Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tai is talking to Kalpi and asks her whose company she works in ? Kalpi says he is a really good man. Kamla says look Kalpi who is here, Raghav. Kalpi gets Kamla in and locks the door. Raghav says i came from office to here just to see you and what you did. Kamla says what is this Kalpi. Raghav says I guess she doesn’t wanna meet anyone. I am going downstairs. Kalpi says look how bad I look and you called them. I wanna change first. Tai says she is right. Kamla says Raghav have been seeing you since childhood. Kamla opens the door but finds no one there. She asks where is Ragahv ? Pakhi says why Kalpi did that ? Kamla says she was in night suit how so she shut the door. Pakhi and Raghav leave. Kalpi gets ready but Kamla tells her that he has left.
Nettu and Sahil

are on their way. Manda has informed nettu that Raghav left without going in. Kamla gives Manda the shirt in replacement of the one tai threw away. Manda asks how long is she gonna stay here? Where is her family. Kamla says she has a husband. Don’t talk like that for her.

Scene 2
Mummy ji says you are my princess. You will get a prince. Pakhi and she move round and round. Mummy ji falls on nettu everyone laughs. pakhi says dad we will do candle light dinner. Nettu says yeah we saved life. Pakhi says you are not invited just me and dad.

Scene 3
Tai wear mangal sutar. Kamla asks where you bought it from ? SHe tells the name of jewelers. Kamla asks does your husband work their ? Whats his name ? She says whats his name ? I forgot it. She falls on the floor. Kamla and Vitthal make her lie on a bed.

Scene 4
Raghav is drinking with sammy. He says I don’t know why she did this to me. Sammy says there must be some reason she won’t do it. Raghav says God won’t be able to bear the attitude of the girls. They are like that. Mom did the same she left dad alone in problem. Never saw me. I could never find her. She never tried to contact us. Never thought what would her son do. Raghav asks the meething schedules. He says where is my phone ? Sammy says what would you do call kalpana or wait for her call ? You won’t call her nor receive her call. She should know your worth. Raghav says she would be worried. Sammy says let her burn in your love. Promise me you won’t call her. Raghav says I can’t. He challenges him. Raghav accepts

Scene 5
Its holiday. SHe says how can I meet him and tell why I locked the door. Kalpi says we should Raghav here. Kamla says yeah maybe he is angry. But its not possible today I am taking tai to the temple. Vitthal says its not safe. Kamla says we will be back soon. Temples are always safe. My heart says i should go. Vitthal says I will come with you as well. They leave. Kalpi wonders what to do. She syas I should clear all the misunderstandings. Nettu calls Kalpi and asks where is Kamla ? She says Kamla has gone to temple. Nettu says I have to go as well. Are you alone ? SHe says yeah.
Kamla asks pandit ji to pray for tai. She says her life is in danger. Tai says there for the first time that my name is gauri. Nettu comes there as well with her face covered.

PRECAP- Kalpi is calling Raghv. He wanna receive but sammy is with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. AP

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!am speechless… :((((… i have nothing to say about today’s episode… i can’t stand paaki as well!!!!crying… kalpi … stupid kalpi!!!

    • girijashiva

      ya yaar.Pakhi is mistook dropping her as his love for her.what a stupid scene.soooooooooo much irritating.

  2. wow i really lyk when raghav will ignore kalpi that will be so interesting kalpi deserves it and she knows raghav’s values in her life

    • AP

      nope pls… i don’t want misunderstanding between them!!! no plsss paaki is waiting to come in between!!!!!:( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • girijashiva

        Poor girl! why she do such things ,stupid.what is going to happen.,sammy advice is bad but also as a friend he knows what Raghav is going through..whatever we gave such a feed back stupid writers will do what they feel like =draging this serial for few more yeras.

    • girijashiva

      Raghav ignores kalpi -so she can comeout of her shell- is good but why he is accompanying Pakhi?that is much distrubing:(

  3. ashranna

    i have a feeling he wont answer the call….how sad… they are both so hot headed…i really do wish kalpi apoligise first…..i think this show is dragging………finally understand what raghav thought his mother did….

    • girijashiva

      he has mistaken that his mother is runawayhe even doest know that his mother is alive

    • AP

      i hope she goes to raghav’s house and have an emotional outburst confessing her love!!! well since nothing i hoped have happened in the serial.. this also will not happen…!!!! 🙁

    • girijashiva

      me also. who cares ? already ZEE have much serial like Pavitra Rishta running years together.

  4. TriniD!v@

    Hmmmm hi everyone,,,,,,,,,, we’ll look likes this serial is another Pavitra Rishta…… God…….

  5. AP

    Raghav loves Kalpi … pls writers:(… this was one serial i loved watching … i guess it would be tata bye bye to this also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. AP

    In India forum people are going ga ga over how great writers are doing the story!!!! I am out of here if Raghav and kalpi gets separated for whatever reason!

  7. AP

    In India forum people are going ga ga over how great writers are doing the story!!!! I am out of here if Raghav and kalpi gets separated for whatever reason! That would be crap

    • Aman

      Ya AP this is also unbearable….writers r deaf and viewer are blind…just like todays politics….

