Shastri Sisters 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu and Saren shouldering support to Neil seeing him regret for Devyaani’s state. She asks him to earn forgiveness and she is sure he will do his best to make things fine. She says she will help him. Kajal talks to Leela and says Neil is feeling guilty. Leela says they had love between them, and they can again end hatred and get together, do anything and woo him. She asks her to tell Neil that he is going to become father. Kajal smiles.

Its morning, Rohan and Alka come home. Astha asks about Devyaani. Alka says she is fine, doctor said wounds will heal with time. Astha says she said right, and says she made Rohan’s fav food. Rohan says we had breakfast at home. Astha asks shall I throw this. Alka says no, we will have this at dinner. Rohan tells Alka that Astha is being very sweet, she is trying to enter our personal space, why will she do this. Alka says she is regretting, don’t doubt on her, she is turning good and we should be happy. He says I think there is something else. Astha says there is nothing.

Astha brings kheer and says she is just making food to make them happy, she does not have any reason. She leaves annoyed. Minty tells Dolly that Neil came home and he accepted his mistake. Dolly asks her to explain Neil. Minty says she will keep fast for Neil and Rajat, I care for both my sons, even if he does not love me, I don’t care, but I will keep this fast. Anu hears this and smiles.

Anu comes to Rajat and talks to him. Rajat says he freed Neil for just Sareen and her. Anu says he is innocent, he told the truth to everyone, Bobby has attacked Devyaani, he has apologized to her infront of everyone. Rajat says what, he will catch Bobby and not leave him, but its Neil’s mistake also, if he said Bobby to hurt her, then he is also responsible. She says thanks for coming home and taking leave, do puja with Minty and break her fast. He says I did not get leave, I tried. She says mum is important, we have to work a little, forget and forgive, else life will pass on with fights. She says they love Minty and its her right to get love from them. She asks him to think once and he goes to sleep.

Alka goes to apologize to Astha and knocks the door. Astha eats apple and smiles. She acts and asks Alka to go. She apologizes. Alka tells this to Rohan and asks why did h say such to her, now Astha is so hurt by his words. Neil recalls about Devyaani. Kajal comes to him and massages his shoulder. He recalls Devyaani massaging, and thinks its her. He sees its Kajal and leaves her hand. He goes.

Its morning, Rajat tells Anu that he will go early and come early. Anu smiles and thanks him many times. He says enough, you said thanks before. She says its for something else, for being like you are now. He kisses her forehead and leaves for office. She sees Neil and Kajal’s clothes and goes to keep in cupboard. Anu gets the pregnancy report and asks Kajal. Kajal takes it and lies that its her friend’s report. Minty asks whats Anu doing here. Kajal says Anu came to give clothes.

Minty says they have to go for shopping. Kajal leaves with her. Anu gets thinking whats in report that Kajal is hiding, she has to find out the truth.

Anu tells Kajal that she will end Rajat and Minty’s fight and keeps some gift. Kajal takes it and thinks she will not let Anu clear the misunderstandings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kajal ki toh abb khair nai kyunki anushka yahi extra dimaag wali ko usspar doudt ho gaya hai bahut jald sach sabke samne aane hi wala hai…gyd look anu

  2. Gud luck anushka…nice episode

  3. Guys,look this link please
    shastri sisters going to end.Don’t end this show,end sasural simarka

  4. Subtitel pls on tv pls

  5. Do somthing colours

  6. Hope Anu ll find out the truth soon. N Alka, y s she believing tat astha blindly! vry bad

  7. Shastri sisters going to end? Wish it must not happen

  8. Shastri sisters goinh to end?not even compltd a year…pls ….

  9. Ajj shyam ko hi main sooch raha tha ki iss serial main toh abhi bahaut much hona hai jaisa alka anu ki pragency or devyani or neil ke shaadi kajal ki saachai or peeyu ki love life toh start hi nai hui…is logoon new toh is serial ka ending hi declare kar diya…hmmm minty or aatha ko bhi abhi tak mind wash nai hua…kya ho raha hai yeah Saab…..koi sunnae wala nai hai kya mere ….plz iss serial ko abhi or chalane doo…..

  10. Why not get rid of uttaran that finished and restarted. Why? god knows.

  11. I love sadural simar ka n shastri sisters don’t want any to end why don’t they just give thapki pyaar ki 10pm slot and I think shastri sisters trp is falling so if u don’t want it to end just keep givin good comments n gain the trp back up

  12. Don’t say shastri sisters finishing…… I will stop watching colors TV.

  13. Oh no v want more from this show pkz don’t end this its my humble request,

  14. They have ended the show rangrasiya for less that,don’t end shastri sisters.please end balika vadu or sasural simarka

  15. Plz do something colors this is not the way

  16. What the hell is this colors?The one and only show i am watching in colors is shastri sisters.You are going to end that also.Look, how many fans reacted knowing shastri sisters is going to end.Don’t end this show please
    It must go up to peeya’s wedding.Want moreANURAJ romance.the one and only nice show
    in colors is shastri sisters.please don’t end it.I beg u colors tv

  17. I dont know wats wrong…seriously its the best serial..ita high time to end ssk tho i used to watch it also

    But not shastri sis…pls

  18. This is the best romantic show in colors.They are going to end it.Please don’t end shastri sisters.I love shastri sisters and want to see anuraj romance and deveel marriage

  19. Wow,today so many comments.Only one request to colors tv:

  20. Athu,want to ask u sth.

  21. Why can’t neil repent and go marry devjani? They should be reunited.

  22. I m going 2 stop watching colors tv if sastri sister ends…this is not the way 2 replace thapki.pls end sasural simar ka or balika badhu…plzzzzzzz

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