Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Raghav says to kalpi i wanted to leave her alone but still took her home. Your love made me like that. got her checked. Doctor said she has lost her memory and will be okay with the treatment.
he recalls, Gauri is on bed. She wakes up saying chintu. He comes closer to her and gives her juice. Raghav said to her why you left us alone you should have been with dad. Still you don’t recognize me. Gauri gets up hugged Raghav. She said chintu. Where were you ? I looked for yoy everywhere. Raghav said yes chintu but not yours. I am Raghav Singhnaiya now. Yoy can leave now. She says how can you ask me to leave after so years. Raghav said you left me and my dad alone. Gauri says this is a lie. I never left you and your dad. She told Raghav that the workers were on strike, i came to know

that sahil kapoor creted differences between your dad and me. I wanted to go in and talk to your dad. I went in and saw that sahil was killing your dad. His thugs saw me and chased. I got hut by a car and don’t remember what happened after that. I am homeless since that day. I wish I had not recalled all this. I never lef t you. Sahil is your culprit not me. He is our enemy he killed your dad. He made you an orphan and still lives happily in his life. Promise me on my life that you will destroy him. He took your parents from you, you will take everything precious to him. Raghav hugs Gauri and is in tears.
Kalpana is so shocked to listen all this. Raghav says tell me what could I do. I thought Its my time to act like a son. i have to take revenge of the pain my mom has suffered. Tell would you have got married breaking the promise you made to kamla maa ?Kalpi says whats the point of marrying Pakhi in all this ?
You are a true business man you come up with deals all the time. What deal you have for me? Why you broke my parents and my heart ? We trusted you and this is what you gave us. WHat have you punished us for ? For trusting you and for considering you a good person ? They destroyed your parents’ life and you demolished the dreams of my parents.
Give me an answer? You make relationships for benefits ?

Scene 2
Pakhi tells Kamla that me and Raghav got married in a court and i came here to apologize you. Please apologize me and pray for me. Kamla places her hand on her head. Pakhi asks where is sammy ? Kalpi was about to wed him ? Is it today or its done already ? Kamla says Pakhi go home its too late. Pakhi gets a call from nettu. she tells her that she is with kamla maa. pakhi says I have to leave Kamla maa I will come later.
Pakhi looks for Raghav but can’t find him. She calls him but his phone is switched off. Pakhi plans on leaving alone. kamla is crying hard.

Scene 3
Raghavs says please forgive me Kalpi. I love you and I always will. Kalpi shives him away and says excuse me Raghav sir, I realized that no poor lady can be part of a rich man’s house. There is no deal for me. Vitthal comes out in extreme resentemnt. He holds Raghav from his collar and says how did you feel seeing the death of emotions of my daughter. Today you showed us our worth. Vitthal throws him in the temple and hits him. He says tell me what to do now ? What did you get by breaking my daughters heart ? Tell me the deal you made for doing this to my daughter. kamla tries to stop him but he don’t stop me today. Vitthal is beating Raghav so hard with a wood. kalpi tries to stop him. Vitthal is not listening to her. He says what you thought that we are people of chowl so we don’t have any respect. You will come with your wife here and we will welcome you. If your dad was alive today he would have told you what it feels like for a dad when his kids get hurt.
kamla tries to stop, Vitthal says everything has ended our respect and al we had.
Vitthal hits Raghava and says my daughter won’t be able to face the world you will have to pay for this. He takes a sword and hits Raghav with it.

PRECAP-pakhi goes home and Nettu says here is my daughter. Go to your room its your golden night. i have decorated your room. Go and get ready, i have texted Raghav.
Pakhi is in her room and is so glad to think about his and Raghav life.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • Natasha

      he could have gotten revenge without marrying her! oh my god!!………. cant believe he got the nerve to still tel kalpi he loves her and he always will….. omg why did he do this!!!

  1. Angie

    I think this was a superb way for the CVs to break the RAGNA fever …

    But will be interesting to see Kalpi rise now…

  2. teddie

    Raghav should marry kalphi and take the revenge. So boring and the same old twist. Raghav is a loser again this way. Bad story line.

