Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shayl and Gunjan come to the station for FIr Mayank is there too. Shayl and Gunjan sit on the other side. Mayan strikes with Gujan. They are shocked to see each other. Mayank sees Shayl there. He asks what are you doing here ? Gunajn says I know that you are angry because I lied but listen to me one. Pihu is here in Mumbai with Vicky she tells him the whole story. He says you people even didn’t tell me anything. Pihu is my sister as well. Now are all together. We will find her. They hold each others hand. Mayank says Mrs Kark you left me alone don’t ever do that again. Gunjan says sorry Mayank this won’t happen again.

Scene 2
Kamla and Vitthal come home. Shayl tells Kamla that he haev fires the FIR. Constable says he has disguised as a sardar and names himself as kholi.

Kamla recalls Manda telling them that she has given her room on rent to mr and mrs kholi. She says I know where are they. They are in Manda’s home. Police goes in that room but they can’t find anyone. Constable asks Manda where is your paying guests. Manda says i don’t know where are they. Inspector says he kidnapped a girl. He says lets go to police station manda. She sasy I have nit done anything. I didn’t knew there was some probelm. Kamla says yes she is not that sort of woman. Constable leaves. Manda says to kamla that I made a mistake. Kamla says yeah be careful next time. They leave.

Scene 3
Kamla and Shayl do the pooja. Kamla says to shayl that when we call God there are no problems left. Your problems will be gone soon. You will find pihu before Kalpi’s wedding. I assure you.
Kalpi and Raghav are being done ubtan. Sammy is taking their photos. Kamla puts ubtan on Raghav. Shayl gets a call from Mayank . He says I got clue. He was buying wedding stuff from a shop. Shayl tells Kamla that she has to go. They are all waiting along with police at Lokhandwala. Kamla says I am coming with you. She says no you should stay here. She gives her necklace for Kalpi as a gift. Shayl says I have to leave now.

Scene 4
Rachna opens the door. Its Mirlu there. she is shocked and so is everyone. He asks is pihu back ? Rachna says no. His mom says has she planned to stay ther forever and do the drama. Where is our daughter in law. She forgot to come home. Dayal invites them in. She says if i knew before that your daughter is so interested in these drama we would never have go our son married to her. Call her right now I will talk to her. Dayal says don’t be worried. she will be here in a day or two. she says i am just giving her a day after that my son will forget her ? You have just one day to contemplate. She takes mirlu with her. Dayal is so heart broken.

Scene 5
Mayank and all go to the shopkepper. They show him the sketch and asks was he the one ? He says yes they bought a lot of wedding stuff. There was a lady with him. They said they have to go to the highway in andheri.
He shows them a card and says he gave it to me. Gunjan reads it out and it is wedding card of Phiu and Vicky. Inspector says lets go we have to stop this wedlock.
Manda calls Vicky and asks where are you ? I kept that girl here and you fled with her. I helped you so much and you fled. i want 25 thousand right now and will tell the cops. Kamla iver hears her. Manda turns and sees her. Kamla says you will never change manda. What has pihu done to you ? She is someone’s daughter. Vicky is not a good guy he has kidnapped her. Tell me where is she ? I beg you. You are woman yourself. I know you will speak up. I saved you from the inspector. We are the maids we manage people’s house we don’t destroy them. Tell me where is Pihu.

Scene 6
Pihu is in an under construction building with Vicky. He is trying to get married to her on gun point. Kamla is trying to reach there by following Manda and Gunjan along with everyone are in the jeep. He makes here wear the garland. Pihu is crying. He says just the rounds are left and after that you will be my wife. Tonight will be our wedding night. Lets start it. He burns the woods. Manda reaches the site. The guards stops her. She says I am manda. he gives her the money. Kamla reaches there. Manda leaves with her money. Kamla starts goinn upstairs. she heards the mantra being recited. Vicky is taking pheray with Pihu. Kamla looks at them form behine the drums. She drops some drums. Vicky stops and gets alert.Kamla sees the pistol in his hand. Gunjan and cops have reach there as well. Kamla asks Vicky to leave pihu. He says I will kill her if you try t stop her. Kamla says Pihu’s family and police is about to come. Vicky laughs and says let them come i will marry her for sure. Kamla is unable to do anything. Pihu says please save me I don’t wanna marry him. Kamla takes the water bucket and puts it on the fire. Cops are coming upstairs. Pihu bites on Vickys and hides behind Kamla. Kamla says shoot me if you can. You havw to kill me to get her. All of them reach the floor. he takes pihu’s hand and points the gun at her. He says I will kill her if you move forward. Shayl says i will do anything you want just don’t do anything to her. Kamla starts moving forward. He says I will kill her stop moving. he points the gun and Kamla. HE fires a shot and everyone is shocked. Vicky laughs. Its him who has been shot by the inspector on the leg. Pihu runs and hugs Shayl. Everyone is in tears. Shayl says how are you muy daughter ?

Scene 7
Kalpi is dreaming about her wedding with Raghav. She is smiling to imagine the view. Vitthal asks him to come downstairs.
Inspector calls for backup. Shayl hugs Kamla and Pihu hugs Gunjan. Shayl says you are like a sister to me. You are so brave. Kamla says i told you everything will be okay. Now have to go I have so much to do. Shayl says yeah take care and give them all my love. Kamla says you too. Kamla says to pihu take care of yourself. Gunajn says Kamla aunty thank you for saving my sister. Kamla says will meet you soon. Kamla leaves.
Scene 8
Vitthal is busy with the arrangements. Kamla tells him that she went to save pihu. Kamla asks how is kalpi looking ? Vitthal says she is so happy. Kamla says why won’t she be she is getting married to the one she loves. Pakiya comes and says we can do the fireworks whole ngiht. kamla and Vitthal laugh. Pakiya comes with all the stuff. He says everyone will remember Kalpi’s wedding. Vitthal says yeah just be careful with them.
The dance for the wedding starts. Its purvi she starts the dance on ‘Punjabi wedding song’. Arjun joins her over. They both dance with so much fun. Everyone is so amazed to see them.
kalpi is getting redy in her room. A friedn comes in and says you baraat has come. Kalpi goes out in balcony to look for it. aklpi looks for Raghav. Sammy comes out of the car and says Raghav is busy with something he will come soon. Kamla asks till when ? he says don’t worry he will come any moment. kamla asks them to come in. Kalpi is worried. She texts Sammy to come upstairs. Sammy goes there. Sammy asks yes kalpi why have you called me here ? He asks where is Raghav he is not receiving the call ? he says I haven’t talked to him since tomorrow. his phone is switched off. Kalpi says Ai abba are so worried what should we do now. he says don’t worry. Everyone is distracted and they are enjoying Purvi and Arjun’s dance. kalpi is in the mandap everyone is so worried. Pandit ji says its the night where is the groom ? I think he is not gonna come. I have to leave now. Vitthal says there must be some problem. He must be coming shortly. Please stay. he sits. kalpi is so tensed. Sammy is trying to call him over and over again but he is not receiiving the call. He tries again. Suddenly a car comes and stops by. Raghav comes out of it. Kalpi stands up and goes to him. Kalpi says where were you ? we were all so worried why are you so late ? What new surprise is this now. Suddenly Pahi comes out of his car in a bridal dress. Everyone is shocked speacially Kalpi. pakhi is smiling, she comes forward. Vitthal asks whats is this. Pakiya asks kamla what is going on?

