Do you like current track of MATSH?

Ishaani and RV hate each other so much that she tells him that she dramatized her love with him to spoil his life. The show will witness multiple twists and turns where Girish (Kunal Bhatia) and RV will clear out their differences. Shikhar will propose Ishaani for marriage much to the knowledge of RV. Ranveer will then take it upon him to prove Ishaani characterless and thereby try to change Shikhar’s perception about her. Ishani is stunned knowing RV can fall so low and she agrees to marry Shikhar. RV tells Ritika that he will marry her again, on the same day when Ishaani marries Shikhar.

Baa shares her thoughts with Kanchan by signaling at the prospect of getting them married. Kanchan agrees with Baa and gives her nod of approval to the match. RV gets jealous seeing Ishaani with Shikhar and sacrifices his love again. RV talks about Ishaani in bad way infront of Shikhar. Ishaani lashes out at Baa when she talks to her about marrying Shikhar. Shikhar overhears Ishaani shouting at Baa and feels uncomfortable. Ishaani kisses RV and Ritika sees them, but Shikhar does not. As Ritika runs away from RV, he follows her. Ritika accuses RV of being with her only because of the child. The Parekhs and Mehras announce the date of Devarsh and Krisha’s marriage as well. RV decides to save Shikhar from ruining his life by being with a girl who is good for none. Do you like current track of MATSH? Let us know in this poll.


  1. Fatma

    Well, i also think that RV and ishaani should get back together.
    It is quite annoying me that its been such a long time since their separation and that the truth is still not out, cause in my opinion its really time to do so.
    And the Drama is called MERI Aashiqui tumse hi so obviously ishveer should reunite.

  2. gayathri

    Not really but still ishkar is much better than ishveer nw a days !watevr happens true love will nvr die nd d faith is smthng very important !bt still d serialis damn interesting ☺i am nt able to sleep if i moss it

  3. sai

    Y rv not understanding ishani I think he is mad as he can’t understand ishani doing all for him only

  4. anu

    although the show is gaining good TRPs……. it doesn’t mean that it should be dragged sooooooo much…. just bring out a the truth
    and reunite ishveer

  5. abi

    I want ishveer together and I really want ishveer romance and ishani’s cute expression to rv

  6. lifi

    wat u think of urself u stupid director ……….. true luv will never die finally ishaani reunite with ranvir or else watching this serial is waste of time and stupid thing…………………

  7. Manoeniya

    I had stopped watching of this serial….it is too much boring….i had love this serial but stopped watching of this before 2 months itself…..

    Better to end this serial with unite ranveer and ishanni…or else unite ranveer and ishanni then go with some other track…

    Don’t mess beautiful memories of ishveer love…..

  8. Aronno

    Plz reunite them (rv & rv’s sunny leone). .waiting for a happy ending this serial. .

  9. The current track is too much of different hidden truths and dragging too much,, the truths need to exposed atleast to a certain level,, it’s unpractical what certain things happen in the show,,
    Ranveer is now over exaggerated and dunno what he is doing,,,,? This is another form of his obsessive and crazy aashiqui for Ishani ,,, he needs to forget Ishani but he cannot,,, he needs to control his feelings for her but he cannot,,, he is just faking himself in the name of saving shiker from Ishani but really finding ways to be around Ishani,,, his love is soooooo deep that he has turned obsessive and crazy,,
    Ishani’s character has to a little clever ,, she reacts without knowing the whole picture of anything,, without analysing the problems fully she make her own stupid decisions.. And she is too stubborn ,, coz of her stubbornness she is ready to hurt ranveer to any extent,, I
    We all know Ishani sacrificed for ranveer so much that she went upto death penalty,,, she is currently each day destroying her life for Ranveer’s wellness,, but why should she do all these,,? After all there’s nothing had gone wrong with RV for her to go to prison,,, she need not give up RV for Ritika coz she is not married to RV nor it’s his child,,,! So she is a stupid woman character coz she juz reacts like a cracker without finding anything fully,,,,!!!!!
    I think it’s high time the writers or makers need to unite ishveer coz when it’s too much dragging the real essence of the show is lost,, eg: this show MATSH was for Ranveer’s aashiqui but current track is inducing the viewers to accept Ishani’s aashiqui,,, and most importantly the makers have already killed the Beautiful and exemplary character RAnveer ,,,
    This show was so unique from other shows was about its story line plot and the timing ,, so nice and elegant twists were introduced every week,, but now this show has turned path like common Hindi tv shows coz it’s supernatural twist which are not in reality,, and it’s dragging soooo much that its irritating to the audience plus some good characters are dead all of a sudden ,,,
    Please makers bring life to show,, lol