  3. EMA FAN

    I hope Gauri realizes that raghav and kalpi are In love and brings them together.
    pakhi needs to come out of her bubble that her love is one sided and raghav loves kalpi and always will.

  4. Stupid raghav!!!! I juz hate raghav’s character….. he z no more fit to be the hero of this serial…get a hero like arnav Singh raizada for kalpi who will not even give up his kushi kumari gupta even when he want to take revenge of anyone… to hell with raghav singhaniya….n da writer of da story…..

  5. Leila

    Stupid show…if the writers think by promoting pakhi we wud love her…d fact is we hate her the most now…i dnt blame raghav,kalpi wanted to do same if kamla ma did give her consent.buh raghav’s lame xcuse is the worst…uve got oda plans of bringn the kapoors dwn n b hurtn the innocent pakhi…

  6. pams

    Hi everyone
    Writers made story very boring. They destroyed raghav character. Raghav could have taken revenge without marrying paki .all repeated nonsense storoies

  7. ek

    How gauri gets her memories suddenly an how she escape from neetu disgusting writers tring to fool us

  8. teddie

    Anyway, if they can rewrite the story…I will watch it or else no more….. let this episode be a dream to someone. Kalpi and Raghav should get married and pakhi will accept that. Paki should get married to Sammy and later paki will help Raghav to get justice for what her parents did to Raghav. While Kalpi becomes successful and show neetu her mother kamala is same status or better than her.

    • girijashiva

      creative head want more of PAKHI- may be shrina shingh may be related to her. her publically told that we all love Kalpana so Pakhi need some support. whatelse you expect from her.

  9. yoga efron

    oh what the f**k…what does raghav think that kalpi is some type of toy where he just come infront of her married with her enemy and tells her that he loves her…oh what the mother fick..

  10. Crystal Singh

    I understand that Raghav was very emotional, not seeing his mother and thinking the worst of her ,that she left him as a child. And to now know the truth about the situation he just wanted to destroy Sahil family. But he is after all a business man, and could have destroyed him in other ways .He did not have to hurt Kalpi who have always been deprived of love and had second place to pakhi since growing up .And now Pakhi got what she wanted again over Kalpi..And that’s not right. It’s truly disappointing.

    • Poonam

      They (the writers) know that no matter what, some people keep o watching their stupid show…I have stopped watching since long.. I read the update and it just sucks as usual..and I am NOT wasting my precious time watching… Writers think that we are fools!! Raghav gets married to take revenge?? What a piece of Shit Raghav has become.. Has lost all respect n my eyes… Sissy, yes…

    • girijashiva

      what you said is right. best way – to marry kalpana make her head of his empire.by marrying kalpana he first destroy kapoors.then with her brilliance he will more destroy kapoors. what happened to prem?where he is?

  11. Nat

    All the writer’s did was show us that in order to take revenge you do these kinds of bad things to innocent people. These writers suck BC no where do they tell us what gauri was doing on the streets when she us supposed to be at meet us getting injections. Don’t they realize that she is missing from the house?? What did they forget about her???? So many gaps. This writer is an amateur. Not good at details. Why didn’t gauri tell Raghav she has been living with Kamla.
    This serial has lost it’s charm. Maybe ashish’ steal life wife didn’t like him to have these love scenes so he had to change the role!! I don’t understand why he couldn’t have married married kalpi and taken his revenge-paaki would have been shattered anyways and that would have hurt the kapoors.
    Neetu didn’t even ask Raghav why if he loves kalpi is he marrying so fast with paaki and of course they would have wanted to be at the wedding and make it a big deal.
    And neetu thinks they will live and spend first night in their home??? Are the writers nuts??? Bull shit!!!!!!
    I’m done!!!!

  12. Nat

    I’m so disappointed that I can’t even see the repeat shows and romantic scenes anymore.