PRECAP-Raghav and Kalpi are alone. kalpi is so shocked on what he has just said. Kalpi says why you did this to me. She holds Raghav’s collar and shouts why you did this speak up Raghav.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Nat

    This show just took a turn for the worst!!! What are the writer’s thinking??? There is no excuse for this stupidity, playing with the viewer’s emotions, etc. Out of all the shows I have ever watched, this one just became my worst!!!!! Now watch the ratings go down writers!!! Very disappointed!

    • monika s babu

      we could not say lyk that dear…….i tnk nw alal r exiting 2 knw abt the future…so i tnk rating will raise insted of rating down..

      • appu

        U r right NAt if this is not a dream and raghav has married pakhi really then i am gonna quit watching this show and rate it one star!!!

    • girijashiva

      Actually we are fools – hoping from the day one they listen viewers request.- creative team and ZEETV – saw our feed back.. first we request repeat telecast – they dont care about us. ZEETV neglected our request. and the more the creative team- facebook , here n zeetv videos comments site and feed back they dint even bother what we feel about EMA why i say we are fools – we are all here emotionally attached to RAGHNA- but why they care about our feelings and emotions.who we are to them?

      • girijashiva

        So i say good bye to EMA friends. All the best for your future. and best wishes for you and your family.

  2. Knowing raghav I am sure there is some explanation n knowing Pakhi with her upbringing fm kamalama will solve raghav n kalpi problem n get them to come together.

  3. anshu

    Hi first maine end dejha hi nhi
    Dontbtake tension
    Remember i dont knw end mein kya hua
    But remember rachana ka interview she said
    They will do a task to convince paakhi that jodi is ragna toh may be that wud be a part of that task only

  4. ashranna

    this is no twist…it was what everyone predicted….EMA is just like all the other shows…so sad that such a beautiful story turned absurd……will go back to my american soaps

    • monika s babu

      you was right ashranna…………..but it made every one….perhaps me..verey sad………somtng is wrong in some where

  5. girijashiva

    Kalpana was waiting whole day waiting for RAGHAV. late night RAGHAV came with Pakhi – as Pakhi was smiling came from the back of RAGHAV – pakya asked pakhi whether she is married to RAGHAV she said yes

      • ashranna

        no point ..he just stood there while kalpi spoke to him and said nothing ……raghav is not the man i thought he was….so kalpi is once again empty handed…..what revenge he took…he hurt none other than kalpi…..what did she do to him to deserve that……..he could have just leave her alone…..let her live her life…….

      • girijashiva

        Kalpana was asking Raghav why he has done to her, he was standing that is all/ what kind of writers they are really disgusting.

    • monika s babu

      thats the twist pams…..
      i tnk paaki’s family has done smthng 2 him..becoz..his mother is in his custody……………….i tnk some thng had dappen..bt poor kalpi……
      sammy should marry her….

  6. monika s babu

    what is this?????cow could raghav do this to kalpi????how dare he?????poor kalpi……what will she do now????????i tnk sammy will marry her………
    but…its was a bldy cheating….;>

  7. riya

    I think neetu told pakhi that gauri is raghav’s mother and they used her to blackmail raghav 🙁

    Awwww 🙁 why did ema had to turn out like other serials?! 🙁

  8. yoga efron

    What the hell is going on…. who got married with who????????? Can someone tell me what happened??? I am so lost….pls pls

    • monika s babu

      kalpana nd her family was waitng 4 raghav till night.at last raghav came with paakhi..nd pakhiya asks paaki do u both get married??thrn she sys S…

  9. ashranna

    right now it really wont mattter if he leaves paki for kalpi because kalpi should have been the first wife…..not a second……then there is no dream….raghav is suppose to be strong right now he is weak….

  10. Mon

    Agar raghv ke revange Lena tha to woh kalpi se Saadi karke le shakta tha means jab paji ko pata chalta ki raghna Kk mery ho gai to raghav ka revange vese hi pura ho shakta tha na??
    Ab kalpna ka Kya wo to Sammy se Sadi nahi karegi Bcoz she loves ragh
    Ragh ne ESA kyo Kia hi hate alligator paaji. I hate today raghav 2

  11. dd

    guys jiska dar tha wo hi huwa i am quitefrom this show i always living in raghav kalapna love passion but how raghav can do it wo paakhi se kaise shaadi kar saktahai or shaadi karke kalpi ke paas aa raha hai, hiw can he hurt kpi usne jisne usse hamesha bachaya payar diya uske saath raghav ne ye sab iya koi bhi majboori the i though as per his peronallity he will do ometing bt paakhi se shaadi nahi kaega now kalpi ka payar he doesnot deserv at any cost, go raghav take ur revenge asu want sammy leave raghave he doest deserve anythinbg i kniw he must be mazboor but wo insaan jo kapoors ko barbaad karne ke liye aaya tha wo kapoor ko khusi de gaya saadi karke unka betq ban gaya na kare payar paakhi se but now whatever feeling he has for kalpi eaning less
    i was sure that kalpi ke shaadi ragghav se nahi hogi but raghav kalpi se hi shaadi nahi karega but he did i quit i hate u raghave i hate u

  12. anshu

    Hey i dont think ,arriage has happened
    Its sumthing that we cannit predict
    Although i will also nt watch this programme now
    Will check written updates 4 some episodes & if nothing improved i will leave it like madhubala

  13. dd

    mon ek chocopai and all i m crying and quite from this show jo payar mujhe baande huwe tha toda boke
    ragahve itna kamzoor or majboor hou akt hai i cant think about that i hate u raghav today i hate more raghav than paakhi

  14. Poonam

    I curse myself for thinking that this was different from other serials… Fcuktards!!

  15. Aaliyah

    The scene starts weird. I think someone is dreaming this it does not really happen !

  16. monika s babu

    poor sammy…he loves paakhi…………nw sammy should marry kalpi..nd tat wwil hpn..

  17. Leila

    How cud u do this raghav????i hate u for dix…i hope it will turn out to b pakhis dream…Raghav dnt u dare break our hearts

  18. Neha

    I still don’t believe it. Maybe Kalpi is dreaming. But there’s no way Raghav will marry Pakhi after he said he wouldn’t. If this is Kamla’s doing, then she’s such a horrible mother. She deserves a slap.

  19. sanchita

    just feel like killing pakhi , writer and raghav hate ’em all huh aise bhi koi kisika dil tod tah hai bhala hate u raghav

  20. omg i cant believe he will do that to her , i think the neetu found out that kalpi and ragav was getting married and she and her no good husband blackmail him into marring their stupid pookie, dont she have some sense too since childhood she always taking what belongs to kalpi , hate her soooo much…. i hope is somthing else and he didnt really married that spoil brat…..

    • monika s babu

      Manda is there dear…so Neethu will be aware about it..it is sure that itha a play of Neethu,….otherwise..raghav came 2 knw that his mother is innocent nd to take revenge he marries paakhi..paakhi will surely suffer in future…

  21. Aaliyah

    It doesn’t seem correct because in the promo gunjan and mayak are there and Kalpi’s outfit is different……

      • girijashiva

        All the bull shit promos to fool us. where were they ? Gunjan,mayank, ,saill left as soon as they got pihu back n say bye to kamala.The marraige is due to happen in chawl.it is not at all happened what the hell the promos they are showing? it just a promo to fool viewres. i will copy and paste pawandeep twitter messge here soon.

