Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Raghav stands up and takes keys fro Nettu. kamla comes there. Everyone is quites hsocked to see her. Pakhi leaves for her Gauri smiles at Kamla and higs her. She says I am so happy Kamla I got my memory back and my son too. Come on let me itroduce you to my chinto. Here he is Raghav Singhnaiya. Kamla says God listened to me. Gauri says this has happened becasue of you. If you had not supported me I won’t be alivbe to see my son. You have helped me a lot. Tahnk you so much. Nettu goes to Kamla and says they wanna throw us out of our home. He has took all our property. Where will we go. Kamla says what you did with kalpi wasn’t right but you married Pakhi and they are your parents in law you can’t throw them out. Raghav says they have to pay for what they have done o my family.

This is nothing as compared to what they did to us. Kamla says you did a sin too. You played with my daughters. You broke dreams of my Kalpi and heart of my Pakhi. You demolished our respect. You can’t see anything in front of your vengeanve. The fire of revenge burns you first. You destroyed kalpi’s life. What my daughters did to you? why you played with our emotions. I was never in consent of this wedding but you promised me that you will keep kalpi happy. I told you that Pakhi loves you a lot but you said I won’t marry Pakhi even if i don’t let you marry pakhi. I trusted you baba. Tell me why you did this to us ? The biggest sin s to break a heart and you did it. You hurt my Kalpana, you hurt my Pakhi. They are not the only sinners. You are a sinner too. There is no difference between you and them. Gauri says you are not getting him right. Whatever you are saying is right but Raghav is not wrong. whatever we are doing has long reasons. They have to pay for what happened to my son and me. It would be better if you don’t interefere. They have to leave this house right now without anything. It would be better for both of you to leave you self. She and Raghav leave. Nettu says Kamla please tell poki to stand up. SHe can do something. Kamla says yes I will talk to pakhi.

scene 2
Pakhi has laid her head in Kamla’s lap. Kamla says don’t cry just calm down. Just stay strong. pakhi says I never knew about kalpi and sammy. Kamla says we didn’t know as well. We thought the groom is Sammy. When the engagement started the truth came out. Kamla tells her everything. Pakhi asks how is kalpi ? Kamla says how can she be ? she is trying to get out of trgedy. Truth is Rgahav married you. I want Raghav to accept this relationship. The fire of vendetta in him should end now. You know everyone makes mistakes but parents are always yours. Parenst forgive when kids make mistakes. Your parents need you today. Stay them forever.

Scene 3
Kalpi is packing all the dresses that Raghav gave in a box and she places that rose as well. She remembers the moment when Raghav gave it to her. Pakiya sees her. Kalpi picks up the box and places it somewhere. Pakiya comes wearing a clown dress. Kalpi says what is it ? Vitthal says he is mentally ill. pakiya says no there is a competition i am going to it. People will all after me. Vitthal kicks him and says first win it then we will consider you. Pakiya says why don’t you try baba. Vitthal goes in and disguises as a woman in a sari. He and Pakiya dance, Kalpi is laughing uncontrollably. Vitthal is delighted and he hugs her.

Scene 4
Sahil says will Pakhi agree. Nettu says she is our last home. Kamla comes there. Nettu asks what did poki say ? Kamla says its not easy for us. Her husband has cheated us and the truth of her parents is clear to her. I have decided everything but truth will be hers. Pakhi comes and says my decision is still the same. I can’t help you. She leaves. Nettu says what will we do now sahil where will we go. kamla says madam you can come with me. I don’t have a banglow but i won’t let you moan. It will be better to live there than to live on the road. Sahil says how can we go with you. kamla syas I ahve worked for you. My children were fed with your money. Sahil says okay kamla bai until we don’t get some other way we will come with you.

Scene 5
Kamla arrives at the chowl along with sahil and nettu. everyone is shocked to see them. Vitthal sees them coming and is dazed. Nettu and Sahil are embarrassed. Nettu recalls when they were about to demolish this chowl. They go upstairs. Vitthal is angrily looking at Kamla. He syas what is this ? Why have you brought them here ? Kamla syas in wanna talk to you. They go in. Kamla says madam and sir will live here. Vitthal and kalpi are shocked. Vitthal says they will never live in my house.