  13. ashranna

    i dont mind paki gets hurt because she lives in a bubble…..i dont think raghav will go to her…and if he does he will be so drunk………..but i understand kalpi’s bitterness but she has to also remember she was not willing to marry raghav without kamla’s consent….and yes the humilation is terrible and they have separated the rich from the poor and kalpi was right the rich often take advantage of the poor….which was a sad thing to show…..i dont know if ragna will ever be together…..but it was a stupid storyline…..there are many ways to avenage the kapoors without hurting kalpi…..the writers have made a cold stone kalpi and that is just sad…..because she deserve so much love and had so much to give…..but i will not watch only read……it is so sorry that such a character of raghav take such a turn……i dont know what part guri will play in ragna but for now i am staying away till we get ragna moments………what will add insult to injury is if kalpi gets another man that will be disgusting…….i am not saying she should wait for raghav or give her life up for him….but try to support him as she know the truth……i know this goes against all my beliefs in the independent woman….but some where i also believe in true love….these two are hurt due to their own standards and i hope some where the writers bring them back together……i still wanted the kapoor building was signed to kalpi….i still want to know what raghav made the kapoors sign…..and the precap sucks…

  14. Angie

    Maybe this is wishful thinking my friends but –

    According to me – Gauri or Sammy will be the ones to save Raghav. Once Gauri realises that Raghav has hurt the Jadhav family she will work at putting things right

  15. Ghanta le lo or bjana seekh lo all member of ema coz ema jaldi hi band ho jayega or aap phir kya karoge.so all memwbr of ema its lovely gift for all of you

  16. Ghanta le lo or bjana seekh lo all member of ema coz ema jaldi hi band ho jayega or aap phir kya karoge.so all memwbr of ema its lovely gift for all of you

  17. Rohini

    a smart business man would make d Kapoor’s sign off on a document giving everything they have to Kalpi and her family…. now that would be a true plot twist!!

  18. natasha

    Pakhi would’ve been crushed had he married kalpi that was revenge enough!! But what stupid paki wants she gets!! I guess kamla was right all along to protect kalpi from getting involved with the rich!!!!!
    Btw!! Where did prem kapoor vanished too?

  19. TriniD!v@

    Wow…… Gaurie got her memories back?
    When did that happen?
    Still that wedding nite for Pakhi SUCKS big time.

  20. hahaaaaaaaa guyz muje toh hasee aarahi hai friday ko EMA fanz ka dil toota tha nw DDBEDS fanz k saath b yehi howa…….i thnk zee is also involvd with all cvs….

  21. hg

    Watching ema is waste of our time.writers and directors al r lack of creativity.stupids.howmuch we love raghav.they made us hate him.ashish pls quit this stupid show.i cannt c u like this. dont waste ur talent.

  22. TriniD!v@

    Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se…. Lol…. Raghu so dumb to …..ha ha ha ah ha. But I still love his character

  23. pams

    Oh..got it chocopie
    Z tv I used to watch only ema..that to I started watching only for ragna

  24. hi guyz…..hi AP mon girija anshu r u free guyz can u join here……..i knw u hv lost intrst frm this show……m sure u r readng my commnt if cn cm plz cm here…..

  25. anshu

    Hey chocopie
    I m here
    Hi all dont knw whether it wud be correct to say ragna
    So feom now we al call each other as telly update ( TU) frnds
    Hello TU frnds…
    Hello ek, dd, mon, ap, nat, girijaji & all other

    • girijashiva

      whether they are toghether or not we love them as RAGHAV and KALPANA- RAGHNA- We always love them as they way we loved. till the TV exists. no one else before or after. whatever CV- PWK – bullshit story goes. whocares about EMA Any more

  26. Mon

    I already started Ragna frnds as a tu frnds Bcoz no more raghna
    AAb kam hum sun raghna ko sath me dekhenge
    Hate cvs it’s all her fault

  27. ashranna

    dont rule out ragna yet guri still has to play her part….raghav did cry just before he got the cut tail from vithal….i know i said i would leave but i will pick and choose he episodes…..i watch

  28. irene

    The writes of this story have really made a fool of themselves.They have made Raghav look like a fool before Kalpi and her family,you don’t have to make wedding preparations, disgrace her family, then talk about revenge and love.You think Kalpi’s family have got no feelings,Raghav is talking about, his feelings only,his situations and how can he propose to Pakhi,I just can’t bear it.Vitthal,as a father seeing his daughter grow up from a baby and waiting to see her as a bride,which did’nt happen.Now that is very hurting and Raghav is talking about his mother’s hurt.It all one sided love, hurt,money and we viewes are the scapegoats receiving this kind of garbage.The spirit of this story is gone maybe it will take sometime before it picks up again.

