Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 25

Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 25

Dedicated to Blakey as she has been requesting me to bring out the truth before everyone since a long time.

Part 25

Raman thinks:how come Ishita is outside?she was with me here
Suddenly kangana comes:who is that Raman?
Raman,Ishita,Rashi r shocked.
Ishita goes near Kangana with thrill:kangana,u r alive?i’m ur sister
Kangana becomes angry:so u r my sister who pretended 2 b dead to trap my husband?

Raman,she’s Subbu’s company,I’ll kill u lady
Kangana beats Ishita.Raman forcefully pulls Kangana back.Kangana faints.Raman keeps her on bed.
Raman-Ishita look at each other emotionally.

Then hug each other.
Rashi:I thought u r a heartless man who deserted ur wife who suffered 4 u.but I was mistaken.u mistook kangana for Ishita and took care of her.

Ishita smiles emotionally.

They tell everything 2 piyush.
P:This is a great Raman can escape from law.

They smile.
P:but b4 that its essential 2 find out where kangana was b4 she reached Raman

Subbu’s car brake down.Piyush comes:shall I give u a lift?
SUBBU:thx a lot
Subbu gets inside Piyush’s car.Subbu finds out that Piyush is driving 2 another route:where r u going?stop
The Car reaches Raman’s house.
SUBBU:y did u bring me here?u r Raman’s man.he wants 2 kill me too
P:I’m not ur enemy.u go inside.then u’ll understand the truth

Piyush brings Subbu inside.
RAMAN:kangana is alive.she’s here
SUBBU:stop it
RAMAN:u go 2 the bedroom& c
Subbu goes there and sees kangana sleeping.
SUBBU:u made Ishita 2 sleep here 2 fool me again.

“I’m here Subbu”.
Subbu turns back and is shocked 2 c Ishita.
Raman:At least you can believe that this is Kangana.Right?

Subu becomes emotional and looks at Kangana.Subbu is happy 2 c kangana:my kangana is alive,.My Kangana is with me.
Kangana opens her eyes and is shocked 2 SUBBU.
Kangana:u came again?u can’t touch my husband when I’m alive.i’ll kill u

She catches his neck.Raman and Ishita save Subbu by pulling Kangana back.
Kangana faints.Subbu keeps her on bed with tears.
ISHITA:kangana thinks that she’s Raman’s wife Ishita.she thinks u r her enemy,bcz u tried 2 harm Raman
Subbu weeps:my wife,.I want her back

Doctor tells them:kangana thinks she’s Ishita and Raman and palak r her world.u can’t suddenly break her’ll danger Raman has 2 pretend 2 b her husband
RAMAN:no,I can’t.i feel ashamed of myself for behaving like a husband 2 Kangana thinking that she’s my wife I know she’s not my wife.Ishita is with me now.b4 my wife how can I live with another lady?its impossible
Dr:but kangana’s life..
SUBBU:plz jeeju,u act as her husband.
Raman is shocked:how can a husband tell another man 2 pretend as a husband 2 his own wife?
Subbu is dull:I’ve been compelled 2 do so 2 save my wife

ISHITA:plz do so Raman.
Raman is shocked:Ishita!u also?
Ishita weeps:yes,bcz she’s my sister and I can’t c her dying inch by inch.

v both r responsible 4 her present v’ve 2 do anything 2 save her.
i can understand ur condition.but plz 4 my sake Raman…



  1. Rashita


    |Registered Member

    Woooowwww super duper epi…loved it sooooooooo much…..😘😘😘😘😘 at last ishra became one….thank god the truth is revealed I was waiting for this moment since very long…thanks Jasmine…..

  2. Veronica


    |Registered Member

    Superb dea…. Ishra scene and piyush forcibly bringing Subbu to Raman’s hse was nice. And Subbu and Ishita asking Raman to act is expected. Waiting for next. 😊😊

  3. Zaira


    |Registered Member

    Thank u soooo much jasmine to atlast open up the main thing I m soooo happy 😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺☺……ishra scene was nice….subbu n kangana scenevwas emotional …poor subbu ….I know Raman ll agree 😉😉….

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