  22. I hate this serial from now.I just hate raghav.i hate him.how can he do this with kalpi .i am sure all the viewers of this serial must be hating this serial right how.what kind of twist is this

  23. Durun kutumar babbar buran uban ka dan shegiya,muna fuki shege dan [email protected]……I hate u pakhi I jst hp is a dream…

  24. yoga efron

    What the f**kis going on… how can raghav even think of doing well that…….he is a piece of tut…..I just hope kamla is dreaming………pls ragna

  25. I knew it….!!!…aisa hi kuch hone wala tha…akhir daily shop serials bina unrealistic dramas k pure nahi hote…now no need to watch this show….!!! Jab serials se natural reality khatam hojati hai…it becomes boring!!!

    • monika s babu

      i tnk its not dreaming….
      there is a twist becoz to make viewers more intrest to this serial………..
      if thay want 2 do that..then why can’t they repeat (atleat once)episode..hate u ZEE TV ….plz repeat the episode plz..

  26. Nat

    I have a feeling that Raghav was blackmailed -typical of him not to answer his phone. I think Kamla will say ab kon kalpi se shadi karega and sammy will dump his friend and marry her.
    I think that the writers should let me me do the writing. What they should have done is have paaki very sad that rahan got married and slowly created a nice love building sequence between sammy and paaki or paakiya and paaki to show her how it feels to be loved!! Why ruin the best thing that was going on in ema-Raghav and kalpi?! The writers did a bad thing!!!

  27. This is ridiculous! This show is the same as all the others..arjun and ppurvi..gunjan and mayank etc etc..where is the difference?! Is the moral of the story that a girl esp. a poor one who happens to fall for the rich boy will always have to sacrifice her love? And then marry someone she doesn’t love ? Is it ok to love someone other than your husband who is also a married man?! Is divorce ok? Cause that is certainly the message these soaps are sending. Why can’t Kalpi and Raghav be married and you actually show how they overcome hurdles together coming from different backgrounds to make their marriage work? But no because apparently the scriptwriters have no vision and keep replaying the same stupid scenarios. It is regressive! And with that I’m done wasting my time and watching this show. Have fun marrying Rahgav and Pakhi and Kapli and Sammy then have all the characters miserable and then breaking them up so that Raghav and Kalpi come together as they should have since the inception and in the process screw up a perfectly good serial which initially everyone thought had a difference.

    • Deb

      I totally agree with what anon said. This is ah very disappointing turn of events, especially since Raghav told Kamla that he loved Kalpi so much & would always keep her happy. Writers in Indian soaps always go against the character that they create in the beginning, by this, I mean that they have moral men or women, doing something totally out of their character. This is insulting to their audience. SHAME ON THESE WRITERS, if this is the way the show is going. I think that it is time for the actors to stand up & say, this is NOT what my character would do.

      • girijashiva

        you all please go to pawandeep kwatra twitter account and do whatever you want to say. she told that everyone like kalpana- pakhi also need some likes. there everyone ask whether she hate Rachana n promte sirini singh? so many questions they asked. if dont have twitter account – open an account watch her reply

  28. azmi

    Bewakoof the ke ye sab dekhna pada…bas ab aur nahi…I quit..I have wasted my precious days to watch all this nonsense. ..ab aur nahi. .Thank you ema….

  29. Nat

    The only thing I learned from the mahasugum is that sapne Suhane is a better show with happy endings!!

  30. “he says I haven’t talked to him since tomorrow. ” Baap re … log future main baat karne lage 😛

  31. ash

    I don’t think raghav was blackmail into marrying paji, he is a big tycoon ….there has to be another reason…I hate raghav today..how the hell can he hurt kalpi and paji is so digusting….I hate her..ema will lose many supporters for this rubbish that they are doing…

  32. star

    it shud be a dream …. but right now i hate ema, the cvs of ema, paji and most importantly RAGHAV!!

  33. Shivani

    What the hell are the writers thinking? I think the only reason they got Raghav and Kalpi together was because they didn’t want the ratings to drop. We were getting so used to them being together. It’s not fair at all… Isn’t it a bit weird that yesterday he said he couldn’t live without Kalpi and now he got married to Pakhi? And isn’t Pakhi in Paris? How did she returned so fast and wouldn’t she tell Kamla that she’s getting married? I don’t think she will get married without telling Kamla. Something smells fishy here.. But then again Neetu is a good manipulator. She will tell Raghav that she knows where his mother is and will tell him is if he agreed to marry her daughter. And she might convince Pakhi to get married..and when they come back, they will have a big wedding. God. Stupid motherf**kers.

    • ashranna

      how is this different form qubool hai when tanveer blackmailed zoya telling her she knew who her father was….zoya became helpless and never told asad…and for the second time they were separated…..EMA did not need this kind of drama to survive….they had a growing audience because the story of raghav and kalpi and now everyone will brand the serial to be same ole same ole…..i wont even try to convince myself that it is a dream or the one thought in my head is a lesson for paki …i keep going back to the story of the slipper paki bought for kamla and kamla was giving it away because the other help said she liked it …paki was hurt when kamla did that …kamla was actually teaching paki a lesson so i am not sure if the same thing plays out but i am not holding my breath….no serial should be heart breaking that the poor never wins….then they should have just keep kalpi out of raghav life totally

  34. aishwarya

    woooo..!!! now tht was somehting unexpected…em sure raghav married pakhi just to take revenge…
    emm allso sure tht he wont depress kalpi aftrall she gave him ssoo muj happinessh

  35. hi guyz……hey anshu don’t xpect any thing it z actually happend & is nt a dream it iz 100% true & v hv to accept it……no any other option………& ya Ap girija mon anshu i wl alwayz follow on u on twitter……..

    • girijashiva

      chocopie my daughteru know my id the same as here. i could not yours, anshu,& mon, i got AP. where is AP today?

  36. TriniD!v@

    Let’s not hate Raghav yet…….. Something don’t seem right at my end here…where did Raghav get Pakhi all of ah sudden…..who is behind this? Nettu or Manda?????????? EMA fans…….. If it tru that Raghav married Pakhi I’m out of here from next week…… Take care guys…. Mon.. Choco… Anshu..ap..sneh…dd..Ashranna ..and the rest love you all Bye …………..

  37. i don’t thnk raghav h married fr revenge bcoz his luv iz most important than his revenge……whatever reason iz m nt interstd fact iz he hs married with paaajjjjjji……thnk truth wl reveald 2morrow…b strng guyz……..

  38. TriniD!v@

    Writers… Remember your show was the #1 ……. Tip top loved……… Now you r going down down down……………
    U pissssssssssssed offffffffffff your viewers today……..

  39. anamika

    I think by now we all know that EMA is all about creating confusion/anxiety to keep the viewers on their toes and then solving it. So i think today’s Raghav Pakhi coming together apparently looking like married couple is also to create more anxiousness about the coming episodes of the show. I dont think the writer/directors are so dumb to totally destroy the meaning of the Show and the message they should portray in the Show.. that is just my opinion..
    But if it does happen Raghav-Pakhi couple then the show is completely messed up in its theme/objectives and that shatters the dream of many middle class/working class girls/women to trust any rich man..

  40. Jenny

    Remember friends,,we saw Kalpi having dreams about their wedding. Well, I still believe…she’s was still dreaming…when all this crap happened. I really hope so….cos if not so, then this show is not and will loose alot of fans.Just saying.