  8. Aman

    Oh I cant bear paaki…but what we can do…again…same thing,is going to happen if mon is ryt…oh bored of this….plzzzz writer u have lost ur brain……dragging the story…keep away paaki plzzzz we cant bear her…or settle her with someone else…

  9. Aman

    Plzz ema veiwers if u want …..be the active member of india forum…give ur comments there…i hope it may reACH to our deaf writer …..

  10. anshu

    Guys we all know dat we r watching indian daily soap
    And its obvious if dere r 2 girls den love triangle has to be dere…….
    Without love triangle writers wud not be able to digest the story..
    I just want kalpi to accept raghav’s love … i dnt care abt paakhi i wnt her to get hurt becoz knowingly or unknowningly she has hurt kalpi a lot….

  11. anshu

    I als think dat sum1 is playing prank or it wud be jusg paakhi’s dream…raghav will not engage paakhi so easily

  12. anshu

    I like sammy’s idea of ignoring kalpi zyaada hi bhaav kha rhi thi
    But i just hope dat he doesnt use jealosy way becoz den kalpi will leait was just e him thinking dat he is happy with sum1 one else and it was kust a slight attraction towards her from raghav

  13. jeninlove

    dis serial s movin in d direction tat none of us want it 2 go…..i can alredy c wedding scenes of ragav n pakhi now itself in my head…..boohoooo…
    it was soooo dumb of kalpi 2 close d door on his face n her xcuse was “dumb” in my opinion…
    sammy’s advice of ignorin kalpis calls s bettr dan d idea of ragav using pakhi 2 make kalpi jealous….

  14. TriniD!v@

    Is Chocopie a male or female…………… Please chat in English….. I’m not understanding you……

  15. girijashiva

    which ever you language hindi or english -u can write .we can understand.no problem.even i dont know much hindi but i can understand what you conveying here.keep it up:)

  16. Mon

    Good night all of u
    See u tomorrow
    Hope every one have a sweet dream
    And hope so tomorrow’s ema epi will bettar then today
    Pakhi look like man+women=

  17. AP

    Heard that they are shooting engagement scenes of Raghv and Paaki in EMA !!!! I hope it is a dream scene of Paaki… else I am quitting the show for good!!

  18. anshu

    Many dsys back sum1 make comment that live is a 2 way road
    Plz can any1 tell me how love is a 2 wsy road

  19. girijashiva

    may be as you say dream scene pakhi:( Raghav is too stubborn and he is no way get engaged to pakhi.that too kapoor daughter.

    • AP

      really really hope so it is a dream !!! I had read a news that pakki is going to get hurt while sahil try to harm raghav’s mom !!! the way the normal serial writers head works is – pakki gets hurt while saving raghav’s mom.. in return for that she will ask raghav to marry her to which he will succumb… one of the most horrible story line that is seen in most serials !!!!!!!!!! I AM HOPING AGAINST ALL HOPES THAT EMA DON’T TURN out to be another cheap serial with a story line as above … marriage is not a deal !!! it is a relationship for life.. when will serial writers understand this!!!

      • girijashiva

        if it going same cheap serial way- no one will be here to give the feed back.that is for sure

      • anshu

        Plz can any1 give me a link where dis news is posted that paakhi will get hurt while saving rqghav’s mother

  20. girijashiva

    even i dont understand how love can be 2 way road? but may be what is one way ,you can understand..when a road is declared it is one way – either you can go only one way but when the road allowed two way traffic can come both sides. may be someone want to convey this message comparing love.it should be both ways.

  21. dd

    i also afraid if raghav will ignore kalpi to realize her his love dont get wrong way (i mean to go with pakhi) it will create problem becasue kamla maa knew that pakhi loves him and she always noded that raghav doing well for her. NO please ignore call once and then come to office and talk Kalpi should say sorry to raghav and raghav say sorry to kapli

  22. Omg don say yaar raghav n paki engagement noooooooooooooooo I cant bear it yaar I wil also quit show… plz writers don mak it a draggin story let it b interesting as it is now

  23. girijashiva

    Kalpana should go to Raghav house as she did for Pakhi when she locked herself in her bedroom.why she can not go to his house to clear the misunderstanding -fooilsh episode really -when she has grown up with good nature how can she do that by closing doors to Raghav – SO MUCH CONTRAST TO HER CHARACTER.NO ONE EVER DO THAT .STUPID STORY WRITTERS- THEY DONT HAVE THE BRAIN AT ALL.WHY THEY STARTED THIS SERIAL-HAVE TO KEEP THA NAME OF THIS SERAIL IF THEY DONT GO BY THAT SERIAL NAME- THEN WE WILL CALL IT – EK BADAA BHAKWAS HAI-

    • jeninlove

      thanks girijashiva……
      bt wat i meant was wen u compare al dos previous episodes starting 4m d tym dey wer in pune…n den wat cam aftr tat….all dos scenes wer lyk too good…..wen compared 2 d recent scenes……

  24. Saydz

    Raghav used Paki to come to the chowl, to see his zehnaseeb, Kalpi was right to close the door, she was in her PJ with oil or ointment on her forehead, she will not want her lover to see her like that!!!!, (Paki is so thick)

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