When kalpi will come i will make her agree. Raghav is trying to call kalpi. Kalpi disconnects. Raghav throws away his phone.

PRECAP-Raghav says to Sammy what you think kalpi is hurt? I am hurt too. I have seen hatred in eyes of kalpi and kamla maa for me. The one i love the most hates me. When kalpi will come i will make her agree. Raghav is trying to call kalpi. Kalpi disconnects. Raghav throws away his phone.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. in today’s epi. Only hate Damla’s lecture……..if she iz really honest… y iz then she supporting crimnalz……ye it iz gd gauri rememberz kamla……also lyk kalpi pakiya & vithal scene…….

  2. EMA FAN


  3. ashranna

    i am so sick and tired of kamla…….really neetu and sahi is that how she cares for kalpi…i really hope vithal puts his foot down…..and kalpi wake up kamla cares nothing for u …….i want ragahv to take her away…..again paki wins wow….she got all she wanted it matters not if she is happy…as for kamla forcing a loveless marriage to save face only makes matters worse

    • Chaya

      Yes, she always think she come to save the day, but evermore more,makes husband look like a jackass..

  4. Leila

    I really dunno wats rung wit kamla…she seems to love her daughter deep down buh shes alwaiz not dere for or n not being close….i hope raghav doesnt listen to her boring lects dt he shud accept pakhi as his wife…n u Raghav wat else do u ve to tell kalpi,,,so its now u remember she exist after ur revenge..sammy shudnt help him snce he neva ask of his opinion bout his revenge ish…..cmon Raghav u shud ve seek ur revenge without marryn pakhi…u shud ve married kalpi n u wud still shatter pakhis dream…dt will hve made her lost

  5. Ayeeshai

    I dnt seem to understand kamla ma at all…pls wat rung with her??kamla is alwaiz d one makn d decisions…wat about u vithal?do u olwaiz have to support kamla even if shes rung??she olwaiz make d decision for everyone…kamla ma the husband

  6. kamla rememberz she wz working in kapoor house & they h gvn her salary……lol! Kaam karti thi toh salry toh dete hi na…..& what about singhanias jinhon ne uss pe itne saare ehsaan kiye……that wz nothing for her…….jab b kapoors uske leye problems create karte thy……hamesha raghav k paas help k leye jati thi……woh b bool gayi…..what iz wrong with her??

  7. yoga efron

    i really love the precap…its damn nice..i thought raghav will stop contacting kalpi….but no.yey…mei bohote khushi…..ragna will not die..

  8. ashranna

    really kamla neetu did not give u money u worked for that and that is the lamest line oh they fed ur children but just remember they almost made a slave out of kalpi…..vithal and kalpi put ur foot down….say no to sahil and neetu

  9. hi mon Ap girija anshu dd ek………guyz i hope raghav pakhi marriage iz fake i knw it iz impossible bt there iz a hope bcoz they hv not shown their marriage…….well jo b ho bt only want RagNa togther wethr it will b……

  10. anshu

    hi to all chocopie, mon , ashraana and all other tu frnds
    I just liked 2 things abt 2days epi
    First cute bonding b/w father daughter & son.
    2nd thing sammy in precap.. I loved it..
    But mjhe ek baat nhi smajh mein aayi ki raghav ab kalpana se kya chahta hai.. Kya smajhana chahta hai..
    Matlab kya woh ye chahta hai ki woh ab bhi uske saath relation mein rahe ya usse baat kare.. If yes then he is disgusting… where is prem??? Wont he come to rescue his parents.. I hv heard that he is soon making a reentry.. But when???? and i think he will fall 4 kalpi becoz she wud be ready with kamla to keep neetu & sahil in their house.. After all she is her mother’s daughter…
    Besides all this now i think paakhi is gud yaar, she asked abt her from kamla & one more tym she become sensible by not helping her parents…

  11. pls reunite raghav and kalpi.they only look as a suitable couple.true love always have to win.pls bring back our ragna.

