Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ek Mutthi Aasman and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke updates are mixed today due to Maha Sangam episode on Zee TV.

Scene 1
Shayl and Gunjan come to the station for FIr Mayank is there too. Shayl and Gunjan sit on the other side. Mayan strikes with Gujan. They are shocked to see each other. Mayank sees Shayl there. He asks what are you doing here ? Gunajn says I know that you are angry because I lied but listen to me one. Pihu is here in Mumbai with Vicky she tells him the whole story. He says you people even didn’t tell me anything. Pihu is my sister as well. Now are all together. We will find her. They hold each others hand. Mayank says Mrs Kark you left me alone don’t ever do that again. Gunjan says sorry Mayank this won’t happen again.

Scene 2
Kamla and Vitthal come home. Shayl tells Kamla that he haev fires the FIR. Constable says he has disguised as a sardar and names himself as kholi. Kamla recalls Manda telling them that she has given her room on rent to mr and mrs kholi. She says I know where are they. They are in Manda’s home. Police goes in that room but they can’t find anyone. Constable asks Manda where is your paying guests. Manda says i don’t know where are they. Inspector says he kidnapped a girl. He says lets go to police station manda. She sasy I have nit done anything. I didn’t knew there was some probelm. Kamla says yes she is not that sort of woman. Constable leaves. Manda says to kamla that I made a mistake. Kamla says yeah be careful next time. They leave.

Scene 3
Kamla and Shayl do the pooja. Kamla says to shayl that when we call God there are no problems left. Your problems will be gone soon. You will find pihu before Kalpi’s wedding. I assure you.
Kalpi and Raghav are being done ubtan. Sammy is taking their photos. Kamla puts ubtan on Raghav. Shayl gets a call from Mayank . He says I got clue. He was buying wedding stuff from a shop. Shayl tells Kamla that she has to go. They are all waiting along with police at Lokhandwala. Kamla says I am coming with you. She says no you should stay here. She gives her necklace for Kalpi as a gift. Shayl says I have to leave now.

Scene 4
Rachna opens the door. Its Mirlu there. she is shocked and so is everyone. He asks is pihu back ? Rachna says no. His mom says has she planned to stay ther forever and do the drama. Where is our daughter in law. She forgot to come home. Dayal invites them in. She says if i knew before that your daughter is so interested in these drama we would never have go our son married to her. Call her right now I will talk to her. Dayal says don’t be worried. she will be here in a day or two. she says i am just giving her a day after that my son will forget her ? You have just one day to contemplate. She takes mirlu with her. Dayal is so heart broken.

Scene 5
Mayank and all go to the shopkepper. They show him the sketch and asks was he the one ? He says yes they bought a lot of wedding stuff. There was a lady with him. They said they have to go to the highway in andheri.
He shows them a card and says he gave it to me. Gunjan reads it out and it is wedding card of Phiu and Vicky. Inspector says lets go we have to stop this wedlock.
Manda calls Vicky and asks where are you ? I kept that girl here and you fled with her. I helped you so much and you fled. i want 25 thousand right now and will tell the cops. Kamla iver hears her. Manda turns and sees her. Kamla says you will never change manda. What has pihu done to you ? She is someone’s daughter. Vicky is not a good guy he has kidnapped her. Tell me where is she ? I beg you. You are woman yourself. I know you will speak up. I saved you from the inspector. We are the maids we manage people’s house we don’t destroy them. Tell me where is Pihu.

