Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2014 Written Update

The Show begins in the Modi Hall, with the ladies having a small time conversation. Baa encourages Gopi that she put in her best efforts in this Holi day or times ; and the auspicious of the day will most certainly dispel all the misgivings, misunderstandings, hurt, etc, etc, and so all will be well, good times will surround the family. Hetal too expresses similar sentiments. Both Kokila and Ahem are mute spectators.

At this time Radha comes over and seeks blessings. Gopi too applies colours on Radha.

Savitha and the neighborhood folks come in to greet the Modi family. Even The Shah family, including Madhu, troupes in.

Savitha wants the Modi family come out in the open and play holi. That too, Gopi is back in Modi home after many years. Though Kokila

and Ahem refuse to go out and play holi ; The Smart Cookie Baa says that this might be her last holi. Both Ahem and Kokila are caught in a situation, akin to being caught between hard rock and sea. They agree to join them.

Baa, Hetal and Parag wants Gopi to take the opportunity to make things work for her, Gopi promises to do so.

Outside, The children gang up against Radha and plan on doing something.

Holi is being played, greetings being exchanged, Urmilaa applying colours on Hetal then as she turns to face Kokila, Urmilaa pauses, Kokila then applies colours on Urmilaa and gets coloured in turn.

Ahem has sort of mixed look towards Gopi, neither cold nor soft, somewhere in between. Both keep staring at each other.

Jigar and Raashi greet each other.

Somewhere in between, Radha tries to overpower on Urmilaa and Raashi overhears the talk and gets to know of the deal between the two.

Raashi then tells Radha that she will never succeed in her dirty plans and that Raashi will somehow get Gopi accepted by Ahem But Radha is defiant, says Raashi will not succeed.

Later, Radha is walking towards Ahem with a plate of colours. From nowhere, Radha’s face is spluttered with cow dung, mud mixture. The foursome are responsible.

Modi family suppress smiles at Radha’s funny plight.

An angry Radha walks towards the foursome, she slips on a patch of cow dung ; Gopi in the process of controlling and stabilizing Radha’s balance, inadvertently knocks the plate of colours onto Ahem’s face.

Raashi tells Radha that colours have reached the right person, meant to be put by the right person.

Ahem walks off without saying anything, inwardly maybe he was happy.

Urmilaa tries to do patch up work with Raashi. Raashi after some argument says that Urmilaa has to help her, not Radha, in getting the sulking Ahem closer to Gopi.

Raashi, Urmilaa combination plan sweet mixed with drugs which have effect on one for few hours. Raashi recalls the earlier time when Ahem and Gopi got close for the first time during one of the previous holi time.

The sweets are done by Raashi and Urmilaa. Meanwhile, in the background, Radha over hears the talk of Raashi and Urmilaa.

The children are told by Raashi to get Ahem and Jigar together for sweet eating competition.

In the hall of the Modi the family members are happy, Kinjal says this time it is more fun that Gopi is back after many years.

Radha plans to spoil Raashi and Urmilaa’s Game Plan.

Vidya wants to know the truth and reasoning behind sweet eating competition.

The Episode Ends On Pensive Face Of Rasshi ! ! !

Precap for Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Jigar and Ahem starts the laddu competition.

Update Credit to: manzz

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  1. update fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. it is enough of this dragging of events, when will radhas truth be out. pls increase the pace of the story. fed up of seeing radha and her madness. the children are real smarties in this.

    1. Please stop that radha i hate her now please its the time to gopi to be happy with her husband and family

  3. pls speed up the story iwant to see thwt gopi and ahem rejoining……………..happily

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