    • sneh

      We all want that but HOW, Can any body can FIX BROKEN HEART OF KALPANA with quickfix instantly so that RAGHNA is BACK,,,,…..I don;t think so….
      Raghav did horrible mistake for which no EXCUSE , REVENGE could have taken Next day after the wedding PLaning smartly with wife Kalpana,Friend Sammy, mother gouri..All three of them would have supported & helped RAGHAV to take proper action agaist KAPOOR
      JUST rejecting PAKHI ‘s love & marriage with Kalpana, would have killed MONEY MINDED KAPOORS without hurting PAKHI by senseless wedding…..

  12. reneta

    Plz dont tell me tht this isgonna go like iss pyaar ko kua naam doon ek baar phir he narries for revenge then falls in loves with her….the difference is the whole story was abt slok and astha this is abt kalpi and raghav not no blasted raghav and phaki and kamla is such an idiot support ur own daughter not leave her high and dry and rin after soneone elses child who always gets wat she wants pure bull happening be original for once and dont copy other serial now almost all of the series the guy has two wives if tht the msg these ppl sending out promise someone happiness then dump them on t je weeding day?

  13. director pls kill the the b*t*h kamla character.she is so irritating.always support for the idiot paakhi rather than her own daughter kalpi.

  14. Nat

    The writers have got to be kidding!!! Typical storyline!! Kamla to the rescue!! Is she stupid bringing them to her house when her own daughter doesn’t want them!! Ridiculous and typical of writers’!!! I am beginning the hate this storyline!!! I think Raghav is a great actor but now he doesn’t deserve kalpi! If he wanted her to understand, he should have done so before marrying paaki! Now everyone will want paaki to stay with Raghav, someone else will be with kalpi (hopefully sammy will cheer her up) and slowly Raghav will start liking paaki. Guys, this is the typical storyline in zee. In punar vivah, they marry for the kids sake and slowly the couple falls in love. May take 6 months but this is how they drag the story!!!!!!!! Hate it!!!!

  15. reneta

    Sara is rite kamla is suppose to b the so called main character but as all the main character s goes she gets the award for being the stupidiest and annoying character tht everyone wants to dies

  16. Nat

    Even in pavitra ristha, purvi marries that dr and slowly falls in love with him. Raghav will do the same with paaki I am sure BC she is supporting him right now and kicking his parents out. It’s not her fault. She isn’t a bad actress. That is just the role she plays.
    I think sammy will support kalpi and be her friend. Isn’t that always the story, friends or brothers switching partners????

  17. Rosheena

    I agree with all comments above.My opinion all zee soapies are about earning for themselves showing us rubbish repeatedly.

  18. irene

    What’s wrong with Kamala she is helping the Kapoors(the murderes)and giving shelter for?Is she out of her mind!!She has forgotten what Neetu did to Gauri the shock treatment in the hospital,which was not necessary.I don’t understand why the writers and directors give her such a stupid role.You can’t be too good all the time,you have to know what is right and what is wrong.Just like what is good or bad,you can’t mix them all together.Now she wants to make Pakhi’s marriage work and Raghav is not interested.Please bring Ragna back.

  19. ema fan

    Raghav shud take revenge for both his mother and kalpi…the kapoors has always hurt kalpi and her own mother let her down…finally sumone has to take a stand for her and it shud be raghav and he wnt let his love go in vain…as the precap says he loves her the most and he loves her even more that she’s not with him…..even tho pakhi supports his decision it wudnt change how he feels about kalpi coz if it wasn’t for her he would have left his mother on the streets…she changed him and gave him hope…and gauri has a relationship wid kalpi and she will help bring kalpi and raghav together

  20. StrawberryPie

    First of all, Vitthal and pakiya are actually the only reasons i still watch this how. The way vitthal takes care of his daughter and stands up for her is amazing. And pakiya as a brother is also trying his best to get his sis out of this horrifying incident
    Secondly, Kamla should pay a bit more attention to her biological daughter, as she also needs a mother’s love right now. And if she’s doing what she’s doing right now to make her beti ‘ISTRONG’ , i would like to tell her that her beti is already very “ISTRONG” and MATURED ……mor than her itself
    Also that dumbo kamla should leave sahil and neetu to their fate as what they did to both raghav’s family and kamla’s family was horrendous.