  41. 2kai

    My heart has broken now…it’s just a month..I started to watch EMA…because of raghav and kalpi…but this is how it ends!!!
    really pakhi…hat’s of to him/her who gave the name paaji…And if I can, I will kill paaji!!!
    and also I am really upset with the cv’s…why they drag the serial in such a offensive situation???????????

  42. Angie

    Hey my Ragna friends RELAX…….

    Here is my theory –

    Remember Raghav said it’s his responsibility to convince Pakhi. So that’s why he came late. He convinced Pakhi and she has come dressed as a bride just to trouble Kalpi.

    Just remember how handsome Raghav looks in his sherwani – and how pretty Kalpi looks. Have a good weekend and let’s look forward to Ragna shaadi on Monday…

  43. Mon

    Ashish ne uske twitter me rachna aur uski pic hai
    Ashish ne comment di hai ki
    Here we’re ,and all is well with them we belive in our show ,they don’t let u down
    Now raghna frnds plz wait till Mondays agar ashish ne ESA kuch comment di hai to kuch to hoga na

  44. Mon

    Choco ap Girija ji anshu I’ll connect with u on twitter but plz
    Don’t leave this page I know anshu is still here with me but choco ap Girija ji plz come back without raghna and raghna frnds this weekend will be horrible come back
    Be strong like anshu I m trying

    • AP

      Mon i tweeted to you on twitter… i ahve nothing t say… EMA is beyond redemption for me…i have told PD on twitter that i don’t care for her reasons… and i also tweeted for the first and the last time to Ashish as well.. never tweeted a Actor till date ..coz i always beleived actors just do their job what we love is their characters not them . So just tweeted Ashish tellying he was a fab as an actor and said bye top ema :).. actually i am fine…feels bad but am fine… somehow i knew it was coming seeing PD love for Shrina

  45. Angie

    Ashish tweet (with a pic of him nd Kalpi)
    Here we are! N yes, all is well with us. We believe in our show. #EMA won’t let u down. #SpreadingLove @RParulkar pic.twitter.com/9Al6Q6gMCY
    10:28pm – 9 May 14

    • girijashiva

      Ashish told he believe his show. he dint mention – that we viewers should believe his show. that means he also dont care about feelings

  46. @

    like dill mill Gaye . bhale hi riddhi ki saadi Sid se hui thi par baad mile to armaan ridhi hi the. ragna bhi jaroor milenge..
    raghav pakhi ki taraf dekhega bhi nahi.

  47. kanie

    I think Raghav was black mail, the last minute. After all his mom is with netu and i think she told him. also kamla has nothing to do with this because she was also surprise as kalpi. but i’m confuse the promo shows raghav about to be married to raghav and both of them were shock to see kamla next to pakhi who was wearing a wedding dress. and gunjan was their too.

    Maybe she was dreaming about raghav married to pakhi and on the day of the wedding which is the promo with gunjan, it actually came true. but then again kamla already accept their alliance. So one of the two is a dream and the other is not.

  48. Nat

    Pls post the link to this picture and comment that ashish said! I am dying to see it!! I’m so sad.

  49. @

    like dill mill Gaye . bhale hi riddhi ki saadi Sid se hui thi par baad mile to armaan ridhi hi the.
    ragna bhi jaroor milenge

  50. sojal

    I hateeeeeeeee this episode
    I think again one more pavitra rishta started
    now I stop watching this serial it has become worst

    • AP

      This is old news girija.. they changed the script yesterday as per EMA Ragna page.. it was to be ragna.. they changed to Rakhi last minute and did shooting yesterday night !!!.. so am done here

  51. reneta

    If this turns out like pavitra rishta with purvi and arjune then gud bye ema.real life’s already messed up with ppl and they watch soaps to remind them tht gud things away happens to gud ppl and poor kalpi who is only trying to win her mothers heart who only cares abt pakhi, deserves a litle happiness but no tht cant happen.I thought indian soaps were to teach us the inportance of marriage and the sacredness of it and what true devotion can do but I gues not.if. wanted ppl cheating on their marriage partners and having affairs with maried ppl who they were suppose to marry in the first place I’d watch young and the restless etc

  52. renetareneta

    This was the same madness y I stopped watching pavitra rishta with arjune and purvi

  53. Deb

    Why can’t the honest, compassionate, kind, smart, hard working, beautiful middle class young lady have her desires fulfilled? Why do the rich, spoilt, & privileged always win?

  54. hi mon…. girija thank u so much fr this fb link nw i thnk v hv to wait fr sometym & me & AP hv sent u some tweets perhaps u hv nt notice

  55. anu

    hi…..im always a silent reader… but i think before quitting the show we must wait until we knew reason behind it…. may be we get a chance to see different kalpi… im also ragna fan i love them a lot but i love kalpi more , she is the strong girl please be strong and wait for few days so we can decide it whether to quit or not , may be interesting sequence may happen..

  56. I m quitting this serial….I m nt going to wtch dis serial nymore
    kya faltu h ye I thougt ke ragav nd kalpi both ll get mry but ……
    but same thing was happning here …..
    dis ema is also same as other serial…….
    guyzzzz dont watch dis serial….
    disgustin…. aage ke episode dekhne ke zarurat ni h kyu ke sabi mostly ye sabi serial mai hota….
    ema is same as other serials

  57. gd nyt guyz bye mon……cn’t join u tomorrow….. may b also sunday……bcoz kal meri cousin ki shaadi hai i must b busy bt try my bst to join u………bye guyz b strong…….b happy……

  58. Mon

    Choco muje koi tweet nahi mila
    Enjoy your cousin wedd,
    Angie i have nothing to do with ashih and rachna but if there is no raghna no vote ,
    Let me think first ki vote karu ki nahi Bcoz my brain doesn’t work

  59. Mon

    Ema paji cvs ko mile
    Baba ji ka thullu
    don’t know what to do ,paji and ragh merry for sure 100% ,writer wants to drang story they need viewer usme hamari band baaj gai

  60. Nico

    Not sure why they fused sapna suhani…today episode was just most SS n so little Ragna n the parts of Ragna just sank…I’m really hoping it is a dream but if no more Ragna then yes, calling it quits…the Indian soaps always motivated me into believing good always conquers evil but now not sure which direction EMA is going. Hope it’s just the writers sense of humour which is definitely lacking the humor, cos I did not like today’s episode at all….but will hold off till next week n will c if just a bad dream…for EMA future I hope so otherwise we all quitting watching this horror show like qubool hai…cld not believe when Tanveer won n killed asad n zoya…now her son will fall for zoya….where’s the justice in this world…. We watch these soaps to get away from the sad reality of life n to believe that true love does exist n then we get these Soaps which is turning into reality shows…..very disappointed 🙁

  61. faimule

    is this what happens in india?it seems as if life is always unfair to the poor..even if it’s a serial u are showing us a wrong picture about India..we are tired of seeing same people suffering..writer do something about your show before u lose fans

  62. Mon

    Don’t understand ki raghv ne haldi Lagai ,Sammy ne use 2 says se dekha nahi Paaji ( paooki) Paris thi
    To sudden Kya hua
    Raghna frnd plz meri ek request hai ki ema ka koi Poll ho to vote mat karna
    Let them loose there trp
    Then they will know about viewers value

  63. diksha

    I really think that raghav married pakhi kuz maybe he is bein blackmailed by nettu kuz this woman has his mother.so raghav accepted to mary kalpi yo take his revenge. Oh come writers u disapointed us. RAGhav and kalpi are meant be together..

