Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anandi tells Raja to kill Rani and keep hiding where he is. Anandi says Rani has become a web that may trap them both. Raja was taken aback and asks what they will get after killing Rani. Anandi was sure Suminda would die herself after Rani’s death, else she would kill her by poison and tell the world that she died of her daughter’s sadness.
Rani was leaving the palace angry over Raaj. A photo of Rana ji and Rani Gayatri fell down on floor right in front of her, she wonders why this reminds her of true love. She moves on to find a trunk, inside it was a diary of Rani Gayatri. She goes into remembrance of Gayatri. Raja comes there and informs Rani that her mother would soon come to take her home. He moves towards his room and watches Dev’s photo in his wallet. The doctor’s words echo in his mind that there is a hole in his brother’s heart and needs an urgent operation.
Rani continues reading the diary of Rani Singh Dev. She thinks if love is true it passes every trouble. There, Raja brings about a gun and decides he can sacrifice anything for his brother’s life, even his own life. Rani decides to live for her love.
The next morning, Rani comes to Raja draped in Gayatri’s trunk. She asks why he is carrying a gun with him. Raja says he heard some voices. Rani asks if he still says he doesn’t care for her. She doesn’t let him speak and breaks a chair to light it with a match stick. Raja stops her asking what a joke it is. Rani demands him to marry her right away. Raja says they are mismatched. Rani says if a Gayatri from normal family could live with Rana ji, why can’t Raja from a normal background marry her. She asks him to touch her and say whenever she is near, he doesn’t feel anything. Raja pushes her away. Rani fell over the chair hitting her head. She fells down unconscious. Raja holds the gun remembering about Dev’s cries. He points a gun at Rani but couldn’t shoot her.
There, the inspector had found Raja’s hiding. Suminda was worried that her heart says Rani is in danger. Anandi was sure Rani must be dead by now. Prieiti stops Anandi from leaving. Anandi says she is going to temple but Preiti must stay with Suminda here.
Rani brings a glass of water to Rani and throws it over his face. She says he must have done this to her when she was unconscious. She points his gun over her shoulder, and asks why Raja is so reluctant to show his love to her. Raja says Dev, it’s because of Dev he agreed to kidnap her. He took the job of body guard only to kidnap her easily.
Raja tells Rani that he has now been ordered to kill her. Rani says he is making up the stories as he is only afraid to marry her. Raja shows her the mark on his hand which she had used as resistance. Rani holds his collars and asks who that is.
Anandi enters the palace and thinks before police reach she must get Raaj out of this all. Rani deters Raaj to tell her else she would call the police. Raaj pleads in front of Rani, he says his brother is in their custody. He can’t take someone’s life just to save his brother, else he had been ordered to kill her. Rani forces him to shoot her by pointing his gun over her shoulder.
The inspector gets a call that Raja and Rani are in old palace of Amirkot. They head to reach them.
Raja tells Rani he committed a mistake, she doesn’t want a sin for herself. There, Rani shouts that she shouldn’t have trusted him in first place. He had planned to first win her trust, then love and later betray her. There, Anandi thinks she was wrong in trusting raja. Now she must kill Rani by herself. Raja holds her hands while she resists. Rani was hurt by her bangles. Raja was concerned. Rani slaps Raja and ties his hands behind him saying he must not have posted her letter as well. Raaj requests Rani to listen to him and stay here, they would think she is dead and leave his brother. Rani shuts him up wondering how dare he thought she would help him. Rani hears the siren of police mobile. Anandi had entered the palace but leaves.

PRECAP: Rani tells Suminda that she had married Raaj already. Suminda takes Rani along with her. Raaj was entrapped by Kundan and his inspector friend.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. for some strange reason am losing interest in this story line … deja vu perhaps
    seems to be following up to a similar situation in season 2 (Jeeves n Rani’s farce engagement etc) …
    y am I not excited … y ??

  2. Well season 3 was supposed to be based the concept of reincarnation , but todays episode had a different story to tell alltogether . It was shown that rani chauhan learns about the history of the ranaji and rani gayatri and her daughter and thus the story of raja and rani through her personal diary . So this marks the end of the ameerkot palace’s significance in raja and ranis lives?? With rani chauhan getting dreams of the past from childhood , i thought that she d recall her past clearly when she realises her love for raj and thus convinces him of the same and thus raj gets to know of his past as rajbeer singh rana . But, i dont see that happening . According to the recent spoilers, rani would lie to everyone that she had married raj singh , just so that he doesnt get caught by the cops . She also gets to know of buajis evil scheming and plotting and gets her arrested. Rani is still deeply in love with raj and knows that raj has the same feeling for her , but he hasnt accepted it yet. Inorder to make him realise his love for her , she agreed to get married to kundan and the haldi rituals start. So , history has repeated itself here , it is kundan here in season 3 replacing jeevs of season 2 . With all this happening , i wonder if we d ever get a proper ending according to rajmata and that saint who predicted on raja and ranis rebirth. Will we get a happy union of raj and rani in the ameerkot palace after they ve reminisced their past alltogether ?? Will we ever get to see rajmata coming into the picture before the show ends? Would brm make an entry only to get destroyed by raj and rani this time or would it still add to another loose end created by the writers? These writers are very good in creating suspense but very poor with giving it a logical closure . That was evident in todays episode where they decided to replace rajas ailing mother with a little boy having a heart disease and conveniently introduced him as rajas younger brother . I think , it is the sudden decision of the channel to close the show , that has led to this much of confusion at present .