  21. natasha

    The directors really need to kill out kamla she so damm annoying………
    And what’s the matter with Vitthal is he gay or sum? Why he allowing kamla to do what she wants? I thought wives should seek & consult their husbands opinion before doing something!! What are these tv shows trying to put forth to young girls that when they marry they can do what the like without heeding their husbands feelings………. Hate this damm show so much

  22. ek

    Hi chochopie mon dd ap aanshu girjaji an tu frns am sorry today i want to abuse kamla very hard she supported kapoors who insulted kalpi n vithal many times and singhanias always supported kamla what type of that lady is i dont kno she does not have any selfrespct

  23. ek

    And pd kamla jaise character ko sidha nahi befkoof idiot unpractocal aur bina baat ke tamasha karne wali aurat kahte hai

  24. Nico

    Hi all, can’t wait for tomorrow’s update, if good might watch…missed Sammy alt so will so NYC to see his face. Also I think kalpi has a BIG soft heart so she will give in to kazoos staying there…remember the storyline about the policeman n she got Raghav to give his job back even though he mistreated her n Kamala. I hope Sammy convinces Kalpi to go back to work. Need to see some ragna scenes . Raghav needs to convince Kali he loves he but as long as he is married, Kalpi will stay away from him cos she values the sacredness of marriage bond. I’m really hoping its a fake marriage because it will go against all kalpis beliefs to ruin rakis marriage even if she is heartbroken. Raghav,Kalpi Sammy,vital n Pakiya are the only good actors in this show…the woman run this show n their husbands…look at neetu…shail has no backbone…n kamala is to pushy for softhearted vittal…like His daughter….takes in everything without back chatting…does not happen in real life like that..writers really needs some new n fresh ideas. I really liked how the engagement/wedding scene played out by the person who wrote it out in the Indian forum…now that’s how this love story should have ended. Have a gd mid week all.:-)

  25. hg

    In real life, who wil sacrifice her husband 2 her frnd ?an indian girl always tries 2 save her marrge.

    • girijashiva

      if the love is no where near or in future – and also that person who hate her most – and that also after come to know he loves kalpana & no one else -left kalpana on her marriage day and married her to take revenge on kapoors.. – being always like kalpana saying she is her sister- she will leave the Raghav – and ask him to go back to Kalpana.by staying in the marraige she spoiling 3 lives which Raghav did without thinking about kalpana. it shows he is flick minded and arrogant thinking about him and kapoors.what about Vittal family who always did everything possible for him – helped him to get out kapoors house -flied to USA.it is in between Kapoors and singhanis. but he did most damage to jadhav’s family. now it is upto Pakhi as she also from childhood thinking kamala is her mother. it is their time to do something to give back to jadhav’s family.

  26. In today world it’s all about Love……without love life is worthless…..and Love always win no matter what happen in life…..first love never die….all the best for Raghav and Kalpi love story.