  64. Ek muthi stupid!!!!!! Hate u mr.raghav singhaniya….gonna loose ur fans…. whatevr may b da reason u shud nt have married paki…cheater.. to hell with ur revenge!!! now dnt even dare to go back of kalpi nymore..udnt deserve her love hate u

  65. Rosheena

    Raghav is intelligent enough.Blackmail is what has been applied here.Any guesses.Or do we have a repeat of PRishta.As gunjan and purvi make an appearance.

  66. Ek muthi stupid!!!!! To hell with ur revenge… dont even dare to go back of kalpi nymore mr.raghav singhaniya!!!!..u dont deserve her love nymore…hate u..die wit

  67. kamlahateu

    I think this is all done by neetu
    Otherwise wat is paji doin here she should hav been in paris and maybe this will give kalpi more power to fulfill her sapna.(yes. One thing she has to forget the sapne which she saw for herself and raghav)
    I know doesnt make sense.gonna stop wating this nonsense.but will try finding out wat was raghav doing before the shaadi

  68. Khuna

    Lol guys…. Take it,easy. for me my vote was right it is a freaking zee tv serials. But EMA will definitely loose fans for sure

  69. sneh

    Heartbroken, feel horrible; How could this happen?
    May be its a nightmare,Even Sammy Did not know about it?
    soooodisappointed Even as Bride looks ugly with big alligators teeth NO CLASS
    To Enter this way where Kalpana & Family waiting whole day so cruel. it would have better if Pakhi & Raghav did not show up at all.
    BLACKMAIL theory for a Buisnessman tycoon ,Who deals with all the dirty tricks daily could solve the problem differently.
    Kamala & Vitthal were protecting Gouri for last 20 years Does raghav knows about it.
    Remember one old song,
    “Kasme Wadhe Pyar waff sub Bate hei bato ka kya….”
    Raghav was pleading so humble for Kalpana, He even said clearly in front of every body
    if he cannot marry Kalpana….He won’t marry Pakhi either….So what happened
    Playing with viewers emotion is worst thing zee tv,& writers are doing.Man like Raghav are SHAME on the name of LOVE . We all got FOOLED by them…

  70. chloe

    Is this a kind of a joke or the writers are mocking the fans, whoever is directing this series is surely a flop, and needs help.

  71. I can’t believe this! I really hope its a dream. If it isn’t….i think Pakhi’s parents used Raghav’d mum by blaming Kalpi & her family for him not being with his mum. As for Sammy….im sure he knew since he told them that Raghav was attending to some imporatnt business. They played Kalpi & her family real wicked.

  72. sneh

    What ever is the reason is for Raghav not showing up at the wedding Mandap kept whole family & friends waiting whole day Even his best friend did not know ?
    Then He shows up with his Bride at the chawl where kalpana & her family is still waiting.
    WHY did THEY CAME ?There was no need of them to visit chowl .VERY POOR TASTE
    Pakhi had very cruel smile which does not suit a bride, She was not even concern about
    her KAMLA MAA whose affection she used whole life……This show has taken a towe on our emotional life…..No words to express how disgusting,,,,RAGHAV & PAKHI should not have come to chawl after their marriage,to put Mirchi on Jadhav family’s wound.

  73. sabrina

    I’m sure it’s all neetu’s doing. Used gauri situation to blk mail raghav. But I’m sure it’s a fake wedding like wat happened in a past serial last year

  74. dd

    hello mon, ek, girja, chocopai, ek , sabrina and all raghav kalapana fan, yaar shaadi to hou gaye naa paaji or raghave ke and its true(i was very afraid when i saw previous episode if u remember holi main raghav ne kalpi ko rang lagya tha but paakhi ne raghav ko and raghave ne paakhi ko)shaadi hou gaye un dono ke. i have big problem raghave is very intelligent, hard and right time decision taken who never want to lose anything but still he was so kamoor for blackmail and all ke paaki se shaadi karle
    yaa emotional hokar bhi i cant believe it. paakhi se shaadi karke revenge nahi haar gaya raghav shinghaniya kapport se ek bar phir. ab rahav kalpi k paas le bhi aao doest mean wo purity and effecinate to end hou gya extra marrital affair ka daag lag gaya, i think guys kamla ke plan hoga ye or uski khusi ke liy raghav ne paakhi se shaadi ke hoge as per his character i dont think neetu and kapoors ka koi bhi raghave ko hara de or pakhi se shaadi karne ko bole i cant believe it

  75. ek

    Hi dd chocopie anshu mon an all raghnaa frn dd icould not sleep whole night i kno its a serial only bub

  76. ek

    If it is true than raghav does drserve kalpi at all later also kalpi is not cheap ki extra marital afair rakhe aur phir ragha quit her not she

  77. Mon

    Hope my raghna frnds feeling little bit bettar than last night
    Raghav paji ki Sadi ho gai that’s 100% true,,I think so ki ye kuch DAMLA ka Kia hai Bcoz she loves paaji jab DAMLA ne raghna ki mery ke lie ha boli tab me Samaj gai thi,AAb Kya Kare rakhi to ho gai show quit karna hai par itni me raghna se attach ho gai hu ki thoda time lagega ema bhul
    Ne me,I m not going to watch pd ka koi tv show woh bhi ekta kapoor ho gai hai,marriage ki koi value nahi rakhi

  78. dd

    same here ek i was crying last whole night mostly and fighted with my hubby and in the morning i m having headach and dont want to recall any love scense of raghav kalpi what raghav did last night with kalpi why why he did it. i have writr…

    the audience will be in for loads of entertainment laced with a surprising turn of events that they would not have imagined in their wildest dreams!

    i think this marriage is true he get married with pakhi i hate u writer

  79. dd

    yes same here i will quit this show but still want to know how kalpi will face raghav in office and raghav i know he loves only kalpi will show his all concern and all like before when he was trying to accept his love to kalpi but that time that was purity of love now it will be like bejti love ke and paakhi will come in between than with all huck what a shit

  80. girijashiva

    This is facebook message from Ashish Chowdhry -May 7
    Yeah!! Its Time to Rock RagNa R Finally Getting Married Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aaiyega

    For which i replied:- Is it true Ashish? hope you are also not taken us for granted like ZEE TV & Craetive team.

    Today i replied to this message: WE belived you ASHISH – for you it may be another joke, making us fool – but for us it is very difficult to accept.i am very sorry to say,least expected from you. hope something will happen next wk .otherwise bye.take care. best wishes for your future.

    Julius Caesar to Brutus–“Kai su, teknon?”(greek): “You too, my son?” in English-
    Julius Caesar to Brutus –Et tu, Brute?” (“You too, Brutus?”)Latin
    Ashish – you too

  81. Mon

    Dd allday I was talking with my husband about raghna
    I use to watch raghna best acne but now don’t feel to
    Even don’t like u call u girls raghna frnds Bcoz ragh gone kalpi
    Left so no more raghna I’ll call u only frnds
    Ekta kapoor ke baad me pawandeep ka koi tv show nahi dekhugi

  82. Mon

    Hello Girija ji if u visit this page plz reply me Bcoz anshu is busy with exam ap is not going to come and choco is busy with her cousin wedd so plz try to talk to me other wise this weekend will be long weekend for me horrible
    Tatiana missing u too

    • AP

      Mon here I am. just for you.. but yes dil nahi hai EMA mein anymore…Chil mon.. watch beintheha.. atleast the leads are married and they have a strong ally in their FIL . they won’t break coz PD is not the CV for that 😀 :D…

    • girijashiva

      hi!Mon! i will be here till whatz happening on monday episode. don’t feel like to do anything.feeling low. but you know all these tv stars play cricket match from today for 3 days . that is the picture ASHISH IS POSTED with RACHANA.dont feel bad . we all comeback to to normal once we decided not to watch EMA anymore if it not going to be RAGNA. enjoy the long week end. you have to enjoy with your family .forget abt EMA.i am always here whenever you need me. happy wk end.

