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Precap: Some Sandhir moments.
Sanyu and Randhir both look at the person with wide open eyes. The person comes forward and emotionally says “Randhir, my son!”
Randhir looks at his own father with anger filled eyes. He turns to go back but Harsh holds his hand to stop him. Sanyukta looks at both of them and leaves from there silently.
Harsh looks at Randhir teary eyed and says “Randhir, I know you me hate for whatever I have done. But, please believe me, I love you a lot. Can you give me a last chance? I know you lost your mother for me. You know what I also loved Renuka but I couldn’t bear that she excelled me. My male ego was hurt. In all those, I got lost. I tried so much to control myself but I failed. Please, my son, give me another chance. I tried hard to contact you but you never pick up my calls. So, I came here.
Randhir angrily says “Why do you expect me to lift your calls, Mr. Harshvardhan Shekhawat? Please, leave from here right now, otherwise I may lose my patience.”
Harsh looks at Randhir painfully and slowly says “Randhir, I know…I know that you can’t forgive me but please give me one last chance. Thia time I will not disappoint you.”
Randhir again tries to leave but Harsh stops him again. He keeps on apologising.
Randhir looks at his dad keenly and understands he is genuinely sorry. But, still he isn’t ready to forget everything, so he sends his father back. He goes to his room and starts thinking about the whole incident; whatever happened one year ago.
Randhir was doing his job in America. As usual, he got up in morning and had his breakfast and got ready for his job. He heard his phone ringing and received it. He felt like someone snatched the ground under his feet, hearing the words.
The phone fell from his hand. He sat with a thud. He readily took the next flight and landed in India.
Then he was told that 3 days ago, his mother met with an accident and the car, she was driving was in fire. They couldn’t find Renuka’s body. But, accident was too fatal and they found driver’s burnt dead body near the pond, where the car actually landed after break failure.
Then he came to know that his mother was already very upset as even after continuous efforts, Randhir didn’t forgive her and the day, Renuka’s accident took place; a huge argument took place between Harsh and Renuka. Harsh blamed Renuka for Randhir’s departure to USA. Renuka was very much depressed during the whole year after Randhir’s departure. But, after the argument with Harsh, she was totally broken. That time, she had to go out somewhere, and she was in a hurry. She decided to drive the car, instead of letting the driver do his work. Then, they didn’t get any news for the whole day. Next morning, they got the news of her accident and went to that particular place only to find the mishap. Then they informed Randhir about Renuka’s death.
Flashback ends.
After that incident, Randhir neither forgave Harsh nor himself. He stopped talking with everyone and isolated himself.
Randhir thinks all these and then his father’s recent words strike him. He knows how sorry his father is as he really read all the massages Harsh sent him asking for forgiveness. But still, he is actually confused as he can’t forget his mom’s tragic death.
But, he can also notice his father regretting for his past deeds and accepting his mistakes which he never did. He gets in a big dilemma to move on or not.
Randhir suddenly recalls his past moment with Sanyu.
Randhir- Thanks Sanyukta, thanks a lot for forgiving me…but..woh..woh..
Randhir- How can you forgive me so easily?
Sanyu(smiles)- Because I love my sadu genius, then how came I will not forgive you. I love you and I can’t live without you. Everyone deserves a second chance, so does you and our relation.
Randhir smiles and says- Thanks lot for coming in my life.
Flashback ends.
Randhir thinks about Sanyu’s words and closes his eyes.
After some times, he opens his eyes and decides what to do.
Here, Sanyu keeps on walking in her room to and fro. Seeing, Randhir’s father, many things are going on her mind. She very well knows Randhir’s condition and dilemma and that’s disturbing her continuously.
Whatever she says that she doesn’t love Randhir or he doesn’t affect her any more, but she herself knows very well how much Randhir still affects her.
Sanyu gets worried and restless seeing Harsh.
On the other hand, Randhir decides to give Harsh another chance and along with that he takes another desicion, to have Sanyu in his life again.

Precap: Some Sandhir moments and another entry.
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