Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamal getting angry seeing Akash and Poonam hug. Akash catches him outside the door and asks who are you, are you a thief. Akash is about to beat him and Poonam stops him. Poonam says he is Kamal, Abhi’s brother. Akash says sorry brother, I did not identify you. Kamal says fine bro, leave it. Akash hugs him. Akash smiles. Poonam says did you tell tell him that I came. Akash says what were you doing here at night. Kamal says I was not feeling sleepy, so I came out, I saw a thief and looked around, but it was you. Good night.

He leaves. Abhi looks at Kamal and thinks what is he doing here. Abhi asks Kamal what are you doing here. Akash says nothing, he was meeting us. Abhi says fine, go and sleep, Kamal come with me. Kamal says I will also go and sleep.

Abhi stops him and says stop all this, don’t act, I know you very well. Abhi scolds Kamal. Abhi asks why did you go near their room, don’t do this, stop dirty things coming in your mind, remember this is our family. If anything goes wrong, Papa’s name will be ruined. Kamal acts innocent and says I know I did many mistakes, but I won’t do that with this family.

Kanno asks Sarita and Dolly to come for breakfast. Dolly shows her good pics of her and Ramesh which they have taken at foreign countries. Kanno likes the pics. Sarita and Dolly start filling Kanno’s ears again. They fool Kanno and laugh on her. Kanno says she loves dancing. Sarita says we will make her dance on our fingers.

Kanno asks Poonam to have breakfast. Poonam says I will have a bath and come. Kanno says come soon. Kamal comes to Poonam’s room and hears her talking to Kanno. Poonam goes to take bath and Kamal opens her cupboard and smells her clothes. He goes to the bathroom door and tries to peep in. He thinks of an idea and tries to see Poonam through the window. He can’t see Poonam and tries to see her in the mirror. Poonam sees someone is watching her through the window and shouts. Kanno hears her shout and everyone rush to Poonam.

Poonam tells everyone that someone was seeing her through the window. Everyone are shocked. Mangla says no one can do that in our locality, who will dare to do that. Abhi understands its Kamal. Poonam says I m sure I saw someone. Abhi says don’t worry, I will see. He says I think he ran away. Kamal’s mirror falls there. Akash calls people and asks about bank loan. Akash does not get Rs. 30 lakhs. Akash is worried and says what to do. Dad is not at home, and I can’t make him worry, shall I talk to Jai? No, he will scold me.

He asks the Lord to help him, he says maybe the Lord does not want me to do this, I will cancel this deal. Ramesh comes and asks cancelling which deal, what happened. Akash tells him everything. Ramesh says I will give you the money. Akash says no, you are our relative. Ramesh says fine, take from my friend. Akash says no, I will cancel this deal. Akash says I will return the advance money. Ramesh says how to stop him, if he cancels the deal, my plan will be flopped. Kulkarni was actually Ramesh’s man. Ramesh says Akash you will be trapped in my plan and no one can save you.

Akash says I will not leave the man who tried seeing Poonam in the bathroom. He sees Kamal’s mirror and comes to ask Kamal. Kamal gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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