Dil Dosti Dance 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kriya comes to Rey’s house. He opens the door; Kriya is dressed up all in an Indian style frock. She touches his dad’s feet. He asks them to come inside. Inside dad asks her questions like if she know how to cook food. She stammers while answering as she doesn’t. Dad begins to tell about the strict rules of their house. He tells her she will have to begin early in the morning 5 o clock, complete all the works and cook food from them as well. Rey laughed at it.
Everyone was in canteen, Swayam told everyone and they enjoyed it. Kriya begins to cry. Rey’s dad makes her relax. She asks were you both making fool of me and runs after Rey. The dad told them that they must always keep the trust strong enough so that misunderstandings wont hinder in their ways. He takes a promise from both of them that they will never leave each other. He further tells them to go for an outing.
Dad gets an email on his cell phone and tells Rey it is from college who is calling all the students who hacked the accounts. He warns him that no such thing should happen again.
In the college, Swayam, Sharon and everybody’s parent scold them about the hacking.
In the car, Rey asks did she like his dad. Kriya says she is very annoyed at him because he made her wear clothes she can’t carry. He teases her. She says he likes it when she gets annoyed and he has to make her mood up. He sees her blushing and hugs her. She says not a hug will be enough, they shall have ice-cream together.
Nil was sad sitting in the washroom. He tells Vicky his girlfriend is running away from him only because she says his beard tickles her. Vicky shows him a shaving machine by Philips. He tries it and asks Vicky happily if he can take it.
Swayam and Sharon were in the cafeteria. She is upset upon going to Mumbai on wedding and says she will miss him. He says you look cute when romantic and says that this can be a chance for her to tell her family about their relationship. Sharon agrees saying she will tell her mom about him. He hugs her. she says everyone is watching but he says no fears in love.

PRECAP: Sharon comes dressed up to Swayam. He ties the knot behind her dress.

Update Credit to: Sona

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