My wife, Yuvani, part 23

A week later:

Yuvani went to Sharad for check up. Suhani was asked to buy medicines; hence Yuvraj alone went to Sharad.

Sharad’s cabin:

They were seeing each other after months, ie, after Yuvraj’s last check up. Both had a huge urge hug the latter, but something stopped them. The present status of their relationship is something they never even imagined in their wildest dreams. Soul brothers they were. They were neighbours from childhood, went to the same school and was with each other through out. Nothing changed between them even after joining different colleges. They stood beside each other by thick and thin but now.

Yuvraj sat in front of Sharad, both were avoiding eye contact. It hurt both seeing the later avoiding him, but….

Yuv: (in mind) Why don’t you understand me Sharad? You know me more than me, still….

Sh: (In mind) I miss you very badly, I know I am standing against you, but I can’ even think of a life without you…

After check up.

Sh: The results will be ready by three weeks,

Yuv: Suhani will collect them. (In mind) I don’t want to face you again, see this Sharad, me who needs you by my side every time is running away from you. Why are you making mw do this?

Sh: Ok. (In mind) I know you hate seeing me, but for me nothing matters than you.

Yuv: I am leaving.

Sharad nodes. Yuvraj doesn’t want to leave, he was seeing his soul brother after months….

Yuv: (In mind) Please Sharad, please understand me.

Sh: (in mind) please guru, please listen to me.

Yuvraj leaves. Both had tears in their eyes.

Yuvraj went to Suhani, he was very upset, she held his hand assuring. He just nodes.

Both were silent till they reach home. After reaching home, Yuvraj collapsed on the ground. Suhani held his shoulders, he looked up t her and then hugged her stomach and broke down

Yuv: I .. I miss him,, I really miss him, why can’t… why can’t he understand me, how can he leave me when I needed him the most…. Why is he doing this to me??

He kept on crying and she too.


“Today we both went to meet Sharad; it was Yuvraj’s check up. He is very upset now; he needs his friend by his side. I know both are not wrong, but, both are suffering. Why God, why are you doing this to them, what have they done that you are punishing them like this? Please, please unite them, I can’ see Yuvraj like this.”

That was all she wrote on that day.

Yuv: You didn’t even mention anything about you, when I am upset you forget everything right?

He wipes his tears.

After three days, Yuvraj again left for trip, Menuj were with Suhani.

Next day morning:

Dadi called Suhani. She was surprised to see the call.

Suh: He, hello Dadi.

Dadi tightened her fist hearing her voice.

Dadi: We are conducting a pooja at house in the evening, I want you to join us.

Suhani was happy; Dadi is calling her to BH!

Suh: Sure Dadi, I will definitely be there.

She happily cuts the call.

Suh: Anuj, Menka, Dadi, Dadi just called me, she told me to come home.

Anuj: Dadi called you?

Suh: Yes,

Anuj felt something fishy.

Anuj: Bhabhi, I don’t think you should go,

Suh: Anuj,

Anuj: Please Bhabhi, you know how Dadi is, she won’t spare you, I don’t want you to,

Suh: Anuj, I gave my views on that, we will definitely go and you both don’t forget your promise.

They node unwillingly.


Suhani was very excited, Menuj were that much anxious and they together went to BH.

Dadi: So finally maharani came.

Suhani looked at Dadi, she was very angry, that angry she was ready to burn her alive she kept quiet.

Dadi: See this,

Dadi threw the medical reports on Suhani’s face, she closed her eyes, but stood silently. Saurag and Menuj tightened their fist.

Dadi: See, see it, see what you have done to my grandson. Why are you after him, why do you want to kill him??

Suhani looked at Dadi shocked, she felt like lightening hit her. How can Dadi accuse her like that, how can Dadi even think like that. Only she know how she is controlling herself, how hard it is for her to stay strong, and here she is being accused for the worst.

Dadi shook her.

Dadi: Why are you staying silent, speak up.

Prat: What will she say Ma ji, when she knows that you are saying truth. I didn’t know that I choose a Nagin for my son, who is after his life.

Suhani felt like the earth beneath her vanished, her brain stopped working, she was numb.

It was really hard for Saurag and Menuj to keep quiet, still they controlled, because they promised her keeping their hands on her head.

Prat: Why are you after my son? For his wealth? I will transfer the whole property on your name, but please spare my son.

Dadi: How can she let that happen Pratima, then everyone will come to know that she is a gold digger, how can she spoil her image, right. That is why you are after my grandson’s life right, just to get sympathy from others, so that everyone will pity your state ad think you as mahan. I know you are counting days for his death so that you can enjoy your life with your lover. Is it just a lover or do you have a string of them? I don’t care, but just spare my grandson.

This came was the worst shock for Suhani, Dadi was accusing her as characterless, how can she think such low about her.

But they didn’t stop there, both of them continued her character assassination, and she stood still, emotionless, her senses stopped working.


They all heard a roar, and Suhani came back to her senses.. They all saw Anuj whose was standing there with blood shot eyes. He was breathing heavily.

Anuj: (dangerously, to his Dadi and Ma) One more word against my bhabhi and will forget our relation.

That was it for Suhani, she ran from there, for the first time in her life she was running away from her problem, well she lost her courage.


He ran after her.

Dadi smirked seeing her that was what she wanted, she wanted to break her somehow and she knew she did it. She wanted Yuvraj back and she was ready to anything for that.


Want to kill me now? I would say wait for the next part, you will definitely love to kill me then, for the time being you can throw eggs, tomatoes or whatever you feel like, on me.

See you soon.

  1. ItsmePrabha

    mana ki aise crucial point pe end karne ki wajah se maarne ka iccha toh aayi par…kya kare agar aap nahi rahoge toh aage ka story kaise pata chalegi humme..issiliye chod diya..*wink wink*…story is going in an amazing way..will be eagerly waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Hehe, devil laugh,
      Thank you dear

  2. Actually came to Tu for reading old YuvAni ffs but happend to see this. The part was just awesome. I thought even the last para was the story’s. Then realised it was u who had written… ??Waiting for the next part..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. Too nice one lot of emotions depicted in a beautiful way…… But come with some remedy for Yuvraj’s disease…. Directors can come up with solution 🙂 – really enjoying every update too nice

    1. Yuvani

      As I mentioned in earlier part, if he stopped playing, he can be saved and you know he stopped playing,. it is first sentence of this ff, Yuvraj telling about quiting game. So all is well.
      Thank you dear

  4. God, I hate this dadi.. and here I don’t like Pratima also.. like the way you have changed characters and relations here.. the diary part was touching, and also yuv-sh meeting..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear, glad you liked the reformed relations

  5. Sarafacebook

    Aaamazing update. The way this turned, I imagined episode 559. I thought Yuvraj would show. I was so happy reading this story 🙂

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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