    • girijashiva

      yes pams . we will talk some other things. there is lot of other things in the world otherthan indian Tv serials. we can watch english channels . it is better to watch than this EMA
      but let us wait for a week. then we all decide whether we want to quit n dump ZEETV.

  83. Ak

    Ragav will marry pakhi? NOO! How cn ragav marry pakhi wen he loves kalpana and hw cn he marry pakhi for revenge wen he is nt sure dat sahil killed his father.He even doesnt kwn wea s hi mum. Surely ragav will marry kapi and rachna will go for KT. Jst wait and watch. Be patient.

  84. rani.r

    hi friends….. go to tellytadka.net and watch “chit chat with Shilpa aka kamla of EMA.” Still she is talking about the marriage of Ragna. Can t understand what is happening. pls watch it

  85. girijashiva

    here we are all tensed, physically and mentally exhausted – sleepless night, worrying about RAGHNA- you know what- they are playing cricket from today for 3 days. that is the picture they posted EMA fan site.

  86. AP

    girija maam.. chill.. they are actors.. they do what script says and then enjoy life just like others… 🙂 so don’t hate them

  87. girijashiva

    Funny Teachers Student joke:
    Teacher:What happened in 1809?
    Student:Abraham Lincoln was born.
    Teacher: What happened in 1819/
    Student;Abraham Lincoln was 10years old

  88. naina202

    If It’s not a dream….is It possible that Pakhi’s mother had blackmailed him to wed her daughter? Blackmails about Gauri?

  89. Mon

    Thankn u Girija ji ap for your support
    Almost 2 week ki I m sleepless don’t feel to do anything ,yesterday I went out but rakhi merriage is in my head ,I feel like that’s happen to my own family mem ,hurting so much it’s not ashish shirina a fault it’s cvs junior ekta kapoor she make raghna separate ,pd always do that in her show I knew this from 1st day jab muje pata
    Chala ki choti bahu and choti bahu 2 ki cvs bhi pd thi
    Choti bahu dev radhika and vishakha
    Hai radhika and vishakha sis hai vishakha paji jesi hai aur radhika kalpi jesi it’s a similar story line hai
    If anyone wants to check choti bahu wiki u frnds will find out
    Tke care need to go gym
    Thank u 1s again

  90. AP

    Folks, Pls don’t bother Ashish may be whole of EMA crew… ashish put TOPIC TITLE this in his FB. He is afterall just an actor- nothing much he can do about the script. Though i really hope he asked PD isn’t this BS before acting the scene!!!

    I JUST PITY HIM – POOR GUY .. uski character ki thoh band baja di PD ne… and trust me NO MATTER WHAT GIMMICK PD BRINGS IN.. SHE CAN’T MAKE ME LOVE RAKHI OR HER PAAKI/SHRINI.

    EMA lost its identity and soul on Friday with the dirty twist making it just another serial on the foray killing time..

    Purely my opinion.. no offence

  91. girijashiva

    check out PD tweets. she wrote:
    Pawandeep Kwatra : coz u guys are always promoting kalpana so for balance the situation i promote pakhi coz she also need ur support..i also need some love.

  92. Mon

    Ap Girija ji
    I was thinking in gym why they hurt us , how cvs can do this
    If paaji need to promote that’s not our prob they have to give her nice role this is the way they promoting ema
    Don’t know how to foget about ema
    Plz help

    • AP

      Mon watch the video links i have given in the earier post of mine :).. ROFL… the true love funda is really cool… just watch and laugh dear… and forget EMA

  93. pams

    Then from monday onwards no ema. I started watching em a only for ragna now I m thinking why I have started watching ema

  94. girijashiva

    pawandeep Kwatra [email protected] May 8
    A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep!!!!!

    • AP

      i was laughing like anything watching them…:) and i am in the process of detaching myself from EMA…

  95. Mon

    Girija ji don’t think ki pd twitter me Kya likha hai aur woh Kya think karti hai
    Kyo ki pd woh sochti kuch aur hai likhti kuch aur hai aur ema me dikhati kuch aur

  96. AP

    if you like suspense. crime thriller.. watch elementary in Start world.. waiting for the next season of Castle. CSI i guess is over for good :(…

  97. Such a contradiction to 2 episodes before Re: the fire, the slaps and Rags openly confessing love for Kali.
    One wld have expected Kamla to cross over and wham Pakhi 3 hefty slaps across that smirky grinning face but then her name is not Kalpi.
    And to u Rags, u looked the perfect beast glaring down at Kalpi. Whatever the bitter and poisonous thoughts that were churning up in ur mind, u shld have had confidence to know that Kalpi wld never hurt u knowingly.
    And whether he was duped or blkmailed into a forced marriage, obviously he hadn’t the testicular fortitude to stand up for earlier confessions.
    He always used his money, astute business man status and fighting prowess as quick fixes, unfortunately none saved him from this entrapment.
    As a boy he found a way to steal the passport and escape the kapoor’s tyranny, as a man let’s see him worm his way out of this one (If he wants out!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    When he told kamla he was going to speak to Pakhi personally, we all guessed that he wasn’t going to get off their clutches that easily.
    As for Kamla, she shld be HAPPY, it’s what she wanted all along and blighted the entire, beautiful love affair with her selfish wants and desires to please her real reason for living – Pakhi.
    I try to figure what woman exactly is the writer trying to portray thru Kamla. Is it the middle class woman, the maid, the uneducated woman or just women across the board in India. because kamla is a dense, uneducated but moreso unintelligent and a not-at-all discerning person.
    Mr Writer, poor does not necessarily go with stupid. FYI Mr writer some of the poorest people (who are willing to elevate themselves) have made the most significant contributions to India. Maids in offices have gone on to hold high positions at the very desks they have cleaned.
    Why then do u have kamla stuck in a rot. She is unbelievable stupid and arrogant with it .
    She’s a control freak at home so always gets her way with her husband and gets away with blatant disrespect for her daughter. She has scarred that child eternally, emotionally, mentally an spiritually and tried to do so physically as well.
    Vitthal shld discover the joys of administering some corporal punishment on her as she has started the trend.
    She allows the kapoors to snob her , mock her, use her and all else, but because of this insane bosom relationship she has built with their child, (a moron and a bimbo) her umbilical chord is buried in their house.
    So now inevitably, all that Kalpi has must be shared with Kamla’s real daughter. And seeing that she never taught Kalpi to stand up for herself but to submit to everything and everyboby, Pahki has shoved her around since they were kids even at Kalpi’s own home.
    (KAMLA HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY TO EVERY MOTHER EXCEPT U, u are the epitome of an ass).
    See how arrogant she was when the confusion was explained to her after the slap, she never stepped down although she stood alone, she must always have her way, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER VOICE!!!.
    Her speech to Kalpi when she decided she wld accept Rads, brought me to a pewk, but when she spoke of the drowning episode, Kamla, I got an instant diarrhoea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So that all the ills that befallen Kalpi, and will befall her are Kamla’s doings which have set the pace for more hurt, more ridicule, more disappointment, what a mess for the almost perfect young woman.
    It brings me to the conclusion that the writer is most definitely a victim of “Child Abuse” and was cheated of love and affection. He is lashing out and pushing back thru Kamla – control, hurt and neglect ur own, doesn’t matter what the more fortunate do to u.
    And mark my work, thru Kalpi, he is having a field day, feel neglect, hurt, snobbery, ridicule, feel what it is like to be unloved by ur own mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And as for Rags, he is saying, be miserable as a child, no parents for u and be doubly miserable as a man, happiness is nobody’s since it couldn’t be mines.
    I say it again Mr writer, ur brain is warped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO A TEMPLE WITH KAMLA, IT MAY HELP, NOT THAT IT HELPS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Mon