Scene 6
Pihu is in an under construction building with Vicky. He is trying to get married to her on gun point. Kamla is trying to reach there by following Manda and Gunjan along with everyone are in the jeep. He makes here wear the garland. Pihu is crying. He says just the rounds are left and after that you will be my wife. Tonight will be our wedding night. Lets start it. He burns the woods. Manda reaches the site. The guards stops her. She says I am manda. he gives her the money. Kamla reaches there. Manda leaves with her money. Kamla starts goinn upstairs. she heards the mantra being recited. Vicky is taking pheray with Pihu. Kamla looks at them form behine the drums. She drops some drums. Vicky stops and gets alert.Kamla sees the pistol in his hand. Gunjan and cops have reach there as well. Kamla asks Vicky to leave pihu. He says I will kill her if you try t stop her. Kamla says Pihu’s family and police is about to come. Vicky laughs and says let them come i will marry her for sure. Kamla is unable to do anything. Pihu says please save me I don’t wanna marry him. Kamla takes the water bucket and puts it on the fire. Cops are coming upstairs. Pihu bites on Vickys and hides behind Kamla. Kamla says shoot me if you can. You havw to kill me to get her. All of them reach the floor. he takes pihu’s hand and points the gun at her. He says I will kill her if you move forward. Shayl says i will do anything you want just don’t do anything to her. Kamla starts moving forward. He says I will kill her stop moving. he points the gun and Kamla. HE fires a shot and everyone is shocked. Vicky laughs. Its him who has been shot by the inspector on the leg. Pihu runs and hugs Shayl. Everyone is in tears. Shayl says how are you muy daughter ?

Scene 7
Kalpi is dreaming about her wedding with Raghav. She is smiling to imagine the view. Vitthal asks him to come downstairs.
Inspector calls for backup. Shayl hugs Kamla and Pihu hugs Gunjan. Shayl says you are like a sister to me. You are so brave. Kamla says i told you everything will be okay. Now have to go I have so much to do. Shayl says yeah take care and give them all my love. Kamla says you too. Kamla says to pihu take care of yourself. Gunajn says Kamla aunty thank you for saving my sister. Kamla says will meet you soon. Kamla leaves.

Scene 8
Vitthal is busy with the arrangements. Kamla tells him that she went to save pihu. Kamla asks how is kalpi looking ? Vitthal says she is so happy. Kamla says why won’t she be she is getting married to the one she loves. Pakiya comes and says we can do the fireworks whole ngiht. kamla and Vitthal laugh. Pakiya comes with all the stuff. He says everyone will remember Kalpi’s wedding. Vitthal says yeah just be careful with them.
The dance for the wedding starts. Its purvi she starts the dance on ‘Punjabi wedding song’. Arjun joins her over. They both dance with so much fun. Everyone is so amazed to see them.
kalpi is getting redy in her room. A friedn comes in and says you baraat has come. Kalpi goes out in balcony to look for it. aklpi looks for Raghav. Sammy comes out of the car and says Raghav is busy with something he will come soon. Kamla asks till when ? he says don’t worry he will come any moment. kamla asks them to come in. Kalpi is worried. She texts Sammy to come upstairs. Sammy goes there. Sammy asks yes kalpi why have you called me here ? He asks where is Raghav he is not receiving the call ? he says I haven’t talked to him since tomorrow. his phone is switched off. Kalpi says Ai abba are so worried what should we do now. he says don’t worry. Everyone is distracted and they are enjoying Purvi and Arjun’s dance. kalpi is in the mandap everyone is so worried. Pandit ji says its the night where is the groom ? I think he is not gonna come. I have to leave now. Vitthal says there must be some problem. He must be coming shortly. Please stay. he sits. kalpi is so tensed. Sammy is trying to call him over and over again but he is not receiiving the call. He tries again. Suddenly a car comes and stops by. Raghav comes out of it. Kalpi stands up and goes to him. Kalpi says where were you ? we were all so worried why are you so late ? What new surprise is this now. Suddenly Pahi comes out of his car in a bridal dress. Everyone is shocked speacially Kalpi. pakhi is smiling, she comes forward. Vitthal asks whats is this. Pakiya asks kamla what is going on?

PRECAP-Raghav and Kalpi are alone. kalpi is so shocked on what he has just said. Kalpi says why you did this to me. She holds Raghav’s collar and shouts why you did this speak up Raghav.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. OH GOD !!!!! Raghav is wedding Pakhi !!!

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