  27. dd

    Hello, mon, ek, giragaji, jenny, hg, ap, asha and all tu friends, i am so happy to see sammy in precap and he was looking so handsome. i dont know but what raghav did with kalpi and gave importance to revenge i wanna to see now sammy and kalpi together(this is only my hearts one little side wish) becasue i am not able to think how kalpi and raghav will be together now. truth is raghav is married and kamla already told that she want raghav accept this relationship how bull shit! no raghav u cannot fall in love with paakhi u cannot.but yaar i heard ture love always win pakhi also love raghav truly then one day will come that raghav starts loves to pakhi ad she already his wife mrs singhania (i hate this) if this is all about of love then why writer drag kalpi in between what her fault? and raghav why u loves her why? no way writer cannot insult of true love (raghav and kalpi) sammypls stay with kalpi as very good friend she really need his support to get out from this. raghav is thinking that he can convience kalpi that this is all about revnge its notlike that our love got end but who tell raghav its marriage not game and kalpi will never want to destroy one’s home and make her home she want to make her own home withlove and pride she is not that type even though u loves her very much. this is only thing that i am unable to accept that raghave married with pakhi and again pakhi got everything and she belive that one day she got raghav payar as well. but i am scared what will happen when raghav and kalpi will meet and stand infront of each other and now pakhi knows that they loved each other she will make miunderstanding between them to get raghav as she did in childhood when kamla loves to kalpi? or neetu and sahil again plan as neetu has darty mind and she will never be cool prem come but i dont want to play with kalpi emotions and marry with her no way thi would be worst part again and again. please writer pls raghav and kalpi make them together pls give us happiness to show that this marriage is fake please . ragahve why u did marry with pakhi when you have already signed paper before marriage why raghave i dont know still i have hope that u cannot destroy ur love in this bad way i know u r vey smart and have must plan all this before to do i know u knew if u do it u will loose kapi forever i dont think u can did this stupitidy.

    • ek

      dd kitna bhi mind use karo par hoga wahi jo pd ki wish hogi so don think too much bcs earlier also hum sab is trauma se gujar chuke hai so chil yaar

  28. dd

    but i cannot ignore truth what we ae facing right no that u married with pakhi. pls pls do something and make raghav kalpi love forever and turly pls

  29. dd

    i dont know yaar but just wanna if no ragha kalpi then no raghav pakkhi as well raghave shouldnot start like or love to pakkhi weather she is very good to him or supported no. no way he always stay and connected with his true love with kalpi even thought they not meet live for kalpi and die for kalpi this can do true love live. writer can do this for us i think raghave has to stand for it to safe his character even thought he is hero and kalpi is his heroien

  30. dd

    love yu onlu raghav and kalpi and waana raghave to show his true love for her and always doest matter u r with her or not

  31. dd

    i wananaa see raghave and kalpi together, raghav and kalpi together(live for their love and die for their love)

  32. ek

    hi chocopie anshu mon dd ap girjaji an all tu frns very gud morning to all although i am upset with damla as always but like the promo an wish sammy can do anything

  33. dd

    hi ek, as of now nothing cn sammy do …but yes as raghave said in his interview that he loves to take revenge but love story is also in demand so will go besies so now the time come all will back in office andthat taunt and all start again as previous we saw when raghav loves kalpi and dont want to show thatto her but this time they both loves to each other but kalpi will tuant him as he cheated and raghav taunt her andl ead her to get her aasman this is what i read” we r surely going to get back the old ragna days full of bickerings and tauntings. the only difference will be this time they have fallen for each other. kalpi will taunt Raghav for ditching while the raghav would be busy bickering and teasing kalpi and lead her to the asmaan in disguise of the lost demon. mark my words this guy is very soon going to bag a big project..” hope we will see them and will be happy and hope in between no one can come in their love even paakhi as well

    • ek

      i hope this may happen but i donot have faith on pd bcs she likes damla an damla like pakhi yeh na ho kalpi ko fir se insult sehni pade ki married man ko fasa liya

  34. ek

    you know dd ki damla pehle bhi kalpi ko aisa kha chuki hai aur ab to neetu memsahib bhi uske satth hai bechara vithal biwi ke aage kuch bol hi nahi pata(gulam) ban ke reh jaata hai

  35. pams

    HI dd
    hope watever u told shd happen in future episode. Hope we have mor e episodes of ragna rather than kamala and paki

  36. bleh

    yo boys and gals…uncles and aunties…gradpas nd grandmummys……when are u all planning to give up watching serials…. do something more useful re…..Narendra modi didn’t get successfull by watching yo weirdo serials!! if u agree with me….spread the word………DO SOMETHING FOR THE SOCIETY INSTEAD OF WATCHING SERIALS AT HOME!!!!!!!