    I havnt c but find out ema have new promo
    Paaji DAMLA ke feet touch karti hai or kaheti hai ki sorry Sadi jaldi me hogai
    DAMLA use bless karti hai raghna use dekhte hai
    So plz if anyone know about know prom sent link here
    Just won’t to c what is raghnas reaction about that

  99. Mon

    Pams I haven’t seen but I find out they have new promo
    Ema India forum and pawandeep (cvs) ko twitter par kai logo ne mess diya hai many raghna frnds r upset with pd

  100. Mon

    If any 1 won’t to c new promo go on YouTube or ema India forum
    Unable to upload here
    Batter u frnds don’t watch that promo it’s heart fail rakhi ki 200% Sadi hui hai
    After I saw this new promo done with ema
    I was hoping good for Monday to sad I m Quiting right now
    No hope
    No raghna
    To sad sorry for rachna and ashish

  101. sham

    First of all i do not have dare to watch monday’s episode. Just read it if every thing is good i will watch. Second thing if Ragahv married Paki Kalpi should not go back to his life as second wife. She should prove herself and marry some one else. And there is news of long kiss and intimation this should not happen as Kalpi should keep her dignity to become successful.

  102. girijashiva

    Pawandeep Kwatra Tweets [email protected] 1h
    Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of the story. That’s the end of their part in the story.

  103. AP

    FOLKS.. PLS STOP WATCHING EMA… CVS CAN’T MAKE A MOCKERY OF MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS LIKE HOWEVER THEY WANT . Pls folks let us boycott EMA… it was WE the audience that gave EMA its value and we should show that we don’t take CRAP…

  104. irene

    I think Raghav would have told Pakhi that he loves Kalpi. Maybe Pakhi suspects something is not right in her home with her grandmother’s behavior towards her parents and why is Gauri there and taken care of.Maybe she has come to know who Gauri is?She and Raghav are pretending to be married,Pakhi could be helping Raghav to find his father’s murderer.This is my opinion,let’s hope for the best.

  105. Mon

    Hi chocopie ap anshu where r u all??
    Missing u so much
    Plz keep in touch with me on twitter
    This is my last mess comment here
    I m going to watch ema tomorow

    • girijashiva

      dont go Mon! wait till monday .Pawandeep kwatra is arrogant! you must see her tweets.she things she is so great. and one more interesting thing is she delete all adverse feed back:)

  106. TriniD!v@

    Happy Mothers Day to all mothers……… May you be blessed with love happiness health and strength …..
    We ask The Lord take away all obstacles and evil sprits….
    Enjoy the rest of your day all bye

    • girijashiva

      this is only story written by someone. it may not be true .imagination .if you read last line of the story you will realise.

  107. Nat

    This pawandeep is mean to her viewers! She should watch out BC if she isn’t sensitive to her viewers, her career will be in shambles!!
    And as for Raghav if this marriage is fake, it still doesn’t make him worthy or kalpi later. This is like any other typical serial. Nothing interesting to watch anymore!!

  108. neen

    Wahi typical story…m not interested to see all dis bakwas.
    pls writer kalpi ki life me kuch to change laooo.starting se dukhi he..poor kalpi.
    oh writer pls kalpi ki life me new entry liye …taki kuch unique ho.aur Raghav & pakhi jaye bhar me.hum Raghav ko dekhna nai chahte kalpi ke life.kuch to reality honi chahiye.may be viewers ko tik lage.

  109. girijashiva

    NO use.Dont ask. PAWANDEEP KWATRA -SO CALLED CREATIVE HEAD. she is arrogant. she things she is the one- have brain.and we viweres n fans all fools without brain if you all have tweeter account – check out her tweets- you blood will boil.really,she want to promote Pakhi-shirina singh because we all love Rachana(Kalpana).may Shrina singh must be related to her big mouth long face Pakhi.

  110. girijashiva

    Todays Bangalore mirror gave some little story about EMA- i am writing it here.
    Now it is cleared . he married pakhi.No more expectations in EMA.this the end.

  111. girijashiva

    let us decide after watching today’s episode. if it going to be story which they published in bangalore mirror – that i dont watch. it is like waste of time as well affecting our health.

  112. pams

    If raghav wants to take revenge by marrying paki den why he was behind kalpi. All nonsence story

  113. piya

    After getting to know about raghav married pakhi…kalpi cant believe that what all she is hearing is truth..kamla ma and vital asks raghav what happened ..raghav standing there silently..pakhi ignoring all the questions she will come and take blessings from kamala..kamala is helpless…she blesses pakhi with broken heart..

    Kalpi came out of the shock and realizes that raghav and pakhi are married..she asks raghav what is this raghav?he is standing with his head down..kalpi goes near him..he asks him to look at her.. and answer why did u do this to me?no answer from raghav…kalpi shouts at him..answer me raghav..answer me she will fall down in tears..raghav is dieing inside the only girl he wished to be with..the only girl in whose eyes he never wished to see tears is crying like mad now..but still doesn’t have guts to say..m sorry kalpi..i did this coz of some life and death situation..kalpi takes a breath and stand up and ask..so u are not answering because u married some other girl ditching me right?

    Raghav:in his mind..never kalpi..i can never marry any one else otherthan u..this is fake..but I cant tell u..mein majboor hoon is wakth..

    Kalpi:I thought u really love me..i trusted u like anything..did what all u said..not even a second I thought what if he leaves me..but u left me all alone now..and not even think m answerable..u don’t love me..u used me raghav…

    Raghav:he is dead with this dialogue..finally he cant listen this..he opens up and says..kalpi..i will explain u everything later..plz u don’t cry..i dint do this intentionally..he tries to caress her..

    Kalpi:dare u touch me..u made me fool..now I realized u just used me..u are a cheater..just go away from here..

    raghav has nothing to say..he will leave from there with broken heart..pakhi already left to kapoors house..from there neetu and all drop pakhi with all traditions to raghav’s house..

    kalpi removes all the jewellery and all..and starts crying..she goes down to bappa temple..she sits there and starts crying..she remembers all the flashbacks..all raghav dialogues..jungle night..their first touch..first kiss..lifts everything..raghav’s dilalogues..”meri kalpi ko mujse koi nahi cheen saktha”she turns her face her pain is increasing more and more..she is not in a position to take a breath..vittal observes this..he doesn’t have courage to face her..he feels let her cry till her pain decreases..

    on the other side raghav situation is not better..pakhi comes and offers him dinner..raghav doesn’t even look at her..he ignores her..pakhi says I know this shadi is fake but I will make u mine oneday definitely…only u and my parents knows the truth but for the whole world we are husband and wife..

