he is peel off. every petal each of a flower…
    Rangeela is not deserve for shivani,’s love..
    Elephant hits the rats. Net result is rat. injured heavily and. It is in last stage
    Rangeelau r really ghulam only fit for u r malikto day udid one good job .marriage for others kushi u give sweets to u r mom
    What about shivani u r asked question about her bahu……
    RANGEELA LAST CHANCE KNOWINGLY UNKNOWINGLY THEY SEND U OUT AND SHIVANI ALSO. RUN READY1,2,3show her urmaa as bahu .and start anew life …now u r not a ghulaam once berampur out not allow ed in side. ,,kanna laddo thinna asaiya. U got 2laddoos……not miss gold chance. For rangeela. ……jageer and maldawaliboth r made for each other cruel. Core. Gantha thimak and dil

  5. Hi renu.aanya.anu.saku.nishitha karan.karina.Joy.philo……my kid. Where are u minnal….and others I am waiting for u r comments.

    1. Karina

      Hello BR mam…hou are you ? Today s epi was ok…i hope they will start manmeet-rashmi story soon and i hope they will make Rangeela s character independent soon and not always putting his master above himself…

    2. Hiii Br mam…..hws u??…?
      Episode was Ok Ok for me..lets see whts nxt .. .

  6. Really interesting epi.

  7. Will be interseting to watch how Shivani will save herself frm ghulam nd malik now..poor girl

  8. Rangila is just stupid.

  9. Just speechless about todays epi. Rangeela is the most poor serial character for me. It was disappointed to see this hate in his eyes. After all what Shivani did for him he cames back to kill her?!?! Now Veer hates her also…No hope for a love story in this strange show ?

  10. hi Br mam n hi anu!!! I wish uncle gets well soon!! I pray for it!! May god give them strength…..n u see….uncle will b fine very soon!! here all members prayers are with uncle!!! thanks for written update!!!

  11. Hi guys richu don’t worry we will pray for u r father theyget well. very soon…….

  12. Hi anu where r u? In india..

  13. Hi Dk param is too smart in saddahaq here make is too rough …charm param we cannot see here . Super intelligent…character is different make up also different but no smile….no cute I am watching only for param and slave revaluation.but cruel core ….tension

  14. Where is richu?…..I think u r student ……plz take care of u also……don’t worry…

  15. Hi br mam n renu mam where r u.hi karina hay dk no prob.with this sandhir ff.n richu don’t wory dear.may god bless ur father.about who’ll save shivani from both karn-arjun.

    1. Karina

      Hey dear…i think shivani will save herself once again…

  16. The storyline is really entertaining and unpredictable. I watch it without fail. I would like to congratulate the team of ‘Ghulaam’. I think they are among the best actors today in india. A Special mention for manmeet.

  17. Guys think about it. Even if rangeela could elope away with shivani where veer woudnt find them, would such a life be really worthwhile? I think not. They just have to stay there and face their destiny. Life or death whatever it is. And even if rangeela spares shivani, bhisma will definitely kill her. In the end everything is only in god’s hand but hero-centric Bollywood,which is a really pathetic industry, has made the general public revere heroes. And try to be like a hero.

    1. Karina

      I actually agree with u for some points…u are right even if ShiRa elopes they will not live a peacefull life…they have to change Bherampur and its ppl so that they can live there itself…

  18. RD where is u r brief comment I am eagerly waiting for u r comments….

    1. Thank u @BR mam..actually I am losing interest..not able to feel the characters anymore..Unless there is some logic in to main protagonist’s acts it is becoming unbearable..I am trying to watch it as a fun content.just like Maldawali..tamasha dekho nd popcorn khao..
      One moment Rangeela is good with some strangers and next moment back to same
      mindless fellow with Shivani…Good thing tht Balam at least tried to save Shivani..who saved his life..
      Even if Rangeela heard something against Shivani or is provoked by Jagir..where is the trust after knowing her for so long? That she is basically a good human being..she is not Maldawali or a schemer..There must be some grave reason why she has done something to Veer..Well it seems Rangeela has Jaami dushmani with her..
      Spoilers say he will help her elope..lets see how it turns up

      1. With all due respect, Rd. YOU may not know me but I somehow feel I must refute ur statement. See, every thing shown in this serial is logical, up to the hilt. On the contrary this is the only tv serial which has intelligence, unpredictability and logic combined. Rangeela is basically a good man, but it’s his moral obligation to listen to sarkar & veer who have given him bread crumbs to eat since childhood so that he could grow up and reach the age of 27 or 28(whatever) and even meet shivani. This is not Bollywood non-sense. This is the reality of life. The character of rangeela has impacted my daily life. Now I listen to my father without ever thinking much. I have found inner peace. I hope you also understand y putting urself in his shoes for a moment. Thanks.

  19. @Rajat I respect your viewpoints..I just opined mine..Sure one has obligations nd loyalty..but sometimes it should come with moderation.
    I am no ones supporter here..If I would be in Shivanis place all I would do is to plan to get out of there..nd definitely not fall in love with a cheater..even if I would fall, I would not let it overflow. AND please dont bring parents here..its really hurting tht our youth needs serials to be inspired to respect or listen to parents..27-28 is an age when some sort of maturity is becomes man..especially one who has seen miseries of life..nd to make judgements..Even rangeela lied to his Malik before many times..Yes now he is hurt..
    Next I have never told Rangeela is a bad man even in my earlier comments
    But if you read carefully, knee jerk reactions are not expected frm one who has been subdued or learnt to control his pain..I m asking for benefit of doubt..
    And please I do not know your age or gender but dont let this or any Serial or
    Bollywood movie affect your personal life..
    Why even argue with parents..try practice healthy discussions and be friendly with them if you are an said in Bhagwat Gita..and make rational choices.
    Not rationalising and accepting everything is escapism..tht gives rise to guilt sooner or later..Inner peace will come frm when one does what should be done and right Karma…And God has given every human being ability to decide wht is right or wrong..that is why we are HUMANS not ANIMALS
    I am extremely sorry if I spoke much in public forum..Sorry once again

  20. Thx RD. Rajat u rpoint of is also correct……but olden days insome villagers followed…..they should not wear Chapal infront of malik they should tie n hip and not raisethier head …hold the hand and said yes malik (ejaman)now adays land lord also followed but there’s alimit. …cruel is at core…..gulguli yst wrestling..over……veer can hang rangeela …..he wants to enjoy with gulam’s wife…..
    Here where is the logic ..ghulam’wife becomes ghulam only no malik…..for give birth to a baby… logic…father signature….veer is the father …the whole idiots support…….I saw one video veer throws shivani on bed .but shivani shout ghulam …… they rshowing too negative…right…..ghulam title. But what is the remedy……starts we watch the serial for relaxation…..90%realright10% relax long breath …..always suffocation…….sorry rajat we wantsome cool breeze ……possitive move in serial…..enough bread crumbs started to eat rice with dal by own earning. .

  21. Richu how is u r father …..ulsar is not a matter he will recover very soon…….

  22. Renu how is u rexam? I think uhave done well….

  23. Renu varma u r having alot of work….I am in Tamil nadu .Madurai…here42° very hot there I think too hot …take care….I missu a lot…….I see u r photo daily….marees married.see her photo in fb. All greeted her….

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