Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says Kalpana I really liked your gift and your decision of staying here. Thank you for staying here. Kalpi smiles. She says I have a lot of work I am leaving. He holds her hand and stop her. The telephone falls off the table and they both pick it together. Raghav says gifts like that can only be given by you. Kalpi says is that all you wanted to say. He says I have said already its your turn now. She says sir.. He says speak it out whatever is in your heart. Kalpi says please accept Pakhi’s gift she brought it with so much love. He says okay I will. Kalpi leaves. Raghav goes back to his chair. He looks at her gift and says please tell me God how can I make her say those three magical words. Kalpi says all right. It was a good decision. He is getting better day

by day. She smiles at the way he said thank you for staying back. Raghav looks at Kalpi and says how happy you look. Why can’t I says anything when you are near. I have to do something to bridge this distance.

Scene 2
Kalpi makes Gauri wear her wedding locket and says don’t worry we won’t leave you alone. Constable says some police men will be around all the time. Kamla says thank you so much for helping out. Gauri sleeps. Manda comes with a lot of other ladies. Gauri gets scared. Manda says police came here and those thugs, That lady doesn’t look good. I don’t know whats behind all this. There is something you are hiding. Its about out safety. Call her husband and ask her to leave. Vitthal says in anger, she is my sister as well. Fight with me before you reach her. He asks them to leave.
Manda says in her heart sorry nettu madam nothing is working for you these days. Vitthal says to gauri you are my sister from now no one will do anything to you now. Pakiya says what you want ai till when will you bear all this for this unknown lady. She hugs kamla and cries.

Scene 3
Raghav comes to Pakhi and says I forgot to wear a watch today so can I wear your gift. Pakhi says yeah sure I knew you’d like it. Kalpi later comes in Raghav’s cabin. Raghav shows it to her and they both smile. Pakhi comes to Kalpi and says Raghav took my gift and he wore it. I am so happy. Kalpi goes to Raghav and says thank you sir you took it. Raghav says I did what you said its your turn. She says tell me what can I do. He says I will tell you later.

Scene 4
Nettu comes to the chowl and says gauri is still here and vitthal made her sister. She knocks Kamla’s door. Kamla says come in. Nettu says manda forgot to took her wage. How are you ? ANd your friend ? Nettu says yeah she is sleeping. Kamla says come in have some tea. Nettu says how she got those bruises ? Kamla and Vitthal are quiet. Kamla says she has lost her memory. Some people are still after her. Gauri wakes and gets scared by seeing nettu. Kamla says she is my madam. Gauri says she is not a good woman ask her to leave. Nettu leaves. Kamla stops nettu and says why sorry about her. Nettu says I know a doctor he can treat her.

Scene 5
Raghv says how about arranging a party. I will have time to spend will kalpana and maybe she will say the truth. Sammy says wow my company is working. Sammy says how about your house. Raghav asks Kalpana to come in her cabin. She comes in. Sammy says i have to go and leaves. Raghav says I wanna throw a party fro business purposes and I want you to arrange it.

PRECAP- Doctor says I have given her medicines she won’t remember anything yet she will be sleep. Nettu says good work. Kalpi comes there,

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. girijashiva

    Again back to square one. These writer’s kept brain in the house as someone told -keep the brain in freezer-n come to write episodes.why kalpana ask Raghav to accept Pakhi’s gift ,and Raghav promptly goes to pakhi ask for the watch as he forget his watch.she tied the watch in his hands and dreaming about he loves her.I DONT KNOW HOW LONG THEY ARE GOING TO DRAG IT TO TELL US AND WANT TO HEAR FROM KALPANA THAT SHE LOVES RAGHAV-

  2. anshu

    i liked the episode i dont care abt paakhi now whatever she feels and thinks but by taking her watch ragna came closer & he told her to fulfill his wish now … Looking for that…. Wat wud his wish it wud be just that she will arrange the party or a dinner also….
    Paakhi will again misinterpret as kalpi will take paakhi’s help 4 arranging party & she’ll think that raghav want her to come to her house…. But i just wish there wud be some ragna moments during preparations & party….