  10. Taani

    rv n ishaani should get back together…….the show has lost its life…..there is no villan in the show…..ishveer is itself the reasons for their problem….if their is no understanding b/w them then there is no love no ashquie…….

  11. The serial is going bullshit without any story line or Theme I mean it doesn’t make sense now what RV is doing nowadays… does it anyway reflect that he was once madly in love with ishaani..?? N here is ishaani who is Al the time sacrificing ENOUGH OF THIS SACRIFICE GAME OF ISHAANI SHE HAS BEAR ENOUGH.. SHE DESERVES HAPPINESS..

  12. ishvi

    Wat a chemistry btwn ishveer..wish thy cud b real pair? but unfortunately thy both ve lovers?. …wanna see a gudgeon episode. ..

  13. maya

    from the start itself, ishani has the habit of jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story… was not new this tym too….but the crazy rv is new…..keep it up shakti, i really like your performance…….the show will show many beautiful emotions when finally rv will come to know that his love was not one sided but ishani loved him too…ishveer the best!!!

  14. neha

    plz yaar WTF is dis…kb se ishani aur rv ko dur rakhoge…plz unit dem yr……now m hating dis serial and dat dumbo ritika…sensless girl…..usko hato yr..rv aur ishani ko milao..plzzzz nw it has been height of sepration…;-(

  15. neha

    wanna see them together…aftr all it has been long time ….plz make them together now…cant see them apart more dan dis

  16. Waiting 4 ishver to be back together…. actually the current twist is kinda good…but then too… its saddening to see ishani with somebody else… cant wait to see ranveers reaction wen he comes to know that ishaani had done it all 4 him…. very much addicted to matsh…

  17. aarushi

    Plsss unite ishaani N ranvir …….
    Dnt make It Lyk Other Serials ……this Is Unique N Let It B Unique……..

  18. Bunny

    Plz milwa do rv n ish ko and rv used to read eyes of ishaani den why he z not able to understand her did z not true love

  19. I want ishani n shikhar that is the only punshmnt fr he never tried to find truth behind chirag’s murder n nw falguni’s murder too..i wish that ishkr get togethr n aftr that rv to knw abt reality n then he has to repent..

  20. divz

    please dont strech the tragedy between ranbeer and it is height of drama..please make sum happy moments in the serial so the the charm of aashiqui will remain..we want ranbeer and ishani together.

  21. DD

    I want ishveer to be together plz show us some aashiqui BTW them rv shd come forward to know the truth behind ishani’s action & fulguni ma death & all past mysteries shd be solved.shekar shd b the reason for ishveer reunite shekar shd remain positive. Amba shd start trusting ishani & she shd care for ishani .Ishani shd get all happiness in her life

  22. ankitha

    Hi…. I daily watch mere assique… I love r.v and ishani pair… Pls don’t separate dem.. Ishani scarefices her life for ranvi… So my opinion is to make r.v and ishani together… I hope d serial rating vl be at top….. If u make d marriage of shikar and ishani den am sure it vl b floop show…

  23. ankitha

    Pls pls pls unite d most romantic couple r.v and ishani together…. V all want them together again…

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