    • girijashiva

      better you do it first. whole day and night we have out duties looking after family .cooking for them . waiting for to come home – creating a peaceful atmosphere at home when they come back.whole day by caring about family we also need some space – me time- to do anything -like reading books watching TV – good channels-not only serials – there more than BHAKWAS SERIALS LIKE-EMA- Discovery channel.food food.khana ghazana, music channels- lot of english channels, frenchn german, japanese with subtitiles to watch. it is up to a person -he or she can decide what she want to watch to relax- ME -time

  37. v hv to do something for our society….. city……bt v r watching showz for entertianment bcoz every1 has its own responsilitiez…..when there r responsiltiez stress iz also there……so for that entertainment is must in lyf for living……& i don’t thnk it ffctz on anythng……

  38. dd

    if that mahasangam week was not casted before this zee tv gold award i am sure best jodi must be raghav and kalpi….. they are much much fav then zain and aliya

  39. dd

    after mahasangam so many fan get disapointd and hurts to break their relation ship in this way thats why did not get full vote to this jodi but sesessional and hot jodi is raghav and kalpana all type of awards goes to them from ourside….what all u want to say? yes or no?

  40. ek

    watching serials does not means that weare not doing our duties and resposibilties which is our priority we all commenting here only for fun and entertainment

  41. pams

    Whatever Raghna missed the favorite jodi award this year..Better luck next year
    all the loosing award credit goes to one and only the creative head. wat u say pals

  42. sneh

    Hi all Raghna friends As i ‘ve stop watching this illogical show Just reading tellyupdate I miss all of you & value reading your comments from different angles.
    One thing i just hate KAMLA”S Role as MOTHER, Writers are making her more HOLY then POPE & Better then MOTER THERESA who has crocodile tears in eyes but her heart is with PAKHI not with her own daughter .i use to hear that
    POOTR (son) can be KPOOT ( bad)
    BUTMATAA can never be KOMATAA
    Kamla has proven this wrong for taking side of PAKI & supporting her loveless marriage, Bringing KAPOORS to chawl without any consideation of her husband & kids which is their home too… how can you bring them without counsulting vitthal & kids, kamla is so dominatating & doing wrong things for her own family.
    Sahil role is nothing he has no voice & reaction just standing & listening stupid
    NEETU giving crazy advice to PAKHI after all this she is still a vicious wild cat ..
    Even Gouri forgot about KALPANA , she was fond of kalpana & being woman she should have understand KALPANA’s pain & should have given shit to RAGHAV for leaving KALPANA at alter insulting & humiliating her love & vazood…. i expected more understanding & humanity from GOURI whose hardtime was helped with JADHAV family…….NOW the theme of show is REVENGE not LOVE
    THIS show is run by three woman KAMLA who is doing every thing against her own family….
    NEETU who has no feeling her life is only MONEY she has no noble bone in her body,,,
    GOURI says THANKS to KAMLA but supports her son’s horribel action of hurting two innocent girls ….
    RAGHAV is calling kalpana as nothing happened & expects KALPANA will answer
    HE has wounded & gave kalpana’s heart,very deeply SHE SHOULD NOT GO BACK TO RAGHAV EAISLY… RAGHAV should pay for his horrible mistake….BIG TIME
    I would like our KALPANA to stand strong in buisness in front of raghav &give him daily dose of pain ,He should suffer daily when he see KALPANA rise & shinat work as very successful WOMAN,& at home life with loveless marriage with HE himslf is responsible…… UNIVERSAL LAW every action has equal & opposite reaction,,,,,, RAGHAV failed to do RIGHT thing in RIGHTWAY thatswhy we all are also so sad THANK GOD our Kalpi has still 2 man in her life ,her BABA & DADA
    I am sorry this show is running by KAMLA, NEETU & GOURI……
    One thing good SAMMY is back ,i count on HIM for giving some advice to Raghav
    & he will also stand for kalpana as good friend which she deserves……..

  43. I think kamlaaaaa maaaa iz wrong always coz she iz juzt supporting criminals I hate her and vithals lecture. Allah kare raghau Aur kappi she shaadi ho jai..

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