    • AP

      gosh !!! I hate this …. why should kalpi take paaki’s help… totally lost reading the updates !!!! the only saving grace would be some ragna moments.. they better give that atleast .. else it is going to be a bloodbath in twitter :).. atleast I hope so !

      • AP

        I really hope kalpi don’t become a sacrificial goat… giving away her love to paaki like all other stupid idiotic serials …. I would despise it!!! this request by kalpi to accept paaaki;s gift .. in future will she ask him to accept paaki as well like that .. urggg… I cant think that…hope that won’t happen…

  3. anshu

    guys the main story is not raghav & kalpana love story….. The main story is how kalpana and paakhi’s stories are connected…. So there has to be a love triangle thats y i said i dont care abt paakhi’s feeling…. & now i dont think kalpi wud so easily will tell raghav that she loves him… Till the tym nothing major happens she will not say it so forget abt her love confession….

  4. anshu

    waise AP i dont know this will happen or not….. I m guessing with what they hv shown till now

  5. jeninlove

    i stil think… n i knw many of u agree wit me….(even though none of us want it) des writers r gng 2 make ragav n pakhi married so as 2 piss kalpi off n make her either marry pakhi’s brothr..or make her in2 a strong businesswoman oly 2 take revenge on rakhi duo…hmmm!! 🙁

    • AP

      That day when Rag/Kapli separate and he married Paaki(I hate evn saying that) I will stop seeing EMA for good
      Actually Jeniinlove, we have seen this plot so many times in other serials(mostly ekta) why do they want to repeat it !!!… I have quit so many serials due to this crap kind of stories… really really hope EMA does not turn into like that..

    • jeninlove

      exactly guys…..i dont want tat ever 2 happen….but……………………………………………………………………………………(sob sob sob)…….please writers give us a pleasant surprise in d episodes 2 come…please…

  6. anshu

    i dont think that she will sacrifice her love for paakhi…. Remember when prem trapped her that she leaked the papers and paakhi came to knw that its prem behind this & she took all her blame on herself. Kalpana protested when dean forgives her easily… She even went against kamla for that…. So i dont think she will sacrifice her love…. Y r u forgetting abt raghav he is not the one that could be taken easily for granted…. He accepted paakhi’s gift so that he can closer to kalpi… He is mature guy… & if kalpi doesnt accept his love becoz of paakhi then he’ll hate her & will take a gud revenge from kapoors

  7. anshu

    guys he is not veer of uttaran & kapli is not ichha ‘jo uske papa ke aihsaano tale dabi hui hai’ ie she is not grown up with the kindness of paakhi’s father….

  8. srujana dsouza

    why kalpi for what she is watting she can express her feeing towards ragav otherwise pakhi will take her place plz kalpi say ur feelngs soon to ragav

  9. anshu

    ya AP i mean that love story is not main theme of ema but its a daily soap so love triangle will be a main theme for the show

  10. Majesty

    Time to change clothes, please! One day in the office has been going on for more than a week!

  11. Mon

    Atlest they’ start talking not much but bit,
    But don’t like kalpana tell ragh get gift from paki
    Bcoz paki is thinking raghav loves her and he is me ashiq for her
    Can wait kalpna’s confession to raghav (il raghav)
    I think so something will happen in party ,or raghav will ask paki to help and she will take wrong signal

  12. Ok if the writer cannot give us,d viewer wat we ask for then we should have a voting debate on line or the best thing to do is to forget abot love story and think abot raghav revenge from paaki and her parents.1 more thing let him c his mother.

