Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah is losing its charm?

Zee’s Ishq SubhanAllah is going on interesting with Ruksar’s return. Ruksar has become Kabeer’s lawful wife, even though Kabeer doesn’t consider the marriage. Ruksar wants her rights on Kabeer. She is determined to win him by any way possible. Ruksar opposes Zara when the matter gets known to the family. Ruksar doesn’t consider that Kabeer has married her just to save her life. She gets ungrateful to Kabeer. She is madly in love with him since years. She just sees an opportunity to return in Kabeer’s life.

Ruksar tries all tricks to make Kabeer away from Zara. She keeps her strange conditions with a hope that Zara will end her relation with Kabeer. Ruksar gets into coma state. She avoids the divorce with Kabeer. Ruksar doesn’t want to lose Kabeer forever. Kabeer suspects Ruksar. He knows the limits she can reach. Kabeer and Zara try to outdo Ruksar’s evil plotting. They want to find the truth behind Ruksar’s coma condition. Ruksar gets mean to break them apart. The show gets big drama with Ruksar’s stubborn attempts. Ruksar is a part of the show since the start. The viewers might enjoy the track, but also feel it dragging. Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah is losing its charm? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Yes it is..because of this psycho cheap woman …we all know there will be villian in show but this ruksar is just worst I have ever seen…is she even a woman?I have never seen anyone so obsessed about s*x like she is and writers are giving her a lot scree time enough

  2. I have never seen also hereromancing with villian it is discusting how to see how everytime she touches kabeer cheap and shamelees woman and what isworse kabeer is looking so weak he can’t do anythingvtonstop her….he nevers stands for whawhat he says only words no actions!and now when everyone see how shamelees bich ruksar is no one in family is doing anything to stop her!this track Is worst by far and they are dragging it enough

  3. Cathy

    What i admire most about this show is the love story between Zara and Kabir, that they have a marriage in the truest sense of the word and they deftly avoided the “virgin” bride syndrome that is prevailant in Indian soaps, Both the leads are very believable in their roles and it’s a pleasure to watch them together…HOWEVER…The way this show is shot is horrible i don’t know who approved this style of camera work, filming through gauze and mirror reflections or filters but this style needs to stop, i find it irritating and i end up with a headache at the end of this show..please STOP!! i also noticed this style is making it’s way on “Perfect Pati” So one more thought, the actress that plays Rukhsar..BRAVO!! seriously what a talented actress, when someones role can drive their audience into a frenzy of hate then you have done well…The difference between the role of Rukhsar and that idiot Tanu on KKB are poles apart…Rukhsar!! don’t get sterotyped in that one role, it’s obvious your one talented actress!! finish up on this show and find another project fast.

  4. Yeah, I would say it’s losing it’s charm for sure, same old stuff happens. My opinion, kinda showing Islam culture in a negative way

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Correct my dear

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    You are allowing a third party into a love story …. only a matter of time before the charm is not lost, but gone 😐

    Also, Rukshar has taken the “lead” character Zara, almost out of the picture (smh)

  6. Can close this serial. Its going round n round same old story.

  7. yess it is..They are dragging old methid of memory loss or Coma..we all know villians will be in the show but in ISA till date they hv nt introduced any positive character or cameo between zara and kabeer..Miraj myayery is also nt revealed even nobody is bothered why she brought him in Ahmed hous,They hv nt shown iddat loophole..Only zara is paying after all bad deeds Rukhsaar is getting everything by hook or crook..Rukhsaar killed her husband now wanted to kill kabeer ,she was literally harrasaning ar tourturing everybody still getting sympathy..Ahmeds behave like stupids after all this harrasment also they are paying sympathy to her..As a viewers we don’t want negativity and heavy tracks back to back..

  8. DannyComments

    Well..I kinda like it for now..crazy storylines tho! And wow Ruksar..great actress ..I actually sat down to watch this lady and am like..she is so good at making you hate her! She gives second wives a bad name!🤣 The way she be honest she is a better actress than Zara! But I wish they won’t drag out the stories for now..Yeah some of us are kinda hooked 😋

  9. I find this serial really ridiculous, Kabeer is saying there’s no grounds for him to divorce that psycho but he had divorce without any grounds right. Ruksaar on the other should not even be living in the same space as Zara for all the past pranks she had done, writers instead of Ruksaar talking of rights as wife , get nutcase Mirag to come and choke her crazy ass out of fake coma for the stunts she pulled on him, make this show more riveting that all the others that have the villains getting away with crap, come on. Kabeer needs to give the divorce to her if not let Zara go, because he’s not fighting for his love he’s only giving psycho b*t*h grounds over Zara, writers please cut this crap short be creative, do not follow in the footstep of the serials which going circles, every time you take you back to the same story but in different way “KMT”

  10. Shyrose Ladak

    Its becoming boring because they brought rukhsar too fast and she is running the show and this coma drama is the most boring one.

  11. I don’t understand how people say this show is dragging when kundali bhagya is bordering on ridiculousness with prithvi and sherlin NEVER getting caught

  12. Yes, it is losing its charm. Stopped watching it, only read the updates. Ruksaar drama is too long and dragging.

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