    Raghav gets more irriated he starts boozing..he is boozing continusly..shot by shot..pakhi gets worried and she goes near him and says no raghav don’t drink so much..its harmful..he pushes her away..pakhi gets hurt..raghav doesn’t care..then from the other side..kalpi sighs raghav not to drink..he smiles..tries to go near her..and realizes that it is his hallucination..

    Precap..in the office..pakhi quits the job..as she is married to singhaniya now..raghav offers kalpi some other higher position as she is the topper..kalpi says..mr.singhaniya I wanna quit this job.

  114. ye girija……today’s epi decides final decision………m really nervous what happen…….ye it is 100% true it affect our mind……..also our lyf…….i knw it is a fictitious show bt affectz our lyf….

  115. piya

    well star is rght about ths… but since ths was a nice track wishd to share with ema fans 🙂

  116. piya

    kalpi should fulfill her dreams by her own efforts not by marrying raghav…. 🙂 so accept ths twist guys… support kalpi positively … 🙂

  117. girijashiva

    BULL SHIT STORY! creative head -pawandeep kwatra, what a creative head only with hair -without brain.what she things herself. viewers are all fools.how can it be? Till the end ring ceremony, haldi ceremony RAGHAV was with kalpana. SAMMY used to be always with RAGHAV -why he left RAGHAV alone in his marriage day?WAREHWAH CREATIVE HEAD- WHAT A BRAINY U R? soon after haldi ceremony RAGHAV realised his revenge against kapoors- wah wah so he got married to Pakhi– warehwah!then came to KALPANA – his love -what the hell going on here? hhaaaaaam. what you think of us. first of why RAGHAV was behind KALPANA when his intention was to take revenge? why poor kalpana.? she was not interested in Raghav he was the one behind her? anyway it going to be -like other creations by same head – choti bahu,meri bhabhi

  118. ashranna

    guys as much as it hurts that EMA has followed the paths of other serials….lets not forget there is life after EMA….and if we are not satisfied with the track we have the power to switch of and send a message……that is the power of choice….i think if the writers were paying any attention to the audience that openly welcome there story then the would have known that friday’s track was unacceptable….but their arrogance took over and now they have gone along with the rakhi track…..it was not the first time the viewers express their total displeasure for the raghav paki track but they feel they know best….anyway again we have choice so use it wisely….let them know how u feel….
    as for those who would like kalpi to move on put yourself in her shoes…..kalpis EMA was the love of Raghav not being the powerful business woman that was kamla’s dream…so yes kalpi did lose everything….and it is understandable that she wanted her mother’s blessings which is good…but kalpi has stated she only loves raghav and nobody else…….so i think however hurt kalpi is she may not hate him but she may keep away from him….as difficult as it maybe i dont see why she should leave her job……but i always thought at least the writers would have gotten them married and let them face their battles together…like real husband and wife…somehow writers have it that after marriage nothing can work or make storylines….i am wondering if these same writers are married or have parents

  119. mani

    Guys,this story is getting bullshit.noone should watch this show.iI think writer is out of story .

  120. girijashiva

    I copy ans paste it from India Forum:
    Dear zee tv and ema team..
    This is a humble request from EMA Fans…we don’t want raghav and pakhi as pair..even for a second we cant tolerate them..we love raghav and kalpana as a pair..RAGNA is in our hearts..we don’t want the same old track of temporary marriages..we said this many times to makers also we can wait for ragna unity but we are not gonna accept rakhi as a couple…ragna is pure and angelic..they are our inspiration and role models..dont ruin their charm for stupid drama
    May be because of ashish and rachana acting and their sizzling chemistry we fell in love with them in such a way that..we cant see anyone else other than both for each other..raghav and kalpana are made for each other for us..and we really thought ema is different and natural..it wont support any temporary marriages..it will give us positive message and social message..but what we got finally is frustrating..we are not in a rush for ragna marriage also..take time..we don’t mind..but no rakhi plz spare us..we cant watch it

    This is one of the best show of zee tv till date..it has got highest fan following online..all this is happened after Raghav and kalpana become a couple..ema is top coz of them..we are not gonna agree with the fact that kalpi will become second wife of raghav..and as always pakhi will have upper hand..this is the story of underprivileged girl how she will achieve her dreams..how she will get her aasaman..but now it has become like makers are concentrating more on pakhi charcter..the way it is going is like underprivileged girls will get only second hands and second choices..
    They ruined the image of raghav in a single second…he entered like a lion..but now his character has become so weak..that he married some other girl for revenge..dumping his love of life.this is not they have shown about raghav’s character..they showed raghav to be smart, intelligent and can face anything…and the most important is they showed bappa choose ragna then how can they tie knot for rakhi..this will hurt our religious feelings as well..
    We are not talking about actors..its only about characters..what you show..we love ragna..we don’t like rakhi..this truth will never change…if rakhi is real..fans gonna quit ema..we want only ragna..hope u will consider our request.
    P.S:I will send this to zee and pd…give your opinions…dont be so rude..plz..decent words..still show ur anger..fans like and comment must

  121. girijashiva

    hello EMA -RAGHNA FANS- this is latest from india forum:
    I copy ans paste it from India Forum:
    Dear zee tv and ema team..
    This is a humble request from EMA Fans…we don’t want raghav and pakhi as pair..even for a second we cant tolerate them..we love raghav and kalpana as a pair..RAGNA is in our hearts..we don’t want the same old track of temporary marriages..we said this many times to makers also we can wait for ragna unity but we are not gonna accept rakhi as a couple…ragna is pure and angelic..they are our inspiration and role models..dont ruin their charm for stupid drama
    May be because of ashish and rachana acting and their sizzling chemistry we fell in love with them in such a way that..we cant see anyone else other than both for each other..raghav and kalpana are made for each other for us..and we really thought ema is different and natural..it wont support any temporary marriages..it will give us positive message and social message..but what we got finally is frustrating..we are not in a rush for ragna marriage also..take time..we don’t mind..but no rakhi plz spare us..we cant watch it

    This is one of the best show of zee tv till date..it has got highest fan following online..all this is happened after Raghav and kalpana become a couple..ema is top coz of them..we are not gonna agree with the fact that kalpi will become second wife of raghav..and as always pakhi will have upper hand..this is the story of underprivileged girl how she will achieve her dreams..how she will get her aasaman..but now it has become like makers are concentrating more on pakhi charcter..the way it is going is like underprivileged girls will get only second hands and second choices..
    They ruined the image of raghav in a single second…he entered like a lion..but now his character has become so weak..that he married some other girl for revenge..dumping his love of life.this is not they have shown about raghav’s character..they showed raghav to be smart, intelligent and can face anything…and the most important is they showed bappa choose ragna then how can they tie knot for rakhi..this will hurt our religious feelings as well..
    We are not talking about actors..its only about characters..what you show..we love ragna..we don’t like rakhi..this truth will never change…if rakhi is real..fans gonna quit ema..we want only ragna..hope u will consider our request.
    P.S:I will send this to zee and pd…give your opinions…dont be so rude..plz..decent words..still show ur anger..fans like and comment must

  122. Nicol

    Hi Ragna fans,
    I’m too nervous to read update of today’s episode…can someone tell if its good or bad or just more BS.

  123. Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea
    shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She
    put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was
    a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never
    wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic
    but I had to tell someone!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.