  13. Mon

    Don’t know what to do with writer
    Can’t wait anymore
    Raghna is ema character they don’t safar but we have to wait what will happen next
    This is not good
    Mr writer give us nice epi

  14. girijashiva

    Till holi episode everything was fine .It seems After Holi the writers drank paang fully still they are recovering from it. Hi!Yeso! where we can debate? here .let us start writing our way of the story how it should go by the – name -EK MUTTHI AASMAAN-it is purlely about the story of KALPANA.daughter of maid servant. And Kapoors also exsist in real life – grabing someone’e property by the way of misusing and wrong doing-All the kids- RAGHAV & KALAPANA.PAKIYA & PAKHI,SAMMY AND MAYA -can teach kapoors good lesson and put them behind the bars. one more distrubing thing is- Kalpana’s result when university officia failed kalpana -Raghav and pakhi must come together and expose neetu and university official.it gives wrong message to viewers that by paying money rich can do anything whatever they want. Hello writers wake up to the reality where you going from the original story line.we dont want another Ekta kapoor serial – we will dump it

  15. AP

    guys… saw the epi.. ragna moments were mesmerizing initially but i don’t get why kalpi is delaying her confession. Neither did she clarify why she closed the door… not did raghav explain why he avoided her … and worst was paaki /raghav scene.. since the epi was recorded in my settop box.. i fast forwarded it :). all in all khichadi epi /…. now what !!!!

  16. raghav:’kyun jab tum paas hoti ho to alfaz gum hojate hain’…….. ‘mein tumhare mu se wo teen magical words bulvake hi rahon ga’…….luv these words……

  17. Mon

    Hi chocopie
    U r from Jammu and Kashmir u said I m from USA

    Paki is keep dreaming about raghav and she don’t shy to raghav she already told him she loves him
    Even is her day dream she kisses raghv what kind of girl she is??
    And other side kalpi haven’t say single word to ragh
    Hope so story don’t end up with pakhi and raghav engegment or shadi

  18. yaa..Mon i m from jammu & kashmir & yaa… she is dreamy girl bt i don’t thnk he will marry with her……. His luv is important than his revenge………hope RagNa’s luv story will never take U-turn…….jst fingre crossed……….

  19. AP

    Guys, I read in india forum that pawandeep madam has tweeted – expect nothing, accept everything that comes and you will never be disappointed .. something like that … what a pain !!! I seriously want to tweet to her – please have a mentos daily “demak ki batii jaladee” ;)…

      • girijashiva

        We will wait for till firday.then decide whether want to quit this serial or continue —

      • AP

        @jeninlove : Well last Friday … they hooked us with the hope that Kalp is going to confess!!!but that hook won’t work more than couple of weeks !!! 🙂

  20. girijashiva

    Raghav (Aashish Chaudhary) and Kalpana’s (Rachana Parulkar) love story will soon
    kick-start in Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (DJ’s A Creative Unit).

    As seen so far, Raghav has been trying his best to hear the three golden words ‘I Love You’ from Kalpana but she hasn’t yet confessed her love for him. Thus Raghav will plan for a party to spend more time with her and also spring her a surprise.
    If sources are to be believed there will be a hit and miss episode between Raghav and Gauri (Raghav’s mother) before the party sequence. Gauri, who has lost her memory, will currently be under the care of Kalpana’s family.
    We hear that Kalpana will visit Gauri at the hospital where Raghav too will follow her. But by the time he will reach there, Gauri will be shifted to another ward.
    Furthermore at the party, Raghav will plan a surprise for Kalpana and we hear that she will like the surprise and then will confess her love for him.
    This will be one of the high points of the episode.
    When we contacted Rachana she said, “I have no idea about the confession, all I can say is that we are shooting for a party sequence.”Don’t miss this romantic episode.
    juts cut and paste it for you all here.

  21. AP

    Muuahhh! Wish this happens! And hope we are not fooled again and paaji does not come in between!!!

  22. AP

    Am travelling guys…. What iis the update today guys…. How terrible was it or has cvs blew us away with something nice….

  23. girijashiva

    Neetu came with a dr. and she gave some medicines ,at that time kalpana came n she asks kamala -why all of a sudden neetu is so much interested about us/for that kamala says you also talk like your father.Kalpana saw neetu pays amt to dr.kalpana planned for party with the help of gouri..kalpana go to Raghav’s house to see the arrangements for the party.sammy helps her.

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