    1. Right.. Or may be they got no actress to play mother for very few episodes.. So they comfortably replaced mom with little Bro.. Well that’s not new in etretr.. Etretr makers keep adjusting details both minor and major as per their convinience.. N Raj is 28 years old as per posters n rani is 21 so total leap is 28 years.. But this time they played safe by stating ‘few years later’.. So basically from 1977 they have come to 2007…but both Raj n rani are not having cell phones… :).. Probably they are mentally still in 1977

    2. Lol ??. I noticed that . These minor details have been ignored for the past few months ever since dons track started . Well anyways we just have 10 episodes left , hoping for a proper closure atleast now . Will we ever have raj and rani uniting after knowing their past lifes story ? I badly want to see that happening in the amerkot palace. What are your thoughts on this ?

    3. Yes ideally they should remember past life and meet 100+ year old rajmata.. Brm witch alive or not is still a mystery.. I mean not sure if writers want to bring brm track to a logical closure.. This kundan track is simply WHITE NOISE n a repetition of rani-Jeeves haldi track.. Dresses are also similar if not same.. Anyways happy ending is assured.. 🙂

  3. the Show ETR2 has lost its essence and might be this is why the channel has decided ot put a closure to the show. its evidenlty proved that the writers writing the show of ETR2 has no logic board in his brains and nit fit to be a writer, the SEASON 2 was messed up with the killing of Rani and Bringing a look alike and then ghost track , then they abruptly ended the season two keeping in lot of loopholes and bringing in season 3 where rani and raja will take a rebirth and will win over evil.
    the evil was supposed to be BRM witch where raja ans rani had to defeat her, but due to the sudden decision of the channel they cannot show any of those and they are showing a complete different track.
    the writers has lost it and hope fully the ETR2 writer who has written the story line from January 2017 has no idea what he had been writing and shown till today. there has been np continuity in the story line ,no relation between the characters etc ..

    i would also love to seen raj and rani remembering the old rani and raja and getting back to Amerkot where BRM will be defeated .

    now what the cvs are showing are just fillers for the episode till the 28th by making us the viewers fools.

    1. Thank you for saying this sree!! You are right and i agree to you on the fact that the show had lost its charm the moment rani breathed her last in the mumbai hospital. The show started sinking since then and losing viewers gradually . Then started the don and naina track and majority of the loyal viewers did not like what was being shown between a 35+(25+10 or 15) year old and a mere lookalike of his dead wife .People were missing rani so much , thanks to the filmy and foolish lookalike who had none of ranis qualities . Naina was just a weakling and an easily scared girl who knew nothing such as being bold . Her irritating filmy dialogues and “mummy” for each and everything that happens. Loyal viewers still stuck to the show despite the crap being shown with the hope that naina would turn out to be rani herself with amnesia owing the mystery created around her identity during jan by her mother -the junior artists fishy expressions. Well these details were ignored as per their convenience and rani was brought back as an evil spirit which was the final nail to the coffin. The writers failed the moment they decided to tarnish ranis character to the most by turning her into a vile and posessive spirit . The ghost and dakini track did maximun damage to the show .
      Season 3 was supposed to be the final one of this show. When we could have the horrible don and nainas track for 3 months , i expected to have season 3 running for atleast 2 months if not 3. But the channel decided to close the show in such short notice . This season was all about justice being done to raja and rani and avenging the one who ruined their lives , that is brm . That was the crux of this season if we go by the words of that saint who predicted raja and ranis rebirth and rajmata’s confidence that her children have returned to destroy evil . So will we ever have raj and rani reminiscing their past life is the big question now!! I also hope to see that happening in the ameerkot palace with raj and rani living happily ever after post brms defeat under their hands. This should be an ideal end because it is always believed that things have to end where it started off and this marks the completion of the journey !!

    2. Well said.. But so much to close but only 10 episodes left out of which 3-4 episodes are just about exposing Bua n kundan.. So hardly 5 – 6 episodes left but I wonder how they will close so many loopholes.. Well etretr is unfortunately not a well done serial.. Sigh!!!

  4. Yes sandy totally agree with you . Now they r just airing the episode for name sake …there is no touch to the reality of season 1 or 2. The existing writer is not even glancing as what had happened in the past aired episodes. This is one of the shows that has so many loop holes ,unclosed and incomplete tracks and story line gone haywire
    Very disappointed with the writers as how they behave written the story line

  5. WELL SAID!!!!! Sandy, you have echoed my sentiments exactly, also thank you Ssree, we indeed have been watching total crap from Iqbal’s entry to Rani’s death, when I didn’t think the writers couldn’t sink any further in bullshit, they actually had the gall to write the Donji and the stupid Naina track, I only looked at those episodes because as Sandy said, I thought that Naina would turn out to be Rani but I was lead down the garden path into crap again. Now, that the show is about to end I’m hoping for a happy ending and to some form of closure for those loose ends especially Naina. Who I literally could not stand to watch, also I began to hate Raja, even in this reincarnation I felt that Sarrtaj and Eisha have lost some of their magic along the way, but still I was hoping the writers would spare me another marriage track again that is not Raja and Rani’s. I wish the writers would get on with the crux of the matter and show us exactly what we want to see, ie, Raja and Rani reunited and happy.

  6. miss this show yr charming rani and smart raj??

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