  29. Mon

    Hi choco anshu
    I m not coming that many time
    On tu to anshu to muje bhul gai
    Litt sis choco muje yaad karti hai
    Missing raghna so much
    Try to sleep well frnds

  30. Nico

    Hi all Ragna fans…I really don’t think it’s a dream anymore…we all need to face this has happened. I’ve stopped watching …just read the updates cos I really can’t see a broken hearted Kalpi…n I’m not ready to hate raghav yet. I think the new twist will be the marriage is fake…Kalpi will go on to be successful…n gauri will help bring Ragna together…there will always be Ragna…. I hope paki waits the whole night for raghav n he does not show up. 🙂

  31. Nat

    I will only read the updates. This story has left a bad taste in my mind. The writers could have really done something great with this show! No more zee for me!

  32. anshu

    How can i forget u mon
    Actually the timings wer nt proper…
    Your angel cannot forget u….


    I am extremely depressed for kalpi and her family. This shouldnt have gone this way. Kalpi has always been second best from the begining; from her mom and now the man of her life has totally destroyed her.
    This show dosent worth watching anymore.
    I thought raghav had been blackmailed by sahil kapoor, but that is not the case. He practically took it upon himself to maary parki. Disgusting. Now neetu is on cloud 9.

  34. hg

    Omg.i just watched todays epi in youtube.vittal beat raghav so hard. i really could nt watch it.why are the writers degrading the character of raghav all of sudden.and vittal ,he forgot everything that raghav did 2them.if he really want 2 beat someone,its his wife.and coming 2 kalpana,she also refused to marry raghav because of her brainless mother.poor raghav.eventhough his intentions and his love was pure,he seems like a villan 2 everyone.i

    hate ema writers.

  35. Rihanna

    Hey people. Ok……….. I have no words. But how could Raghav choose revenge over love??

  36. sneh

    Raghav’s character changed from sucsessful to stupid failure in real love of life He has destroyed himself.
    Revenge can be taken with cool mind ,Not by geting marry to kapoor’s daughter, who has destroyed his family, How can he even take a cup of tea with kapoors & pakhi, Knowing the Killed his father,What will Raghav do when Gauri finds out Pakhi (Daughter in law) is Kappor’s daughter….
    Writers have just jump on this episode without any explaination to viewer that Gouri who was under house arrest by Kappor’s.was under daily injection of some horrible drugs got out of house….Writer just showed her on street…..
    Raghav has humiliated Kalpana & his family in worst way,on the wedding mandap HE enters with his BRIDE….how dare what he thinks his LOUSY excuse of REVENGE will be enough……He is looser
    NO Raghav is 100% WRONG, you will be Misreable & failure,What was so rush to get married so fast Why He did not talk to his BEST friend SAMMY….If Raghav was really hurt by Kapoors why was he smiling neeling down to PAKHI their was no anger or remorse on his face….well one can say acting….But real pain of loosing Kalpana should have shown somewhere…. Noo he did every thing nice for Pakhi whom he says does not love, Decorated apartment with flowers & candles romantic ambiance ,bought ring & kneeling down, All his Stupid action speaks louder then his words,
    I see Kalpna as daughter, sister & friend ,I hope inspite of all this Kalpna rises & shine all the way to Reach to top Buisness woman,She is inteligent smart & claver.she was responsible for getting Alibagh’s projct. I SALUTE HER
    Rachana parulkar is doing great acting her character is strong & gracefull .She is image of Nutan & Andrey hepburn……. all the BEST to KALPANA

  37. TriniD!v@

    Oh lord…..
    Why did Vithal beat Raghav so hard
    And I wonder who got sliced up with the sword

  38. riya

    can u pls get raghav and kalpi married, because pakkhi and raghav getting married is bullshit I just cant take it plss make it fast, if u agree like this, maybe the writers will ;listen

