Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki and Dipika planning against Dhara. Ketki asks Dhara to help them in the marriage arrangements and calls her a servant. Dipika smiles. Dhara feels hurt. Ketki asks Dhara to grind the mahendi and haldi. Dhara sits for the work. Ketki is happy seeing her work. Dhara thinks Jai is not in her life now. Everyone are doing the arrangements but are not at all happy. Lily says but we have to welcome with a smile. Parul says I don’t have any problem with her. Ramila says Dhara also has a right to live her life. Parul says I don’t believe she has someone else in her life. Ramila says I felt Dhara and Jai like each other. Ansubaa hears them talking and cries as Dhara will leave them and go.

Hasmukh sees Dhara grinding the mahendi and thinks who asked her to grind Dipika’s mahendi. Jiten comes with Jai. Jai sees Dhara grinding mahendi and looks at her. The guests start coming whom Jiten invited. He introduces Jai to them. Jai greets everyone. Jiten asks Dhara to bring water and juice for the guests. As if she is a servant. The guests gossip about Dhara which makes Jai angry. Jai says enough and scolds them. He supports Dhara and says she did not marry me for money, did you see her taking money, do you have any proof. He asks them to stay as guests. Dipika hears this and is shocked. Jiten says enough Jai, don’t talk like this with my guests. Jai says I had to say as they were insulting Dhara. He says Dhara is a part of this family and I can’t see her getting insulted, I will not bear that. He asks Dhara to go inside.

He leaves. Dhara tells Jai he should have not been rude to the guests. She says I won’t be a part of this family after your marriage. He stops her and talks to her. She says I will not tell you his name. He asks the man’s name. He says I will make you marry him, you will back the respect. Dhara says i can’t say. Jai says you have to swear on me and say. Dhara says I love Kishan looking at Kishan ji’s idol. Jai is shocked.

Jai says its strange, you love Kishan and its connected with me too. Bhoomi used to call me Kishan. He cries saying he has replaced me in your life. Ketki calls Dhara and she leaves. Jai says how can his name be Kishan. The guests gift a windchime to Dipika which Dhara saw in her dream where Jai was shot. She gets worried and the juice glass falls. Ketki scolds Dhara. Everyone looks on. Ketki asks Dhara to apologize to the guests. Jiten asks Ketki to stop it now. He says let any other servant do the work. Dhara cries. Ketki asks her to leave. Everyone feel bad for Dhara.

Dhara thinks about her bad dreams and says I will go and meet Maha Guru ji. Murli comes to her. He says I sensed you have some problem. Dhara says yes, I was going to meet Guru ji. He asks her not to be sacred of her dreams. She says I m unable to understand my dreams. She says Parul says Maha Guru ji is Antaryaami. Murli says I will help you if you want, tell me what you can see. Dhara says no, only he can say. Murli says he can’t say, as he is keeping Maunvrath, go to Jai, he needs you. He asks her to fail her dreams.

Jai gets worried for Dhara and holds her. Dhara looks at him. Music plays……………

Update Credit to: Amena

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