Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj coming to the mango vendor’s home as the plumber and goes to kitchen. He sees the chutney and goes to repair the tap. He thinks he will steal some chutney. Meenakshi also comes there and sees from the window. She sees the chutney and the man is busy. She says she will steal the chutney for Sandhya, as she knows her cravings well. Sooraj thinks he will get chance to steal chutney. Meenakshi hides as the man goes near window. Sooraj sends him out and he comes back saying he closed the water supply.

Meenakshi tries taking the chutney and gets enough of it. She keeps the vessel back and goes. Sooraj thinks how to steal chutney if the man does not go. Bhabho comes there and thinks its good the man is busy with the plumber and sees the chutney vessel. She tries

taking it with a tree bark and does Meenakshi’s trick. She gets some chutney and keeps it back. She says Lord, I m not thief, but what to do, my bahu is pregnancy and she is hungry, I m her mum and can’t see her like that, and keeps some money for the chutney, saying forgive me.

She leaves from there. Sooraj asks the man to go and rest, not stand on his head, why is he aching his leg, he will call him when the work is done. The man says I m fine, do work fast. Sooraj thinks to steal the chutney anyhow. Babasa comes and sees the chutney. Babasa wears a saree and gets the chutney. He keeps some money there. The man asks Sooraj who made him the plumber, he does not know any work. Babasa gets tensed and thinks how to leave. He goes silently.

Sooraj says open the mains, I have to check. The man goes out. Sooraj goes to take chutney fast and sees the vessel with less chutney. He says the man said its fill, fine I will take this much. He takes the chutney and the man catches him. Bhabho, Babasa and Meenakshi smile to give surprise to Sandhya, and show her together. Sandhya sees the chutney and they all look at each other.

Meenakshi says Bhabho learnt stealing from me. Bhabho says she has stolen from mango vendor. Babasa and Meenakshi say we also got it from there. Ankita says thieves in police officer’s home. Ankur, Ankita and Bulbul come to meet them. Bhabho says the entire story and they got it for her, as the man was not ready to give them. Ankita says we came to take Sandhya home, we felt you can be better there, but what you are being pampered here, I don’t feel you are in inlaws house. Ankur asks for Sooraj.

Babasa says he will be in his shop. The man brings Sooraj there in the plumber getup. They are shocked seeing him. Babasa says he is the one who was going plumbing work there. The man says Sooraj came to teal the chutney and he sees them also having the chutney. Bhabho apologizes to him and says Sandhya is pregnant, she liked the chutney, you can take any price. The man says yes, you have to pay a price.

The man says I will get chutney daily for Sandhya, bless me after having it. Sandhya laughs and they all smile. The man leaves. Bhabho asks Sooraj to take chutneys and make Sandhya have it. Sooraj takes Sandhya. Sandhya asks why did he go to steal chutney, what will people say, Sandhya’s husband a chutney thief. Sooraj says when you said you just wanted this chutney, what would I do. He makes her eat the chutney and she laughs liking it.

Bhabho asks Emily to make lassi for everyone. Bulbul says Misri is playing with Pari, not me. Meenakshi says Pari is her sister, and she meets you less. Bulbul asks Ankita to get her sibling fast and she will play. Ankita says fine, go and play with them now. Emily gets tea for them. Bhabho asks about the lassi and curd. Emily says the curd ended. Bhabho asks how come. Meenakshi says the cat would have done this.

Ankita says its fine, we like tea too. Bhabho says I know who did this and asks Sandhya to do something about this cat, who is troubling them a lot. Meenakshi smiles. Ankita asks Chavi how is she and Chavi goes. Babasa says she did not hear you. Bhabho says Dilip has left her and she stays alone all the time. She says she is very hurt seeing this, I don’t understand what to do.

Ankita asks her not to worry, as the problem’s solution will be found soon, have belief in Lord. Bhabho says yes and hopes so.

Sandhya sleepwalks, and fixes a net. Meenakshi is caught in it. Meenakshi says Sandhya has done this, and Sandhya denies it.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. well i didn’t see suraj having s*x with sandhya
    did any one f**k her except suraj
    she is pregnant without having s*x with suraj
    may be any one f**kED her hard during duty
    hope so.

  2. NS4

    Good effort by rathi family(meena,babasa,bhaboo,sooraj). all are succed as a theif’s except sooraj.
    well said by ankita, in police officer’s home all are became thief’s for there love

  3. Nashi

    2dy episode is very funny…OMG..they all become theives for their LOVE…
    And raavi u stupid…HOW dare u say like that.?can’t u remember the day when sandhya and suraj went 2 medical checkup..that is d day the have an intimate relationship…i hope u understand..

  4. Txn

    Nice idea’s by director to make comedy track– chutney,making rathi family theif’s and now sleep walk.
    i think,we have still 16 episodes too hit 1000, so we have funny episodes still it hit.

  5. shruti

    At present time , most of shows are based on cruelity ,hopeless ,sorrowness .
    but here are light comadey is going . Though it meaningless,but watching it with full of laugh.

  6. cv

    Bhabo’s philosophy are great !!!
    she stoles chutny ,but prayers god that she is honest and give only 1 rupee.

  7. sri

    really when did they do s.. first time in a hut and after that I have never seen any scene having s..

  8. Mathan

    This only serial not real life running time only 21or23 minuts per day. only 6 days per week but what happen raavi and sri? its not fair……..

  9. lily

    What bhabho doing is unfair!!!! There’s another person who is pregnant and when she wants something bhabo always hesitate but not for sandhya .. this might be her 1st time but its not nice to treat one more than the other since both are pregnant …. bhabo always say that sooraj is her life then why did she give birth to another 3 ??? Its not very nice for a mother to differentiate between her own children

  10. geetha bsnl

    Raavi…u r so stupid and ill mannered…how dare u use such vulgar language like that.. it is only a serial and people like you expect to see s*x between husband and wife???………….you are using uncultured language in this social media…….very bad indeed……………..

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  12. sadhna

    Good effort were done by rathis she sleepwalks it’s not a serious problem these are hormonal change

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.