  39. dd

    Hello chocopai, mon, ap and net and all others TU friends(raghav kalpna fans) what raghav did its really sameful but i dont know why still i am having hope that soemthing is missing and its suspense and will give us lots of relxsation may be i am wrong becasuse my heart and mind not ready to accept that raghave kalpana not together. i know he loves only kalpana but what about that its nothing for herbecasue he is married now and kamla will never allow to destroy paakhi life even thought she know that rghav loes only kalpi and kalpi how she will hide her love for raghav its very touh for her i think she should leave raghav and make her carrier but behind of the mirror help him as well. i get some relief when all plan i saw its mean raghave plaaned and execute but i m sure in that deal its mentioned that marriage is fake or he just did one natak in court and all but dont know why he is saying all this story to kalpi and why he huts her and her family. now raghave to come kalpi life is impossible even kalpi should take strong step now and leave raghv this is the only punishment becasue he does not deserv kalpi. yaar but i love to see raghav when he loves her. and hurt when vittal beating him i dont know he did wrong but still i love raghave and kalpi. its true love yaar circumstances made them seprate but as raghav is very strong nd know how to bit his compititior and how to win i think marriag and al is plan of his revenge its should not be trure marriage but he need to execute his plan like this way…..but may be i am wrong gauri came to know paakhi is her daughter in law and she is kappor’s then what happen raghave after done this deal u think tha you win but the truth is u lost (kalpi her parents faith those are alwyas good and helped u , ur mom) when u get to know all story u get to realize that what u did but that time was went very far and u cant do anything. i cant understand why writer break true love why marriag part come. raghave when u signed deal then what should need to marrywith paakhi, as she is weakpoint of sahil kapoort u can say to her that u doest no love her and doesn’t want to marry her she broke and will give lts of pain to sahil there was no way to marry and now ur mom is back and she is eyewitness of ur father death and u can easily go againse sahil kapoors ……why u did big blounder with kalpi. show shows turht poor people always suffereven though they are good hearted and well behaved with all even though enemy also andpunised by rich or god…what did for kapi. whyshe got in second when she know she has rite to get it first. no i know raghav kalpi is best but after marriage its not possible. pls wirter show this marriage fake pls

  40. Mon

    To sad can’t call u all as raghna frnds
    Hello my tu frnds
    Anshu angel choco litt sis ap dd Angie Tatiana Sneh dd
    C u all tomorow
    Need to go bed

  41. gd night mon……hi anshu AP girija dd ek angie trini……& all TU frndz…..gd morning…..ths cvs iz too much ya hw gauri suddenly rememberz everythng….ok….if she rememberz her past then what about yadhavs has she forgot kamla kalpi means yadhav family who rescue her from kapoors gv her so much respect luv……….poor raghav baechara dono tarf se fas gaya…….m also angry wth him bt my heart also meltdwn for him……..

  42. ek

    Hi chocopie dd anshu mon girjaji n all others chocopie i am also thinking that how gauri recalls her past neetu is giving her injuction and vo bhi sirf ek din ke treatment ke bad accor to raghav these writers kuch bhi aur phir court marriage in one day how it possible there are sum protocols to be followed for such marge

    • ek

      hi pam not only villain writer potray ragh as a foolish buisness tycoon who need to mary kapoor daughter for revenge uska padna likhna sab waste ho gya

  43. ek

    If writer wanted to keep raghna seprate than there was no need to show their marge preprations they can keep them away by putting some probs between them insread of showing raghs marrage with pakgi but

  44. pams

    Now gauri shd come to help raghna. Lets see in todays episode who will save raghav from vitthal

  45. poor pakiya uske baare mei koi nahi sooch raha…….uska dil b toh tota hai……….u remember guyz when they grow up woh b toh paki ko like karta tha…….means pehlye…….

  46. naseera khan

    Hi guys there was never a marriage no rituals was done which is the most important . He bribed a magistrate to get them married in pretends no legal documents was signed. He will eventually marry Kalpi after his revenge

  47. hg

    Until now i loved raghna somuch.but after watching yesterdays epi i started hating kalpana and her family.

  48. hg

    but,kalpana always does for her parents happiness.and vitthal ,he cannt even scold her wife,cannt even do a proper job,he suddenly became a hero,and started beating raghav.

    • girijashiva

      a father should be like him – even in real life – i am a mother i wil also do that if it happened to my children.

    • girijashiva

      Vittal- whatever he is- he is caring father about his Rajkumari- even fought with kamala for his bias over her own daughter with pakhi. even now kamla will come to raghav rescue saying he is Pakhi’s husband now , dont want her pakhi become a widow on the marrige itselfPWK creative head want to go our BP high because of her stroy line. SHE MUST BE BORN AGIAN- HITTLER.
      PUNRAJANAM – HITLER.or NERO who Played Violin when Rome burnt.She must faced so many triangle in her life so again and again writing same way. otherwsie who will write a story line like when serial everything went on smoothly.why marriage day everything happened so soon? He met his mother – so soon- and her conscious came so soon without any treatment? his propasal to Pakhii also and his plan to revenge , get signed all kapoors peoperty in his name so soon,? bakra samja kya?he doesnt even bother kalpana he left at marriage hall? he never thought of his love his life – wahreh wah- what brainy yaar PDK- all these days story was moving like a tortoise – now it running like deer?blo*dy fools

  49. girijashiva

    hi! chocopie ,Anshu,Mon,AP other friends – who are here because of RAGHNA- i dont want to give any feed back about EMA. because our feed back or feeling have no value. all these days we gave so many feed back, our feeling , emotions which so much affected our health physically and mentally but without any results.is there any use we continue our feed back? NO -why we hit out head in a wall? i just came here to say hi ! all.
    and want to say there serials which are good one with good story like in other channels. i am giving some of them if you interested to watch.
    LIFE OK-
    TUMHATI PAKHI- A good story – adoptation from a novel – Rajasthan background- 9.30pm
    Gustakh dil – 7.30pm- a differtent story line.
    Ek bhood Ishq-8.30pm
    Naadan Parindhe-9.00pm( i dont watch)

    6.00pm-ISS pyar ka kya naam doon-Ek Baar phir-( same name it was telecasted before. This serial was dropped because viewres dumped – TRP went down) it AGAIN STARTED with same name but added – Ek Baar phir with diffrenet cast n different story-
    8.00pm -Ek Hasina Thi
    11.00pkm- yeh hai mohabbatein( EKTA’s serial)
    9.00 Pm-beintahaa( some what better)
    9.30Pm.:Rangrasya- actaully very goodone away from all the story line acting also good
    this is the list of serials which wont affect us. you can watch it if you like .
    if you want it for entretainment i gave this list.
    i want all of RAGHNA fans -you please detach from EMA – i dont want you people suffer as we are suffering now. no one listen to our request or feed back . the creative head – PAWANDEEP KWATRA IS SO ARROGANT – FROM HER TWEETS – SHE THINKS BECAUSE OF HER -EMA- SHE FORGET BECAUSE OF OUR VIEWERS SHE IS THERE – NOT WE ARE BECAUSE HER OR HER CREATIVE BRAIN- WITH HER BULLSHIT STORY-
    We all have our family which we have our duty to take care of them. in anyway we dont want to hurt then n suffer because of EMA. All better to take care of your health – move on with your life – without bothering – no EMA exist at all.take care

    • ye girija m also watchng beinteha…yeh hai mohabtien….also jodha Akbar….veera….pyar ka dard hai… sumtymz sslk bt hv lost interst frm it bcoz vihaan’s exit…..i nvr xpt KT & rachna togethr…..

  50. hg

    Raghav truely lvd her.he lost his parents because of kapoors.his revenge overcomes his love.in real anybody do the same prefer revenge.he came to mandap to explain

  51. hg

    He didnt bring pakhi there.she came by her own to get her brainless kamlama blessings.if kalpana really lvs raghav, atleast she tries to understand him.she understands everyone including pakhi.

  52. girijashiva

    Hope you all saw one more entry will be in this serial. you must saw him Zain brother in beintahaa. he must be new entry or Ishaan singh mahaas role, i dont know but saw his entry EMA

    • pams

      Hi girija
      Lets wait few more episodes. Pd may add some new twist in the upcomibg episode. But der r no good serials at this time slot.

      • girijashiva

        if you have twitter account she messaged saying repeat telecast will start from – 19nth may – for that so many replied – who cares when she is not listening viewers feed back. without RAGHNA no one will watch.

  53. hg

    But,she didnt.whatever raghav did to her was not forgi<ble.but she also didnt try to understand him.because the fact is she is an introvert.she is selfish.she only thinks of her parents. i feel ,raghav did rightthing marrying pakhi.

    • girijashiva

      tell me? why she should understand him?oh /how she become selfish because she love her parents?what do you expect – she should love her neibours more than her parents as her mother kamala do?common tell which girl will understand the boy who left her on the day of the marraige when every rituals was over?wareh wah ? what a reason for marrying Pakhi as Raghav?whoever saying this-in real life if it happened – say same thing – or advice anyone to forgive? what about girls reputation when she is already poor? how she has to face the society?people who things about girls reputation wont accept this .in real life girl die with the shame she faced

  54. hg

    Pakhi is better than kalpana.she lvs raghav though he doesnt lv her.because she follows her heart not like kalpana.now i convinced why dumbomaa loves more than kalpi,because she is really openhearted.kalpana forgives everyone even the police,then why cannt she forgive raghav.i am sure raghav doesnt whom to choose,but unknowingly he chose the best one.from today iwil try 2 be the fan of raghav and pakhi,because i hate kalpana and her family for abusing raghav.

    • girijashiva

      you forgotton it seems .without kamala vittal jadhav’s help he could have get out of kapoors clutches. he would have lost all before itself. how pakhi is better than kalpana because kalpana is poor.what is kalpana’s fault – being poor she loved him cared him so much like a mother which even he dint get before. what open hearted pakhi- she is so selfish even when she came to kamala house after marraige she never bother after seeing kalpana in marraige attair or even bother to ask. she is so selfish and rich – dreaming as the way she want to- not even bother about others feelings-like parents like daughter. forgiving police and leaving a poor girl on the day of marraige are same for you? common man dont compare these 2 things. NO ONE IN INDIA COMPARE BOTH INCIDENTS AND FORGIVE .Keep you in vittal jadhav and kalpana place? you will you leave him and forgive if it is happened to your own. here everyone loves RAGHAV , that doesnt mean whatever he do is right. we also feel sorry for him but not at the cost some poor girls life.what you dp when some one did same to your near and dear ones on the day of marraige and married someone else to take revenge? if i am in vittal place i will do that more than him beat black n blue if ever do my children.why the hell he forgit till his haldi ceremony he want to take revenge on kappors?this is a bull shit story. good humanbeing wont like this kid of story

  55. hg

    cvs,wakeup,you have already experimented on raghav.atleast save kalpana.you have good actors but worst writers.everyone was upset with ur nonsense.potray kalpana more understanding and strong.or let her keep fighting 2 get her dumbomaa love.ema wil be another ‘phir subhah hoogi’.in this serial also the actors were fabulous and the writrs worst

  56. dd

    Ragav why you married with paakhi why? you leaved kalpi alone not there is no way to get back to her becasue society and good up bringin not allowed why kalpi suffer in all this why ragavh u hurt her as well yourself. revenge is ok but marriage is not part of revenge pls ask to writer to correct it otherwise everything is destroy everything……kalpi surue se hi apna hissa naa chahkar bhi dusre ko dete aay ahi paakhi ko but pls dont do it pls stand for her ragav pls she give u everything whatwas missing in your life now its ur responsibility to give her happiness what was missing her pls declare that ur marriage is fake pls

  57. hg

    Again raghav was saved.if he marrys kalpana ,kamala involves in their lives toomuch.the entire family memembers except pakhiya give a long lecture on every act.raghav could have resisted vittgl if he wanted.but he didnt.that is raghav.his actions speaks more than his words not like preachers family.eventhough he was broughtup by his own,he has so many good qualities.To me,he is the one and only hero of ema.most of the viewers started watching ema after his entry.otherwise who is going to watch this boaring ema especially preachers family

  58. dd

    gyus when gauri raghav ke gaadi se takrati hai usse waise hai head main chot lagti hai jaise pahli baar lagi the to is bar uske yaad daas vapas aa gaye. jain’s brother will be new entry he is not tha much hot and compare wth raghav pls his and kalpi jodi not looks good. we all know raghav and kalpi love is true and we all r suported true love. hg why are u blaming kalpna becasue vitthal bitting raghave think once. a person who loves his daughter very much and he is not much educated and rich but still he always fulfil her daughter need and make herpath to go in up and one guy come in her life and convience her parents and give them trust that he loves her so much and always keep happy on marriage day everything is set up but he came with his wife then hw parents will react not like vitthal he is in pain mre than anyone. raghave and kalpi has own excuse but vitthal have lost everything everyone will tease him and his daughter ke amir logo ko fasane ki koisis ke but nahi fasa sake …so bitting is not hard i know i also feel bad for raghav but raghavdecision to get marry with pakhi for revenge it really not good i hope ke sammy ko pata hota then i am 100% sure shaadi to nahi hoti paakhi ke raghav ke saath.

  59. dd

    guys remember we always says paaji is bad but if u noticed and think she never tried to sneatch anything from kalpi but yes she want everything good in her coat and her wishes comes true and kalpi ge frustrated becasue that was her and kalpi tried to make her loose so that she can get back her right but she neverget it. paakhi is not bad……sometime kalpi becmes rude for her. i know its natural but its kalpi’s kismat ke always god give her happinss to pakkhi and give all tears to kalpi.

    • girijashiva

      i appreaciate you story. when kalpana own mother kamala care more about pakhi than kalpana which daughter will be quite? ye sit is not pakhi’s fault – but is it kalpana’s fault depriving mothers love/ whether she ever reacted for that?Big NO.she eveb fought with her for that – bog NO. that is the way she is.both girls are good in their own way .but why kalpana should loose even her love of her life to RAGHAV because of Pakhi?what is her fault? she is maid seravnts daughter – so have to become another maid servant.

  60. girijashiva

    here everyone forgotton how RAGHAV left kapoors house with the help Vittal family. otherwise he could have been in road long back. why he always things and respect kamala, because kamala helped to get the passport and kept him in their house when he missed his plane and vittal brought home kept him at their house- even Pakiya are the one who helped him out of india by dropping him to airport.because they poor family they should take whatever rich do?if you like PAKHI it is ok . but she snatched kalpana’s love from her as she did always. KALPANA ALWAYS LOOSE EVERYTHING TO PAKHI EVEN IF IT A PEN OR MOTHER’S LOVE OR LOVE OF HES LIFE/ WHEN ONE TO HER SIDE SUPPORT HER EVEN FROM THE CHILDHOOD – WHOM SHE HAS TO GO?- AS A MOTHER – I CAN FEEL HER PAIN. I AM NOT SADIST

  61. girijashiva

    That is old news . August 2013 news – Vivek madan – sahil kapoors brother an NRI-rohan kapoor.why this news comes now in face book- EK Mutthi Aasman -RAGHAV AND kALPI

  62. hey guyz zee hamare leye nahi balke apne liye repeat telecst strt krne vale hai bcoz they only wnt to promot ths shw…..they hv sw our feedback aftr ths marriage…….zee also knw its trp mst fel down tht iz y they hv start it again….they nvr care our requists…..agr requst xpt karne hi thi to pehlye nhi krte….ab kyuon…..

  63. i thnk ths new entry iz anothr twist…..i thnk ye loog jeoulsy track start krne vale hai….i hv read it anywhere few dayz before….ths new guy makes raghav jelous………hw donno……

  64. girijashiva


  65. girijashiva

    This is pawndeep kwatra tweet- in tweeter
    Pawandeep Kwatra [email protected] 4h
    Don’t change the way you are just to make somebody happy!!!
    for which i replied :=
    Girija shiva [email protected]
    @pawandeepkwatra human being will change to make someone happy. even animals will change according to the situation. sadist never change
    Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

  66. girijashiva

    i replied to your tweeter account. check it. if you have facebook account i will add you there. mon, anshu who ever like in touch with eachother

  67. chocomilk

    i think if he would have married kalpi he would have been too soft to revenge… he would have just postponded the wedding then deal with Paakhis family…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.